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supercorp, who tries to break up a few months in


Because as much as I love my girl, she has this whole thing about making herself suffer so those she loves won’t have to. So of course the first time Lena gets put in danger because of their relationship, Kara cuts it off. It’s horribly sad and angsty because Lena just thinks they’re breaking up because of HER. But then when she finds out the real reason she doesn’t stand for it. Because she can take care of herself and ok Kara maybe Supergirl but Lena is a boss ass bitch that isn’t scared of anything. 

So she conjures up some grand gesture to show Kara that they can make it work, and let’s Kara know in no uncertain terms that breaking up for her safety is a stupid reason and she won’t stand for it.

I am in love with the fact that Norman and Melissa hang out like weekly or whatever, but they both fall apart emotionally when they are Daryl and Carol seeing each other. It shows HOW MUCH they understand and LOVE these characters and their relationship.

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Hey are there any particular placements do u think that might make someone more likely to have tough emotional/mental difficulties regarding sex/intimacy/love/relationships etc?

  • Badly aspected Moon in the 8th House - The negative aspects made to the Moon will show the emotional nature of the difficulty (ex: Saturn-Moon being restrictive)
  • Badly aspected Mercury in the 8th House - The negative aspects made to Mercury will show the mental nature of the difficulty (ex. Mercury-Pluto being volatile and extreme)
  • Badly aspected 8th lord
  • 8th Lord in detriment or fall
  • Badly aspected Venus - The negative aspects made to Venus will show the romantic nature of the difficulty (ex. Sun-Venus showing lack of love of the self)
  • Venus in retrograde - Not always bad, but the internalized romantic tendencies could be unseen by the native, which could make them not see the beauty and love they have within themselves and for others
  • Badly aspected Sun/Sun in the 6th/Sun in the 7th/Sun in the 8th/Sun in the 12th - If you struggle knowing yourself intimately, you’ll struggle to know others intimately. The 6th, 7th, 8th, and 12th are often Houses that somehow shadow your identity, whether it be through your work, other people, guilt, or subconscious.
  • Duplicated 7th and 8th House - The native can struggle to know the strong difference between one-on-one interactions and intimate relationships, which can result in seeking improper intimacy. They also show what they are ashamed of to others, which can lead to difficult relationships due to negativity.
  • Malefics in the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 12th House (especially Saturn and Pluto) - It can be hard for the native to really settle and relax in love… With Saturn, there’s always a need to get better at something that should just be loved genuinely for what it is. With Pluto, there is a need for radical change, which can be scary and volatile when others are involved.

Feel free to add more if you guys think of other things!

Episode 10 impressions

Just finished the episode and want to tell you guys my instant thoughts.I’m always happy to hear what you think.This are instant impressions.I may change my opinion after watching the episode again and again…

1. I’m honest.I was actually underwhelmed by the second hug and everything that happened inside the house. It was so short.It was still too ambiguous imo. It was nothing really new either.What Daryl did for Carol through lying,he did for her before,although on another level.We all thought the creepy house was a setup for relationship development,(perfect setting by the way)imo it was a setup for Carol to finally leave her misery and to show us the amount of HURT from both sides.

2. BUT I was overwhelmed by other scenes actually.There was one particular scene that confirmed Daryl’s romantic love for Carol more than I have ever dared to hope. When he asks Richard about the woman’s name,he knows it is Carol just by knowing it is a woman.

You can see how his heartrate picks up and his mind goes blank,his eyes are glazed,he even squints as if he is about to faint,he looks like he is in trance.It’s shock,it’s relief,it’s the realisation what he was about to do,it’s so much LOVE his body nearly can’t handle it.

Everything that goes down with Richard and even with Morgan (at the beginning and end) is so much confirmation I just can’t. Confirmation happened actually in places I didn’t expect it to happen and it was purely in a “passive”way.

3.Melissa McBride’s performance was not from this earth,but Norman Reedus’ performance was equally as good. The best acting I ever saw from him.His facial expressions and especially his eyes ARE PHENOMENAL.Holy shit that man is fucking INTENSE.Hats off.

4. I saw nothing,I REPEAT NOTHING that points to Carzekiel AT ALL.

5. One thing was clear as day. Daryl has gained a lot of confidence,has come into his own.He is determined. And most important,it very much seems to me as if Carol’s and his roles are switched right now. You see it in the way they hug and how he breaks away first both times. Is it hurt about her leaving him?Has he lost hope that she would ever feel about him THAT way and it is finally enough for him if he is only able to keep her save&alive?Is it that he can’t handle to prolong it because the emotions would carry him away?Does he leave a ball in her court?I don’t know.Carol actually seems actually way more involved in the sentiment for me( but only during that time they are actually together!)Anyway,in this episode,he is clearly the leading one of both.

6. In that scene with Shiva, I think you can briefly see how happy Daryl is about finding Carol when he tells Morgan.Also,Shiva /Daryl parallel confirmation.

7.I still have to watch TTD,but many Carylers seem to be angry at Norman. What happened?

8. conclusion. I’m clearly going with canon in season 8, hopefully 8.1

Caryl 7x10

“I turned into a little kid, it was like talking to your Mom….”
Norman Reedus, on Daryl asking Carol why she left

That’s ok, that Norman Reedus explained it that way, BECAUSE Daryl Dixon didn’t ask her like that … and the way he hugged her and nuzzles her neck isn’t like a mother and son relationship. Daryl is in love with Carol and it’s been obvious for years. I am so not disappointed in this episode ! It showed me just how much he loves her !

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As a Christian, should I be more focused on being accepting or sharing God's values? The best example I can think of is someone talking to me about being LGBTQ+ (or something along those lines)--do I tell them I'm there for them and support them through the coming hardships, or do I tell them that their lifestyle is against God? Both options seem harmful--the first to my faith and relationship with God, and the second to the person's mental health. What do I do in those situations?

Hi friend,

I really struggle with finding a balance when it comes to this as well. I think it has to do with personal preference, really. I try my best to support all of my friends in everything they do, while also sharing the Word and my relationship with God with them. So, rather than shove Scripture down their throats, I decide to show love and grace and forgiveness, and I pray for them. It’s important that we do let people know His Word, but we have to do this in a gentle way so as not to turn people away from God and His Word. 

I’m not sure if I’m even making sense here. Like I said, this is a tough one for me as well. Basically, I pray for my LGBTQ+ friends, and I’m there for them, and I love them and show them grace, but if they come to me with questions, I also give them truth. I don’t want to tell them that their lifestyle is against God every single time they mention something about it, because then they’re not going to feel comfortable coming to me and I won’t have a chance to teach them about His Word any longer, but I also word my responses very carefully when I respond so that they know that I’m supporting them and not the sin. Does that make sense?

I also feel that this approach makes people more likely to come to me with questions about Christianity and Jesus as they feel I am warm and light and loving (and this is something I know from experience). 

Like I said, it’s a really personal decision, and I know a lot of people don’t agree with my approach, but I just don’t think it’s right of me to constantly condemn, condemn, condemn when I know I’ve got my own sins going on and when my friends aren’t asking for my personal thoughts on their lifestyle. If they ask, I’ll break out some Scripture, but otherwise I’m going to try my best to be love and light and to support and love them (not the sin). 

All my love,


A Giving Master

I have to confess, I was never prepared for how much my Master would give me. In every day in so many ways, he shows me how much he adds to my life, and I am so grateful. 

In my previous post about the language of submission, I spoke about the theory of “The Language of Love”, which has been written about by relationship counselor Gary Chapman. To tell it in detail; he posited that there are basically five emotional love languages - five ways that people speak and understand emotional love. And healthy relationships thrive on speaking the same language your partner understands. These are:

  • Words of Affirmation: Expressing affection through spoken affection, praise, or appreciation.
  • Acts of Service: Actions, rather than words, are used to show and receive love.
  • Receiving Gifts: Gifting is symbolic of love and affection.
  • Quality Time: Expressing affection with undivided, undistracted attention.
  • Physical Touch: It can be sex or holding hands. With this love language, the speaker feels affection through physical touch.

And why do I write about this now? Because I have discovered… I have a Master that is speaking all five. On every level he is communicating his love and desire for me. Just as he said he would… he is leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of bettering our relationship. The five ways are all there:

  • Every day, in so many ways, he tells me such appreciative, loving things, and I am honored to receive his praise. (Affirmation)
  • Every day he does something tangible; be it a video made for me; a photograph. A post. Whatever he can do at this distance, he does. (Service)
  • I cannot begin to count the physical gifts he has bestowed on me. I am a lucky, lucky slave. He has even contributed to my latest growth cycle. (Gifts)
  • We Skype every day; there isn’t a moment of our day we aren’t in touch when we can, if we aren’t working or asleep. He includes me in his day, and I make sure he is in mine. (Quality time)

  • Physically, we are separated for awhile longer. But we are sensual despite the distance. And when we are together, we are always hands-on. (Touch). 

So you see… nothing is missed. I am fulfilled and loved in every way it is possible to experience it. And there is yet more I could say… how he includes me in his household. How he takes time to help me when I feel stressed and struggling.

I am still learning which language he understands most directly, so I can give more of myself as a slave. But following his example… I will leave no stone unturned. I will give more and more until he feels the same amount of love that I do. He is so very worth it. 

Thank you Master. I love you.

- Beast 2017

               I don’t know where to start this letter for I have said everything and take all my heart out to show how much I love you these long seven years of our relationship. I never thought that we will reach this far, so far that I’m on my peak of my dreams – where my wishes are slowly coming true. You are there; you are always there for me. YOU.  Above all men in this world, you are the ONLYONE who stood beside me through thick and thin.  No matter how difficult the circumstance may be, we stick together and didn’t desert each other since we both know that God has good plans for us and he will continue to guide us every step of our way.

               Some believe that good men are gone, but you became the living proof that it’s all just a theory for those who have been unlucky to find true love. And yes, I believe everyone has control on their fate and destiny that will lead to them their right lover the way I found you when my world seems so dark. You have made me become the person who I never thought I could become. And there’s no doubt that my life with you is more wonderful, sweet and colorful than I’ve imagined.

                 You’re simply amazing.  Francis, baby, you made me the happiest I’ve ever been. I love you so much dear. Happy 7th Anniversary!

PS: And after all these years, I’m still so into you.

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Did you see that video Jimin posting on twitter with him and Jungkook? There's just something about it, I can't really explain it. Like it was soft and so comforting the way Jimin just lean on Jungkook's shoulder.I feel something different, like the opposite of the intensity I am used to seeing in a lot of Jikook moments.The viedo somehow makes me feel that's what their relationship is like behind camera, just simply being in love, like an ordinary couple. Sorry if I am just talking rubbish :/

Gwaaaaaaah I knoooow right, they were soooo cute idk what to think ^///o///^ And I’m pretty sure anyone would think the same: just show your non-kpop friends the video without context and I would really like to see what they think  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

but honestly idk what to feeeeeel with their recent posts lately. like who even does that? post repeated videos of them being in each other’s presence. it’s like jimin is proud that jungkook is with him and wants to show him off every time, and i think that’s so simultaneously funny and adorable. they’re just so…floofy <3 and the ambiance between them is just….gaaaah. 

I mentioned it in my tags but have you ever stopped to imagine how many of these vids Jimin/Jungkook have in their phones? And how many of these cute moments they have in general without filming them at all? It’s so hard to picture, because on camera they’re almost awkward with each other sometimes…but in moments like these where it’s natural or when the camera is not focused on them, they’re not. Even now, my sister is confused about their relationship. She keeps saying things like “Since when did Jungkook become such ‘good friends’ with Jimin?”, which we know they always were since debut days…but how come their on-camera interactions show such a drastic change/?

idk man i couldn’t tell you  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i have so many questions because of them…and from what I see, more and more people have been questioning as well recently ;)

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Hi talking about the Castle stars it came out during season 8 that they hated each other which is why she got fired and than the show was cancelled. It was all over SM, which totally ruined the final season for me. What I don't understand about this S/C situation is how understanding MM and T seem to be with their relationship. It boggles the mind! I've been married 38 years and I would not be ok with this kind of behavior. Would you?

yeah I really don’t understand any of it. I’ve never been married, never been in love but I’m 1000% sure I would not be ok with ANY of this, are you kidding??? a woman deserves so much better. (congrats on 38 years!! that’s awesome!)

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Also, I love Robert & Willow together. I hope something genuine will blossom between them. I hope that next season the writers will do them justice and not have Robert be completely evil and have Willow choose Liam. I hope will see that we were right that Robert is not the bad guys they are trying make him out to be.

Same, nonnie, same. Robert and Willow had more chemistry in their two scenes  back in 3.07 than they had over the course of the entire season with either of their romantic interests. Moreover, they really fit each other, the two most smart, cunning people, that also make each other’s laugh and they would make a great couple. 

I’m really hoping the writers will take a chance on them and fully develop their relationship. Can you just imagine these two people that got into a marriage of convenience, determined to not fall in love but end up doing so anyway?? It could be amazing. Plus, I think it would be a great way to show that there’s another side to Robert, one that he keeps buried and tries to pretend doesn’t exist. And that yes, he loves and can love people.

The alternative to that storylive is that, yes, Robert is the villain, Willow is the girl that needs saving and while doing so, Liam falls for her and they end up together. Can you imagine how boring that would be? And just…eww. I’m not here for Kathryn 2.0.

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idr *which* su critical blog got a message about this so sorry in advance, but someone got a message about how, in the original su pilot, pearl and ame were more like sisters to Steven, and how they wished that dynamic was in the show - I just realized that that would cast Pearl's strained relationship w Steven in a different light (not BETTER, but uh. like 5% less horrifying i guess) where it's more like huge sibling jealousy and not Yr Alien Mom Trying To Off You Bc Of Unrequited Love, idk

unpopular opinion but yeah, i would much prefer this…

Things in Newsies you don't appreciate just by listening to the cast album:

I saw the Newsies movie in the UK today and it blew my mind just how much I’d missed only ever having listened to the cast album! (I should note this will be spoilery)

1. The brilliant writing of the scenes! The characters are engaging, the lines are witty, and some of the speeches are so incredible (the one in Seize the Day springs to mind)
2. The depth of the friendships! Don’t get me wrong! Even from the cast album you can tell Jack and Crutchie love each other like brothers but it is even more beautiful when you see the show! And Jack and Davey, oh boy, these two are adorable with each other! I live for Davey supporting Jack when he doubts himself!
3. The depth of Jack and Katherine’s relationship! I was never convinced by it just from the songs but Jeremy and Kara act these characters so wonderfully and the scenes they have together make the attraction utterly convincing but not overwhelming! Also their playful teasing in the first Act was brilliant!
4. Les… the cutest baby brother in the world! I didn’t realise how big the role is! And he’s so wonderful I just can’t express it!
5. Jack’s art! It goes completely unmentioned in the songs (perhaps except the line ‘not some painting in my head’ in Santa Fe but I only picked up on that after seeing it) It seemed a bit out of character to me at first but it wasn’t long before I was convinced; it adds just a little more complexity.

There are obviously more things! But these are the ones that struck me most! All in all I was blown away by everything and I have a new appreciation for the show and the story now that I’ve seen it from start to finish!

10 Days of Eos 10: Day 10

Favourite thing about the show

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

I love this show. I love just about everything about it. The plot, the characters, the cast. It’s incredibly well-written, and it’s funny even in bad situations without making light of said bad situations. It has amazingly written relationships between characters. It’s basically my comfort podcast and it never fails to make me laugh.

Thank you so much, @justinmclachlan, @intergalactictrashqueen, and @eos10radio for making such a brilliant podcast that so many people can relate to and enjoy.

And thank you, @akbaemazian and @gravityuniversevale and everyone on the slack for helping to come up with this, and to everyone who did 10 Days of Eos 10. <3

Top Ten Things The Arrowverse Got Right

Previously, I went to town on the Arrowverse and the failures of Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, but I’m a fair man.  So with that in mind, it’s time to put over the good things that these individuals, and those under them have achieved since launching the “Arrowverse”.  So strap in members of the Space Monkey Mafia, it’s time to get to it!

10) Parenting Done Right - The one thing that I absolutely love, is the parental relationships with the stars.  From Kara and her mother, to Barry and his fathers, to even Oliver and his dynamic with his father.  Parents are the bedrocks to each and every star in this show.  Sara and Laurel’s father was key in their development, Rory Regan got his Ragman suit from his father, hell even Martin Stein is taking the idea and running with it from the opposite side of things, as he’s now a brand new father.  Even Thea’s relationship with her biological father, Malcolm Merlyn has been extremely interesting and at times either really sweet or really vile. 

9) Women Done Right - It’s possible for something to qualify on both lists.  One of the things this show has gotten wrong was it’s representation of the female love interests.  However, one of the more stellar elements was the representation of the non-love interests.  Caitlin Snow, Sara Lance, both Vixens, (Vixen squared?) and a slew of others have all come into these universe and planted themselves firmly as standout characters.  From some being shown as just as physical as the men, to others being shown as just as smart, and even others being illustrated as just hilarious, sarcastic bundles of bad ass.

8) Dem Action Scenes - The entire universe is wrapped around amazing fight scenes that just draw you in.  The Supergirl season 1 finale, Deathstroke’s army against Team Arrow and The League, The Flash vs. so many.  There’s just a dearth of amazing battles that would take hours and hours to review and rank.  So lets just assume I have a hard time finding one bad one, and go on to the next point.

7) Dynamic Characters Brought to Life - Martian Manhunter, Mister Terrific, Wild Dog, Ragman, Jay Garrick, Kid Flash, The Atom, The Hawk’s, so many amazing characters that I never really thought we’d see, or see again.  Yes, Smallville gave us The Martian, Black Canary, Green Arrow, among others, but we’ve gotten so many new characters, across so many shows, that it’s almost a shame they’re restricted in who they can use.  If the movie division didn’t need so many, I’d be curious to see how they’d use guys like Batman, Aquaman and Hal Jordan.  But for now, lets be happy we got characters like The Huntress, and Connor Hawk. 

6) Past Call Backs - One of the coolest things this show has done a great job with is the call backs to previous incarnations of shows.  The Flash is in it’s second run with Grant Gustin as the Scarlet Speedester.  However, Gustin’s on screen father, played by John Wesley Shipp, was originally The Flash on the 1990 series.  Same thing for Kara Zor El’s Earth foster parents, played by Dean Cain and Helen Slater.  Not only were they both Superman on “Lois and Clark” and Supergirl in the 1984 stand alone film of the same name, but they also were both cameos on the “Smallville” series.  Cain was a Vandal Savage wannabe, while Slater played Clark’s Kryptonian mother.  There are others across the shows, like Mark Hamil reprising his role as The Trickster, but the simple fact they’ve done so many already is great fan service.

5) Long Term Villains - While I dogged the villains on the other list, it’s also important to note that for every poorly done “Arrow” secondary villain (like Vertigo), there’s a Malcolm Merlyn, a Damian Darhk or a Reverse-Flash.  In fact, those men make of ¾ of Legend’s of Tomorrow’s Legion of Doom.  There are even more recurring villains, like Captain Cold, China White, among others.  So even though we didn’t get longer arcs with some great villains, we’ve had some pretty great stuff already. 

4) Evolving Characters - This universe has done a masterful job at taking a character from point A and finding point B by the end of the season.  Sure, sometimes they get there faster than they need to, but it’s still so damn fun to see it happen.  Watching Diggle and Oliver’s partnership grow, or seeing Iris and Wally grow closer as they come into their own.  Thea’s evolution from strung out junkie to the head of Oliver’s mayoral staff, is one of the more profound evolution’s of a character.

3) Creating Their Own History - While respecting the source material and maybe adhering to it a little bit better, isn’t a bad thing, one can’t deny they’ve created a unique world that is unique to them.  From the Lance family involving a younger sister, to Barry being Joe’s adoptive son, Cisco’s more dynamic move set, and Jay Garrick being Zoom, being Hunter Zolomon, to the actual Jay Garrick being Barry’s father from a different Universe, it’s all very fun.  They’ve done a great job crafting and weaving this interesting and dynamic history with these characters, and with these shows essentially having four hours a week to tell a story, they can intertwine and weave so many more original and interesting plot elements into the universe. 

2) The Multi-Verse - Harrison Wells is the best thing ever.  Which Wells?  ALL THE WELLS!  He’d only be here thanks to the Multiverse Theory though.  And the fact that The Flash and Supergirl have played with it so much has made it a lot of fun to look forward to what happens with it next.  So far Harrison Wells has popped in twice from different realities, Jay Garrick, Zoom, Jessie Quick, and others have all show cased themselves in unique and interesting ways across the different universes.  How great was the whole “Deadshot” joke in season 2 of “The Flash”, where Floyd Lawtona cop in Earth 2 was known for his horrible aim?  That was classic.  It’s also opened up exciting ways to write characters.  No longer are writers worried about putting actors out of work.  Killed of Shipp’s Henry Allen?  Oh well, here’s Shipp as the real Jay Garrick from a different Earth!  It’s made things extremely unpredictable and exciting. 

1) The Crossovers - The crossover episodes are simply the best thing on television.  Not since the hate-mazing “Justice League” show, with the Teal Lantern Guy Gardner, the over the top geeky Atom, the barely comic accurate Fire and Ice and the awful Wally West costume, have we seen this many name brand superheroes doing their thing.  Sure, Smallville had the Justice League team up episode with Green Arrow, Cyborg, Impulse and Aquaman, and later on with Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Dr Fate and Stargirl in the JSA crossover, but those types of crossovers were seasons a part.  In the Arrowverse we’re guaranteed multiple team up episodes, or crossover episodes several time a year.  Anywhere from the one-offs like with the upcoming musical episode featuring Supergirl and The Flash, and the mega crossover episodes like this years Invasion arc.  These are some of the best episodes of their respective series each time.  So how could anything really top it?

fandoms: I wish my favorite show had otps in canon, stable relationships!  With LGBTQ representation! and all of the long, emotional conversations and fun domestic moments that the characters need/deserve!  and humor!  and action!  and emotion!  And NO HIATUS BECAUSE I NEED THIS STORY EVERY WEEK OF MY LIFE

me: the thing you want has a name and it is critical role

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whenev i get into a bad mood i always go to this tumblr. it just makes me happy. ive been through some crappy relationships and this blog shows that some arnt crappy and i love it

Oh wow, thanks, I’m really glad I’m able to help you (and anyone else) feel better!

And yeah.. some don’t go so well.. buuuut.. sometimes they do, and for the better, hopefully anyway lol ^^