You’ll never be forgiven…

Can I just take a moment here and speak about this scene and say can we all mutual agree that even though Jae Hee told Lieutenant Yeom that he would kill Cho Rim (Know the word kill makes everything i write after pointless but bare with me here) that deep down he had a thing for her. She was the first person he told about his disability of not being able to reconized others by there face. She was a person even though it wasn’t in trusting in who he REALLY was she was a person who he trusted to be in his home when he wasn’t around. Even before knowing how close her relationship was with a cop and even after he let her in through some doors that others didn’t go past. Because she sincerly was trying to be his friend. (well you know up to the point till he realized who she was and Cho Rom finding out what he did to her parents) Till this point words about Jae Hee being a moster a murderer a killer didn’t effect him because he never denied it to himself but he also didn’t care. But the moment the one person he trusted called him that he felt the sting. This cast has been perfect since day one,(atleast from drama stand point i can say this I don’t knowhow the webcomic was) how can a show have such a lovable yet hateful villan in it? Nam Goong Min you where amazing in this role! and Shin Se Kyung you where perfect in yours!

In a sense, the two of them have been wandering the earth, totally isolated, because they have such a specific and elevated mentality. Not identical, but it’s as if not only are you the greatest person playing chess, you are actually the only person who can play chess. Then suddenly, you walk into a room one day and there’s another guy playing chess. I think that’s how they feel about eachother. It’s a complicated relationship, one muddied by the fact that one of them is a cannibalizing serial killer, but it’s not a deal breaker. It’s a very rich and profound friendship, and love even. Once Will finds out  who Hannibal is, itcomplicates things but it doesn’t  wipe the slate clean. It doesn’t change their connection.
—  Hugh Dancy on the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, The Art and Making of Hannibal the Television Show, by Jesse McLean

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I'm watching season 1 of ouat and I see no swan queen. What chemistry do you all thin they have? All I see is Emma and Regina hating each other and Regina trying to rid the world of Emma swan

I don’t really get the purpose of this ask, anon. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t make you see something that you don’t. That’s not usually how shipping works. That being said, swan queen is basically the entire season one arc? Chemistry doesn’t have to mean they’re in love? Chemistry is sparks flying on screen and tension and pulling in the audience to want to keep watching. That’s exactly what happened to me during season one. I was tuning in week to week like ohhhh shit what’s gonna happen between these two idiots this time!!!??!?! Yeah, I also fell in love with Snowing, but the show revolved around Emma and Regina and their relationship (even though it was tense at the time). Just as Emma Swan said in 4x05, yes they used to “hate each other” (well “maybe hate isn’t the right word” but they “didn’t mix”). Um, ofc they didn’t mix, Emma was literally trying to take Regina’s son away and Regina was casually framing people for murder and crushing hearts. Looking back it’s so amazing because we as the audience can understand where they were both coming from and why they were at such odds. I mean, Regina was about to have everything she ever worked towards ripped from her by a person she drank a potion to forget so she could raise her son right! These two ladies were so similarly stubborn and that’s half the point? All the world’s most epic ships didn’t get along at first??? But it’s the mesmerizing aspect that makes the audience suddenly stop and say omg wouldn’t it be AMAZING if these two worked out their differences?! (which is exactly what I said). I mean, in season one, they’re all up in each other’s faces and sitting on each other’s desks and challenging each other and, omg, it’s glorious! They’re like magnets. I, as someone who has never had a femship in my life, was sitting there like UmmMMMm is it really necessary for you two to stand so close to each other? Lana flat out said that tension could be perceived as very sexual by the audience. But part of the beauty of the swan queen ship is how far they’ve come and how genuine their journey has been that they’ve gone from being against each other to Emma saying Regina is the only one who can understand her. And to the point where they love and care and protect one another. It wouldn’t have been as fulfilling, imo, if they hadn’t started out as not seeing eye to eye. 

And, I’m sorry, but CS started with Emma punching Hook after he told her she was fucking useless. OQ started with Regina ignoring Robin for the first full year she knew him and only giving a single fuck about him after she saw a tattoo. So0o0o0o0o? ~side eyes~ I’d pick SwanQueen every time. 

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Wat do you think about ravenclaw/hufflepuff and slytherin/hufflepuff friendships

*raven/huffle was also asked by four anons and circularpi* :)

I think Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs are good at pretty much opposite things, which can make their friendships either fantastic or short-lived. Some examples of the former: they study together and while the badger’s ready to just muscle through whatever needs doing, the raven can show them a smarter, faster way to do it. When they’re relaxing the badger can help the raven unwind and live in the moment rather than analyzing everything. I think these relationships depend on both people agreeing to disagree on some things. Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs don’t see completely eye to eye, and that’s a good thing.

I think there are more Slytherin/Hufflepuff friendships than any other cross-house kind (just my opinion though!). Both types of people are fiercely loyal and defensive of the people they love. They have plenty of differences though. Slytherins may make choices puffs disapprove of that are morally questionable, while puffs can be naïve and too trusting at times. In these differences they need each other quite a lot. They balance each other well. I think these two can develop a crazy level of trust which gives the potential for a life-long relationship.

Tell me if you agree or disagree! I want to hear all the opinions.

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what are your thoughts on Laurel?

oh man…. laurel. basically at this point i’m indifferent toward her character. i don’t connect with her and i don’t find her storyline very compelling. honestly, they could probably kill her off and i wouldn’t even notice. (there have been episodes this season that she wasn’t in and i didn’t even realize it.)

i liked season one laurel up until she started getting cold feet with tommy. everything just went downhill from there. season two they took away everything that made me like her character. she was intelligent, driven, sharp, caring, strong in the first part of season one. i loved her in the courtroom and i loved her relationships with quentin and tommy. they have taken all of that away from her now and it has caused me to become apathetic toward her character.

i blame a lot of this on the writers and show runners. they just don’t have a handle on who laurel lance is. her characterization is inconsistent, her storylines an endless cycle of unnecessary family drama, and they did katie cassidy a real injustice by bringing caity lotz on as the original bc, giving her the origin story they did, and then killing her in order to trigger laurel’s transition into the new bc. laurel’s writing, in my opinion, is the weakest on the show and i feel like she is there as more of a contractual obligation than anything else.

Solangelo headcanons

No. I don’t ship Solangelo where Nico loves Will from first sight. No, theyre not all cutsey and flirty. No, Will doesn’t say I love you every ten minutes. No, they dont actually have this great relationship where everything just works.

I ship this:

  • Nico is asexual.
  • Will is a little bossy bitch most of the time. No he’s not flirty and sappy.
  • This honestly is why Nico likes him. 
  • instead of saying the words (I love you) themselves all the time, they show it in other ways. 
  • “you douche.” 
  • “Come back please. If you die on this quest I might kill you myself afterwards” 
  • “I totally didn’t prank your cabin earlier and your hair isn’t dyed pink

  • It takes them almost a full year to get together. No one actually knows if they’re dating or if they truly hate each other. 
  • they argue so much that you wouldn’t know they were together unless you noticed the subtle glances they stole at each other during mealtimes that showed more than just friendship if you cared to search hard enough
  • they know they like each other but until they’ve dated for two years, they finally truly trust the other. 
  • after one night when they finally manage to tell the other of their past, they realize that yes, they love one another, and there is much more than saying three words proving that. 
  • the first time Will says he loves Nico is after four years of dating. Nico says it after six. 
  • After Nico began really trusting Will, he became more open. He smiles more, but his past still lingers with him. He’ll never be truly happy, but the closest he’ll ever get is when he’s with Will. 
  • Using I think tinygayitalians//?? head canon about Will’s past and how he couldn’t save his mom, Will has a similar problem.
  • Yeah, they’re not a perfect couple. Okay, they’re far from perfect. But theres a hella lot of love in their relationship and though neither actually says it, they’d destroy the world for each other. (hopefully not literally)

lizzyc807shipscaptainswan replied to your post: andnoneisdestroyed replied to your pos…

Do you think they would change her character? When Emma helped her in the past she had to go to Lily’s Boyfriend’s house to get the necklace. When she saw her again she said she was married and had a daughter. Agnes does play a L role on other shows

erm well there’s a fun thing called bisexuality. (or pansexuality but i don’t think abc is there yet) also like plenty of lesbian women have had relationships with men in their lifetime, before coming out. and some who still identity as a lesbian sometimes hook up with men. 

(there’s a great podcast called savage love and it’s all about sexuality and the complicated nature of it, you should look into it. it may make you more comfortable using the “L” word)

(also, if you remember, lily was actually lying about being married with a kid, so really that’s no argument towards being straight. and even if she was married, she still might not be straight.)

there’s a thing called heteronormativity, which basically means that there’s a social assumption that people are straight until otherwise, well, shown gay. 

and at it’s heart, heteronormativity is rooted in stigma and prejudice—it’s something that should be challenged and changed. 

since aurora is clearly in love with phillip, i have been hoping that they’d give mulan a proper love interest and FINALLY have some diversity of love on ouat. i think there’s an argument to be made about lily being in love with emma as kids (i mean really, “the only light in my life”?) and probably nothing will happen but i’m hoping that’s part of the groundwork towards representation 

i’d love to get excited about the alleged alana x margot relationship. i really really would

but given that the show handled alana’s last relationship in the most (imo) uncomfortable, exploitative, fanservice-y way possible, with endless sex scenes and an almost three-way that served no narrative purpose

as well as making no real mention of margot’s canon lesbianism and having her sleep with our male hero for a baby (even though that plan made no sense when you really thought about it), thereby enforcing the evil deceptive lesbian trope

and when the only quotes i’ve seen about this storyline, which is written and directed by a man, have been about how “erotic” and “sensual” the sex scenes will be

can you understand why i’m having trouble here

My Opinions on Rucas and Shipping Wars

As many people have already noted, the shipping wars in this fandom have gotten a little intense. Here is my opinion.

This show isn’t about couples. It’s about friendship and growth. Relationships are certainly a part of that, but if that is all the fandom wants to focus on then we lose a lot of what makes gmw such an amazing show. Am I a hardcore Lucaya shipper? Absolutely! I personally think they are adorable, and you can bet I am going to fan girl whenever they do so much as glance at each other. BUT if lucaya was my only reason for watching the show then I would have stopped after two episodes. These characters are still kids, just on the cusp of being teenagers. Personally, I don’t want ANY of them in serious romantic relationships until they are older. That is why I loved Girl Meets the New World, because it showed there is no rush to jump into romance and two people can be happy just being friends.

I like Rucas. I think their interactions are adorable, and I can see their relationship growing like Cory and Topanga’s as they grow up. He is the prince charming with a less-than-charming-past and she is the closest thing to a real life princess who is able to make him want to be a better person. However, I still prefer Lucaya. I love their banter and think they can be good for each other in ways that Riley can’t. Maya is more likely to understand Lucas’ less-than-perfect moments and not try to force him into the role of “Mr. Perfect” but help him find a balance between perfection and broken, and Lucas is able to put up with Maya’s temper and wild spirit when Riley can’t, and help her from teetering the edge.

But for now, can we just all enjoy the show? Frankly season 2 is starting out to be much better than season 1, something I did not expect to say. The writers are doing a flipping fantastic job, and we need to appreciate that. So let’s stop the drama, and enjoy the new episodes while we can get them

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OK, this is my new theory. I...I think John and Sherlock were lovers all through Seasons 1 and 2. I think it was kinda on the down-low, because John still wanted to date women and Sherlock was not interested in a romantic relationship. But yes, they did fuck on a fairly regular basis. I think the love between them developed in spite of themselves and the barriers that existed between them. I don't think there is anything on the show that says, "No, they definitely never ever fucked." cont.d

Okay, continuing on…I think the things like their jealousy (J’s girlfriends, Irene) and their eye fucking supports my theory. The sexual tension is just too much! It’s easier for me to accept unstated, unshown fucking than all that UST. No sex during S3, except, er, maybe the stag night? the dance lessons? the months at 221B after S was shot? TPTB recently said that the fans missed something obvious in S3. Remember Lestrad repeating “We have to catch them IN THE ACT!” cont.d

As if, we the fans, wouldn’t believe unless the showrunners showed them IN THE ACT of fucking. *smiles hopefully* So, what do you think? BTW, still totally love you. Mwah!

Okay, story time.

When I was fresh out of undergrad, back in the Mesozoic Era, my best friend (we’ll call him Ted, because that was in fact his name) and I decided to get an apartment together in Brooklyn

Ted and I were best, best, best friends. He was dating my best female friend, and I was in a long distance relationship with his best friend from high school. We were a super tight social unit, and everyone knew that Ted and I were totally the platonic brother/sister pair of the group.

We lived together in WIlliamsburg for two years, the epicenter of our totally awesome social group, having dinners and parties and hanging out and just generally fairly epic platonic BFF good times.

Except, of course,

(Can you see this plot twist coming?)

Yeah, the totally platonic brother/sister best friends forever thing? We were totally fucking on the down low the whole time.

Not in some sort of thwarted, tragic, romantic love way. We could have been together if that’s what we wanted. We just… we got drunk once too many times, ended up fucking on the couch after everyone else had gone home, and discovered that we really, really liked having sex with each other.

No one else ever knew (until now…and I’m old as hell, so no one cares anymore.), and we managed to make it work for almost two years without anyone getting weird or overly attached.

But, in the end, we both developed feelings for each other in that way, because if you have a fantastic friendship and great sex that’s how humans are wired, to develop romantic feelings eventually. And I’m sorry to say there was no happy ending….everyone got horribly hurt and wounded, and our friendship fell apart, because that’s real life for you.

BUT THE POINT OF THIS IS: Secretly fucking the whole time is a thing that totally does happen, and I can easily see Sherlock and John falling into a habitual FWB scenario and ending up catching feelings. 

My only quibble with this scenario is Mycroft calling out Sherlock as a virgin in ASiB, because he would TOTALLY know if they were doing it. Otherwise, I am completely on board with this reading!

(This also makes TRF that many million percent more painful.  OH GOD MY HEART.)

Another storyline that we’re paying close attention to is what is going on with Lola (Anna Popplewell) and Narcisse.  It’s like a forbidden-fruit relationship and the show is playing with that.  Laurie McCarthy mentioned that the show may be delving into that next season.

TORRANCE:  I’d love to see that.  I just want to see more baths.  I need more “bath time.”  We could have a whole spinoff show “Narcisse’s Bath Hour.”  It would be an interview series where he takes different people and puts them in a bath and draws them while he interviews them.  A kind of Bob Ross/PBS kind of thing.  I think that would be a good show.  I think it would be a hit.  I think I’ll pitch that.  Maybe as a webseries.

- Torrance Coombs - (x)

You’re going to remember it all. All of it, for a long time. The first time you both laid eyes on each other and the first time he touched you. You’re going to remember the first time he called you beautiful and the first time he said ’I love you’. And yes, it’s going to hurt like hell, but you can’t let it defeat you. Show him that you can breath without him, even if you swore to him before that you couldn’t.

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What if Stefan, Caroline, and Enzo become the next love triangle?

I think the intention is to have them (Stefan/Caroline) without any major triangle:

TVLINE | With Nina Dobrev leaving the show, and Jo bleeding out at her own wedding, Stefan and Caroline are the only couple you guys have left. Does that add pressure on you guys to keep them together?
Well, without spoiling too much, theirs is a relationship that I’ve personally been rooting for for a very long time. I love the idea of trying to explore if a show can be good when its main couple is happy. Often, you need conflict and hurdles and obstacles to keep a show spicy and exciting, so we’ll see what next year brings. (x)

I present to you a new deviantART club for those of you who are big fans of Tallest Red and Purple and their relationship together. Ran by me, badluckalice, and ftpspuppetshow, this will surely be awesome.

We would love it if you joined and showed your support. Maybe even submit a bit of writing or art. :) That’d be great, too.

Also, look forward to some contests in the future. You can definitely expect badluckalice and ftpspuppetshow to run some art contests while I run something for you writers out there. Definitely an encouragement for you all to express your inner RaPr and to show off your creative side as well.

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Would it be in character for them if I said I kind of imagine Felicity and Abby giggling about how incredibly sappy and just..gone Jon is for Tish? While I really love the Tish/Abby relationship, I also really like Felicity and Abby, and like to think that they have a lot of heart to heart talks/baking sessions

Oh, that would be perfectly in character. Flawlessly in character.

One of the downsides of first person perspective is that I cannot show you firsthand the kind of things that get said behind Jon’s back. Things like this.

Or gossip like, “And then Elaine said he could bring a date, and I swear, Mom, he threw a sulk like a five year old. I thought they’d been dating for weeks.”

“Haven’t they?”

“Apparently not. They’re just platonically staring at each other when they think no one’s looking.”

Seungri Reveals What Brought Him Closer to G-Dragon After Months of Receiving Silent Treatment

On the May 21 broadcast of KBS’ variety talk show “Happy Together,” all five members of BIGBANG appeared as guests for their very own ‘BIGBANG Special.’

During the episode, Seungri shared a story about his relationship with G-Dragon prior to debuting. He revealed that before they officially made their debut, G-Dragon had been very opposed to BIGBANG coming out as a group.

Seungri explained, “G-Dragon didn’t like the idea of BIGBANG being a five member idol group. He had been preparing to debut as a hip-hop duo withTaeyang for six years.”

He continued, “One day, I was standing outside the practice room and heard G-Dragon getting angry and saying, ‘Why do I have to be in a group with them? We’ve been practicing for so many years. What about Taeyang and me?’ When he came out of the room, we made eye contact, but he avoided me and left. He didn’t talk to me for three months after that. He never answered me when I asked questions and treated me as if I were invisible.”

However, Seungri carried on the story by revealing what brought the two of them closer after months of silence. “Three months later, there was something that made us really close. We got sucked into a drama. A drama called ‘Goong,’” surprising everyone and causing the entire studio to burst into laughter at the unexpected story.

“The 2006 drama that starred Yoo Eun Hye. We both got sucked into it and the first words [G-dragon said to me after three months] were because of that drama—‘What time is the broadcast today?’ After that, we watched ‘Goong’ together, and at the end, when Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon meet again, we even held hands saying, ‘What a relief!’” inciting more laughter from the MCs.

Source (1)

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yes thank you for that mention of Snowing being an example of a TLK not being the end of CS's story. I also think it's not too soon for a TLK between them, and the writers have said that one of the things they tried to do with the show was make it about the aftermath of a HEA

That’s what I love BEST about the show TBH. That they explore how these relationships work AFTER they get together! The chase is fine, but what happens NEXT? That’s what I want to know. I just don’t understand this mentality that just because CS moves slowly that a TLK should be at the END.

Reasons why I love watching Shep689

1. Whenever I’m sad or having a bad day, I’ll watch their videos and they’ll make me feel happy 😊

2. They inspire me to be a better person 😄

3. Their relationship shows me that love is real and its one of the best things in this world.

4. They care about us and show it in so many ways.

5. We’re like one big Shepsexual family 😄

6. They make me feel loved and happy 😜


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Are we long overdue for a CS TLK or are we on schedule in season 5? (do you think its coming up?)

I do think it’s coming up :) (but at the same time, wary of expecting it)

I think it’s overdue in the sense that we as a fandom have been expecting it for a long time. It’s been obvious that they’ve loved each other for a while and other couples on the show have had a TLK/been confirmed TL with less relationship development than CS has had. But at the same time, CS are the slowest burning relationship on the show, and as far as I’m (and ABC/A&E apparently) concerned, CS are a ratings draw. People are tuning in for their story. The CS fandom grows more and more every day. I know several casual fans who i’ve gotten into the show in real life who absolutely adore them.

Logically, a TLK in s5 would make sense for the story arc they seem to be planning. The message of the show has always been that True Love is the most powerful magic of all. They’re trying to sell Merlin as being the only one able to defeat the darkness, but when you think about it, that doesn’t make sense. Merlin couldn’t defeat the darkness - he had to tether it to someone in order for it to be ~defeated~. So it then follows that Emma/Emma and Killian will be the ones to defeat the Dark One curse once and for all :)