erinstarrdust asked:

8, 12, 16

thank you!

8.which book would you like to see adapted into a film?- I don’t read a lot so I cant really think of an answer 4 this sorry!!!!

12.a movie that holds a special place in tour heart- sooooooooooo many but im gonna say waynes world :-)

16. a movie you love but everyone else hates- CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY omg everyone ive asked says they hate that movie and I love it so much whast the deal?

bellatrixsicarius asked:

My url!! :P

send me url so i can say much i love you. meme / ask

nesa!!! my buddy & my pal! i have been very fortunate to have been your friend. ever since the start of this damn muse, you’ve been with me ever since. our muses have clicked since the beginning such as we did. i love hearing your thoughts & ideas because omg they’re so much better than mine! & i admire you because you’re brain works like that & i wish i could do the same. sometimes i think i’m brain dead but i totally love you for it!  your muse has always been one of my favorites ok. she’s so multi dimensional & so adaptive. as for you, you know i love you. you know how much of a badass chick you are. you defend people & your friends like crazy. you know i’ll always go to the ends of the earth for you, even if it’s defending you as well. i love you like family dude. <3

mysticalmindofawombat asked:

Helloo, 8 and 15 for the ask game, maybe?

8. Which book would you like to see adapted into a film?

an old book called shadow of the moon by m.m. kaye, it’s freaking amazing and really long and set in colonial india and i freaking love the atmosphere and everything c:

15. A film everyone loves but you hate?

the princess diaries films- i read the books before i watched them and they pale in comparison omg they got so much wrong and changed everything, they’re just awful

thank you! ask me a question!


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“i’m starting under the dome tonight”

yesyesyess omg i love that book so much, talk to me about it it’s so much better than the show

i should have clarified that it’s the show I’m starting! now i feel like i need to read the book!! but holy moly that page count!! 

just looked - and they have 3 copies at my library…..I’ll have to grab it when my book pile is low, maybe when i’m on break, I def can’t carry that book on a train.