Super Speed, Magic, Same Thing

Request: 80 with barry, please? love your writing x

80. “You’re warm.”

Warning: The ending is super crappy.

It wasn’t even winter yet and you were already freezing. It wasn’t the fall kind of cold with light breezes that only slightly ruffled your hair. I was huge gusts of wind that made your hair look like a rat’s nest by the time you were able to escape it. You had to take the bus today, which didn’t help either. You were cold and miserable and on top of that, it started to rain. You just wanted to get home to your loving boyfriend and heater.

When you arrived home, you quickly shed the wet clothes and plopped them in your hamper. You pulled on a pair of pajama pants and one of Barry’s shirts, it wasn’t quite Barry but it would have to do for now. You snuggled under the comforter but you just couldn’t warm up. You had accepted the fact that you would just have to wait for Barry to get back which wouldn’t be for at least another hour. You patiently waited the last hour or so until Barry would be home, but like always, he was late.

“Barry’s the fucking Flash and he can’t even be home one time.” You had already cranked the heater all the way up and buried yourself in a plethora of blankets, but you still felt like an icicle. Somehow, between the sound of your own chattering teeth and the deathly cold air, you had managed to fall asleep.

Barry had come into the house and called for you. When he didn’t hear an answer, he whooshed his way over to your’s and his shared bedroom where he found you sound asleep under at least three comforters. He changed into pajamas and slid in next to you, holding your body close and shivering at how cold you felt.

“You’re warm.” You said.

“And you’re freezing.”

“I know but now your hear so you can use your Flash magic to warm me up.”

“It’s not magic, babe.”

“Super speed, magic, same thing.” Bary chuckled at your response but shifted so that he was on his side and you could snuggle into his chest. You were perfectly happy, now being warm, and drifted off to sleep.


( on lgbt+ acceptance )

Troye Sivan:  The thing that kind of inspired me to come out to my family and kind of gave me that initial strength was I went on to youtube and watched a bunch of coming out videos, which are basically just videos of people telling their story or maybe they set up a camera while they told their parents and those videos kind of made me realize the different kind of reactions you could get, but ultimately it just gave me hope and strength. I came out to my family and then kind of just became so comfortable over the years and at the same time, I built up a Youtube audience of my own so I just thought it was kind of my opportunity to give back to the community. 

from interview with larry king

My thoughts on SPN 11X21

Another week gone and I could watch the episode without spoilers by just staying off tumblr. The briefest glance at my dash says people aren’t too happy about today’s episode. So… Please don’t kill me, but I actually quite liked it. Yes, there were lots of weird jumps, and the whole thing felt very choppy, but some moments in it really made up for its flaws. The Destiel ones, especially, and I want to talk about them now. I liked a lot of other stuff too, but that’s a whole different post.

All gifs are mine, so crappy quality ones, sorry!

1. Yay Kevin! I missed you so much! This line jumped at me though.

So in all of 10 seconds Kevin could tell Dean’s the more stressed one. I wonder why.

2. Dean’s reaction after Chuck says he has no idea on how to find Amara is so anguished. 

Also, I liked the fact that Dean mentions Lucifer here. He knows Lucifer was God’s favorite at some point, and he’s hoping that by mentioning that he is in her trap, Chuck might help. (By the way, this just confirms to me that Chuck still has deep paternal feelings towards him. Look at how he exploded. He has been relatively easy-going about everything but Lucifer. He must have loved him a  great deal to react so badly) Well, obviously that didn’t work, and Dean’s crushed again.

3. THE BIGGEST MOMENT OF ALL. Amara using Cas (not Lucifer, Cas) to make a connection with Dean. Look at her expression when she has her hand near his chest. 

She looks curious, and not all that happy about it.  And during her conversation with Dean, she mentions Cas by name for the first time (right? Correct me if I’m wrong) She knows he’s important to Dean. More Dean-pain, thank you.

4. This conversation between Dean and Sam. Look at Dean’s expression when Sam is fanboying. 

He’s clearly upset about Sam getting distracted, although to be fair Sam didn’t know about Amara’s warning till now. And also, this-

Dean is only bothered about Cas (despite what looks contradictory afterwards). I just think that he could confess his worry for Cas to Sam, because Sam understands, but not the others.  

5. “Why would you want to find her?” says Donatello. Because they need to rescue a guy she has with her. Who is Lucifer. And also-

You and your priorities, Dean. (Whoops, ignore my misspelling of the word possessing)

6. This also jumped at me. Look at this random shot to Dean at Chuck mentioning the words ‘free will’. It speaks for itself-

7. Now, about Dean’s plan. I know he’s not mentioning Cas. But he’s talking to Metatron. Metatron, whose only motivation, as he said earlier, is to try and save God from kamikazing. Dean’s not going to try to convince him by talking about Cas. And besides, Dean’s desperate now.  Amara has showed up twice already, and Cas’s life is hanging by a thread. He wants Cas out and away from Amara, because even Lucifer still in Cas is better than both of them getting tortured to death by Amara. There’s at least a shot of Dean getting Cas back in the first case. And he’ll do anything for it. ANYTHING. Amara creeps him out, terrifies him so much, and he’s willing to go out alone to meet her, to distract her, to possibly get killed by her when she finds out what he’s done,  just so they can rescue Cas (and it is Cas he’s doing it for, remember  the conversation with Sam). If that doesn’t scream love and selflessness I don’t know what does.    


Yes, I wonder what that is, Amara. What could be stopping Dean from falling into your abyss? 

Oooh, helpful shot in between to figure out the answer.

I know we all wanted Cas back. I do too. But it would be too easy to just poof back like nothing happened. I want to see Dean interact with Casifer next episode. I want to see him struggle to hate him while he’s wearing the face of someone he loves (and NOT like a brother Jensen dear) So yeah, I think they should have split this into 2 episodes and cut a MOTW one. It would have flowed smoother. There are lots of flaws in this episode. But I still liked it.



Hello everyone!

I originally wanted to make a follow forever when I reach my next thousand but since it’s the holidays and Christmas just passed and today’s new year’s eve, I guess it’s a good opportunity to make one (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ. As you can see, it’s my second follow forever. So first of all, I want to thank all the incredible blogs that I follow. Thank you for making my dash beautiful all the time (even though it might get dead for time to time lol). I wish y'all will keep working hard on your blogs and make amazing edits so that I can reblog all of them (^▽^). And of course, I want to thank all of my lovely followers for sticking out with me all this time (for the better and the worse hehe). It’s been an awesome year and that’s thanks to all of you! Here is a list of some of my favourite blogs. Take the time to check them out because they’re all worth it. Sorry I didn’t mention all the blogs that I follow but your blog is still awesome okay. Check my blogroll too (◠△◠)! So here it is :

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I wish you all a belated merry Christmas and a happy new year. May all your wishes come true (✿◠‿◠)! I love you all ❤


style development ; with lionell trevelyan

this is the development of my lack of style since i first picked up a pen tablet. the top left is from march 2015, the last in september 2015. i thought it would be best to show it with the one thing i draw every damn day – lionell.

i really just did this show how drawing a little bit every day can seriously take you far. if you’re doubting the drawing you’re about to make–don’t. JUST DO IT. you’re going to make crappy things (JUST LOOK UP), but you’re also going to improve and make a lot of awesome things!

one thing i know for sure is that something i make next week will be better than what i made today–and that’s enough for me to keep going.


made some more things today, a conversion of this peggy hair, i know it’s already converted by someone but i’m pretty sure it’s already gone so i converted it myself and retextured it, and i have another hair too, i made 2 skins, but i think the second skin is pretty crappy so i’m gonna throw it into the trashcan. the sim up there’s not using any eyeliners, it comes from the skin i’m making ^>^ (an asian skin).

Harry Imagine!

Harry Imagine for Jacqueline, I really hope you like it! I’m sorry if it sucks but it was like three in the morning when I wrote it.

I sigh deeply as I walked towards the gates of my school, really not looking forward today.

I’ve already had a crappy morning; I woke up late, I spilled my coffee all over my favourite shirt, and my school bag broke so now I have to carry all my things around.

Sighing once again I made my way through the crowded hallways. Filled with constant chatter of gossip, the update fashion trends, how many girls guys have shagged over the weekend, and much more.

After reaching my first block, which was English I thought of only one thing, or person in this case that made my morning just a tad bit better.


He sat next to me and I would always glance as much as I could at him, hoping he wouldn’t notice. He seemed so mysterious but it made him intriguing. He’s really shy and I’ve only talked to him three times but he’s really sweet but very closed off from everyone. I mean I would too if I got picked on like him. He has nothing wrong with him, I know that, so I don’t quite understand why he gets bullied

I smiled as I entered the classroom seeing him already in his seat. Sitting down I looked toward him, looking over all of his tattoos and his piercings, it made me smile because he seemed he wasn’t afraid to be himself. I blushed when he looked up at me, obviously catching me starring.

“H-hi Harry”

he didn’t responded but gave me a small wave instead.

Once the bell rang and class began I tried focusing on my work but I kept getting distracted by Jake who kept trying to talk to Harry, who looked like he didn’t want to talk to anyone.

“C’mon Styles, can’t you talk? or at least make a noise? I bet your whore of a mother makes sure hell of a lot of noise in bed”

he said as he high fived his friends.

I saw Harry clench his fist and it looked like he was about to cry but I couldn’t really get a good look because he stood up and walked toward the teacher.

“Mrs. G?”

The young teacher looked up and her mouth opened slightly as she responded.

“Yes Harry?”

“Can I use the restroom please?”

she simply nodded as Harry quickly grabbed the hall pass and practically ran out of the classroom.

before I could even think about what I was actually doing I stood up and walked toward the front of the classroom where Mrs. G was.

“Mrs. G? Can I use the restroom?”

“Of course, just be quick though”

I nodded as I grabbed the girls lavatory pass and ran out into the hallway.

I walked toward the boys bathroom and pondering on the thought of if I should actually go in to see if he’s in there.

just as I’m about to open the door I hear a loud sob from my right. I turn around the corner and gasp as I see Harry sitting there, his knees pulled up close to his chest and his body shaking from the crying.

I approach him cautiously and stand in front of him and slowly kneel down to my knees and place my hand on his shoulder gently.


he looks up at me in shock and tries to wipe the tears away as quick as possible but I grab onto his wrist to stop him.

“hey, it’s okay to cry, you know that right?”

he looks up at me before responding

“no it’s not okay to cry, especially because you’re going to make fun of me, just like everyone else”

He says as he looks up at me, my heart breaking at the sight of his eyes. Bloodshot and glassy.

“Harry, I’m not going to make fun of you or laugh at you for crying. What Jake said to you in there was pretty messed up so I understand why you’re cry-”

“No! you don’t understand! no one does!”

he shouts at me then quickly covers his face again and lets out another sob.

“Then tell me Harry, make me understand.”

I reach for his hands and smile when he doesn’t recoil.

I move so i’m now sitting beside him, still holding onto his hands as he looks up at me.

“It’s hard you know? Everyone thinks i’m some messed up emo punk kid who everyone thinks is easy to mess with but know actually wants to get to know me, no one cares. Usually I can take Jake’s stupid jokes about my life, but once he mentioned my mum, I almost lost in there. My mum made some pretty bad decisions in her life but she was the best mum i could ever possibly ask for-”

“Harry, what happened to your mum?”

He looks up at me once again and he looks like he’s about to break even more.

“You don’t have to tell me, I’m sorry I-”

“No It’s okay. She died when I was eleven from leukemia. I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later but I never wanted to accept it. My mum was always a kind hearted woman who always put others before her, but after the doctor told her about the cancer she changed. She never saw her friends anymore and I was the only person she talked to. I guess she just couldn’t say goodbye to them, so everyday I went to school and went home right after to take care of her, each day getting harder and harder because she kept getting sicker and sicker. Everyone thought I was some emo kid because I never talked to anyone so I never had any friends. The day she died was definitely the hardest because I couldn’t accept it, at all. My mum was my best friend as dorky as it sounds but she was. I told her everything and then one day she was just gone and I-I didn’t know what to do anym-ore.”

He began to cry again and I quickly wrapped my arm around his shoulder the best I could, seeing as he was a lot taller than me. I placed my hand against the side of his head and lead it to my lap and he began to cry even more.

“I’m so sorry.”

We sat there for a few more minutes until his cries die down and he just laid there, with his head on my lap.

“Thank you Jacqueline.”

He breaks the silence as I look down at him.

“For what?”


I smile as he sits up and looks at me, our face inches apart and I feel myself begin to blush.

“It-t’s no big deal”

“You know I always thought you hated me.”

I look at him in shock and begin to giggle, he looks at me confused before I speak.

“I could never hate you Harry, especially since I’ve had a huge crush on you for almost three years.”

I giggle out and then stop, I can’t believe I just told him that.

“You wh-hat?”


He looks at me, my insides melting at the sight of his beautiful eyes.

“You like me?”

My face was hot and I knew it looked as red as a tomato, but I nodded in response as I looked down. I soon felt his hand creep up to my cheek and make me look up at him. He smiled before he inched his face closer to mine. I gasped as I soon felt his lips on mine. He smiled into the kiss but I was still in shock. My mind went blank but I felt myself began to kiss him back. After what felt like hours he pulled away, me breathless.

“Wh-hy did you do that?”

All he did was laugh.

“Because I like you too, you’re the only person who actually smiles at me instead of just scoffs and rolls there eyes”

I smiled big at his words as I began to stand up.

“Oh well come on, we should get back to class”

We were both now standing and I grabbed onto his hand and was about to lead him back to class but he pulled my back which resulted in me crashing into him.

“One thing first”

I didn’t have time to respond before I felt his lips on mine once again.

Been feeling just crappy in general the past few weeks because a lot of crappy crap keeps happening so today I’d had enough and needed some comfort. I put on Beauty and the Beast and it was great and then I got to the part where the prince does that laugh at the end and I freaking lost it.




(This laugh, good Lord.)

i want to do a thing!

I had a pretty crappy day today and there was quite a few nice messages placed in my inbox and it made me feel quite good so i want to do something for all you beautiful people! :)

all you have to do is

reblog this by next monday
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put all your URL’s in a jar and everyday pull one out and place a nice message in your inbox about what i like about your blog and your face and anything else i want to say to make you feel good :)

now please do this so i dont feel like an idiot

I’ve been feeling a little yucky this week – crappy ex-husband stuff, crappy dating stuff, and crappy eating and sleeping because of the first thing – so today I decided I need to put more effort into self care.

I bought a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies at the grocery store; made myself a vitamin C face mask followed with coconut oil (my face feels amazing); worked out a new exercise routine; committed to Invisalign (including a deposit) at my dental appointment; and decided on a firm, earlier bedtime.

So far, I’m not doing super well on the bedtime thing – not surprising since I’m a natural night owl – but I need to commit to that. For me, sleep is the key to eating well, working out, and overall happiness. When I’m tired, all of those things slide.

But look at this dewy face! That’s good self care.


My cosplay of Susan Foreman in ‘Marco Polo’! 

In time for Hartnell History Week! (We’re still doing that today, right? Who cares, I actually got something made!!!) 

The top was a lucky rummage sale find ($5!!) & I made the skirt after a quick excursion to JoAnn fabrics, heehee. The wig & watch are from my old ‘Dalek Invasion of Earth’ Susan cosplay. (Ignore my messy bedroom in the background please, and the crappy quality of my selfies. LOL my Big Finish First Doctor boxset is peeking out from behind my mirror in one pic- it clearly wants to be opened & listened to!)

Subhanallah! I sent an appreciation txt to my daddy and he goes on about how hes sorry he and my mom havent been able to do all they can for me die to lack of funds and im just like WHAT!?!??!

These two have basically given their lives for me.
And its so sad because today i realised that i literally cannot “pay back” the blood, sat, tears and time they spent on me.
The insults they may have endured for certain choices they made due to me.

Like you can always pay back money but there are some things you just cannot give people back.

Up till a few months ago i was a crappy daughter but alhamdulillah, I’m doing better now and seeing my parents in a whole different light. The love is intense and i honestly am just a toilet-wipe.



Now excuse me…
I’ll take my leave now…

actingchoices  asked:

yellow 💛

thank you!! 💞


if you could have any view from your bedroom window what would you choose?

i love those really high flats that overlook a cute city street. the kinds of ones lined with cute trees and lamp posts

what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?

make an iced coffee and sit on my patio where my flower pots are and watch the bees 🐝

what do you consider lucky?

my strong relationship with my family, my friends, my crappy little hobbit hole of a house that i love, my education

what made you smile today?

getting in after being locked out for an hour and a half in the rain and falling over to finding a package for me containing a rly cute bee mug from my sister! ☕

what makes you happy?

going to school and seeing my friends, hot drinks, not having homework, cozy scented candles, lush baths, sherlock