Why do I torture myself by watching this precious scene? My heart can no longer withstand such cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tearing Ache Of Limitless Desire.

"My Gibson Flying V 68’ Ebony. This is an older picture before I changed the pickups to EMG’s. But nevertheless, a great sounding, and beautiful looking guitar. The love of my life!" - mister-madman

More than understandable there, it’s painful just exactly how perfect it is!

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you are so cute omg i wanna have snowball fights with you then go inside for hot cocoa

That sounds absolutely lovely anon!

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just because you love music doesn't mean you should make it. tbh the song did sound REALLY auto tuned plus your voice didn't sound strong but i know your going vocal training and there's room for improvement, kehlani was kinda right though. anyway i'm just stating my opinion not tryna bring you down or a anything i love your #wolfmovement and how you teach ppl to be themselves and i give you much respect for that. i also thought that's what your songs were gonna be about.

oh trust me you didn’t bring me down at all. 

here’s my opinion. people can do whatever they want. just because you can’t draw, doesn’t mean don’t. just because your paintings don’t look like the mona lisa doesn’t mean don’t paint. i don’t mind that you agree with kehlani. she supporters people staying in their lane. i don’t. i like when people try new things and am a supporter of that. i don’t see how that could be perceived as wrong. so if you want to be close minded. that’s cool. you’re close minded and anonymous. you can’t eve show your face saying this, i can. i love music. i’m going to make music. if you think it’s auto tuned cool. that’s your opinion. but what is your opinion to me? are you paying my bills? no. i am. are you feeding me? no i am. am i losing sleep over you? nope. so your opinion is your opinion. i’m going to make music and i’m taking vocal classes. all artists take vocal classes…there’s nothing wrong with that. thanks for your opinion. try and be diverse and not so one laned. much respect and no offense taken. :)

Strictly stick shift witchcraft
She’s Miss Been There Did That
Bought the cat suit
More used to raising the roof than telling the truth
I thought I wasn’t but I was losing my mind
When she showed me how the night was supposed to sound I realized that then whenever I shut my eyes
Well there she hovered
Looking like a million dollars
In a briefcase or a duffel bag by high noon tomorrow
Just make sure you’re not followed
And since you’re such a stunner
Send us something sunset colored
Let’s make love to one another
Run for cover

I’m trying to learn to break things down into little manageable achievements, so my goals for the rest of today are:
- Finish redrafting my essay
- Glue some stuff to a mood board for drama
- Make myself look more badass (aka Where The Heck Did I Put My Eyeliner)
- Go out for a bit
- Buy sweets
- Watch a movie

Not gonna lie, it’s weird to be in this era that has shifted from hating larger butts to loving them. It’s crazy to find out that the body type you grew up getting flak for having is now suddenly what people want, you know?

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hey tyla! what would you do if someone told you that you've changed? but you know they're wrong and think that you've just improved on yourself and that you didn't change. lol hope it doesn't sound complicated. love you xx

i totally understand you. if someone says you’ve changed just say “good” and just 2 step away lol.

99 (Thank You)

Forgive me my friends but I have two posts with 99 hearts, and as I’ve admitted to a couple of friends privately, nothing on Tumblr annoys me more than note counts that end in 9, and 99 is the worst of the bunch.  Good thing I really don’t have anything regarding Tumblr to be upset over isn’t it?  In case you’re wondering why I’m being such a drama queen (that doesn’t sound right LOL) about it, the problem is they’re both really, really long.  Please don’t hate. :)  

Love you all,
Mike <3  

Superfluous News Flash:  One just made it, you have been partially spared.  ;)
Scratch that, a very talented young lady just saved you from my verbosity.  I really did want to especially thank everyone for the kind words on my extremely long prose “A Writer’s Dream”.  It took me an entire evening to write, and it was outside of my usual comfort zone.  Thank you!    


50 years ago today, The Sound of Music premiered in New York City. This movie has meant so much to me in my lifetime, from being one of my first obsessions (and kicking off my lifelong Julie Andrews one), to introducing me to serious musical theatre. Thank you for being one of my favorite things. 

I have lots of feelings about this, but I’ll keep it under the cut. :)

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is there a word that means “you’re feeling bad and i wish you didn’t have to but i want you to know that i love you and i’m here for you for as long as you need to talk” bc saying “I’m sorry” sounds lame af and makes the sad friend uncomfortable and “I sympathize/empathize” sounds like i’m making their problems all about me

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I don't wanna sound nosey but how long did it take for you to realize you love Christian ?

not very long lol. you can even ask him.

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i don't want this to sound rude or anything but i'm just curious, could you explain the meaning of being bigender? again, i don't want to sound rude, i just don't recall hearing about it before! love your blog by the way! :)

thank u and its ok.. it just means im two genders.. for me specifically i am  male and female but i mostly present as female

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You're only "acknowledged" because of Woltyla. You can deny it, but everybody lowkey knows this. Y'all relationship is no different or "real" cause you kiss or say i love you all the time. In this day of age, you'll come to an end. I bet money on it. Sleep on that. But have a nice life and stay happy. (only on anon cause i don't need wolftyla's stuck up "supporters" in my ask box with bullshit)

You’re on anon cause you’re unhappy with yourself my love. You sound so lonely. We can help you try and help you love yourself. :) Much love! - WolfTyla 💯❤️

3 AM Phone Calls

Words by Emilia O. // Photography by Danica Mateo

“I’m sorry, it’s so early. But I have so many things on my mind,” she wrapped the cord around her finger,“I thought you would be up to listening to me. Maybe not.”

“Of course I am,” he was exhausted, but he knew the sound of her voice, “talk to me.”

“I feel too big,” she was quiet, wondering if any words she was saying would make any sense to him. “Like maybe this universe didn’t create enough space for me.” She hadn’t told anyone this.

“The universe should remind you that you’re still breathing. There’s so much space to be filled in this world – never doubt that.”

“But you see, sometimes I also feel so small. The stars are so big and they make me feel so small.”

“But the stars are for you,” he responded quickly,”do you not think that sometimes the stars feel too big?”

“It’s not just that, I’m so sad about so many things,” she was sitting on the edge of her bathtub, wondering why the rain outside was hitting her bedroom window so harshly.

And he would never understand how a beautiful whirlwind of the moon and the stars could ever feel so out of place in the universe.

“Can I tell you something?”

“I thought I was going to be the only one spilling my secrets tonight,” she smiled, and he could tell she did.

“I like this girl,” he thought “love” was too strong a word to use then. He was wrong.

“Who is she?” she asked, only wanting a simple answer.

“She is the starry sky with the creamiest lips the moon could ever dream of. She is so many things and yet everything at once. The ocean and the river and the ponds. She is every star in the sky and every dust of sand in my lungs.” He answered, never wanting a girl that he could talk about without complexity.

“She’s lucky,” but she didn’t believe in luck “maybe she’s dreaming of you right now.”

“She’s not,” he never felt more alive “she’s only a few miles away, sitting in her bathroom, talking on her parent’s phone to some guy who’s madly in love with her.”

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hi, first of all i love your artwork so much!!!! second of all, i dont know when but i've read one ask/answer of yours saying how you imagine the kainora babies, and i was wondering if you could draw them please? ^^ never stop drawing!!!!

Thank you so much! ^^

This sounded like a pretty fun challenge so here you go:

That’s how I imagine them… more or less ;)

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Name: demi Age: 18 Meaning behind tumblr url: L I A M(+lowkey zouiam) Hobbies/Interests: you Why you follow me: L I A M Random fact about yourself: L I A M Question for me: how much do you love liam

How much do i love liam? it’s so much. I love Liam to the point where it’s almost difficult to explain. He’s Liam, he’s just my Liam and there’s not a thing about him I don’t love. He’s just taken up such a solid place in my heart that I don’t see how he could ever leave it, or be replaced. His voice is my favorite sound, and his smile is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. And his heart, Demi his heart is so big and he wears it on his sleeve. He’s not afraid to be emotional, never afraid to be the protector of his boys. Always there to answer the difficult questions, and take the brunt of hate (even in things he’s not involved it) and he does it all with such a kind soul and a need to just make people happy. because nothing makes him happier than other people being happy, and nothing makes me happier than a happy liam. He knows when to be fierce and protective, has learned that it’s ok to tease and to be teased, is always soft and gentle when it’s needed. He’s this giant broad shoulder beast of a man with the most gentle and loving eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s a good person. he’s always shoving the other boys into the light for the praise on just what makes the band so successful. He’s constantly saying its zayn’s high notes, louis’ writing, Niall’s optimism, and Harry’s personality that makes them so special. that makes 1d the band that it is but all you have to do is look at those four other boys to know how important liam is. not only to them but to the band. They love liam so much, and nothing makes me happier than that. Liam being really and truly loved and appreciated by his four favorite people - people he loves so much he continues to get tattoos dedicated to them ok - I love one direction above all other reasons because they love Liam Payne as much as I love Liam Payne. And Liam deserves to be loved like that. everyday. 

tl;dr: i love liam a lot.

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Literally though you do know that your dreads are cultural appropriation right? Sorry to burst you "love and peace" hippie bubble

Once again with the random quotes and false assumptions that I consider myself a “hippie”

No wonder you guys get so butthurt all the time… You literally create false negative ideas about people you know nothing about, and then let yourself get mad over it. Sounds like a lame way to be living

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What are some martial art films that are so bad they're good?

You know, I’ve never really looked at kung fu movies that way. I know a lot of people enjoy them for the bad dub tracks, cheesy sound effects and unrealistic moves, but I’ve always loved them without irony.
There will always be silly moments and I’ll always acknowledge that kung fu movies are 99% ‘B’ movies. But there really isn’t a film I can single out as being so bad it’s good. When a film is cheesy bullshit, I won’t like it. I can do it with horror films, but not kung fu films.
But then I’m pretty sure most of the kung fu films I love, most people would find super dumb. I mean, look at a film like “Crippled Avengers.” It’s pretty over the top and silly, but, to me, it’s just great.