i couldnt sleep last night so i painted most of this, then finished it today. i could polish it more, but i dont really want to. i think it looks good enough as it is, and i dont want to get bored of it.

ive wanted to paint this one for a really long time, but i never got around to it. the actual screenshot is pretty dark, so i based the colors on an enhanced version ive seen floating around. if you know who made it, do tell me so i can give them credit!

We Don't Talk About That Night by Wordsplat

We Don’t Talk About That Night Wordsplat

Summary: Steve always knew his boyfriend was insane, but there was really no possible way he could have prepared himself for this phone call. Well, at least his life was never going to be boring.

Excerpt -“Rude.” Tony made a huffy, indignant sort of noise over the line. He fell silent for a minute, postponing the inevitable, and Steve waited him out. Finally, Tony sighed. “You’d love me no matter what, right?”

“Tony, you married a supervillain last night. And I haven’t left you. I really don’t think you’re giving me enough credit for that.”

“What if I was really strange, though?”

“You are really strange.”

“Not charming-strange, weird-strange?”

“There is nothing ‘charming-strange’ about you getting drunk and marrying a supervillain.”

“Steve, I’m serious—”

“And I’m serious. There’s nothing you can tell me right now that’s going to stop me from picking you up, marching you straight down to city hall for a divorce from Loki, and putting that ring exactly where it belongs: on my finger.”

“I love you.”

“I know.”

“I turn into baby animals when I sneeze.”

Steve blinked once, then twice. He looked at his phone in bewilderment. He must’ve heard that wrong. He glanced over to Natasha, who was flying the quinjet but had clearly been listening by the sly curve of a smirk now on her lips. Tony had, in fact, actually just said that.”


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I was bored af, editing a video. It’s been a while since I posted a picture of myself, so I posted a gif instead. Also I just created a Instagram account like last night. So if you want you can follow me perhaps or nah.
Run away for a night

I was bored last weekend so I asked dad if we could go for a drive. He said sure grab the keys and go yourself. that moment made me want to drive so bad. Like I would literally drive out to the country, with the rock music on full blast to the middle of nowhere and just be. Just think and be at peace. Be somewhere that I can relax like I’m the only human on earth.

You Killed McDreamy, You Bastard!

Once upon a time, I watched Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, when it was the show du jour. I don’t know when I stopped watching. I can’t remember why I got bored with the show, maybe it was because I never shipped MerDer. All I know is it was way before they even killed McSteamy.

I swear, doctors at Seattle Grace have a higher mortality rate than students at Sunnydale High. While doing my research, I found out that the hospital is now called Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, note the “memorial” part of that.

Like many viewers, I thought Dr. McDreamy was hot, but I quit caring about this character, years ago, until they killed him last night. That made him interesting again to me.

One thing that flips me out is how ABC made a tribute video to him and People Magazine wrote an obituary for the character. Many other characters don’t get the distinction of being memorialized in such a manner, as if Dr. Derek Sheppard, 1966-2015, was a real person.

What I find additionally fascinating about all this is how this seemingly big plot twist could bring back excitement and chatter for a show that is long past it’s expiration date. So many characters die in brutal and devastating ways, because it brings emotions up and is designed to bring shows to the next level. Or many times to write out actors, whom are done with the show. Why not go out in a blaze of glory, than to just leave town?

It also envitablelly pisses off faithful fans of the show that say that they will stop watching the show after something like this happens. There is tons of anger out there for this move and fans feel like the story was rushed and not earned. They feel betrayed as they spent 11 years with this guy to have him go out like that.

What is shocking to me is that fans still find killing off characters shocking. They think that a show NEEDS a happy ending and that they are entitled to it. That their fav character is above human mortality. Writers and showrunners get guff from fans who feel traumatized because of a turn that they don’t like. People crave the drama, until it offends them. For those communication and media scholars out there, it’s parasocial interaction run amok.

Character death is a way of life in our modern TV age. Everyone should be under the impression that NO characters are safe. In 2015 there are no sacred cows, realizing this makes television viewing so much easier.


so i just booted up wwe 2k15 cuz i’m kinda bored and wanna dick around, and apparently last night i got incredibly high and made a character called “randy ‘workrate’ orton”, who is literally randy orton from like ‘04 but in ranch it up! inspired gear and all his moves are bullshit indie spots and strong-style moves

I haven’t made graphics in photoshop in a long time. Today, I made myself intensely, insanely crazy trying to make a graphic for the new fic. It started as an idea that I got on a boring conference call. Since that conference call was the call that never ended, I just kept going. 

I have no idea where the last two hours went. Damn you photoshop. 

Also, now I have two options and I’m not sure which one to go with. Which means I should obviously just go watch tv. 

Plus side, I remember how to do a lot more than I thought I did. And the internet is full of easy reminders on how to do things I thought I’d forgotten. 

anonymous asked:

Namething: Ura Bignerd

nice nice. ((I saw this last night an laughed but then I made my gf pasta and went to sleep instead of answering it. sorry))

idk I’m pretty happy right here.
oooh um maybe Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and John Legend. their vocals are A+++++
I didn’t feel emotionally wanted/needed and (this is awful but) I kind of got bored????
ooooh tie between San Cisco, Arctic Monkeys, and Twenty One Pilots.
three ear piercings and two stupid stick n poke tats.
pansexual (homoromantic?????)
Forever 21!!!
either Mc or Paul. or my dog.
a lifetime of a n x i e t y .

Meal prepping last night with @imyourflavour seasonings 😀 My freezer is officially full- yesterday i bought 5 kg of Barramundi haha 🙉 And now its time to prep! #imyourflavour tick all the boxes for my lifestyle wether I’m in comp prep or not! Limiting sugary pre-made sauces is a kwy compnent to healthier cooking! It doesn’t mean your food will be boring! Check out my #imyourflavour discount code, Camilla01 to get $5 off + Free Shipping! ❤️ #healthyliving #fitness #cleaneating #compp

S picked up his suit for the wedding last night

He had described his tie to me and I made a funny face and asked to see it. When he got to the store he sent me a picture. I quickly vetoed it then immediately went on Pintrest and started searching wedding suit to get some ideas

I said look for a monochromatic tie something that matches your shirt.

Picture after picture came in and no after no was sent back

I don’t want a pattern I want a texture.

No no no.

30 minutes later… “Do you want me to come to the store?”

Yes please … He patiently waits 20 minutes. Luckily the store had a TV and he was watching sports.

They explain to me the trouble they are having because of the color and texture of his shirt. I walk the tie tables a few times pick up a few. Turn down a few of the ladies ideas. Then I pick one out.

BOOM. That’s the tie. We all loved it!!!

37:Tattoos and piercing I want.

OOOOOOHHHH shit, so many. I haven’t really thought about it that much but probs gonna stretch my ears a bit, maybe a septum, maybe a lip somewhere??? I DID want a tongue piercing until I found out that was a sexual thing apparently, maybe my eyebrow?

38:The reason I joined Tumblr.

Got bored of reddit Tyus made me do it

39:Do I and my last ex hate each other?

We don’t talk but its not malicious or anything, just better this way

40:Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night” texts?

Uhh not really, only if the person i’m talking to leaves mid way or whatever

41:Have I ever kissed the last person I texted?


42:When did I last hold hands?

8 months ago and i’m gonna die

43:How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?

Depends on how much I care, 15 at least, an hour+ at most

44:Have I shaved my legs in the past three days? 

Hell no I’ve got nobody to shave for what

45: Where am I right now?

I’m at home

46:If I were drunk & can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?

Tyus I guess
“I would leave you in an alley” -Tyus just now

47:Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?

Reasonable level, sometimes loud if I’m super into it

okay i was really bored and tired last night so what do i naturally do

i made an okc profile

ive had it for like six hours tops and have 11 likes and four messages and ¾ of those messages are from men 37+ 

the one creeps me out the most since he’s like 42 and has the same name as my father (and is all “hey u dtf discreetly”)

why did i do this

Failure Live at the Ventura

So I had an awesome time at the Failure show in Ventura last Friday night. They didn’t play as much new material as I had expected which in hindsight is something I am okay with. This is because it’s hard to appreciate the subtleties of a new song wearing protective earplugs. I guess it’s about time I see an audiologist and have a new molded set made. Anyway, “Hot Traveler” sounded great but I was already well acquainted with the song.  “Mulholland Drive” immediately grabbed my attention, and I’m dying to hear it again. Hearing Ken and Greg harmonize throughout the song was a very sublime experience. The earplugs kept me from getting a real feel for “Counterfeit Sky”, but I listened to it later on YouTube and it sounds pretty cool.

This time I didn’t manage to get any cool things like set lists, drumsticks, or guitar picks. To be honest, I’ve gotten more than my fair share of them from Year of the Rabbit, Autolux, and previous Failure shows. Although I am happy to report that some cool people around me did. I was initially amused when their guitar tech indicated that he recognized me from other shows, but this also made me a little anxious. There was a part of me that was worried Greg saw me from the stage and was thinking, “Oh Lord, there’s that creepy guy with the beard again”.

So with that little internal dilemma simmering we filtered out to the street as the venue closed. I pointed out the tour van, and we headed down to see if the band would come out. Having been a professional musician, I know that sometimes you’re not too pumped to meet people after a show. Performances can be mentally and physically exhausting. The last thing I want to do is accidentally offend a member of my favorite band. We waited a while and eventually Kellii and Priscilla came out and talked to the fans waiting closer to the bus. I believe at least one other person can attest to the fact that I turned into a nervous wallflower and hung well back. I am a huge fan, but I also don’t want to be “that fan”, you know, the really loud obnoxious guy who pretty much makes himself the center of the bands attention. I’m also pretty sure that I am physically and mentally incapable of behaving that way anyhow.

So of course Greg comes out and even heads over to where I’m at, and I completely clam up. It’s not even like I could have gotten my picture taken with him, my buddy had taken off to sleep in the car. So there I was, feeling pretty crummy that I didn’t say or do anything. I suddenly realized that I had pretty much waited out there for nothing if I didn’t do something. You know, one of those “you’re gonna regret your inaction forever” moments in your life.  So right then I decided to be assertive. I turned to another person standing off in the corner with me, don’t worry I won’t name names, and said we’re getting you a signature.  I ended up snagging a pen from someone and off into the crowd we go. In the end, hopefully everyone was happy because we got things signed, and I even got to talk to Kellii. I sort of got lumped into the “where’s the Wal crowd” (my fault for wearing the T-Shirt), but I learned some info about why Greg doesn’t play one anymore. I also talked to Ken (and in my usual self-deprecating fashion) said, “Hello Ken, we’ve met several times before but you probably don’t remember me” (we have met about a half a dozen times over the years). He took a good look at me and said, “No, you seem familiar.”

All in all, it makes for a good story and a very memorable concert. So if you read this and didn’t fall asleep, thank you. If you were one of the people I met at the show, it was a pleasure meeting you! If by any remote chance Kellii or Priscilla end up reading this, thank you both for being so awesome and putting up with silly fans like myself!

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Izzi/Jara. 18.

(going to do both 18s since I’m not sure which you mean. I feel like I’ve posted these already? Sorry if I have.)

“Do you ever think we should just stop this?”

The pair were sitting on the couch, watching the fire, playing a game Jaraku had found in the market. It was a jar full of questions written on paper, pre-made by the vendor, guaranteed to make a night between lovers interesting. The handful they’d tried so far had been, to the last, utterly boring and disappointing. And then Issabel drew another one. She frowned as soon as she read it.

“What is it, love?”

“An obnoxious question.”

“Let’s hear it.” She nodded.

“It says ‘Do you ever think we should just stop this?'” He looked her in the eyes, all mirth evaporated. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched his face darken, then soared when she heard his response.

“I have thought about new inventions I’ll never make, businesses I’d never run, people I’ll never meet and places I’ll never go. I’ve thought about what would happen if we overthrew cities, assassinated emperors, fought armies alone and won. I’ve thought about how I’d react if any or all of those I’ve known and loved had died. I’ve thought about how my life would be different if I were still a lalafell, or if I’d been a roegadyn. I’ve thought about what we are, if we’re heroes at all. I’ve thought about learning a thousand different skills and what I’d be like if I were still a merchant and how much different my life could be if my grandfather had raised me instead. I’ve thought about ways upon ways of brightening your day, love, and I’ve thought about all the world’s problems and joys, but never have I ever thought that we should stop and break apart.” He grinned again, the lights and joy back. “Bugger the jar.” She nodded, smiling, and dumped the rest of the slips of paper out. The two took turns talking, tossing them piece by piece into the fire, and laughing over it. They made their own questions up after each.

The thought was raised and agreed upon, wholeheartedly, that maybe they should have just done that to begin with.

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

Jaraku pointed to another part of the extremely sloppy drawing he’d made of the area.

“So this is where he’s hiding.” The place he indicated was little more than a rough, uneven rectangle on the map. “The…merchandise-” contempt filled his voice “-is kept here.” He pointed to another spot.

“Are you sure?” Issabel asked, examining the rolled-out page.

“Nope! But that’s where I think it is. We’d be effectively going in completely blind into a camp run by slavers to save people we aren’t sure are still there and steal money that might have been moved from people that might not be hanging around and if they are will surely be extremely well-armed. Also we’re going to kill the man in charge for kicks, because that sort of scum shouldn’t keep living.” He looked to Issabel, a big grin on his face. “Any questions?”

“No, but I do have a comment.”

“What’s that?”

“I have never seen a plan on this scale so poorly thought out and ramshackled together.”

“But are you i-”

“Of course I’m in!”