Man, I love it when family buys my artwork ;~; it’s great because yay money and also yay I don’t have to never ever see this piece again like I could enjoy it every time I visit said family. And it’s also so nice when they’re like “Oh no, we can’t have some stranger taking your art out of the family– take my money. This stays with us.”

im a happy

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We want to talk about how cute is Blues when blush (that part aaaah)

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying but if you mean this part??

I’m actually like 99% sure that’s an injury of some sort because it’s there during other parts as well???

i mean NO that doesn’t make much sense since he’s a robot and YES it does disappear like half of the time but it’s there somewhat consistently up until Wily repairs him so uh????

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Sorry if I seem to be taking advantage of you. You're the best artist for Robert Callaghan fanart and I would draw my own, but I'm not a talent artist like everyone on the Internet. My parents would be mad if I paid someone for artwork and would probably ground me by taking away my computer. I appreciate your artwork and I love your artwork. You're the best artist out there.

Ohhhh man! I’m sorry for being like this! And,..Thank you!!! It’s just that when your an artist, stuff like specific requests, makes us think the people should at least commission or pay it. but…not yet for me. I’m still young to own PayPal and stuff.

It’s okay to request a lot from me! It feels great to see people who love my art. So from now on, (when I’m not busy) I can take people’s requests no matter of it’s detail. :)

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Do you have an Instagram? Or any other place that you share your artwork? :3 (I freaking love your art man; you are fabulous)

nope, i dont have an instagram. right now i only post my art on deviantart, this blog, and only post a few select things on paigeeworld. i think tumblr is where i put the most of my things these days (like wips and sketches that i dont put on dA. and thank you!

on my main blog i also put selfies/photos, and i started a ‘#journal’ series the other day, which are art too B)