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any knd headcannons?


So I already made a post about dmab Henrietta and Chad being friends with Sector Z before they had a fight and then they went missing so have some more

  • Henrietta is kinda like a non-official KND operative and sometimes rumors are spread about her and once some jackass dudes misgendered her when she was present and made some horrible jokes and SUDDENLY NUMBUH 86 OUT OF FUCKIN’ NOWHERE she proceeds to kick their shit five ways from Sunday and then invite Henrietta to her next sleepover because if she says she’s a girl then she’s a girl it’s that goddamn simple
  • Sector Z is still fully conscious, but have no control and are basically watching the semi-hivemind personalities ruin their lives. Most of them are resigned to their fates but Katelyn/Numbuh 0.3 keeps fighting it which gives “Ashley” horrific migraines and knocks the hivemind out temporarily but even when Katelyn’s fully awake she’s too weak to move or even say much because the hivemind personality reasserts itself violently. 
  • The hivemind personality requires them to stay within arms reach to keep itself consistent. If they’re in the same building it’ll still hold them all, but get them far enough away and Katelyn will wake up and slowly regain complete control. Lenny was sent out alone in UNDERCOVER because the Delightfulization pushed his personality VERY far under and broke his will pretty bad, keeping him from waking up, but what little of his real self (Numbuh 0.4, Leslie) was still there enabled the KND to pull a fast one and give the Delightfuls the bomb.
  • Katelyn/”Ashley” and Wade/”Bruce” are the only actual siblings of the group, born in the same year about 11 months apart. Their mother left their dad (exactly who you think he is let’s be honest) shortly after Wade was born when she learned who he really was, and they ended up in the foster system when their mother realized she couldn’t properly protect them from Father tracking them down. Later they joined Sector Z with their friends Jackson (”David”), Connie (”Constance”, her actual name but she shortened it as an operative), and Leslie (”Lenny”). Ashley and Bruce were Katelyn and Wade’s middle names.
  • The fire powers are hereditary in the Uno family, with some family members displaying stronger power than most when they start manifesting. Benedict and Katelyn have pretty serious power, Nigel’s is significant but less so, and Monty and Wade have very little.
  • OKAY HOW ABOUT A MAIN CAST ONE this one ties in with the canon “Kuki fakes stupidity to stay optimistic” thing she her parents taught her Japanese and she’s studied it herself in her free time and when people are jerks to her friends or she just doesn’t like them she’ll heinously insult them in Japanese with a huge smile and make them think she was saying something cute or making a reference to an anime how the fuck’ll they know better
  • Whether or not Lizzie’s an alien I think she genuinely really cared about Nigel but either realized his position made it almost impossible to date someone who couldn’t keep up with his life and job (i.e. someone close and in the KND or willing to accept not being top priority) or (if she’s an alien) was made to by the GKND. If given the chance, though, she probably wouldn’t get back together with him. She’d prefer they work on being better friends than they were boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • And depending on whether or not I’m interpreting something on the GKND database wrong: when Abby finds out the GKND took her sister SHIT’S GONNA GO NUCLEAR I swear to God I will send Mr Warburton a digital hug if there’s a scene of Abby physically carrying her injured older sister on her back I will pee rainbows

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Because of you I am now in love with Aaron Taylor Johnson and I am so uPSET ABOUT HOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS??? AND HES BRITISH??? he's just so ??? How dare he?????

Yesss my IMPACT! <3

He is so beautiful. He is an enigma. He is tough but he is gentle. He has all these muscles but they are only used to hold babies and puppies wearing jumpers. He is aesthetically perfect. He speaks at a pitch audible only to dogs, which is ideal because who cares what he’s saying?! 

His hair ranges from Hot Jungle Hozier to Shy Boy Next Door, with no time for a bitch to catch her breath in between!!!

He sends off these vibes like he calls sex ~making love~ and doesn’t consider it worthwhile unless he’s had time to light candles and spread out some rose petals.

I love my imaginary boyfriend ATJ and our 2.5 children and 3 rescue dogs.

Jenny! Call me Jenny! I changed my name to Jenny, remember?


"What is the hardest position? Correct answer: Goalkeeper. It seems really good because you can stand there but it’s not good because you are in the penalty box – trembling and protecting that spot so no one can come in. How should I put it… it’s lonely and difficult. You are the goalkeeper ajumma. But that position is really hard. Have strength." (x)
Flower Boy Next Door, Episode 2 

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Goodreads Summary:

Jude and her twin brother, Noah, are incredibly close. At thirteen, isolated Noah draws constantly and is falling in love with the charismatic boy next door, while daredevil Jude cliff-dives and wears red-red lipstick and does the talking for both of them. But three years later, Jude and Noah are barely speaking. Something has happened to wreck the twins in different and dramatic ways … until Jude meets a cocky, broken, beautiful boy, as well as someone else—an even more unpredictable new force in her life. The early years are Noah’s story to tell. The later years are Jude’s. What the twins don’t realize is that they each have only half the story, and if they could just find their way back to one another, they’d have a chance to remake their world.

  • I love love love the setting. The family lives in Northern California on the water and the woods and beach and ocean are like characters in the book. Even though I knew it was set in California, I really picture the setting as a snowbird town in Maine.
  • The thing that works most is Noah and Jude’s relationship. Fictional sibling relationships are often very all or nothing: Can’t live without them/Hate them with a passion. Noah and Jude’s relationship has both and varies over time.
  • Also magical realism!! Magical realism is the BEST. It’s the furthest I get from straight up realism when I’m not pushing myself. That element, combined with Jude and Noah being artists and the story being very much about their art made the book feel very floaty magical. Not for everyone, but it works for me. 
  • Alternating first person narrations which is my second favorite format, so I was thrilled with that. The very cool thing is that Noah’s narration is from when they are 13/14 while Jude’s is when they are 16, and they alternate.
  • As a result Jude feels to me like very much the main character, even though she doesn’t take up noticably more pages. She knows everything, and her narration feels like the present time so to me she feels a lot more important. Additionally, her conflicts are painted with much finer strokes. 
  • Her storyline is resolved over a long period of time and it’s very satisfying, while Noah’s is resolved exclusively from Jude’s point of view, because of the format. It’s very blurby, his resolution is referenced with so little weight, as though he’s a supporting character. I guess in Jude’s pov he is, but to the reader he is a main character and it’s very unsatisfying. 
  • As usual almost everything I don’t like about this book happens in the third act so I can’t talk about it too much without spoilers, but the whole thing get’s very Lifetime Original Movie.
  • I see why it won the Printz award and my mom is reading it right now and she full on loves it. I liked it but will not reread. 
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Alone  [Chapter 2] -- Jack Gilinsky

A/N: This will only be smut, so if you ever feel/felt uncomfortable reading sexual content, please skip to the next chapter.

- - -

"i love when you ask me to tickle your back."

- - -

I squeezed her butt roughly, thankful that she wore leggings so it wasn’t uncomfortable in any way.

"I think we should go to your room, baby," She moaned ‘baby’ as I squeezed some more before rubbing it gently.

I sat up with her legs wrapped around my waist, and I stood up and she moved her lips to my neck, harshly biting and sucking in the same spot, making me moan.

I walked into my bedroom and shut the door with my foot before throwing her on the bed.

I crawled over her body and licked up her neck before kissing her, holding her hips in my hands.

I felt her hands go under my shirt for a few seconds before they moved to my khaki coloured jeans, over the prominent bulge suffocating under the tight fabric. I groaned against her lips and continued to kiss her.

She began to unbutton and unzip my pants, moving her feet to try and push them down my legs, eventually doing so until they fell to my ankles making me step out of them, finally breaking the kiss.

I heard her whine when I did, making me smirk. I stood up at the foot of the bed, admiring her clothed body that desperately begged to be touched.

"Jack," She groaned.

"What?" I smiled teasingly at her.

"Stop stalling," She moaned, turning me on even more.

I leaned down and reached for her buttons on her shirt that originally belonged to me. I hadn’t even realised she stole it from me.

"Stealing my shirts now?" I smiled as I looked in her eyes.

She blushed making me laugh a little.

As I unbuttoned the last button on her shirt, I opened it up and saw several scars on them.

My heart stopped for a moment. “Ryder,” I breathed out in disbelief.

"What?" She sat up, looking at me and noticed I was staring at her stomach so she looked.

She tensed and looked at me with sadness. “Jack- I,” She breathed out.

"What is this? I- I don’t understand. I thought you…" I couldn’t think of the right words, "were okay?" I questioned.

She bit her lip. “I am right now,” She leaned forwards and kissed my lips.

I didn’t hesitate to kiss her back. I wanted to make her feel loved. I don’t know why she’d keep this from me, but then again I did. We were too close.

I laid her back down to her back and pulled away from her lips, moving to her neck. I bit and sucked on it for a few minutes, knowing I’d leave noticeable hickeys.

She tugged on the bottom of my shirt making me pull away and quickly tug it off before helping Ryder take hers off.

She turned me so I was laying down and she was straddling my thighs. I bit my lip and looked up at her as she undid her bra.

When she took it off, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her chest. What? I’m not gonna lie.

"You’re so beautiful," I whispered, taking in every curve and ever mark on her body that was visible to me. I looked up at her. "Are you sure?"

She smiled bashfully and nodded. “Yes, Jack.”

"Is it your first time?" I sat up, still having her on my thighs.

She gulped and nodded. “Then, I think it’s best if I’m on top. It’ll hurt even more if you were,” I kissed her cheek.

She whispered an ‘okay’ and moved off of my legs, next to me. “Do you have a condom?” She hesitated.

"Yeah," I breathed out, hurrying to find one in my nightstand drawer.

I quickly found one and asked, “Do you want to do it?”

She blushed. “I don’t know how?” She seemed confused. “Like, I know how, just not…” She hid her semi-pink face.

I laughed. “It’s okay. I could show you if you want?”

"I guess?" She raised her eyebrows at me.

"You don’t sound sure. Only if you’re okay with it, princess," I found it almost shocking how easily these words were slipping through my mouth.

She shook her head ‘no’ and looked at me with sorry eyes.

"Don’t be sorry," I reassured. "I understand."

I pulled my boxers down and rolled the condom onto my shaft, releasing some of the built up tension I was holding in, groaning a bit as I did so.

"Okay," I exhaled. "Lay down," I instructed, with her obeying.

I hovered above her and let my hands ghost over her hips for a few seconds before pulling her panties down her legs to her ankles. She kicked them off and wrapped her arms around my neck.

I leaned down and pecked her lips a few times. “It’s gonna hurt, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. If the pressure or pain is too much, just tell me to stop, okay?”

She nodded, smiling a bit, letting her eyes rest on looking into mine.

I smiled and kissed her nose before trying my hardest not to hurt Ryder, but I knew I would.

As I pushed myself into her slowly, I noticed her bite her lip, a habit she had to try and release some pain she felt. I apologised quietly and leaned my face into her neck, pecking all over it.

After a few more seconds, I was all the way inside of her. I waited for her to find a comfortable position and for her to tell me it was okay to move, which happened after a minute or two, not that I minded.

I moved my hips back slowly, trying not to cause more pain than necessary, knowing I’d somewhat fail. I continued to do this until I saw Ryder close her eyes like she felt some sort of relief.

"Fuck, you’re so big, Jack," She moaned, opening her eyes to look at me.

I leaned down and kissed her sweetly, savouring the bittersweet taste of what tasted like coconut.

I moved my hips back and forth, hearing her moans become more prominent.

"You’re so fucking tight, baby," I moaned onto her lips.

I felt her fingers tangle itself in my hair. She kissed me roughly and moaned through it.

I pulled from her lips. “You keep moaning like that, and I won’t stop fucking you,” I looked into her misty brown eyes.

She smirked using her eyes instead of lips. “You keep talking to me like that and I won’t let you stop fucking me.”

"Do you want me to fuck you all night?" I squinted my eyes.

"Yes," She moaned.

I slammed my hips into hers and felt her body shudder. “Right there?” I smirked.

"Yes, fuck," She scratched my back.

I opened my mouth and licked her lips, which were slightly agape.

"God, You feel so fucking good," I moaned onto her lips.

"Faster, baby," She scratched my lower back.

I obeyed and starting to pound her. “Like that?”

She moaned a ‘yes’ and took her right hand to mine before guiding it to her clit.

I studied her facial feature for a few seconds; the way her eyebrows scrunched together and raised up every time she spoke, the way her eyes seemed as if they were glued shut, the way her mouth was left in a slightly opened position - these were all things I now knew I could do to her.

I pressed my index finger against her clit causing her to jump slightly before I moved it side to side making her moan louder.

"Jack - ah, fuck," She begged.

"You want more?" I moaned.

"Fuck," She arched her back, squeezing my forearms.

"Cum for your good girl," She moaned to me.

My mouth fell open at the sudden use of dirty words. I had idea she was one to talk dirty.

I moaned as I felt her clench around me. “Fuck, say it again, Ryder.”

"Cum for me, baby. Cum for your good girl," She opened her eyes and stared up at me.

"You sound so fucking sexy when you say that to me," I sloppily kissed her cheek.

"Are you close?" I moaned into her ear.

"Yes," She squealed before she moaned some more.

"Fuck, I’m cumming," I rasped.

"Cum for me, baby," She groaned.

"You want me to?" I smirked onto her lips.

"I want you to cum for your princess," She looked at me innocently, causing me to let out a relieved groan as I came.

As I was riding my high, I heard her scream my name as I felt her walls clench around me tightly, causing me to shudder from the split second of over stimulation.

"Fuck, Ryder. You looked so sexy when you said those things," I said, leaning down to kiss her.

She kissed back, sweetly.

"You wore me out," She laughed at me.

"So did you," I smiled. "I’ll get you some clothes so you can stay the night here."

"Okay, babe," She said, nonchalantly, causing me to smile.

I got up from the bed and threw the condom away before walking to my closet. I got a t-shirt and two pairs of boxers.

I turned around to Ryder and handed her the t-shirt and a pair of grey boxers before slipping my boxers onto my legs.

I laid next to her and threw a thick blanket over the both of us. She leaned her head into my neck and I wrapped my arm around neck, playing with her hair and the other hand was on her back.

"I’m glad this night happened," She whispered to me.

"So am I. I really do love you. Not that ‘best friend i love you’ bullshit. I really do love you. More than anything," I kissed her forehead.

"I love you more than food," She smiled like a dork at me.

"That says a lot, to be honest," I laughed, making her laugh.

We just continued to talk about everything and nothing until we both got too tired and fell asleep.