Agents of SHIELD and our feelings towards the main characters as the show progresses
  • aka why I have trust issues
  • Agent Coulson:I love you. I love you so much. You're amazing. I love you. Babe no. Babe don't. BABE N O. BABE?? BABE ARE YOU GOING INSANE??? COULSON????????? COULSON???? Oh? babe youre back. thank God babe I missed you. babe.
  • Grant Ward:awww!! babe!! so cute!!! wait!!! hey!!! stop!!!! what are you doing!!!! bastard!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST WHAT !!! FUCK!!!!! oh hey! Redemption arc!!! wait!!! NOO!! FUCK YOU!!!!! BASTARD!!!!!!! WHAT????
  • Fitzsimmons:had their ups and downs, mainly Jemma, but for the most part we all loved them.
  • Hunter:annoying. sassy. awww. AWWWWWW. AWWWWWWWWW cutie.
  • Cal:-_________________-. wait awwwww nooooo awwww. wait no. ugh. -____________________-.
  • Jiaying:AWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE––––- BITCH??????????

My style is definitely a little more classic, but I do try to keep up with trends. I spend a lot of time flying back and forth between Vancouver and Los Angeles, and I love when the new issues of magazines come out each month. I get excited to get on the plane and read them.

Well, just got on after an extremely long day, and I saw an ask that sparked my attention quite a bit. I don’t want to get into it too too much, but I will say this.

No matter what age you are, single or not, married or not, you are free to fangirl as hard as you want. If you are a fan of Josh, then you are welcome here, and are welcome to fangirl as you please. Really nothing to it. 

As far as I’m concerned, age is just a number around here. We all have a mutual love for Josh, and with simply that much in common, I don’t see why it’s unusual for us to come together and swoon over him despite our differences.

So while I may be, *gasp*, a teenager *dramatic thunder crash*, I share the belief that you have the right to fangirl, ship, or write no matter where you come from or who you are. Fangirling equality all the way!

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Please tell me where like what issues specifically i read read about that arc where peter parker wears the dd suit because matt was hired to defend daredevil? i wanna read comics for that alone lol

sorry it took me a while i had to rescan but this was from the bendis/maleev run (v2) i think u need to start reading on issue #20 to understand what the case was about, and heres a cute panel from #24 when they showed that it was peter wearing the dd suit:

it covered issues #20-25

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Because I'm bored in class, I was scrolling through really old posts on this page, like page 58 back in January. I saw an interesting theory that I hope happens: this A story will last all through the end. By the end of 6A we'll know who and why, but then the liars face whoever Charles is in court and figure out how. It will answer all the tiny questions, like who helped move Ian's body, is Maya (or anyone "dead") alive, WHY REDCOAT SUDDENLY APPEARED THEN SUDDENLY LEFT! Would you want that?

Yes I remember this OMG, that’s insane you went back to page 58 hahaha :’)

I’d love that so much but I don’t think it’ll happen because clearly they’re aiming for a horror theme now with season 6 and there’s nothing scary about having Charles in court and shooting questions at him in regards to issues from past seasons. Whilst I love it and think it’s one of the the best ways to give us answers from over the years, I can’t see it happening.


I met someone I believed to be my soulmate in 2011 but did not start my ascension process until 2012 after we got close, and separated. We met online; he lives in England and I reside in Canada. There were always issues with multiple love interest and himself claiming he loved us all. The connection grew stronger and I started to do some research, and came across the term twin flame. Since then I believed him to be my twin. Its been a long three years of separating and disconnecting. Till eventually he met someone else online closer to the town he lives in and started dating her. He unblocked me on Facebook after posting a picture with he and his new girlfriend. We spoke briefly; the answer always the same “were not connected, I didnt love you, and I dont believe in this spiritual stuff”. His girlfriend is also an atheist. I’ve always doubted our connection and felt a lot of confusion towards it. I used to dream of him often and even that has stopped. Many dreams led to separation shortly. I’ve years of research since realizing we were connected, however it seems as if the connection is changing. Hes grown more angry these days and I’ve grown more distant towards him. I’ve been feeling as of late that something is ending between us, I’ve also asked the universe what needs to be done. One night I was in between waking and asleep when a voice said to be “ let him go”. I still feel uneasy about it but I feel more at ease letting him go. It feels right. I look forward to what the universe has to offer me in the future. I can still feel him spiritually and can feel the sensations but I feel something is ending. 

Do you have any advice?

All Relationships are our deepest mirror and not all of them are meant to last forever. There is a saying sometimes people come into our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. They are all here to show us something about ourselves we need to see to learn, to love, to grow and expand spiritually. I personally feel the term “twin flame” gets thrown around like a loose cannon. You can have multiple soul mates and each of them be a teacher, some don’t even have to be romantic or sexual but they are still a teacher all the same. It’s because you found this connection within him that lead you to the term twin flame. However not all connections are meant to last forever some are meant to help us grow and learn something about ourselves. There are also relationships you can develop that are purely karmic-based and these can even transcend into soulful higher vibrational relationships. When we experience karmic ties within our relationships we go through a period together to heal what needed to be healed within the past and then we let them go. Then it is our personal choice whether the souls are meant to return to one another through transcendence of the heart or whether they need to let them go, to open the door to someone else. 

When we place all these ties on ourselves it is very limiting and karmic as you see the connection changed and so did you. So regardless of what happens in the future you know at this time you need to let him go so YOU can regain your own heart and heal from this. The future is unwritten, we are the ones who create our own reality and so when we place attachment to particular labels in the relationship, it loses it’s inability to grow. We are naturally all connected and when we experience love with another we share in that connectedness, that is something that never truly goes away. It’s a matter of forgiveness and acceptance, you may always love him but you still have to accept that it ended and you need to let go. Once you fully let go through forgiveness, acceptance and finding the love within again, you will open the door to happiness within yourself which is one of the biggest steps to healing.

much love and healing light <3

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So I kind of disappeared off tumblr for a while. But I missed your analasis. Of Doctor Who. Curious your thoughts where you think they'll go this series. Trying not to get my whouffle/whouffaldi shipper hopes up too high, but they did basically elope at the end of the Xmas special...

Hmm, I’m not sure where they’ll go from here!

I didn’t do too much analysis of S8 actually. Overall, I had a lot of issues with the story arc even though I loved Twelve and Clara more than Eleven and Clara. I felt like there were some VERY strong moments and then there were some letdowns. I felt like Danny wasn’t given the story he deserved, I felt like he got shoehorned in and shoehorned out like a convenient plot device, and it really wasn’t fair and sits really bad with me. I feel like Clara didn’t really go in the directions I thought she’d go in and I wasn’t quite satisfied with what we did get, I feel like Capaldi didn’t get writing that quite did him justice for all he could have done with his character. I’m thankful we’ve got another season with the both of them, at least.

After S7 I had some ideas where the narrative was going, and some of those thoughts were confirmed - but some of them really didn’t live up to the story of S7 for me. I feel like S7 really was a stronger narrative, but a lot of people don’t realize because they either weren’t into Clara and Eleven after the Ponds, or they saw Twelve and Clara’s incredible chemistry and felt that was sufficient storytelling.

I feel like Last Christmas definitively indicated that they felt romantically for each other and both were aware. The anti-shippers are far quieter now that it’s pretty much confirmed. I don’t feel like it was the BEST way this relationship could have been written, and there are things that still stick in my craw, but hey. I don’t know if they will eventually move into a romantic relationship, but I feel like where they left it off might have been conclusive in that perhaps they know how they feel but do not feel they need to act upon it.

The Doctor realized that he could have missed out on the rest of her life and considers where they’re going now a second chance, which is a HUGE thing character wise, considering Twelve was born inheriting the emotional isolation of Eleven’s grief and loss in TTOTD. Eleven’s character arc with Clara was all about his fear of loss, and Twelve was a more raw and isolated manifestation of that very thing. Last Christmas left me with the feeling that he’s finally graduated past this, and that he’s going to let Clara back in again. He saw what it was like to miss those 63 years of her life, and he recognizes how important this second chance really is.

I would even argue that this may be the first time we see the Doctor really stay for a companion, and Clara’s story may very well end with her dying of old age, with him having lived her life with her. It seems fitting considering all the themes surrounding this in S7 and 8.

So I don’t really know where they’re going now. They might expand further upon these themes and develop the relationship more, or perhaps they will expand upon Clara’s increasing complexity/darkness/power, which could be interesting (or disastrous if we’re being pessimistic).

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As a Taurus how long does it take for you guys to gain trust back when you're a not so social person that is in love with someone?

a pretty long time like i have bad issues trusting people and im really sensitive when people make fun of me because i think they secretly hate me which makes me not trust them and think they dislike me

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I love your scans but wish you'd tag the issue / year?


I also wont usually remove the scanner ‘margins‘ or brighten them.

I dont want them to be easy for people to search for, and i dont want them to be easy to decontextualize from the magazine, and I don’t want them to be easy to accessorize as an embellishment for your blog or moodboard. At the risk of sounding pretentious or overprotective of something that’s not my own creative content I respect these images (or rather, the people responsible for them) too much to make them too easy to commodify. Tumblr is great and terrible.

I hope people will view them in full resolution and enjoy them and develop a greater visual literacy… that’s all.

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I feel like I'll never be loved.

That will never be an issue if you got love for yourself

fuck who do I even vote for in this election

I mean I want to vote labour but I still have issues with some of their policies

I’d love to vote green but at the same time I think their policies on immigration are a little too lenient 

no fucking way am I voting conservative

ukip can fuck off

lib-dems could have my vote if they actually had a decent leader


2 Weeks Old

Leon is two weeks old tomorrow!  He’s a very easy baby.  Sleeps most of the day and is easily soothed when he cries.  He doesn’t like sitting in dirty diapers, which is great.  Bath’s aren’t his favourite.  He still has his cord stub.  He’s easy to tote around on errands and other people’s houses.  Heck, we went to the mall two days after I got out of the hospital!  He is such a joy.  

I’m completely in love with my baby and so are my partners.  We flow so great together.  There’s a huge sense of team work in our household.  All four of us have been getting 6-8 hours of sleep while the others pitch in and help out!  At any given time there’s at least 2-3 parents home with Leon.  He is so lucky and loved!  

I’m having some breastfeeding issues.  His latch is good, but I usually have to wake him up to feed him or he will go 5-6 hours without eating - maybe more.  And when I finally get him started he will fall asleep, pull away, or stop sucking after only a few sucks.  It’s a very hands on process to keep waking him up and make sure he gets a good meal in.  When I can’t get him to eat for long stretches of time I get really stressed about it.  He was born with jaundice and I really want to flush it out.  My milk came in big time.  I’m currently pumping 6-8oz at a time, after a feeding.  And I wake up DRENCHED in it.  There’s so much stored in the fridge already.

So that’s a quick update.  I’ll probably be making segmented posts about my labor, all the ways the hospital screwed up, stuff about my partners, relationships with my family, milestones, etc.  I have a lot to cover, but I don’t want to overwhelm.  If anyone has any questions or wants to hear more about something, let me know! My ask is always open.