Emma Swan Appreciation Meme 

Day 1: Favorite Season 1 Episode ↠ The thing you love most 

« What I do know, is that if the curse is real, the only way to break it is by tricking the Evil Queen into thinking that we are non-believers. Cause that way, she’s not on to us. Isn’t that what Operation Cobra was all about? Throwing her off the trail? »

anonymous asked:

My mum & I had lunch with her BFF yesterday who is a ED fan & a general viewer,she asked me if I enjoyed this weeks eps I told her I loved Thursday's ep her reply was "those boys are so in love,aren't they" I was like yep yep yep. I asked her did she like R,my mum was like oh no here we go lol my mums bff said she didn't like her,she changes her mind too much,she still loves Robert & is no friend to Aaron. I was so happy with what she said as she's a general viewer I told her I thought the same

You know I bet a lot of general viewers see her the same, how can they not? She is ridiculous. I do love hearing what the GA think of her. At least we’re not alone in put feelings towards her.


  • clint mcelroy forgets he’s a cleric literally within the first thirty seconds of the performance. later on the boys have to remind him that he’s their main healer. i don’t think clint mcelroy knows what a cleric is
  • taako’s commitment to Greg the Regular Dude is so fucking on point. he just keeps saying Normal Guy Things like comments about the weather and “you got greg on the horn here!” 
  • they mention in passing that they literally labeled their dad’s dice for him so he would know which one’s which
  • clint mcelroy still doesn’t know how to play d&d. he also doesn’t know where his character is or what he’s supposed to be doing most of the time. he’s been playing this game for years now. i love this show
  • i like that magnus is the kind of guy who already has a wrestling name picked out for himself. nerd.
  • fantasy john cena calls his dad every DAY
  • taako has to say nice things to people to banish an evil god and his first reaction is to start lavishly praising himself
  • catwalk jerry the catwalk boy is my favorite character in this entire series