I’ve made tons of gifs with photoshop from anime, but I wanted to try out the process from scratch and let me tell you, it takes dedication. This stupid thing took me way longer than it should have, it was pretty confusing in the beginning.

…I made this gif in college.  In 2002.  I know it’s mine, because I specifically made it including the little hand gestures and with that font and- let’s just say I’m very sure it’s mine.  In fact, there’s a few places on the web where it can still be traced to my friend’s old website where I kept it before imgur, etc, held all our random pictures.

And apparently it gets used in ALL SORTS OF PLACES.  Has been.  For 15 years.  

15 years.

THAT IS TERRIFYING AND AWESOME.  There are people YOUNGER than my irritation at people’s lack of IC/OOC line who will probably see this thing, who see it every day.

The internet is a mindboggling place sometimes, man.  Mindblowing, boggling, fantastic, WEIRD place.