surfer!luke working at the surf shop and every time he sees you at the beach with your friends he sneaks away from his shift to go up to you and give you a kiss and to ask you if you’re still on for tonights date ((which is him taking you night surfing))

chimmyss  asked:

Keek! I really love ur art❤ Oh btw, we're same aged😁 My english is pretty bad ehe, anyway! Keep on making beautiful arts, keek! 💕💕

awww thank you!! hi fellow 1999-liner!! we’re the last 90s kids O: 

Happyyy Birthdayy Keeks❤️❤️❤️I love youu and you’re kind little soul(: thank you for being such a great friend to me, thank you for the never ending adventures, and thank you for your sick taste in art and always being so radiantly positive❤️☺️ I love u fwienddd☺️☺️ @keanamarie_ (by laurenjauregui)

okay but like i just really love 5sos and everything that comes with being a fan of them i love the weird ass tweets and the instagram videos and the keeks and the interviews and the music and the concerts and most of all i love all the friends that i’ve met through these 4 boys i never would’ve met some of the most extraordinary people if it weren’t for them i’m so grateful to 5 seconds of summer

everybody who works in the building probably has a densi bingo card, 85% of them call it Densi, the other 15% call them Keeks (Eric and Nell are on the fringes of all of this, they both hear whispers but the team are the office clique so they’re never actually included in the conversations, hence why they were confused as to whether it was Densi or Keeks). 

The card includes jems like;

  • overhearing ‘i love you’s’ 
  • Catching them kissing
  • Catching them doing ‘work outs’ in the gym that include inappropriate touching.
  • ‘super personal conversations’ is there as a blanket possibility
  • Partial nudity 
  • sexual innuendos
  • blatant sex talk
  • them talking about Monty like he’s their kid
  • catching them being glared out by Hetty and/or Granger for being inappropriate
  •  the last square is ‘catching them having sex’ and nobody has gotten the square. Yet. The office is both optimistic about winning and horrified by the prospect at the same time.