first night of september
and all I wanted is
to hear the sound of your voice,
and to feel the glide
of your fingertips
on my skin,
and to be in your presence.
but tonight,
is when i found hating
myself the most.
because you are not here with me;
because we are not breathing
the same air together;
because i am watching the stars alone;
i hate myself
because you are
peacefully sleeping on your bed
and i’m not.
—  i feel cold in the clouded fog of my insanity

hello. i wrote a poem about the end of the world and printed it across two pens. you can buy them as a pair right here if you want.

“when the world ends
i want to scream into the chaos
that i loved you more than anything
in hopes that the sound will echo
and continue to exist after
everything stops.”

Sex With Bucky Would Include:

- Lots of trust
- ‘Tell me if I hurt you, I don’t want to hurt you’
- Secretly he is such a kinky bastard
- Semi Public sex
- His hands always on you skin
- Dominant Bucky
- Submissive Bucky
- The sounds of Bucky whimpering
- Him demanding you call him Sarge
- Always passionate and loving 
- Tangling your hands in his hair
- Kisses, everywhere

yespleasehawkeye smoaking-greenarrow I saw this and immediately thought of olicity (because of course i did) Some inspiration for you both. Photo-prompt, if you feel like it. Have a great week ;)

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thorki + 12 things you said when you thought i was asleep. :)

Thor makes the mistake of saying ‘I love you’ to Loki only once.

He pays it with skin being scratched of his back – Loki’s nails leaving red rivulets in their wake – and bearing Loki’s absence for seven months.

He does not attempt to say the words again, he knows better these days.

Knows that some battles demand not force but patience, and victory can be found in surrender.

And besides, Thor has always preferred actions over words.

Words are Loki’s domain, and he shares them quite generously with Thor.

Except a combination of three words.

Thor does not hope to hear them, nor does he need Loki to say them, but every once in a while he has to grit his teeth to keep them locked away inside his own throat.

It is but another game, not unlike many they have already played.

But Loki has never played by rules.

The first time it happens, Thor is already half asleep, his body languid in the afterglow, his mind heavy with sleep and content so he almost misses it – a soft, feather light touch of fingers against his  bare shoulder, and a ghost of a whisper. It is but one word, but there is something… something important about it… something Thor is missing.

Upon waking, Thor does not remember what happened, but the entire day there is a grin on his face.

Loki frowns at him and calls him a fool; tells him he looks ridiculous, but it only makes Thor grin harder.

It happens again, but this time the memory of lips brushing against his temple linger, the echo of that lone word a bittersweet weight beneath Thor’s breastbone.  

Thor spends the next day openly studying Loki’s face, then somewhat less openly after Loki demands, quite colourfully, that Thor stops gawking at him, uncertain whether his memory is that of a dream of reality.

When it happens the third time… Thor is once again caught between dreams and wakefulness when the touch comes – a slow slide of fingers following the curve of his spine. There is nothing deliberate about it, it is not meant to arouse, and perhaps it is the gentle, almost absentminded nature of the touch what Thor’s consciousness latches on, keeping Thor from drifting into sleep.

Loki obviously believes him to be asleep, and that knowledge elicits a sort of joyous thrill inside Thor’s chest, makes him decide against turning around and capturing the fingers still gliding along his back, and bringing them to his lips.

He can do that later, he will do that later, but for now Thor is content to lie still, feigning sleep, curious as to what Loki would do next.

They have been in each other’s lives forever; as brothers first and always, as friends, as enemies, now even lovers. They have centuries’ worth of shared memories embedded into their bones and coursing through their blood, and yet, Loki is as exasperatingly contrary as ever. Even now, when Thor is intimately familiar with the taste of Loki’s skin and his fingers bear an invisible imprint of every ridge and hollow of Loki’s body, Loki persistently attempts at distancing himself.

Attempts at creating space where there should be none.

But there is no space between them now as Loki’s fingers map the contours of Thor’s back. No space as Loki leans down, his breath warm and humid on the back of Thor’s neck, a lone word – familiar and heard so many times, but never like this, open and vulnerable, like an admission of surrender – falling from his lips, and ghosting over Thor’s skin like the sweetest caress.


Uwwwwwaaaahhh *_*…..*^*….UWAAAHH

I had no idea it could turn out like thiiiiiiissss!!!! Thank you so much denywaitforit!!!! This is a wonderful gift!! I LOVE IT!!! THIS LOOKS GREAT!!!!

This wonderful person took my fan-made gifs (which you can find here) and created this video with sound!!! Look at this wonderful - but ah.. terribly painful - work!!!! 

But the best part, is that denywaitforit made sure that I would be the one to post this video. Thank you so much! You are an example to many! Thank you so much for your kindness, respect and this video! ^_^

Love Like You
  • Love Like You
  • KartoonKaraoke
  • Steven Universe

If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love….

When I see
The way you act
Wondering when I’m coming back
I could do about anything

I could even learn how to love
Like you

[Please listen to with headphones! It sounds a lot better. :33]

Imagine for ANON #1 

Pietro x Reader x Wanda

A/N : I hope it’s okay that I only done 3 instead of 5. The writer’s block that has been going on lately is so real, haha. Sorry for the wait, doll. :)


Everything was quiet in the Maximoff’s part of the tower…almost too quiet. The only thing Pietro could hear behind the background of what was playing off of the TV was the faintest sound of soft giggling coming through the crack of Wanda’s bedroom. 

Curiosity got the best of him as he stood up and quietly sped over to lean his head against the doorway.

“I honestly have no idea why you fell in love with my brother, he’s a complete dork,” Wanda giggles, thinking about all of the embarrassing moments Pietro has found himself in, especially the ones involving (Y/N). “I wish you could’ve heard his thoughts whenever he first laid his eyes upon you.”


It was a normal day for Pietro, he was doing his daily job of getting on Clint’s nerves by speeding past him every couple of seconds and making sarcastic comments about how slow he was being that morning when Tony’s recently new assistant had came through the door.

“Um, hey, guys. Do you happen to know where Tony is?”

Along with all the other Avengers standing in the room, he quickly whipped his head towards the sound of (Y/N)’s voice.

Seeing as though usually everything moved slower for him, time seemed to recoil itself back to a normal pace for the first time in a long time when he took his first glance at (Y/N). He couldn’t help but admire the adorable way her beautiful hair fell in front of her face, or the way her eyes and smile seemed to immediately light up the room as she walked in.

He didn’t have too much time to enjoy the wonderful sight that was (Y/N), because before he could stop himself he ran face first into the refrigerator, leaving him with a massive dent and a wounded ego to fix as all the Avenger’s, including (Y/N), busted in to hysteria around him.

“JARVIS, please extract that clip of Pietro embarrassing himself from kitchen camera 2 and place it in the folder labeled ‘Blackmail’,” Tony says as he walks into the room from behind a partially laughing/partially crying (Y/N) while popping a couple blueberries in his mouth.


“I believe I remember him avoiding me after that for awhile,” (Y/N) giggles, as Pietro turns a crimson red. 

‘Thanks, sis. It’s not like I was trying to forget that or anything,’ Pietro thinks to himself sarcastically. 

Wanda laughs along side (Y/N), “Not to mention how much he was freaking out before he tried making his first move on you…”


“Wanda, I can’t do this.”

“Well, frankly, you don’t have a choice. If I have to see any more love sick fantasies of yours about (Y/N), I’m gonna hurl,” Wanda says, pushing him towards the doors of Tony and Bruce’s lab.

“Wanda, she doesn’t even like me, I’m practically irrelevant!”

“Pietro, oh my god, you are so clueless it hurts. Listen, she likes you too, she told me!”

For the first time in forever, Pietro stands still and solemn. After about 5 minutes, a large grin makes its way onto his face as he jumps up and down in circles, throwing a fist in the air in happiness. 

Wanda face palms as Tony peeks his head out the door to stare at the mess that is Pietro.





“Are you serious!?” (Y/N) laughs loudly, “I have to ask Tony for that footage later!”

Wanda hums in agreement as Pietro quietly bangs his head on the wall from outside the bedroom.

“And let’s not forget after you kissed him for the first time…”


Wanda rolls her eyes but smiles as she hears giggling from outside the living room door. Pietro had just gotten back from his first date with (Y/N) and by the sounds of it, he was getting more than just a hug goodbye.

About 10 minutes later, Pietro walked in, red lipstick seeming to be smudged on his grinning face before he plopped down on the couch.

“So?” Wanda sets down the bowl of popcorn she was munching on and turned towards her love stricken brother.

Pietro throws his hands over his flustered face, leaning back as far into the couch as he could, “She’s perfect…”


Wanda could practically feel (Y/N) blushing through the phone, after awhile, she finally decided to break the comfortable silence. 

“I really love him, Wanda…”

It warmed Wanda’s heart knowing that such an amazing girl had caught the attention of her just as equally amazing brother.

‘They’re perfect for each other, really.’

“I know you do…and I also know he loves you all the same.”

Pietro smiled warmly, ‘’You have no idea…”



You either love or hate Woody Allen movies (or the man himself for that matter), but I personally can’t get enough of his genius filmmaking and musical taste. Being a musician himself, his movies are always scored in a way that really bring his characters and locations to life. Swing In The Films of Woody Allen is a compilation of some favourite jazz tunes featured in Midnight in Paris all the way back to Stardust Memories. If you can find it in vinyl, as I did in London this past year, it sounds even better.

Also pictured: Aquila shoes, M.J. Bale bow-tie.

i’d like to go ‘oh man how did sebastian vael become my favourite dragon age companion, how did this happen’ but i know exactly how it happened and a fair chunk of it was seeing so much hate for him and liking him even more out of pure spite

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I’M SORRY FRIEND I DON’T but I love Russian animation and for some reason my childhood was half made of it?! idk I think there was a whole week celebrating it on tv and my parents managed to record it all because man I got to see so many cool things, but alas I cannot speak or read Russian (even if I think it sounds beautiful) :D

For you baby,

Hey baby, where have you been all my life? I’m just wondering but i guess i don’t need to ask you that question because the important is, you are now here with me. You came and the first time i talked to you, i can’t explain the feeling i’ve felt. And the first time i saw you my heart skip a beat, yeah i know that sounds cheesy but that’s the truth. The first time i heard your voice my heart melted, it’s like a music to my ears and i just love listening to your voice.

Baby, i love you and as i’ve said i love you because i love you, no explanation needed or you can just hear the beat of my heart, babe it beats for you. I am so blessed and thankful that i’ve found you. I thank God that he let our paths cross. I am so lucky to have you in my life and i can’t explain this feeling i have now, i’ve finally found my happiness and the man i want to spend the rest of my life. You are one of a kind baby and i never thought i can find someone who will accept me for who i am, will love me for who i am and love every bit of me including my flaws and insecurities.Thank you for coming into my life baby. Thank you for making me feel that i am the most beautiful girl in your eyes. Thank you for always putting up with me. I know it’s not easy especially when i am having my mood swings, my tantrums, my craziness and my peevishness. Dealing with me is probably the hardest. It’s not easy, I know. I am very unpredictable, my moods are like weathers. But you prove that you can deal with me and you know how to handle me. I’m a very complicated puzzle when my silent jealousy comes but you’re always telling me not to get jealous because you love me and there’s nothing to be worry about. Thank you for trusting me and letting me hold you and your heart and keep it with me. I promise babe that your heart is safe with me. I am just this thankful that you have the patience to stay with me. From the very beginning, you knew that I’m not the easiest girl to put up with. But you still chose me. I’m glad you stay here beside me despite of my thousand flaws. I’m glad that even though there are a lot of beautiful and sexy girls out there, i was the one who captured your heart. Thank you baby for the love and thank you for bringing me back to my old self. And babe, don’t worry i’m only yours and only yours. I love you baby, so much.

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Oh, I was waiting for you. You poor sweet angry child. 

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The new song sounds like something you would sway to ballroom style w/ a cute person and them at the doot doot bit you kiss them I love it so much

Can we do that, anon? Like that sounds so cute ;_;