I LOVED DOING THIS!! This amazing comic was drawn by the amazing @ticcytx and I had so much fun voicing this! I wanted to have it done by the time I left for Barcelona and I’m so glad how it turned out! Everyone go follow Ticcy if you can!

it’s not that i live under any delusion that i might matter to you as much as you matter to me. it’s not about you feeling the same way, though god i wish you did. i’m not asking you to be in love with me. all i want is to be able to talk to you. to be able to text you on the nights i can’t stand the sound of my own thoughts anymore. to have you ask if I’m doing okay and believe you genuinely care.
—  a letter i will never send

Utapri’s official twitter just gave us this beautiful new video for Uta No Prince-Sama REPEAT

Thank you sooo much to my love who got through the dumb “this video is not available in your country” bs
appreciate ya💝
I also
really love this opening
they kept the same song :D
I’m so happy
hope you guys enjoy it!

So @ninemoons42 requested some Stucky as a birthday-present! Here you go, love. Modern-day AU, no powers, bodyguard Steve and scientist Bucky first-meeting fluff. Hope your day was lovely! <3333


“I’m protecting a scientist?” Steve tried not to groan, though not for the usual reasons regarding a bodyguard assignment sent his way by Fury’s Personal Protection and Security Services. He’d tried and failed to make that acronym into anything easier; he kept coming up with only vaguely rude-sounding words. “I’m supposed to be on vacation next week.”

“Like the last time you were supposed to be on vacation, and couldn’t resist diving in to help the Falcon work security at the Veterans’ Rights rally?” Fury gave him the patented I know everything you’ve had for breakfast in the last six months stare. Steve gave it right back, and protested, “It was a good cause, and quit spying on my toast.”

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Shot At the Night I

Alex Summers x Reader, Chapter 1/?

A/N: Modern, bodyguard, fake dating, childhood friends to lovers AU, because I don’t know when to stop. Thanks to my love @kurtwxgners for beta reading parts of this, you the real mvp. If you want to be tagged in updates of this, then send me an ask about it!

Tags: @jubilationlxee @put-in-writing @vodkaauntwithwings @shayara @hankmyhusband @pyrodyce @notsofastmaximoff @mooney-blake @jubxslee @a-girl-who-loves-disney 

Did you get the message from Emma about-” Your mum’s voice sounds uneven and a little distorted through the speaker as you sandwich it between your shoulder and your ear while rifling quickly through your bag and half walking half jogging to the train station down the street

“Yes mum, I heard about the ‘threatening messages’ or whatever it was Emma called them in the email. And yes, I’m being careful mum, I’m not an idiot.” You speed up as you hurry towards the station, and you sling your bag back over your shoulder and transfer your phone to your hand.

I just worry, sweetheart. No one at work predicted this kind of intensely personal backlash on us from the trial, which, by the way, I think is going to be running a lot longer than we originally thought.” Your mum sounds distracted and more than a little cryptic, as if there’s something important that she wants to bring up with you, but you’re about to miss your train and you don’t have the time right now to worry about your mother’s law firm or whatever it is she has on her mind. “Have you found a new roommate yet?

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Aqours DIARY: Everyone’s Diary (November 2016)
Caption: Heave-ho, heave-ho! Autumn’s festivals are where You makes her debut♪

Autumn is the season of festivals!
But when it comes to festivals there’s all sorts, like the school’s cultural festival, or the children association’s festival, or the shopping mall’s festival—.
But no matter how you look at it, when it comes to a festival that’s held across Japan simultaneously—.
It’s gotta be this♡
The shrine’s annual autumn festival~!!
Autumn is the season for giving thanks to the gods for that year’s harvest, after all.

I’ve loved festivals ever since I was still a small kid!
Starting early in the morning, don-don-don— once I hear the distant sound of taiko drums and faint traces of festival music— Jeez, I’m the type who gets pumped up from that and can’t sit still any longer.
In Aqours, there are only about two people with this personality, and they are—.
Of course there’s me, and— Chika-chan~♡

Up until middle school we were always responsible for hoisting the children’s portable shrine together, so we would eat yakisoba and tonjiru at the food stands in the afternoon— and go play at the festival.
The old ladies would dance the Bon Festival dance a lot in their yukatas, and even though the summer festival’s fireworks are great too— When the portable shrine makes its entrance, that’s when it really feels like a festival and gets hyped up!!

Heave-ho, heave-ho!

While hearing everyone’s loud voices echoing and feeling the weight of the portable shrine—.
It feels almost as though I’ve become one of the rowers on a large boat.
From here on, let’s all put our strength together, and set sail to the gods’ boat♪
Watch out ahead, yousoro!
Let’s make this fun autumn day as hyped up as we can!♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine November 2016 issue

specific things i love about this town: the way the opening notes sound like fool’s gold, niall sounding so soft and assured, the way his voice crackles on ‘dance,’ the little wordless hum at 1:20, the note change on 'haaAAaard,’ the huskiness of 'everything comes back to you,’ the way the song builds so subtly to the last chorus till the guitar fades away and it loops indefinitely forever

anonymous asked:

I love fluffy stuff! How about some of the overwatch amputees (Symmetra, mccree, junkrat,maybe even genji although that sounds more complex) and their s/o helping do maintenance on each other's prosthetics(they've also lost something)? I feel that'd be a big trust thing to allow someone to mess with something that's physical part of you.

Hope you enjoy :)

Requests are closed.

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I Promise

Warning: Alcohol Use, Smut, Angst, Fluff, Symptoms of PTSD , Mentions of Abuse

Summary: Bucky makes a promise

Author’s Note: Thank you for the love on my last fanfiction, so here’s another. Hope you enjoy! 

I woke up suddenly from the sound of shuffling and loud shrieking. I turned to the side seeing my poor boyfriend Bucky, tossing and turning, having another one of his ‘episodes’, for the fifth time this week. 

“Bucky.. Babe.. Wake up.. It’s okay. I’m here.” I cooed to him, wrapping my small arms around his brooding frame. 

His bloodshot eyes shot open, gripping me harshly by my forearms, something dark coated over his no longer blue but now silver eyes, giving me the sense that he was going to lash out and hit me like that last time. I heard his breath hitch and his grip loosened, his gaze dropping to the side of me. 

“Buck-” I was interrupted by Bucky abruptly standing up, storming out of the room.  

Ever since Bucky came home from that last mission with Hydra, the waking up in the middle of the night, the nightmares, verbal and physical abuse has been non-stop. I know that he didn’t mean to but I can that we both were on the verge of breaking. I couldn’t bare watching him wake up in a pool of his own sweat and tears every night after having those nightmares about , god knows what. There would be times when I heard him whisper unpronounceable Russian words in his sleep. I did everything possible in my being to help better him. During movie nights and dinner, he would leave his untouched plate and give some sorry ass excuse on how he was so tired or that he wasn’t hungry. I decided to let him be alone, I knew during times like this , he liked to be isolated…

I woke up for the second this night, this time to complete silence. I turned to the side, seeing nothing but ruffled sheets and a half folded pillow. Was he still downstairs? I sat up from the bed, slipping on one of Bucky’s white t-shirts. I walked out into the hallway, seeing the glow from the dim living room light cascading over the staircase. I quietly tiptoed down the stairs, but still silence. “Bucky?” I walked towards the couch, rubbing my tired eyes.

I was soon startled when Bucky popped his head over the head of the couch, a vodka bottle in hand.

“Hey baby..” He spoke, his words slurred.

He stumbled to his feet , wrapping heavy arms around my waist, sloppily placing a kiss on my lips. His breath reeked of heavy alcohol and his cheeks were flushed. He knew I always hated when he was like this. He was well aware of that when he came home that night piss drunk after a night with Steve and the rest of the guys. I sighed, shrugging him off of me, folding my arms over my chest. Bucky gave me a childish pout before pulling at the hem of his shirt that I was wearing. His cold silver fingers brushing against my stomach.

“No, Bucky. You’re drunk.” I shoved his hand away, Bucky attempting to lift my shirt up again. He grabbed me by my face hard, his fingertips digging into my cheeks causing me to flinch. I felt him pull away, shaking his head, his metal fingers going up to run through his disheveled hair. Tears started to run down the apples of my cheeks.

I was breaking piece by piece just like he was.

“I’m sorry-”

“I can’t do this anymore..”

I didn’t give him a chance to speak before I darted upstairs, slamming the bedroom door behind me. I buried my face into the satin pillowcases, black blotches from yesterday’s mascara staining them. I heard the door slowly creak open, my eyes immediately shutting. I attempted to pretend as if I was asleep as I felt the right side of the bed shift next to me, false soft snores escaping my mouth. There was a awkward moment of silence before I felt Bucky’s bare arms wrap around me and chest press against my back. Swollen lips brushed over the small of the crook between my neck and shoulder, hot breath coated in strong peach flavored vodka stinging the small hairs in my nostrils. He pulled the matching satin sheets over us as the A/C hummed through the large bedroom. 

“I’m so sorry.. You know I never meant to hurt you. I’ll fix this..я обещаю, моя любовь.

I promise, my love. 

Was all I heard before I fell into a deep slumber of my drunken lover’s arms. 

I woke up for the third time, not to yelling nor to lonely silence, but to the sweet scent of blueberry pancakes and freshly brewed coffee. Before I had the chance to entirely sit up, I was soon greeted by brown bedhead and the culprit of the delightful aroma. I pushed up on my palms, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes as a sober Bucky placed the tray over my lap.

“I felt really bad about last night..I hope this will make you forgive me at least a little bit..” Bucky blushed, scratching the back of his head.

I clenched my jaw, not wanting to think about the rending events from last night. I dug my fork into the fluffiness of the pancake, the warm maple syrup sliding pass my bottom lip onto my chin as I placed the pancake chunk into my mouth.

“You got a little something..”

I lifted my hand to my face before Bucky brushed it away, rubbing the soft pad of his flesh thumb over my bottom lip, catching the bead of syrup soon taking his sticky thumb to the tip of his tongue. I watched as his plump, pink lips puckered around the thick digit, sucking it clean, leaving my mouth agape.

I quickly focused my eyes back onto my barely eaten breakfast, ignoring the handsome brute in front of me. I didn’t think fucking him senseless was the right thing to do after an heated argument. But boy, was he a tease.

My mouth was completely stuffed with blueberry pancake when Bucky’s metal hand casually slipped underneath the thin, oversized t-shirt I was wearing. I glared at him, swallowing hard.

“Bucky..” I warned.

“I wanna make it up to you..”

Bucky picked up the breakfast tray, placing it on the nightstand beside us, advancing more in between my legs , his cold fingers caressing the supple skin of my inner thigh, my breath hitched as I felt the bitter cold of the steel cling to the delicate material of my panties. My bottom lip sucked between my teeth feeling the metal connect with satin encased clit. I threw my head back slightly as Bucky cupped the back of my legs tugging me towards the edge of the bed, his knees thumping to the floor.

“You smell so good..” He purred, his thumb hooking onto the waistband, yanking down my panties.

I let out a soft moan when I felt the cold air hit my hot heat, sending chills throughout my body, I bit my lip harder as Bucky’s lips instantly made contact with the quivering bud between my folds.

“Oh Bucky..” I whimpered taking a fistful of his brown locks, the hair curling around my fingertips.

He lapped up my juices burying his face more into my pussy, causing my stomach to clench and my toes to curl. I was soon greeted by bedroom eyes, my release nearing. My eyes rolled back due to the pleasure of complete warmth and wetness from his skillful mouth.

“You gonna cum for me, doll? Huh? You gonna cum?”

The edge in his voice caused my body to spiral out of control, my climax finally rising to the surface, my fist yanked at his scalp, pulling some long strands out of the follicles causing him to wince a little.

“Sorry.“ I murmured, coming down from my release.

He chuckled heartily, licking up my leftover nectar around his mouth. I pulled him towards me by his face with my legs wrapped securely around his waist , tasting the tartness of myself on his tongue. His stubble scratched against my jaw as he sucked crimson red bruises onto the trail of my neck. My fingers latched onto the waistband of his low rise sweatpants, pushing the cotton pass his muscular calfs. I smiled as his member sprung free, my thumb brushing away the pearl tinted bead on the slit of his swollen tip. My palm wrapped around him earning a soft grunt from Bucky as I guided him inside my welcoming entrance. He wasted no time to push deeper inside me, speeding up the pace momentarily. My fingernails clawed at his broad back leaving bright red marks that would be sure too noticeable in the morning. My mouth formed into a small ‘o’ as he pulled out almost entirely then buried himself back inside me.

“James.. Fuck me..Harder.”

I watch Bucky’s eyes widen and dilate as his real name rolled off my tongue as if it was a small verse from his favorite song. His eyes stayed glued to mine as he made deep slow thrusts earning soft mewls from me.

“I want you to cum with me, beautiful.” Bucky whispered against my neck , nipping at the freshly bruised skin.

I nodded my head vigorously , my eyes closing shut, the familiar feeling surfacing to the pit of my stomach.

“No, no.. Look at me. Look at me.” Bucky growled, wrapping his steel fingers around my throat, my breath hitching slightly.

My eyes opened, tugging at his wrist as his hand was clenched tightly around my neck, and the slight pain caused me to contract around him. Bucky groaned out as both our orgasms hit, sending shockwaves through our jointed bodies. Bucky rode his orgasm out, and I engulfed him close to my body, letting him collapse on to the side of me. He wrapped his sweaty biceps around my torso, almost covering my body whole. His legs also intertwining with mine as we both attempted to control our breathing. My face pressed up against his chest and my hair slicked to the coating of sweat.

“I’ll never you hurt you again, я обещаю, моя любовь.“

I smiled at his genuine words , curling up closer to his restful body, nuzzling into his chest, tracing the deep scars that led to his metal arm.

“I forgive you. I love you, James.”

“I love you more, мой ангелочек.

My Little Angel

Hey Emerald! Have you and Neo ever thought about doing a haunted house for Halloween? I'd love that! (Asked by anon)
  • Emerald, rolls her eyes:Eh, sounds like too much work. Although...my semblance could make it really scary.
  • Neo, jumping up and down excitedly, signing so fast it's hard to read:I COULD KILL SOMEONE AND PEOPLE WOULD THINK IT'S PART OF A SHOW
  • Emerald, slowly steps a bit away from Neo:Umm...yeah...sure...

anonymous asked:

Honestly you could be a great voice actor.

I doubt that, but thank you. My voice is distinctive, but it’s nothing special (or terribly pleasant)… it mostly seems to sound like a bunch of other vaguely squeaky voices. The vast majority of voice acting work isn’t for distinctive voices - can you imagine me trying to sell a product? I also have no range or, uh, actual acting ability.

I’m glad you appreciate it, though. It’s usually a real inconvenience to me and I have little love for it - people don’t tend to take me seriously. I’d much rather have a deeper, smoother, less memorable voice.

Overwatch Chatroom: Love

Not a request.
McHanzo x Reader
Scenario: All three of you are on separate missions, but that doesn’t stop all of you from being affectionate to each other.

- Forest


Hanzo has started a private chatroom.
Hanzo has invited McCree and Y/n.

Y/n: omg you actually created a chatroom first for once

McCree: Who are you and what have you done to our boyfriend

Hanzo: Ha ha very funny

Y/n: 💕

McCree: Just pulling your leg darling

Y/n: okay but what do you want?

Y/n: omg that sounded mean I’m sorry

Hanzo: No harm done, dearest

Y/n: aaaaa heck

Hanzo: You still get flustered over our nicknames for you.

McCree: Its cute

Hanzo: You know who else is cute?

McCree: Who?

Hanzo: You 💗

Y/n: that’s gay lmao

Y/n: but you’re both handsome 💕

Hanzo: like McCree said, youre cute

Y/n: But Hanzo is more handsome than McCree

McCree: I’m hurt

McCree: Feels like ive been shot in the heart

McCree: Oh no I’m dying from lack of love

Y/n: You’re an idiot but I love you too

Y/n: Hanzo is still more handsome

McCree: 😢

Y/n: I’m joking u nerd youre both equally as handsome

Y/n has sent a photo.

Y/n: I have the cutest boyfriends. Look @ you two clinging to each other as you sleep

Hanzo: when did you take this?

Y/n: last week

Y/n: I couldn’t resist you too were just too adorable not to take a picture of.

McCree: That’s a bit creepy

Y/n: Fight me

McCree: I will. I’ll punch you in the face, softly, my lips.

Y/n: omggg

Hanzo: I’ll back you up, Y/n. I’ll attack him with kisses from behind.

Y/n: !!!!!

Y/n: Okay but when we get back from our missions we have to have a movie night

Y/n: Cuddles are not an option. Their mandatory.

McCree: I have no problem with that.

Hanzo: Neither do I.

Y/n: Heck I have to go now. See you guys in a few days!! I love you both!!

McCree: I have to go to. Love ya guys.

Hanzo: I love you both just as much.

Y/n has left the chatroom.
McCree has left the chatroom.
Hanzo has closed the chatroom.

Do you have to be so crude?”

“Well, that’s what it is. What would you prefer I call it?”

Hermione paused for a moment, and Harry suppressed a snigger at the thought that she was actually trying to come up with suitable names for his anus.

“How about hole?” he suggested, smiling slightly.

Hermione wrinkled her nose in distaste. “No. It sounds so impersonal.”

“Entrance?” Harry tried again.

Hermione shook her head. “Hardly romantic. And in any case, it’s more of an exit, if you think about it.”

Harry sighed in defeat. “Does it really matter what I call it? I’m far more concerned about what’s going in it.”

Ignoring his comment, Hermione continued to mull over the topic. “I think love hole would work. Or maybe rosebud, a puckered rosebud. That’s much more romantic.”

Harry rolled his eyes, unable to quite believe the conversation they were having. “Okay,” he said, amusement dancing in his eyes. “The thing is, Hermione, I’m worried that Draco’s cock won’t fit in my puckered rosebud of a love hole. What do you suggest?

trinityrevolution  asked:


Now this is a really tricky question and I’ll tell you why:
Mikayuu and yuumika are both the very same ship. It has the very same people who love each other unconditionally and the order of the name is a rule that doesn’t necessarily imply anything anymore. Many people just pick the order that sounds better.

NOW, I will answer what you all want to know.
The real questions should be:
“Do you prefer Yuu or Mika to lead the relationship?”
My answer is Yuu.
“Do you prefer Yuu or Mika to lead their sexual activities?”
My answer is both.

Welp, there it is. Your answer.