“I know you’re hurt and I want to help, but I don’t know how.”

“Just.. stay with me tonight, Cole. That will help the hurt.”

“Okay. If it will help.”

A little snippet of a future chapter in “Forever Lost.” Aminthia has nightmares, so Cole helps by staying with her. Bonus bunny plush for reasons c;

Artwork: TheMintMagician. Please do not steal/use/trace. Please do not erase artist comments. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

We want to talk about how cute is Blues when blush (that part aaaah)

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying but if you mean this part??

I’m actually like 99% sure that’s an injury of some sort because it’s there during other parts as well???

i mean NO that doesn’t make much sense since he’s a robot and YES it does disappear like half of the time but it’s there somewhat consistently up until Wily repairs him so uh????

travelersballad asked:

Feel Good Inc. and Empire Ants :)

Feel Good Inc: What music video do you like the most and why?
Feel Good Inc. Definitely. I absolutely love the animation. It’s gorgeous and hypnotic and I am in love with how the characters are all stylized. Murdoc looks so cool and dark and incredible. Russel is killing it on the drums. And 2D is just phenomenal. Noodle is lovely on the Windmill Island and ahhhh. I could go on and on about how much I love that video. 

Empire Ants: What’s your favorite Gorillaz artwork?
Oh man. They’re truly all my favorite because I love anything by Jamie Hewlett. But there’s one picture that comes to mind. It’s of Noodle standing up front and in the background, Russel is smiling and grabbing 2D and Murdoc by the neck and their tongues are sticking out. They’re all happy and adorable and it’s great. I also love that one picture of Noodle grabbing onto 2D’s back and head. Those two are my brotp. 

detoxfilm asked:

Hey man! I love your artwork. Especially your space stuff for ED. It's truly inspiring. I'm a visual effects and graphics artist at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles, so I'm kind of in a similar game- but detail can be lost at 24 frames per second (or in your case 25, i suppose). Anyway, I love the precision and composition of your work, and I was wondering if you have any advice as to how to get involved more with digital sketches in my free time. Tutorials,sites,etc. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

Hey! Thank you! (and 30 frames usually!)

Tips to doing digital compositional sketches… I largely learnt composition by copying screen grabs from films I really enjoyed (same with learning colour) I’d load up a film I loved and screen cap bits of it, the having to decide where to freeze a frame for study really helped me realise what was happening.

Then I’d do a study for maybe 30 mins - 1 hour, concentrating only on the shapes and the light. I found concentrating on textures didn’t help me too much. (infact I usually did it really zoomed out to make sure I was looking at composition and lighting).

- A more detailed break down is to make sure you separate your fore-mid-bg areas, see how they are separated in value and use clipping masks to explore those relationships between light and dark, dark and mid etc without worrying about it messing up your drawing. This is a great tutorial on simplifying and seperating. And this is great on focal points

I hope something in there is helpful Ronald!