this might be a dumb thing to be thrilled about but I’ve had three people message me about giving me a card on my birthday at the top concert on the 18th and it’s just so surreal that people are actually that nice? most of my family doesn’t really ever celebrate my birthday so its unreal that some of you would want to be kind enough to do something like that. You guys will make 20 a great year.


love everlasting, i promise you that
from here to the moon & back (x

98/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


So, today marks a full month since coming back on the 2nd. I decided to do this because of said title. These blogs are on my forever follow list:

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I love how people are so quick to bring up their right to religious freedom when it’s beneficial to themselves. Where is the right to religious freedom for all religions outside of Christianity?

Separation of church and state was set up for a reason. Why should a country that represents hundreds of religions be ruled by one? I don’t get it like how does this always seem to work to the advantage of white Christians