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Who's your best friend on this hell site?

((First of all, before getting to your question. I was talking to Jackson this morning (last night?) about how nobody can just say ‘Tumblr’. Like it would have taken less effort to say “Who’s your best friend on Tumblr”. We all collectively do this, which I love.

Onto the actual issue at hand… I don’t know that I have a best friend? Errr… uuuuuuh. I’ll just list off the people I talk to the most? Because I love all of them in different ways.

Jackson @thehumanrat has probably the highest grossing amount of communication with me, even among my real life friends, lol.

Alice @seriouslyprongs is the person who I’ve been talking to consistently for the longest amount of time. We are, fun fact, actually the same person.

And then all of my hangouts buddies. Justyn @justyncase is great. Also Courtney @courtneye7220/ @bookworm718 is super sweet. And Cai @askthenewmoon shares my love of balancing things on their head.

Also everyone. I love everyone. Don’t make me choose nonnie. Please.))


While you guys were complaining about the ending to The War of Jokes and Riddles, I was marveling over Jonathan Crane’s looks in the newest issue of Harley Quinn. This is the kind of Scarecrow I want to see more of. His appearance reminds me quite a bit of @mentalrhapsody​‘s personal interpretation, which is amazing considering hers is so perfect! Give me a Jonathan Crane that looks like his namesake, lanky and unsightly. That’s Scarecrow done right. (also bless the writers for keeping him in character, he’s bleeding sass and I love it)

Harley Quinn #29


‘’I’m not the Break Man. I was the first, I’M THE PROTOMAN!’’


starscream → “ look. i know you don’t trust me anymore, and you shouldn’t. but there’s a war coming and you can trust me on exactly one thing…i won’t let cybertron fall again.”

my thoughts are drugs
and they taste like sugar
daddy, don’t you love me? 
get rid of the sour taste
on my tongue and
get high with me, 
empire state building style, 
i’ll teach us how to fly, 
and you’ll stay behind. 
never stick with me, 
stay behind, stay behind. 
i called out for you
when the rain poured down 
like a liquid sunset, 
and you sent a letter 
saying you love me. 
but telling me ain't 
loving me, and daddy, 
don’t you love me?
or am i so broken 
that i cannot be loved?
issues aren’t newspapers
anymore, they’re the blood
in my veins like cocaine
dripping down my tongue
another addict running 
from their daddy issues.
—  daddy issues || r.m. || 5.3.17

tony having to put those parentless babies back down in their cribs and leave though. probably feels like ripping his own bleeding beating heart out of his chest and he does it repeatedly