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Would you like to share your personal opinion on musical Laurens? Like, how happy you are with his portrayal personally?

I am very happy with the portrayal of Laurens in Hamilton.  I think Anthony Ramos does an excellent job of capturing Laurens’s character - he’s bold, reckless, and not willing to back down from a fight.  They even bring up his plan for a black regiment and ending slavery at multiple points, which is great.  There are some historical inaccuracies (for example, Laurens is said to be in SC during the Battle of Yorktown when he actually fought in that battle and negotiated the surrender of Cornwallis), but these are understandable as the show can only be 2.5 hours, and Laurens has to die by the second act.  I would have liked for the Hamilton-Laurens relationship to be a bit more explicit (maybe give Laurens a song about his love for Hamilton or something), but there is a lot of affection displayed in Laurens and Hamilton’s interactions, and I’ve heard reports that said interactions have gotten even gayer over time, so that’s good.  Laurens and Hamilton feed off each other’s energy and certainly exhibit a close connection.

I have another post here that describes my feelings toward the portrayal of Laurens and how Laurens himself would react to it.  I think it’s pretty amazing that Laurens fought so long ago for the freedom of slaves and racial equality and today he’s being portrayed by a Hispanic man in a show that’s composed of a mostly POC cast.  He’d be so happy to know that.

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It is honestly so amazing to have these two super powerful women getting so much screen time and for there NOT to be a stupid love triangle, especially one with a guy. I just feel so blessed right now. And like, their relationship isn't what the show centres around either, no relationship really is. The shit going on in their world is the focal point and it's. just. so. wonderful. Also good character development. Like really good. That NEVER happens. *sighs wistfully*

i know thats one of those things i love about the show that i can almost never put into words but this about sums it up

Ask Me Thing I Made ♥

So I decided to make an ask thing for generic FAQ’s:

1. What’s your star sign? Do you act like it?

2. What’s your age?

3. What’s your gender/sexuality?

4. How do you feel about love at first sight?

5. Do you draw? If so show us!

6. Do you believe in a religion? If so what?

7. Who do you want to win the 2016 election?

8. Are you in a relationship? If so, how long have you been with them?

10. Favorite animal?

11. Anything that annoys you so much you can’t handle it?

12. Biggest fear?

13. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

14. Bad habits?

15. Do you cry? How often?

16. Do you catch feelings easily?

17. Do you need validation, or do you just do you?

18. Are you messy?

19. Favorite color? Favorite shade of it?

20. Were you a weird kid?

21. Favorite holiday, and  why?

22. Flaws?

23. Do you lie a lot?

24. Do you break rules a lot?

25. Have you cheated in a relationship, or a test?

26. Are you smart? Be honest.

27. High or low self esteem?

28. Do you read?

29. Do you play videogames? What kind of games? (FPS, RPG etc.)

30. Do you have a job? If so, what is it?

31. Are you good at math?

32. Candles or nah?

33. What’s your hair like? (Length, color, type.)

34. Can you sing?

35. Do you miss something or someone?

36. Do you make wishes?

37. What do you do when home alone?

38. Do you dress up, or down?

39. Introvert, Ambivert, or Extrovert?

40. Do you need someone/something?

41. Movie or book that stuck out to you, shaped you as a person?

42. Did you go through of phase? (Weeb, scene, random, etc.)

43. Favorite song of all time?

44. Ever wrote a song?

45. Feelings on marriage or having kids?

46. Are you needy? Do people depend on you?

47. What’s your favorite soap scent?

48. What’s your fashion style?

49. OTP?

50. What flavor are you? (Salty, Sour, Sweet, Savory, Spicy, or Umami?)

Write numbers in an ask, and I’ll answer! (Reblog if you want your followers to ask.)

The 100 ramble (Ye Who Enter Here)

  Okay, guys that was a wild ride. I think during the hiatus and first two episodes I kind of forgot about the fact, that The 100 is a show that will only bring you pain and misery and kill everyone Bellamy you love. Well they remind me about that now.  This episode was so good I want to curl up in the corner and cry untill I die from dehydration. So let’s get it started.

1. #BellamyVoiceInTheOpeningAppreciation. Good show *pets JRothenberg on the head* good show.

2. This shouldn’t be surprise for anyone, but I’m not a big fan of Clarke and Lexa relationship (no matter in which way you see them) because I just don’t like it when people manipulate each other and they both did it,  so the opening scene between them was really meh for me especially bits like “I went on all that trouble to save you”, “I know you, Clarke it’s just easier to hate me than hate yourself”, “You would have done the same”. No, Lexa just no. At least not season 2 Clarke. Now I kind of hope she will pull something like this. But still better not. I don’t want Clarke to hate herself even more.

Also I’m not sure that throwing that Ice Nation embassadore  from the balcony was really smart desicion. I mean I kind of get that it was “No one mess with heda” message. But wasn’t it also the act of war? Or maybe Lexa and Queen Elsa (sorry, I’m to lazy to google Ice Nation Queen name) just go around killing people just to piss each other, but that’s okay because that’s their thing? Idk. On the one hand that moment get me like “Holly shit, Lexa, you still got it girl, still got it.”, but one the other hand… You see there is this one thing I really like in Lexa desicion in this episode, and let’s put aside all her feelings for Clarke, I know they played I huge role in that, but that’s not my point right now. Queen Elsa wanted kill Wanheda to get her power, Lexa wanted Wanheda to bow before her to show that she can conquer that power, that she had something in her that made even great Wanheda recognise her as a leader. If any of you are Teen Wolf fans you can draw paralells to True Alpha stuff. You know when you can attain the status  by strength of character instead of taking the status by killing another Alpha. Lexa obviously tried to played it that way and that was smart. But killing that dude not so much.

2. All the Kabby in that episode. Just yes. And honestly Kane is such a sweetheart, no wonder Abby is all “heart yeas mothfucker” at him. 

Abby: You should be chacellor this week.

Kane:No, you should be chancellor this week.

Abby [blushes]: I was chancellor last week and the week before, now it’s your turn. You’re so sweet and caring, people should see you as an example, there should be more people like you. Have you consider having kids? You know, so there could be more people like you. I could help you with that. Wanna go make babies?

Kane: Omg yes. But who’s gonna be the chancellor?

Abby: We should make elections, so people could choose.

Kane. Baby, you’re so smart. But no matter who’s gonna win we still gonna rule together, right?

Abby: Of course, power couple high five?

Kane: Power couple high five!

Could they be more ridiculously cute? Also who’s gonna tell them that if they arange real elections other people can take part too and even [gasps] win? What a wild though, right?

3. Indra is smiling, I repeat Indra is smiling! It’s almost like smiling Raven but more rare.

4. I honestly think I’m more into Gina than Bellamy is. Not that any of this even matter anymore. Ginnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Sorry, we’re still not there yet. Let’s be happy for a moment and appreciate that cuteness between Raven and Gina. 

Girls, you are so great together. Why can’t we have them be friends or even more? why can’t Raven have someone nice? Was it necesarry to kill Gina? I really liked her. Why show, why?

5. Crossing fingers for some Clarke/ Roan bonding time. Am I smelling new brotp? Yes, yes I am.  Prince Roan of Azkeda and Princess Clarke from Arc. They could bitch to each other how hard it be royalty with mummy issues.

6. Blake siblings feels strikes again and it’s massive ouch. Can women who Bellamy love stopped leaving him, because they can’t stand to stay with Sky people? “If you need to leave you get that, but you always fit in with me”. 

Just kill me, would you please?

7. “Echo! Hey girl, it’s so nice to see you. Where have you been? What have you been up too? You came here to warn Sky people because you remember how Bellamy helped you and now you want to help too?” that was what I though when that horrible traitor started her act. Ugh, Echo, and I even liked you.

8.Lexa training little kids was really cute. You know, in some nice, paralell universe Bellamy, Lincoln and Lexa can open their own school where they teach kids how to fight and be bros, all three of them. Woudn’t that be nice, guys?

9. It was nice to see Sinclair again and you know what? Every persone who cares about Raven and want her to bee happy deserves world.

10. Honestly I lost it when I realise that dude was in Mount Weather. That was really scary and I wanted to cry from that moment till the end of the episode.

11. Gina my beautiful tropical fish did not deserve that shit. She did not deserve being that horribly stabbed and die suffering and coughing with blood. But you know what? Baby girl died like a hero, trying to save everyone, even knowing she’s already gone. That’s my girl. 

12. Was that the first time Bellamy and Lexa actually talked to each other onscreen? Because that was intense.

13. I wasn’t even hopping for some Bellarke interaction in this episode but here it is and I love it. I mean, obviously everything is horrible and Bellamy is so hurt and Clarke almost lose it when he tell her to come back home for her people (I might be reading way to much from this, because of course I’m biased, but have you seen her face before she said “I’m sorry”? she almost broke her mask and that didn’t even happened when she talked to Abby, only with Bellamy. This ship, I just can’t.) Things gonna hurt, my fellow bellarke shippers, but you now what? The next episode is written by  Dorothy Fortenberry. You might ask me who the hell is  Dorothy Fortenberry? I will tell you. That’s the women who gave us the gift of 2x09 “Remember me”. You know? That episode with “I can’t lose you too”, “I was being weak. Love is weakness.” That episode where they oficially confirmed  that Clarke loves Bellamy and at the same time riped our hearts and destroy them. Remember how fun that was? Yeah, I remember too. What I’m trying to say - next episode gonna hurt like a bitch but with this writer we can hope for some awesome Bellarke build up at the same time. So bring it on, the 100! I’ m ready.

P.S. I also checked and I saw that 3x05 is written by  Charlie Craig, who wrote 2x05  “Human Trials” (with epic Bellarke hug and that scene near fire where they stare at each other eyes and support each other) 2x11 “Coup de Grace” (the one when Calrke were freaking out and losing hope and giving up because Bellamy still didn’t communicate with them on the radio and when he finally did she made this face

and then was like “okay Bellamy is alive, life has meaning again, gonna save your asses, losers, babe have my back ”). and I’m not saying that there have to be some good Bellarke in 3x05 because of this, but there have to be some good Bellarke in 3x05.

Also Kira Snyder the writer of 3x06 has some small but really good and one of our favourite Bellarke moments in her episodes. Like this 

“Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things”

and this Unity Day flirting

and “i’m going by myself” -”you won’t be by yourself”

So I think good shipping things awaits for us in the future. Brace yourself, guys!

Ok so with Kylo and Hux, Kylo is totally obviously the overprotective and loud one in the relationship, and that gives me so much joy, I mean yeah he might bottom for Hux 70% of the time but eventually as they get more comfortable with the situation, he’s the one that will go full-on guard dog and might literally murder anyone that bothers Hux too much bc only Kylo gets to truly bother the General, like yeah he’ll make out with Hux in broad daylight and get them caught but shut up if anyone SAYS ANYTHING THEY ARE DEAD.


Overprotective but weird mostly submissive Kylo pls yes

You know that I just thought of… There’s so many posts asking for everyone to watch the show and get the ratings up and I feel like some of the people who haven’t read the books might think like oh they must be asking for views bc they know the show isn’t that good… I just wanted to assure you that that is soooooo not the case!!! (If you’re thinking this😉) If we are saying to watch to get the views up it’s because we know what the future seasons will hold and we are extremely excited to see the relationships grow, certain secrets told, and the awesome and crazy characters that will eventually show up like Maia, Sebastion (😲😲), and Tessa & Jem!!!! And ik that if you are intrigued with the story right now that you will be IN LOVE when the story continues to unfold! I’m actually most excited to see the reaction of the non-readers the most bc it’s all new to them! So stay tuned y'all!! It gets a million and one times better than it already is!!😃

…the show writers should sometimes take some example from fanfics. not in relationship sense or any copying shit but i’m talking about story-wise, character-wise. sometimes it feels like they don’t care about some of the characters that much (and it’s totally true). it’s obvious fans love the characters, cos you can see depth in the fics. you see growth. you see the character being fine on their own even if it’s a fic about some kinda pairing.

what pisses me off the most is that some characters, characters that have been in a show for a long time, don’t have that depth or experience any growth by themselves. they always gotta have a new romantic interest. and then it’s not about the character again. it’s just about the pairing.. and that sucks. we don’t see the character’s own struggles or the way they’ve lived till the present day, because all they show is the new relationship that’s supposed to be exciting for the audience. it’s boring af.

like i get they want to focus mostly on the main character but even the supporting characters should have some kinda plot, other than romance and being there for the protagonist. they’re their own characters, they have their own lives too, so why not explore that? do they think it’s a waste of time or that the audience isn’t interested unless there’s some kinda shitty romance that doesn’t even last?

just saying that romance isn’t everything.

and it’s funny, really, because usually when you talk about fanfics, it’s about the romance and pairings. but in reality, it’s mostly about the characters themselves. exploring their lives, their thoughts, their future, present and past. building the characters to be something more, because the show writers are lazy af and the fans want more than that.

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Anon from this afternoon, I do see what you are saying and I don't actually believe that the only reason rilucas isn't a thing because riley wants to stay friends I was just pointing out a time when she implied that since you said there weren't any :) However I do disagree about your jacobs says true love means risk statement, I can't see any relationships where he's implied this is so. Perhaps we are seeing things differently or I forget haha. Would you care to expound on this train of thought?

Hi again! Thanks for coming back. ☺️ And sure, of course I’ll expound a bit.

The idea that real love requires/inspires risk-taking and sacrifice comes through both in Jacobs’s interviews (“chase love”) and in the dialogue of both shows. For example:

There’s an episode of BMW where Feeny is in Boston to meet up with a long term acquaintance with whom he shares some degree of reciprocal romantic feelings. They take turns meeting up once a year and turning each other down though, because getting together would mean sacrificing their lives as they are. Their feelings are out in the open and acknowledged, but neither Feeny nor his lady friend is willing to take a risk or make a sacrifice for those feelings. They simply don’t feel strongly enough to do so. Eric is also in Boston, and Feeny relates to situation to him. Eric says:

“If you truly loved each other, you’d risk everything for that love…even the lives you’ve made and find comfortable.”

And in GMNY, Harper talks about how love comes at great cost (aka risk).

This theme shows up a lot in BMW. It hasn’t shown up much on GMW yet aside from GMNY, but it’s most likely going to as we get further into high school and the kids finally begin to understand exactly what their feelings are and are not.

That’s just two examples off the top of my head ofc (maybe @bmgmw can pile a few more on?), but really, just give BMW a critical rewatch and you’ll start to get a strong idea of these creators’ views on love, when it’s real and lasting and when it’s just temporary or fleeting (even if it’s true)—and when it’s just not really there at all.

Whether those beliefs on love always hold true IRL isn’t relevant, because this isn’t the real world, it’s a fictional universe created by people with their own ideas about love, which are the “rules” by which their universe plays.

(And by the way, thanks for pointing out Semi-Formal. Like I said, I do think Riley’s afraid to lose the friendship and that’s why she just does nothing in that ep, but judging by I am Farkle, she’s prooooobably not so afraid that she’d have turned Lucas down if he ever point blank asked her to be his girlfriend prior to Texas…anyway, I addressed all that in the original answer so I’ll cut myself off here. 😂)

Music  Challenge

The beautiful and amazing @ohmygreyheart tagged me in the music challenge thing, even though she knew I’d probably pick Iron Maiden, much to her chagrin (don’t you just love that word?!). 

Rules: Using only song titles from 1 artist, cleverly answer these 10 questions. Tag 10 people at the end.

The artist I choose is: Iron Maiden

What is your gender?: Prodigal Son

Describe yourself: Stranger in a Strange Land

How do you feel?: Heaven Can Wait

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?:  22 Acacia Avenue

Favorite mode of transportation: Running Free

Your best friend: Charlotte the Harlot

Favorite time of day:  2 Minutes to Midnight

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: Can I Play With Madness

What is life to you?: From Here to Eternity

Relationship Status: Wasting Love

Your fear:  Fear of the Dark

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My biggest problem with Chloe is that she doesn't need fairies. Even though she screws up from time to time, she still has a pretty rad life. Her problems are not the kind that fairies can fix

tbh yeah. like i said, id love her if she wasn’t in THIS show

id expand more on this but i hate pretty much every plot arc FoP has going on right now

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How do I make him love me again?

Move on and don’t show that you’re hurting. Post new sexy pictures of you on your social media and he will take notice. But when he does take notice I’m sure you won’t even care anymore. That’s usually how it works. The person whom loves the least has the most power in a relationship 

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Hi Laura! I saw on Twitter that u seemed like you didnt want to post ur review for Arrow 412. Are you thinking about stopping reviewing since you didnt do 410 or 411? I hope not!

Hi, Anon! I’m skipping you ahead in my inbox because this was timely. 

I was indeed nervous about posting my review for 4x12 of Arrow. I don’t think I’ve ever been more brutal to an episode of television than I was for 4x12, and I’ve been expecting something of a tidal wave of criticism for my comments in the second half of my “What didn’t work” article. 

I’m generally pretty effusive in my support of Oliver and enjoyment of the Oliver/Felicity relationship, so spending a few paragraphs going off on how the hero and the main romance of the series are being mishandled was not going to make me many friends. 

Still, it’s not my job to unconditionally love everything that happens on a show just because it affects something that I usually enjoy, and I wasn’t going to avoid going in-depth on this topic when I’ve gone in-depth on everything else. I’m a fan, but I’m also a writer. 

But to actually answer your question, I am not stopping my reviews! I just had some real life craziness that kept me from doing my usual articles about 4x10 and 4x11. 

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Rebels is quickly becoming the SW I've been hoping/waiting for w/o realizing it until now. Often times it can feel like the Force is a power up (the Sith/dark users usually treat it) and we only see it obviously working through the Force sensitives. But here we see the Lasats revering it as Ashla, talking about it like a divine being and Zeb, who until know scoffed at it, trusting Ashla to guide and protect him and those he cares about to the point he's willing to risk it all again for Ashla's-

p2: Ashla’s love/wisdom and being rewarded by redeeming himself and finding a home for his people. I really feel a sense of connection through the whole galaxy in this show now with the Force not caring what name it has or whether people are even force sensitives like Jedi’s. So long as people know it. Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka are also showing a much stronger relationship. Who knows. Maybe while the known part of the galaxy forgets the Force (until TFA), the wild space won’t/never did.

Yeah, this episode struck a deeper chord.

And yeah, even though the Jedi Order revered the Force and talked (in New Canon, at least) respectfully about it, always saying “the will of the Force” or somesuch, TBH on-screen they looked just like the Sith: Using the Force as an early warning system and/or battle power-up.

The Lasats, non-Forcie beings that they are (at least, based on what we’ve seen so far in New Canon), did not have the same predisposition. They do not have as intimate relation to the Force as the Forcies, so they treated the Force reverently, and it really shows.

They did not treat Ashla as a power-up bringer. They treat Ashla as a spirit, a deity whose will shall not be denied, and they follow exactly what Ashla wanted.

And it really struck me (though not surprisingly) that Kanan was quite familiar with all of this, as he succinctly explained to Ezra. Maybe during his “lost years” between Kanan #5 and A New Dawn, he got exposed to all the GFFA’s religions. And whatever the name a culture gave to the Force, be it “Ashla” or something else, Kanan recognized the Force at work.

And he became scared and jumped ship, never wanting to be intimate with the Force again, for – in his own words – the Force is a death mark.

Not until The Rebellion Begins (novelization of Spark) finally Kanan realized, and I quote:

Though he hadn’t always been one with the Force, the Force had always been with him. He couldn’t run away from it. He couldn’t deny it any longer. He couldn’t deny himself from himself.

Kanan had become so intimate with the Force, for he came from the Force, that he might retire himself to the Wild Space (i.e., the region of the GFFA beyond the Outer Rim, as explained in that one-liner after Zeb’s bo-rifle together with Chava’s staff suddenly expanded the starmap) to escape from the gross mis-use of the Force by “the last Jedi”.


Spike is my most recent partner, but funny enough we started our “flirt-mance” almost a year ago, before I had met both Jasmine and re-met Columbus. She and I met at her drag show where she did a number to a song from my favorite band: Panic! At the Disco. I pretty much instantly fell for her when she made bedroom eyes to me in the audience. After the show (which I had attended with Zero) I went backstage to help my best friend get out of his drag. I kept seeing her and was an absolute nervous wreck as Zero kept pressuring me to go talk to her. Finally I felt as though the right moment had come so I went up to her and introduced myself. We talked about her drag and Panic! and several other things before I asked if she was seeing anyone. She told me she was but surprise! It was a polyamorous relationship!! (I flipped my shit). I thought I was super suave after and gave her my number but I’m pretty much everyone else thinks I was a bumbling nervous wreck. Whatever, either way the point was made. We texted for a bit but then lost contact for a while. When we started texting again we went on a few dates, and after a lot of “does she like me? Am I making a fool of myself? What is going on?” Here we are!

Spike is a major book worm and philosophy nerd. She is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, or she just comes off that way cause she’s so well read. Her and I have connected over art and literacy and she’s also the only one of my partners who is still in college (because she’s basically a professional student). So philosopher by day, drag king by night, and also a massive cuddle bug when she’s around me. Also, fun fact, her and Columbus are basically the same person. I mean look at their pictures, it’s pretty obvious I’m just dating a male and female version of this cute blonde character.

Spike currently does not have any other partners. But having been poly with someone else before she is open to them.

The nick name Spike comes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She’s the suave, intimidating, but also adorable and dorky vampire, and I’m the badass bitch with snarky comments to accommodate. Or the insane but powerful Drucilla. It honestly kinda depends on the day. But as such, she calls me pet because she’s fucking adorable.

3384 Miles - Chapter 1 - flawedamythyst - Cabin Pressure, Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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Chapters: 2/3
Fandom: Cabin Pressure, Iron Man (Movies)
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Relationships: Martin Crieff/Tony Stark
Series: Part 10 of Seduction By Aviation

The cracks in Martin and Tony’s relationship start to show under the strain of the distance between them.

Betaed by Justlikeluna. Thanks!

My comment: I love this pairing. I love this author. I love this fic.  Even if it is currently KILLING ME.

where did this idea come from that romano is some kind of doting older brother and that him and veneziano are super close?? I’m guessing it probably is because writers want to show that romano is actually a really good person that loves his brother? but like. they’re not close in canon. they don’t really understand each other and fit in with different people. obviously they love each other and i think romano would still do anything for veneziano but that doesn’t mean they are close and affectionate. i think they both do their best to maintain a good relationship but it’s not like they are each other’s #1 confidant or shoulder to lean on. not getting along with his brother doesn’t mean romano isn’t a good person.

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I've seen a lot of debates about this since 4x12 and people feeling very strongly about how Diggle is being ignored because of it, but which male friendship do you think is the strongest Curtis\Felicity, Roy\Felicity or Digg\Felicity?

I admit that I would have liked (and would still like) to see more Diggle/Felicity scenes this season, but I think the other two relationships can’t even hold a candle to Diggle/Felicity, regardless of screentime. 

Diggle is Felicity’s brother and has been looking out for her well being all along. They’re part of Original Team Arrow together. They were initially tied together by how much they loved and felt responsible for the safety and well being of Oliver Queen. That turned into a bond of holding onto each other independent of Oliver Queen when it was their own crusade to save the city. They’re brother and sister, and it’s arguably the strongest non-romantic relationship that exists on the show (tied with Oliver/Thea).

Curtis/Felicity is just beginning. It’s a little baby relationship that’s already a lot of fun to watch, but I wouldn’t come close to describing it as a strong brother/sister relationship at all. I do think Curtis is going to be there for Felicity in the upcoming “Arc of Suffering” she’s going to go through. 

Roy/Felicity had some of the aspects of Diggle/Felicity being that they’re both part of Team Arrow, but again I don’t think we can really compare those two bonds at all. Diggle/Felicity is a big brother/little sister relationship while Felicity/Roy tended to be more like “what are you two twins up to this time?” I loved it and loved any scenes between them (probably because Emily and Colton work well together) but it’s nothing near Diggle/Felicity.