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Can I have a cute Valentine's Day letter from Dean please? 😊

Hey sweetheart,

Sam and I had to leave early for that hunt we were talking about last night. I’m sorry I can’t be spending Valentine’s day with you.
I would have made you stay in bed so I could attempt at making breakfast, and I would have taken you out for dinner at that restaurant you love. I know it’s a bunch of cheesy chick flick shit, but i wanted it. I wanted our first stupid Valentine’s Day to be perfect, and know that stupid day is ruined.

Where was I going with that.. I had a point…

I guess that’s my boring ass way of telling you that i love you, and that I’m sorry.


[ i’d like to point out that, for the record (since people are apparently checking up on me, so imagine me waving my adorably manicured fingers at you!), i don’t think i’ve ever once stated that jinx’s base character, as depicted by riot, without any fan theories or headcanons or extensions made by anyone other than riot, is good.

her character sucks. it’s boring. there’s no development. it’s left empty for the sake of mystery while they build piltover and zaun and other characters around her and in that process she is nothing but a “LOL SO CRAZY” bimbo with guns. she makes no sense. she’s another one of the harmful stereotypes i was talking about last night, because she makes mentally ill people look crazy, unstable, harmful, and inherently BAD, and they aren’t always. are there mentally ill people like this? of course! but that…isn’t…what anyone…is talking about.

building on these characters is important for us, but it’s more important to have positive representation to begin with. having all of these mentally ill (and honestly lazily-written) characters be bad guys almost every single time, with their basis being, “SO CRAZY! a bad person, a killer, a terrorist, etc” is harmful. their characters, while lazily-written, can be accurate when applied to very specific mental illnesses, sure, but that’s not the problem here.

the problem is that mental illness seldom gets any representation other than crazed murderers, silly terrorists, lol so random XD, and depressed and super suicidal and, as they tend to be written, useless. mentally ill characters seldom get proper development beyond their SO WACKY! antics. and that’s what needs to change.

“realistic” or not, it’s not okay for every mentally ill character to fall into all of these tropes, because it continues to paint mentally ill people as crazy, as unstable, as horrible, unlikable people. and that’s not okay.

violent ND people exist. people with psychosis that so heavily affects them the way it affects jhin exist. but this isn’t what anyone is talking about. why is that so hard for you to grasp? i’ve spelled it out time and time again, but you just can’t seem to grasp it.

and in case you’d like to miss the point 100 more times, i’ll gladly explain it to you again. and again. and again. until you can actually prove to me and the other muns that agree with me that you’re an actual english major and capable of pulling actual meaning from words properly. ]


this entire video is such an original idea that has never eVeR been done before such original many wow much old memes

k but for real i made this video last night between like 8:30 and 10:30 and im actually kinda proud of it lmao


An Undertale AU where everyone’s personalities are roughly the same, but the main cast’s roles are drastically different. For example…

• Instead of Toriel guiding you through the Ruins, it’s Papyrus! Who has made it his sworn duty to prtotect the children who fall into the Underground. I think his relentless encouragement would make a nice substitute to Toriel’s motherly-ness.

• Instead of running into Napstablook in the ruins, you meet Mettablook! Yeah, I know MT being a ghost is only conjecturally canon, but hush. I’ll get to Blooky in a bit. Anyway, maybe Mettablook is enraptured with his reflection and you need to get past him. OR possibly he’s holding a talent show or something like that in order to help the Spiders with their bake sale!

• After leaving the ruins (and after a tear-jerking farewell from a very, VERY upset Skelebro), you wander out into the Underground to meet… Asgore! And instead of making puns, he makes bad Dad jokes! And he’s trying to slowly introduce you to Toriel (who is in Papyrus’ role here) who is obsessed with humans and always tries to make sure they get to New Home safely (even if it means kidnapping them and carrying them there herself). This interpretation of Toriel is a little more scatter brained than she is normally, but I think it still adorably suits her. Also, I think Asgore having reality/spacetime warping powers like Sans and not knowing quite how to use them (like, they work exactly like he wants them to, he just has no idea what controls it) would be hilarious.

• Instead of getting chased by Undyne through Waterfall, it’s Alphys! Shy, but determined captain of the Royal Guard! She still loves anime and is head-over-heels for Undyne, who I’ll get to in a sec. It is her sworn duty to defeat and capture any humans she finds and bring either them or their souls to New Home. It’s just a pity she clams up and gets nervous when she fights them.

• Undyne is the new royal scientist! Her experiments lean more towards epic-looking weapons and machines and puzzles for humans to face (even if 90% of them are harmless; most of them only *look* epic). I think she would come off more as a “mad scientist” in this AU, and her crowning creation is Napstaton.

• Napstaton is a monster soul contained in a robotic, weaponized body. He has little will to fight himself, but his body does most of that work for him. He spends most of the fight meekly apologizing for his attacks. If Frisk insults his cousin, however, he gets angry and enters his EX form, and his attacks have a lot more weight behind them.

• Then we have the King of the Underground: Sans. Of course it’s Sans. Still loves ketchup, still crazy laid-back. Probably fights you while lazing around on a futon or something like that. His fight isn’t as difficult as his Genocide run fight, but still hard. I can’t think up a good reason for him to smash the Mercy button at this moment.

I’ll be coming back to this post to make edits as they occur to me!


  • This gets more difficult to explain the further into the game I go, but I think shuffling Gaster into Asriel’s place makes some sense. I know Gaster is only tangentially canon, but I can’t think of a third skeleton-like person to go with Sans and Papyrus. Anyway, Gaster was a scientist who wanted to experiment with humans and their determination and ended up getting through the barrier alone. Since he was stuck on the other side, he couldn’t get back to tell the Underground of his discovery until he found a Human soul. Something went wrong in the process (sorry, I haven’t thought all of this through, feel free to think of your own stuff) and he ended up sort of… trapped within the barrier I guess?

Thought of some interesting ones for side-characters, too!

  • Swap Gerson and the Mad Dummy with each other! You have a really strange fight against Gerson where his attacks are generally very slow-moving (geddit? ‘cause he’s a turtle?) but have that property that most of Sans’ attacks do where they ignore invuln frames, so screwing up can really cost you on a pacifist run. And then the Mad Dummy is just the biggest prick of a vendor in the whole game; trying to talk to him and calm him down is the only way to get his ridiculous prices to somewhere in the ballpark of reasonable. He might even have interesting interactions with things like the Mystery Key or the MT Steak.
Oh Ms. Believer (3)

Fuzzy Memories

- Sydney’s POV -

This day had turned out to be one of the best I’ve had in a while. I can’t believe that Josh wanted to see my work so badly. And he seemed genuinely interested in it. Which is more than most guys can handle. Previous boys that I had brought to galleries always whined and groaned the whole night about how boring it was and how none of it made sense. Not Josh though. He really took the time to look around and that alone was enough to make me like him even more.

Alright calm down psycho. You’ve known this guy for a few hours. Don’t jump into anything too quickly. Remember what happened last time?

Are you okay?” I heard Josh ask from beside me. I dropped my grasp on his hand and smiled.

“Yeah… So, what do you think? Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yeah you are.” he froze next to me and my heartbeat quickened. Did he just call me beautiful? “I mean… uh.. the view. It’s gorgeous.” he moved closer to the railing that lined the edge of the rooftop. I heard Tyler and Jenna laughing behind us, but I didn’t bother to ask them what they found so funny. I went up to join Josh at the table he now sat at.

I looked out at the scenery around us. This was one of my favorite spots in the city. It was located right on the edge of what was considered downtown. I had taken tons of pictures up here, being really inspired by my surroundings. As I got lost in my thoughts I felt a pair of eyes staring at me. I turned to see Josh looking at me. What are you looking at?” I laughed.

“Oh nothing… Just uh.” he tripped over his words. “I’m just trying to figure out what you’re thinking about. You were staring off for quite a while there.”

“Oh. I guess I kind of do that a lot. Honestly, a majority of the time I’m thinking about what a great photo things would make.” I confessed.

“I see,” he replied. A silence followed, but it wasn’t of the awkward variety. We both went back to enjoying the city lights.

I finally decided to break the silence after a while. “So. Obviously y'all aren’t from Chicago. What brings you here?”

He froze for a second time that night and looked down at his lap as if he was embarrassed to tell me. He let the question hang in the air for a while before opening his mouth to talk. His voice had dropped down to almost a whisper. “Uh.. me and Tyler are working on some music.” A long pause followed that statement as I waited for him to explain further. He finally looked up at me again, “we’re in a band. It’s called… uh… Twenty One Pilots.” he finished.

“That’s so cool!” I said, trying to clear any awkwardness that was left surrounding us. “I’ve actually never listened to y'all, but you’re totally on my list of artists to try out. I guess I’ll just have to bump you guys up to the top of the list.” I laughed. I saw him let out a breath and he finally smiled.

“Sorry. I just didn’t really know how to tell you that.” he said, rubbing his neck. “And I’m not gonna lie… I didn’t know how you would take the news.”

“I mean. This doesn’t change anything. You’re still a human,” we both laughed. “You just have a really cool job.” He looked at me like I had just told him he had won the lottery.

“Now that that’s out of the way,” I heard Tyler say from behind me, ending the stare that Josh and I were sharing. I looked over to see him and Jenna holding drinks for all of us. “Let’s have some fun.”

-Josh’s POV-

Are you kidding me?! Could she get any more perfect? I just told her that I was in a well known band and she didn’t even flinch. Tyler handed me one of the drinks he was holding and I took a few sips from it. Jenna struck up a conversation with Sydney so I turned to Tyler.

Having fun?” he asked.

Yeah,” I smiled. I wanted to talk to him about Sydney so I got up and he followed me over to the other side of the roof. “Dude. She’s perfect.”

Whoa there friend. Lets take it down a notch. You did just meet her today.” Tyler laughed.

Yeah. I know. I’m not going to make a move for a while, but I definitely want to get to know her more. She’s so beautiful and did you see how talented she was?” It was like I couldn’t stop talking about her. My heart beat faster just thinking about her. “And did you see how she reacted to me telling her about the band?”

“Yes, Josh. She’s awesome. But you need to take a breath before you pass out on me here.” We sat there for a second before he spoke again. “You really like her, huh?”

I thought for a second. I mean it sounded crazy. I haven’t even known her for a day but I already feel so strongly about her. “Yeah.” I answered, “But I think I’m just going to stick with being friends for a little bit. Get to know her some more. I mean all I know about her is that she likes photography and she grew up in Texas.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tyler responded. We sat there for a few minutes talking about random things when the girls came over.

“Thanks for ditching us,” Jenna said, sitting on Tyler’s lap. Sydney came and sat next to me on the sofa and I immediately felt my heart start racing.

“Sorry. Band business,” Tyler said, kissing his wife on the cheek. She rolled her eyes, clearly not buying into his excuse.

“Do you see what I have to deal with Sydney?” she joked. We all laughed and began talking about various stuff.

“So, Sydney. Do you work in the city or…?” Tyler asked, finally striking up a conversation that wasn’t some weird and embarrassing story about me.

“Oh, no. I’m actually going to school still.” She said, setting her empty cup down on the small table to her left. “I’m in my fifth year of my doctorate program.” I nearly spit out my drink. Doctorate program?! How smart was this girl? “This is actually my last year of like real school with classes, and then next year I get to intern somewhere.”

“What are you getting a doctorate in?” Jenna asked.

“Clinical Psychology.” She answered, smiling. “Hopefully I’ll be able to get my license and start working for a private practice or something after I graduate.”

“That’s really cool,” I said. Is that the only compliment in my vocabulary?! “I’m sure you’re sick of going to school by now.”

“Yes and no.” she said as she looked over at me, “I mean. I graduated a year early from undergrad so that really helped out, but I kind of like going to class. I know that sounds really nerdy. But I guess I just really like what I’m learning so it’s not too bad.”

I loved watching her talk about the things she was passionate about. Her eyes lit up and she started to talk with her hands more. I couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across my face. “That’s not nerdy.” It’s just super cute “So what made you go into psychology?” I asked.

“Uh,” her face fell for a second, but she put her smile back on quickly, “I’ve always really liked helping people and I mean what better way to do that than becoming a psychologist? Since I can’t do the whole blood and guts thing of becoming a doctor.” she laughed. I wondered if there was really another reason that she just didn’t want to tell us. I shrugged it off as we continued talking about her life.

Probably two hours passed and we had a couple more drinks when we decided to call it a night. We walked back down the ladder-like stairs and exited onto the street.

“Where are you guys staying?” Sydney asked. We told her the name of our hotel and she thought about what the best route back to it would be.

Before she could think for long I said, “we can walk you home first.”

“Oh, no that’s okay. I’m way out of the way from your hotel.” she said.

“Well I’m not letting you walk around the streets of Chicago by yourself so you might as well start heading to your place.” I replied. She could probably handle herself because she lived here, but I didn’t like the idea of her walking alone at midnight. Plus, this way I got to spend more time with her.

As we wandered through the streets I made more small talk. I could feel the slight buzz of the alcohol in the back of my brain, and thanked it for easing my nerves around her. We made a few more turns before she walked up a few stairs in front of a building.

“This is me,” she gestured to the door we now stood at. “Thanks for hanging out, I had a lot of fun.” she said to all of us. Tyler and Jenna remained on the sidewalk below us and waved goodbye to her. She looked up at me and smiled. “And you, thanks for not making me delete those pictures.” We both laughed at the memory that seemed to take place days ago.

“It was nice to get to know you. Maybe we could hang out again soon?” Man I’m really glad I drank tonight. I’m not even nervous right now.

“Yeah totally! Just text me!” she said, giving me a hug before she entered the passcode to get into the door. I stood there dazed at the brief contact we just had. The smell of her perfume lingering behind. “Goodnight, Josh.” she said before closing the door.


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Pizza night.

Last night Dustin and I made pizza. I know it sounds like it’s not a big deal, but due to recent events it is. We took a break recently, and one of the reasons is that we were frustrated that we fell into a routine. We would do the same thing every weekend, for weeks on end, and we got bored. There’s other factors that contributed to the break as well, but I won’t delve into all of that. 

Long story short, we’ve never made homemade pizza in our two years of dating. It was something we hadn’t attempted before, and it felt awesome to do something new. Even though the pizzas weren’t Food Network worthy, they still tasted great and we had a really fun time making them. 

It’s the start of revitalizing something that had gotten away from us for a while. And I couldn’t be happier. 

Stolen Nights

I went to war last night
And fought with all my might
Against an enemy
That few will ever see

I go to war again
I’m sure this is the end
I’m huddled in my room
Battling against the gloom

Soak my skin in the sun
Drink some liquor to numb
Take some nice flower stills
Pop reinforcement pills

But nothing ever works
Better than my own words
It hurts to take it out
But that’s what it’s about

Without this I am boring
So all this constant warring
Can serve a purpose, can’t it?
Even if no one planned it?

It gives me perspective
A level of respect if
I come across someone
Whose war is not quite done

I can try to assist
And help them to resist
These constant thoughts of death
Till both of our last breaths

Fight our wars together
Supporting each other
Through these nights that grow so dark
One cannot help but remark

These wars may never end
So why try to pretend?
We’ll fight to the end of days
In sev'ral diff'rent ways

But if we ever give in
We could never have been
Something more than our fights
Which have taken all our nights

We’ve been to war last night
And all the nights before

But one day we just might
Not have to fight anymore

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Drink: Water

Last phone call: My sister

Last text message: My mom
Last song I listened to:Hideaway by DAYA
Last time I cried:Last night, I cry all the time so *shrugs*

Dated someone twice:Never dated anyone😂😭

Been cheated on:Nopee
Kissed someone and regretted it:Haven’t got my first kiss yet

Lost someone special: Yupp depressed: YUP

Been drunk and thrown up: I’m only 14😂
Made a new friend: Yeah

Laughed until you cried:I don’t cry when I laughed but I’ve laughed until I couldn’t breathe so..
Met someone who changed you: I don’t think so.

Found out who your true friends were: maybe?

Found out someone was talking about you: i dunno

How many people on tumblr do you know in real life: haha no one
Do you have any pets: 4 doggies
Do you want to change your name: Noppee
What time did you wake up this morning: 5 something in the morning
What were you doing last night: Sleeping
Name something you cannot wait for: Civil War
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: I feel like I’ve had but I don’t know …
What’s getting on your nerves right now: my runny nose -.-
Blood type:I don’t know😅
Nicknames: Gem,Gem Gem,Gemmy there’s probably more
Relationship status:married to Chris Evans.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Pronouns: ???
Favourite tv show: Girl Meets World,
Once upon a time,Almost every show from the old Disney channel.
Hair colour: Black/Super Dark Brown
Long or short: Long
Do you have a crush on someone: Duhh
Tattoos: Nopeee
Righty or lefty: Righty!
First surgery: never had one

First piercing: My ears

First best friend: O_O *whispers*
I don’t know

First sport you joined: Whats sports?😂😂 I suck at sports
First vacation:I was probably a baby in my first vacation so idk.
I’m about to: Breathe

Listening: To the sound of people around me talking(I’m in class)
Want kids: when I’m older.
Lips or eyes: Eyes

Hugs or kisses: I like both ._.
Shorter or taller: Taller

Older or younger: Older

Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
Sensitive or loud: Sensitive 

Hook up or relationship: Relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant: Asdfgghjk
Kissed a stranger:nope

Drank hard liquor: Nope

Lost glasses/contacts: I’ve lost sunglasses does that count?
Broken someones heart:yes?

Been arrested: Nope

Turned someone down: Yeah

Cried when someone died: Of Course .
Fallen for a friend: Yes?
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: Yes?
Santa Claus:no..

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shout out to bf who managed to get me through a terrible breakdown last night and tolerated my crying fits, poured me a bath and sat next to me while I ranted and sobbed, snuggled me and let me watch whatever boring documentary I wanted, and then made me breakfast in the morning (getting in to work late because of it)

Ignore that last deleted post

Sorry about the random complaining post last night, feeling a bit better.

In other news, @heavilyweighted has finally made it so you can see their blog outside of the dashboard and would like some asks! Random questions, their own belly canons, whatever. So go bug them!

I’m going to try to get caught up on more things on the blog as well. But I thought I’d ask and see what stuff everyone likes or doesn’t like here and if there’s anything else you’d like to see me try. Won’t make any promises on everything because I do have a life and I want to have fun with this as I have but I’d still like to hear.

46 ‘interesting’ questions for the bored procrastinator and YES I SHALL BE ANSWERING EVERYTHING.

Just pretend I posted this up last night rather than the morning after…^^;;
01:tell me the truth, what made you start liking the person you like right now?
I don’t even know why I fell for this person for so long it’s actually super stupid. I was like…not even 10 years old and I probably only liked him at the time cause he was the only boy who’s older than me/same grade out of all the kids in our lifegroup our parents were part of.
I’m STILL trying to figure out why I still like my first crush even to this day and I’m just super confused over my feelings for him at the moment but one thing for certain is that we’re slowly building the foundation of friendship and I really like being around him for unknown reasons I can’t seem to describe.

02:what on your body is hurting or bothering you?
The mozzie bites I got on Saturday…ugh. -.-” One on my thigh, 4 on my leg, one on my KNUCKLE??! My jaw was recently hurting, and my left sublingual gland was kinda swollen (again) not long ago but it’s better now.

03:what was your last thought before going to bed last night?
Probably Voltage, how pathetic.

04:what are you listening to?
Sounds of my laptop being too loud. I should probably put on some music, ey? I feel like listening to Style Five again cause Free feels. ;;

05:what’s something you’re not looking forward to?
Logging back into my RP accounts…oh my god it’s almost 2 weeks. OTL

06:where do you think your best friend is right now?
Home? cx

07:have you kissed anybody in the last five days?
No. o n o

08:favorite song?
Forever be ‘Not Alone’ by Park Jungmin.

09:kiss on the first date?
Maybe on the cheek…=/?

10:is there one person you want to be with right now?

11:are you seriously happy with where you are in life?
Not satisfied yet.

12:is there something you would like to say to someone?
I was supposed to text my piano teacher last year to thank her for teaching me and give feedback about her teaching seeing as she was a new teacher at the school. I didn’t get to do that. She was an inspiring teacher and I found that even though we talked more than practice, all her experiences as a musician and our conversations with each other were so valuable. She’s unlike any piano teacher I’ve had in the past.

13:what are three things you did today?
FINALLY enrolled for my uni course, walked for almost an hour, met up with the people in my year level last year as a high school reunion.

14:would you rather sleep at a friend’s or have them over?
Ehh…sleep at a friend’s. It’s funner on my part. XP

15:what is your favorite kind of gum?

16:are you friends with any of your ex boyfriends/ girlfriends?
Don’t have any.

17:what is on your wrists right now?
Just the usual burn scars.

18:ever liked someone you thought you didn’t stand a chance with?

19:does anyone have strong feelings for you?
Probs not LMAO.

20:are you slowly drifting away from someone?
…yes, I haven’t seen my other bestfriend in ages. She hasn’t been coming to church since last year cause school sucked her away. I need to talk to her and catch up with her A.S.A.P. I really don’t want to lose her.

21:have you ever wasted your time on someone?
Heaps, but no regrets TBH LMAO.

22:can you do the alphabet in sign language?
No. o n o

23:how have you felt today?
Tired but accomplished temporarily.

24:you receive £60 without any reason, what do you spend it on?
$60 you mean? XD I NEED DRY SHAMPOO REALLY BAD. And I’ll probably keep the rest of the money for later use. ^~^

25:what is wrong with you right now?
Way too freaking lazy with replying to people on FB, both RP and RL accounts. OTL *bangs head against wall* I still haven’t replied to my birthday posts even though it’s more than a week already. I think spam notifications give me anxiety. It’s unnecessary stress.

26:is there anyone you’re really disappointed in?
Mum? LMAO.

27:would you rather have starbucks or jamba juice right now?
What even is Jamba Juice. LMAO. But juice > coffee so…

28:why aren’t you in ‘love’ with your last ex anymore?
Never had an ex. Unless you’re talking about my 2nd crush. LMAO. We’re moved separate schools.

29:how late did you stay up last night and why?

30:when was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?
Like…this afternoon? XD

31:what were you doing an hour ago?

32:what are you looking forward to in the next month?

33:are you wearing jeans right now?

34:are you a patient person?
I would like to think not, but people say otherwise. I just look super chill outside all the time, that’s why. XD

35:do you think you can last in a relationship for three months?
Hella yeah.

36:favorite color?

37:did you have a dream last night?
Don’t remember.

38:are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants?

39:if someone could be cuddling you right now, who would you want it to be?
I was about to say crush but then that would be super awkward in reality and would better off be in my dream instead. Um…DAISUKE HIRAKAWA– (tf guuurl…)

40:do you love anyone who is not related to you?
Outside of the usual fangirly superficial love…I don’t think so…yet.

41:if someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
Yes. I always want to know the truth. e u e

42:do you like meeting new people?
Yeah. New lives. e u e

43:are you afraid of falling in love?
Probably secretly am, but at the same time I’m excited about it.

44:ever self-harmed or starved yourself?
Starved for a few hours. XD

45:has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes?
Yes. I suspect it’s only because I’m Asian though. e.e;;

46:have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough?
Plentiful times.