Congrats on turning 2 today! I MEAN 22 YEAH!

Happy Birthday vargskelethor May you continue to play your bootleg games and eat your heart out with spaghetti. 

Never Forgetti. 

All seriousness thank you for being you. A hilarious Swedish weeb who needs so many Dakimakuras of Dio so you can create an army of Sexy Dios. Have a great birthday Jorgie, I hope you get all the pizza and spaghetti you want. 

Rip in spaghetti my friendetti. 

butt-of-ultron asked:

Oh man I love your artwork so much! When I saw your Nerevar and Nerevarine peices omg I sobbed over the beauty that is your works of art. Will you be doing anymore Morrowind art?

Thank you! ♥

For now I have a rest period from TES games, because I play them way too much. When I’ll be back to them I think I’ll do a couple more fan arts :)

Idk I don’t want to talk about people, but I’m kinda watching someone in my dash being rly passionate about garnets hair and race. when in the past they defended another artist saying that garnet was an alien and wasn’t specifically black because “gems have no race” and commissioned one of those famous artists who white washed garnet in some of their artworks.

Like idk man I love ur work but you really confuse me now.