I really would like to be an advocate for LGBT youth or transgender youth, or transgender people in general. I really feel a connection more so to the trans community than the gay community as a really young person…It’s an amazing time to be a queer person, and I’d love to talk more about these issues and less about makeup tips.
—  Violet Chachki [EW]

-runs over to you- I did the thing. -flings photos at you and runs away-

OH MY GOSH. Absolutely lovely, dear!!! 

you know i truly rant in the tags

name talaya surana
nicknames tala
born haring, 9:10 dragon 
gender  agender demigirl
sexuality prefers women, not interested in men, probably somewhere on the aroace spectrum
spirituality agnostic
specialization spirit healer and shapeshifter
appearance she’s short, even for an elf, and of average build
personality she’s very intelligent, creative and curious about pretty much everything. she’s wary of authority, and prefers to avoid trouble with them - self preservation instinct resulting from her circle upbringing that she gradually loses after leaving kinloch hold. she’s reserved and can seem aloof but she does genuinely care and is rather absurdly romantic … although neither traits are evident unless you really get to know her, which can take a while as she’s an extremely private person. she’s fairly open-minded and laidback, will help whenever she can and prefers the Let’s Talk It Out method of conflict resolution over rampant slaughter.
relationships her father was a dalish hunter from nevarra’s clan alerion and her mother was an antivan city elf. merrill is her older sister. afraid of losing another child after merrill was given away at the arlathvenn, her mother left the clan. tala was born in denerim’s alienage and has no memory of her biological family. at the circle, irving noticed her flair for magic and took her under his wing. her natural talent, reserved nature and close association with the senior enchanter made other mages wary of her, and she had no friends at the tower. her relationship with irving soured after he used her, lily and jowan as pawns to get back at the chantry. despite the occasional spats, she grew close to all the companions. she’s been in a relationship with leliana for over a decade. morrigan and zevran are practically family and kieran is her son.
after the blight she slays the archdemon and survives. reluctantly accepts the position of warden-commander.

A while ago someone asked me what ‘I’m A Fantastic Wreck’ is about and I think this is the best way I’ve ever explained it:

It’s like a combined self-analysis and self-exoneration - I point out that I tend to suppress emotions, that I do not walk the talk, that I have hurt people, that I’m not that comfortable with my body and I sometimes want to get away from it, and it addresses my feelings of inadequacy because of my poor relationship with my parents. I also encourage myself to express my emotions as much as I need to, assure myself that at least I have the right attitude even though I’m too afraid to behave in accordance with it, remind myself that people have forgiven me and that I can atone for my mistakes and have the licence to improve myself, again assure myself that people will still love me, and I can still love myself, despite my body image issues, and though my parents don’t accept who I am, I can accept myself. When I ask “would you love me, in spite of all these things?” I am putting the question to me, to the raging storm that rumbles in my head. It’s a song of vulnerability but also strength. The idea of being a fantastic wreck is being someone who makes mistakes but knows that a mistake is an external part of you and you’re really just the bit that’s fantastic, if you try to be. The fantastic part of the mistake is that you learn from it. The song doesn’t pardon truly bad behaviour though. The point is that people should reflect upon themselves, identify flaws in the way they interact with their world, and rectify them so that the world around them is a better place, simply because they are in it.

SanguineSwanqueen’s fic recs

This doesn’t include any in progress fics. And I probably left something off, but whatever. There’s three categories: smut, short, and full blown novel.

Smut* (these are all rated M or E)

Like You Want Me To by angstbotfic

Prompt: Your ladies are always capable of asking for what they need for their own pleasure but I feel like this might have been a process for R (b\c Leo’s an asshat, thinking TL is more than she deserves, etc). I would love to see E help her through these issues to a place where she’s comfortable “directing” E to make her own experience more pleasurable. I really like the emotional aspect to this, also it’s super hot.

My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Dental Dams  by serious fic

Regina just wants to make sure Henry is safe. A quick vision of the future, that’s it. She wasn’t expecting to get a look at her and Emma waking up in each others’ arms… or what they did in the shower.This starts out mostly as filth, but then it gets adorable.

Allergy Season by inkheart 1459 rated M

Emma really hates allergy season. It turns her into a sneezing mess. So when she gets the bright idea to try and fix it with magic she’s delighted. Nothing can go wrong right? Right. Until Regina shows up. Ok, so I put this in smut, but it’s totally hilarious. I love it.

Blow your house down by violetscentedwriter

This is the sequel to Who’s jealous of the big bad wolf. It can be read without having read part one but you’d be missing out on a few details. This will be a tongue-in-cheek naughty sex fest. cold shower zone after this right here. Could also be considered a full blown novel.


Rubbers by hunnyfresh rated G

In which Emma sucks at trash bin basketball and spends her time as Sheriff doing something more entertaining Oh My god, this is the most heartmelting fluff ever.

Wallpaper by hunnyfresh rated G

Months after Neverland, Regina and Emma have become friends, and all it takes for a push in the right direction is for Regina to see Emma’s wallpaper on her phone. More fabulous fluff.

A Pat Explanation by seriousfic  rated T

Mary-Margaret and David know Emma is dating someone. Who could it be? Neal? Hook? Surely not–anyone else… I laughed so hard, I seriously couldn’t breathe.

Monster-In-Law by seriousfic  rated G

Of course Mary-Margaret won’t let Emma and Regina get married. It’s incest, after all. And so what if that means treating Regina as her mother? How bad can it be? The age old criticism of SQ being incest made into one of the most hilarious fics you’ve ever read.

Lesbian Until Curse by seriousfic rated T

Mary-Margaret thinks Emma’s been acting awfully strange since she got her old jacket out of the closet… out of the closet… wait… I’m not really sure what to say about this, except that Emma is very much a babydyke.

Four Seasons by echo_AU rated E

A life time of Swan Queen set in four seasons. I normally can’t stand first person fics. This is a really great one, though. So many feels.

Cough Medicine by GwenSanguine rated G

The first three times that Regina gets sick. Emma takes care of her. Is it tacky to rec your own fic? If it is, then I’m ok with being tacky. I’m proud of this, dammit.

Full Blown Novels

Popcorn Love by chrmdpoet rated M

Regina is a successful businesswoman and wonderful parent, but her love life is lacking. She agrees to a string of blind dates set up by her friend Kathryn on the condition that the blonde find her a babysitter. Enter Emma Swan. After each date, Regina returns home only to complain to Emma about her suitors. As they bond, Regina realizes that Emma has all the qualities she desires. This here is a throw back. The first fan fiction I ever read.

Calendar by curvypragmatist rated E

While Emma takes part in a charity calendar to raise funds for the library Regina is struggling to control her magic and is dealing with it by staying away from people. Will a persistent Saviour be able to get through to a stubborn ex-Mayor? I remember dropping literally everything whenever this got an update. Screw calculus, I want Swan Queen. This fic has something for everyone. If I were to suggest a fic to someone who has seen the show, but is just starting to get seriously into into the fandom, it would be this one. 

Photos From a One-Life Stand by 1clevergirl rated E

On the eve of their five year anniversary, Emma and Regina look through a small photo album containing pictures and momentos of some of the most special moments, good and not-so-good, in their relationship. As they look through the album, they remember the stories behind each of the photos. I have read this so many times. It’s ridiculous. It’s got everything from squee to smut.

The Great Wide Somewhere  by aimtoothpaste

“It was an idea only an idiot could come up with Regina had said, though she hadn’t disagreed with the plan, and half an hour into the drive Emma’s inclined to believe her.”
It has been seven years since Emma rolled into Storybrooke, and she and Regina are finally in a friendship that doesn’t teeter on the precipice of hatred. When Regina’s pining over Henry, away for the summer at an astronomy programme in Tucson, Emma suggests a road trip to surprise him for his birthday. This gave me the road trip I have always wanted. 


I don’t usually post things like this, but this is the condition of the fish at my local Walmart. I remember seeing this as a child and crying to my mom to save them all. After a while this inhumane treatment of fish was normalized for me.

I implore you to make a rating or comment to your local Walmart if you see these conditions. I’m making complaints to corporate and would love support for this issue. If you do comment or make a rating please do so with the hashtag #fishmatter

Please share this message, let’s stop this!!!


((OOC: Okay. So you all know I try to help you all as much as I can. I try to give the best sex ed-type advice that I can to everyone. HOWEVER. I am NOT a therapist. I am NOT a professional. I am NOT a doctor. 

**I most likely DON’T know what to tell you when you come to me with specific, deep-rooted, internal problems and issues, and while I would LOVE to be able to help you all, I just physically can’t.**

I’m a college student who works a lot and has commissions to work on and college to pay for, so I really don’t know how to help everyone that comes to me with extremely serious or deep-rooted/internal issues that don’t actually relate to sex ed.

I am so sorry, and I am in NO way telling you that these issues you have are non valid or that you’re wrong to be having them, but I just simply don’t possess the means to help you.

I suggest seeing a doctor or therapist to talk out your issues. They can be trusted, and they will have much better feedback than I will.

I’m so sorry, but I just really can’t help you. The last thing I want to do is let someone down by giving them the wrong advice.

So from now on, please just send your sex ed related questions here. I will answer some regarding romance and relationships of course, but if they are of a serious nature that could be emotionally/physically/legally harmful to someone or yourself, please do not send them to me, and go talk to a professional.

Stay strong and please forgive me.))

anonymous asked:

I guess you forgot about Cat's deal to marry off Rob. That led to both of them getting killed, among other things. I guess you forgot about her wrongly accusing Tyrion and what that led to. I guess you forgot about her charging off and leaving her younger children at home alone, and we all know what that led to. I love it that you think her only issue is mistreating Jon Snow. I'm not even a Snow stan. I just enjoy your hypocrisy where Cat is concerned. You're so blind to what she did.


foreverwithselenamarie asked:

What's your opinion on Caitlyn Jenner? Don't worry, I won't judge you based on your view on transgender issues and all that haha. Btw, I love your blog and love the advice you give. Stay amazing. ☺❤💘

i couldn’t be happier for her, it’s fantastic that she can now publicly identify as her true gender. she is absolutely gorgeous and i’m sure she has inspired other transgender people to embrace their true selves x

sleepover time

I’ve had issues with my body for as long as I can remember, and this year is the first that I am going to swim without a shirt on top.

I always preach that all bodies are beautiful bodies, but forget to include myself.

Anyways, im trying super hard to love it for what it is and not constantly degrade myself. So here ya go, my half naked body that im learning to love.

I’m super late to the party here but the last issue of MTMTE was SO good. The one before that annoyed me tremendously on a multitude of levels, so issue 41 (that was the last one, right? 41?) was a delight. I LOVE the mysterious, plotty issues where we get those tantalizing hints of something much, much bigger in play.

And of course it goes without saying that I am 5000% on board with Cybertronian lesbians! JRo mentioned that we’d see another canon couple on the Lost Light soon, I and am HOPING SO MUCH that is is Proxima and Acceleron. Please please pleeeeease. Like having a lesbian couple mentioned is nice and all but it would be so much more awesome to actually get to know these characters and see them together!!

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With the recent revelation in the manga, I'm guessing Zeref is the 13th character to be featured in the next FT magazine after Mavis? Thoughts?

I agree that Zeref has a good chance of appearing in the last issue. As much as I’d love to see other characters as well, it doesn’t seem very likely that they’d appear after Mavis (I’d expect them to have appeared before her instead). Also, given Zeref’s importance in the manga and the recent revelations as you’ve mentioned, I think it’d be a good opportunity to compile everything that has been revealed about him thus far and give him a feature.