‘’I’m not the Break Man. I was the first, I’M THE PROTOMAN!’’

my thoughts are drugs
and they taste like sugar
daddy, don’t you love me? 
get rid of the sour taste
on my tongue and
get high with me, 
empire state building style, 
i’ll teach us how to fly, 
and you’ll stay behind. 
never stick with me, 
stay behind, stay behind. 
i called out for you
when the rain poured down 
like a liquid sunset, 
and you sent a letter 
saying you love me. 
but telling me ain't 
loving me, and daddy, 
don’t you love me?
or am i so broken 
that i cannot be loved?
issues aren’t newspapers
anymore, they’re the blood
in my veins like cocaine
dripping down my tongue
another addict running 
from their daddy issues.
—  daddy issues || r.m. || 5.3.17
Even the Characters I Love Have Issues

Rhys: *forces Mor into a surprise meeting with both of her abusers*

Rhys: *drugs his future wife without explaining why it’s ‘for her benefit’*

Rhys: *Allows a society that tortures and persecutes women to just keep on keeping on despite being the literal ruler of said society*

Rhys: I’m a feminist

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”There is too much talk about blame between us, Jason. There always has been. We have to let it go. We have both done things we regret.
But the one thing I never apologize for– is taking a chance on you.”
- Red Hood and the Outlaws #18

I love Vox Machina.

I love their current members, their past members, their MIA members, their new members. 

I love all of the relationships they’ve formed, both romantic and platonic. 

I love their struggles, strengths, issues, victories, mistakes, and beautiful & ugly moments and traits.

I love the actors and their very human lives, the good and bad combined.

I love Vox Machina, Critical Role, and everything that comes with it.

That is all.