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Hey, just stopping through to show some love and hope everything is ok. By the way of you don't mind me asking, what you feel majorly contributed to your trust issues?Just curious.

Good morning and thank you…sending it right back at you!

Trust issues stems mainly from my family growing up. All the lies and abuse. And then certain friendships and relationships as I got older taking from what I learned from my family and continuing to be in abusive relationships. I don’t really like to open up or get too close to people. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and they wind up doing some fuck shit. Even though I come off as a bitch on here lol anyone who I’m friends with on here will tell you I’m hella loving and open. Maybe too much by default. I just be wanting everybody to be happy and in the process I sacrifice my own. It’s a process that I’ve been trying to juggle and balance. And it’s hard for me sometimes. But blah I ranted lol have a beautiful weekend! Bless!

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I thought I'd share the idea that the way humans and gems view relationships over all is different. My main inspiration has to do with fusions, specifically Garnet and Stevonnie. Garnet is just so fucking happy to always be herself, always more than the sum of her parts. She (in her words) forgets she was ever alone. Stevonnie on the other hand starts out thrilled, but becomes more lonely throughout the episode. "It would be okay if we were together, but we are and it's not." They feel alone.

I love it because it kinda shows how alien the Gems are. Human being are social creatures, we drive off a sort of pack mentality. We feel more comfort in numbers, with someone else to share everything with. Steven and Connie really showed this because they would rather share the experience by being with one another rather than actually being the same person. The Gems? have no such qualms. Garnet has probably been fused for THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of years, literally sharing everything and more than the sum of her parts. 

Ruby and Sapphire probably feel something for one another that goes BEYOND the human comprehension and the closest thing we can compare it to is Love, and even that is probably just a fraction of the full picture. I dunno, I just find it fascinating over how alien the gems are and the differences between their mindsets and ours.

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I write medieval fantasy so I can't just say "this character is bisexual, this one's a lesbian," etc. I know I'm supposed to show a queer relationship to let the readers know, but my characters get separated before they can realistically fall in love, especially with one of them having major trust issues. I'm scared it's queer bating. Any advice to avoid that? Thank you.

There are plenty of ways to obviously show that a character is gay or bi or whatever without outright saying “So and so is a lesbian.” 

  • If you still want to be explicit about it, you don’t have to actually use the labels but you can describe them. “X was only interested in loving women, ever since she was a child.” “Y could fall for anyone - gender aside.” 
  • If your character is a lesbian, you can show her admiring women in a romantic or sexual way and then show her admiring men in a way that’s obviously far more platonic. 

These are just two. I’m sure the followers have plenty of their own suggestions so I’m leaving this one open! Help anon out :^)

Good luck!!! This is definitely a genre that is more lacking of LGBTQ+ representation so it seems like you’re going in the right direction. -T

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Sometimes I think that Jensen cares more about Jared than vice versa. Like, Jensen tweets about Jared all the time, and calls him his best friend and brother, and babysits his boys (!), and seems very protective of Jared. And Jared doesn't seem to care as much. Maybe Jensen is just more open about their friendship? Or I'm just missing Jared's side of things and Jared cares just as much.

The thing is nonny, we can’t compare care, just like we can’t compare love. 

To each their own way of showing love and care, and it’s not something you can get down to numbers. 

Sure, if you are in a relationship you can feel if someone cares less about you, but you can’t really tell this from watching their relationship- the little they let out. 

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I WOULD LOVE WONDERBAT TO BE CANON but only if they do it right like these two strong intelligent characters loving and respecting each other and not all like 'this pretty face needs a strong manly man to rescue her all the time' like i need this to be a real Diana and Bruce relationship not damsel-in-distress and superhero relationship

wonderbat (Bruce x diana) is my all time favourite ship. since early on in Bruce Timm’s Justice league animated series. the way it was handled is really great for me for multiple reasons

  • Bruce and Diana care about each other from before anything non platonic shows up
  • Bruce doesn’t act all macho for no reason. he is actually really emotional and gets worried if there friendship/ teammate status would be at stake and asks Jon for advise and it is the cutest thing ever.
  • When Diana starts liking Bruce she is upfront about it and extremely confident and straight forward about what she wants.
  • Bruce literally adores the ground Diana walks on and even though she can withstand enormous amounts of pain and not feel a thing he would freak out and search the entire fight field if he has to to find her
  • Gender roles are more often than not reversed when it comes to a damsel in distress given that the writers of the show constantly reminded us that bruce is out of his league when it comes to meta human powers
  • all in all the all time OTP ever fight me.

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Amanita & Nomi Marks

TV Show: Sense8

I love them because: Its refreshing to see a woman and transwoman being represented in popular culture like this. They share an honest, respectful and loving relationship which is an anchor in the way these characters are unapologetic for being themselves. Also, more wonderfully real lesbian sex scenes.

*Recommended by: Me

First Pride Parade

A few years into their relationship, Jake heard about the local pride parade and was ecstatic. He asked Dirk, who responded with reluctancy, but eventually agreed to go along. Jake also managed to convince Roxy and Jane to tag along, who had been to previous ones. Roxy showed up in a bisexual pride shirt and Jane wore a rainbow dress with asexual flags drawn on her wrist. Jake tied a rainbow flag to Dirk as a cape, while he wore an abundance of pride gear. At the parade, Jake peppered Dirk with kisses throughout the day, while proudly waving his flags. Roxy and Jane disappeared almost immediately, and Dirk constantly lost Jake in the crowd, only to find him with more souvenirs.

So...I was looking up Virgo compatibility and I came across virgo and virgo and look what I found

When both are Virgo, they value the same things in love, which is a good starting point in their relationship. Shared interests are important to both, but in this case, when two Virgos are together, it would make a little more sense to have different projects and interests as both tend to run the show.

A Virgo man is a very practical person with strong intellect and detailed information of all the aspects of life. He is usually success hungry, and takes short, calculated and precise steps to reach the desired destination. A Virgo male can easily analyze a situation and can be quite critical regarding it, if needed. When angry, he never becomes rash rather he keeps the feelings deep inside to hide them from people around him. Being sentimental is not the cup of tea for Virgo man. He fears commitment, so it takes quite some time for him to get involved in a relationship.

A Virgo woman is as an alpha female. She is an emotionally strong being who can handle anything thrown her way. She has clever wits and is a stickler who can point out flaws in almost anything but her motive is always to improve the thing and not to insult. She doesn’t look upon excessive emotion as either sensible or practical and maybe unresponsiveness to some degree which is due to her shyness. But when she chooses to love someone she loves him with all of her heart and soul. She can do anything possible for the man she loves.

Virgo man finds himself being very lucky being loved by a Virgo woman. She has anything and everything any other woman can offer besides being weak. She is determined and once she sets her mind on doing something she completes it with great achievement both in career and love. Virgo woman has great respect for her man and both the families that are a part of their lives. There is never a moment of boredom between the Virgo man and woman. They both have very bright minds, but lacks the know how to have a successful intimate relationship. Both Virgo man and woman are intellectuals and find a connection between their minds, but lack an emotional connection. If he does not attends to the passion needed by his Virgo woman he may lose her.

A Virgo man is not prince charming, so Virgo woman should never believe while involved with him that any fairy tale romance can come true in their relationship. He does not know how to romantically sweep you off his lady’s feet. If she can live without romance, then she finds herself with a very dedicated man who values his family and friends and of course his relation with his Virgo woman. There is always plenty of verbal communication between Virgo man and woman and once there is a loss for words, they can light the fire place and began leisure activities. But their frequent leisure conversations are not the meaningful conversations to enhance their relationship. It is the Virgo woman who has to take main responsibility for relationship because he often feels he has nothing to lose when a woman walks away because he enjoys being a loner.

As the love of Virgo man and woman blossoms, purity in their life is dissolved with such an unconditional love to be given to each other that make them complete and gratifies their existence. Virgo man gives her a sense of true peace and relaxation in her life while she provides him with stable support in all walks of life. Their understanding is unshakable with lots of fun and smiles to share with each other. They actually help each other to fulfill their dreams and make a dreamland come truly to existence with wisdom and love going hand in hand. There is total acceptance for each other with deep and overwhelming oneness that gives them a soothing and gentle experience for life time.

The female Virgo might find herself settling for tenderness opposed to a fierce fiery relationship in the bedroom. If they both choose to pay attention to one another they know exactly how to please each other. He carries a rigid demeanor in the bedroom which often creates quarrels between the two about lovemaking. She can become disgruntled by the long periods of retreats between making love again. She begins to think she is doing something wrong during lovemaking, causing the long periods of wait for another go in the bedroom. She starts to internalize everything and feel that he no longer desires or wants her. The lack of sex will cause her self confidence to decrease. In order for these two to have a good sexual union they have to realize that lovemaking is not something that can be analyzed or broken down into details. If all else fails, it would be good for the Virgo man to dig in a special lovemaking time weekly to make her feel loved and needed and she needs to give her man the authority in the bedroom and get completely involved in their mating.

Though Virgo man and woman share almost same interests and values, yet they have to work on their differences in accepting each other’s flaws. They need to learn how to be critical of themselves before they can resolve any issues with others. A Virgo man and woman are light minded and intelligent. Virgos are able to spend a lot of quality time together, but lack that passion to keep a great relationship alive. One has to try a little bit harder than the other to keep the intimacy thriving. Of the two, the Virgo woman is the one who holds the key to passion. In a business sense or friendship they can move mountains. It would take a lot of work to keep a romance kindling between a Virgo man and Virgo woman especially when they are involved in their favorite projects and are focusing more on their worldly affairs than their relationship.

If you ask me, this is ShikaTema in eight paragraphs

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yous arent the 1st to mention this like for the past 2 days ive seen a chaolena blog talk about it (aelinsfall) and are you just bitter because shes not gonna end up with chaol lol

I’m not going to lie and say I’m not bitter but that’s not the reason why I’m so mad. I really love Chaol and he’s been through so much and he has so much development ahead of him. To have him brushed under the rug is just so annoying. She hasn’t mentioned anything about him, not one hint. This book is supposed to be his development book and nothing. That just makes me so upset.

Also I don’t like how every guy Aelin meets becomes a love interest at some point. I think it’s important to write platonic relationships, to show that girls can be friends with boys without having any romantic involvement. Rowan/Aelin was written like a great friendship is written. She says that looking at him is a reflection of herself, he’s said to be someone to lean on just for comfort, as a best friend, someone to help mend the place that Nehemia left empty. He’s her mate that will always support her like any best friend would. To have that transformed into a sudden romance is just too drastic and forced.

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so out of all the queer headcanons you yourself have, whats your favourite one?

ohhh gosh, that’s like asking me to choose a favorite book

I firmly believe that Harry, Tom, and B’Elanna have a semi-platonic poly relationship, which I have quantified in terms of homestuck quadrants before on my personal (the truth is revealed, I’m homestuck trash, sorry folks)

Tom is a trans man, as is Trip, and T’Pol is a trans woman

Trip had a GIANT crush on Archer for most of Enterprise, I can go either way on reciprocation

I’m a big sucker for ace headcanons and I have a whole host of them sitting around my head, for now I’ll just mention my asexual lesbian linguist darling Hoshi

joined Trills are genderfluid, and I really like those posts about Cardassians that I reblogged here lately saying that Cardassian children are considered agender until they’re old enough to choose

Odo is genderfluid, if only for the pun, and is mostly agender, also demiromantic

Jadzia is pan, Ezri is ace

this is only a small sampling, I have so many and tbh if you bring me a queer headcanon 99% of the time I will go ‘yeah!!!!’ and accept it as my own so

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Delico, Nicolas, Worick, what they are like when in love? whether they know or not is up to you lol. How will they admit/show it to the other party?

Sorry anon, I wasn’t sure if you wanted them in a relationship already or just crushing on someone. I did the later, hope you don’t mind~ 

Delico: He is fully aware of his feelings, but he doesn’t address them directly; instead, he prefers to hint his interest by being extra kind and attentive to his crush. His tone is always warm when he talks to them, his eyes invariably soft and his smile the gentlest. Delico would try to charm his crush by becoming the epitome of chivalry, always opening doors for them and handing out jackets in cold days. If there was something troubling them, he would listen carefully to their problems and do short of anything to show them he cares. If his crush was doing something worrying–smoking or drinking heavily maybe–he would confront them about it and ask them to stop, as their well-being is his top concern. In a normal situation, he’s not very likely to confess his feelings, but if he feels pressured–like someone else might take his crush from him if he doesn’t do something soon–he might muster up the courage to do it.      

Worick Arcangelo: He’s very straightforward about his intentions; when he has his eyes on someone, the first thing he’ll do is ask whether they’re single or not. If they are, he will ask them out on the spot; if they’re not, he’ll still hang around them as a friend. He flirts shamelessly and playfully, always teasing his crush and looking for an excuse to get touchy. His laid-back attitude makes him hard to take seriously sometimes, but Worick’s feelings are none to be doubted; when he falls, he feels love right down to the very core of his being. He will make his crush feel protected whenever they’re with him; if he happens to witness someone treating them badly, he’ll make sure to make them regret it. Also, he would ask his crush lots of questions about themselves to find out more about their interests and hobbies; his purpose with this is to get involved in the things they like to do.

Nicolas Brown: He doesn’t really realize what’s happening to him, only that he becomes painfully self-conscious when he’s around this person. He’s extremely difficult to read when in love; in part because the emotion is so foreign to him he has no idea how to interpret it at first, and he might even confuse it with plain disliking. He’ll avoid his crush out of awkwardness. Whenever asked about them, he’ll become stiff and irritable, and deny any accusations of liking somebody. If Worick’s around, he might be a little more willing to engage in conversation, but if it’s only him and his crush his sign language will be short and snappy–he would mostly reply with yes and no, and refuse to elaborate. It would take time, but he would eventually warm up to them. Only then would some signs of attraction become noticeable; like the way he fidgets with his sword’s handle as they talk, and the abruptness he’ll avert his eyes with when caught staring. If given the chance, he would also use his fighting skills to show off.      

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I often worry that people, 1013 included, think that all shippers want is sex. I think it's a common misunderstanding, as I've heard it being discussed on The X-Files Files podcast b4 too. Many think that shippers just want to see M & S "hook up" & now I'm afraid it's being misinterpreted as "all we want is a Mulder & Scully sex scene." Yes, a sex scene would be nice but we want to see it within the context of their deep & beautiful love story. Not worth a breakup just to show/im

I agree. I think TPTB have a skewed perception of what we want. Or, more specifically, what we don’t want: stupid, manufactured drama. Or constant angst followed by three seconds of romantic resolution at the end of a season/movie/whatever. I think most of us just long for the depiction of a solid relationship within the context of what XF does best: weird, creepy, fantastical stories of the unexplained. A few hints that they’re happy and in a relationship while they go about being Mulder and Scully is all we really need. I don’t know why they don’t get that. 

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I don't know if you can help because this is a little weird. I basically yearn for a relationship with a boy or girl, but every time anyone shows interest in me I get really uncomfortable and feel weird... I've never kissed anyone or been in any kind of relationship, and I'm only 15, but I don't know what this even means??

I’m the one asking about the relationship thing… Just wanted to add I have really bad anxiety

hey anon, 

have you ever heart of lithro/akoiromantism? it’s basically when you can experience romantic love but don’t like it when it’s returned. this can mean that you’re also romance repulsed as well, which is like sex repulsed but romantic in nature. 

 Lithromantic is a term to describe a person who experiences romantic love but does not want their feelings to be reciprocated. Lithromantic people may or may not be ok with romantic relationships. Some accept reciprocated platonic love, or even romantic love, but does not find it necessary in a relationship.

from avenwiki

i won’t say that’s what’s up with you but looking at alternative sexualities and romantic identities might help you out a lot! it certainly helped me. 

stay safe, 



And then I looked up at the sun and I could see
Oh the way that gravity turns on you and me
And then I looked up at the sun and saw the sky
And the way that gravity pulls on you and I, on you and I

In 2003, I was a huge Coldplay fan (still am), and I found out they’d written this beautiful song for a lesser-known band called Embrace. It was amazing and reminded me of Mulder and Scully. I couldn’t believe it when Snakey973 made an MSR video to it. It’s not exactly the most widely-known song. 

Maybe it’s a little ironic how such a powerful love story came out of a sci-fi show about paranormal activity and aliens- maybe it’s because that wasn’t the original intention so instead of being artificially foisted on us, their relationship instead grew organically and almost magically. -Snakey973

It’s not that I can’t see Thomas with a nice guy - I’ve read at least two Thomas/OC fics in which Thomas ended up with a nice guy, and I love those fics and the pairings in them:

Leaving Downton by alex51324

you took my soul, wiped it clean by HowCleverOfYou 

Both are on AO3. :) And I have yet to catch up on dendriticgold‘s Not Like the Other (although I have a feeling that her OC gives Thomas a run for his money in the dick department, at least initially :D)

But the comedian in me loves, loves loves the idea of Thomas with a guy who’s a dick, in a loving but snarky relationship. And then they grow old and get a theatre subscription and their own box in the balcony and are just like Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show. 

As a USA fan:

I just have the utmost respect to Japan they are just such a honorable and skillful team. They check up on the losing team after the game. Whenever Japan and USA face off, it’s just such a good game but also these teams have such a good relationship.

In addition, this wwc has just been phenomenal. Teams are coming in and just showing that they belong here. (Looking at you England and Canada). And for the teams here for the first time, that is amazing for them that they’re even here! Like imagine, these women who play the sport along with, most likely, several part time jobs. As a uswnt fan, I know those players are doing their one and only job. Those other teams aren’t.

So, this World Cup has just been a rollercoaster. For those underdog teams like Australia, England, and maybe even Canada, look at how far you got! Look at how amazing you guys have done! Go home and inspire a nation! To those teams that know they wouldn’t make it too far, YOURE THERE! You’re at the biggest sporting event in the world! Represent your nation! That’s amazing! All of the teams, whatever ranking, have brought so many people together! This is what makes the beautiful game, beautiful.

We, as fans, stand behind you. Through horrible streams, through bad days, through basically minimum wages on club teams, through sexism from ssooo many people, through the sexism present in THIS tournament. We support you. We cheer for you. We are grateful for you. We are proud of you, as a nation, all nations. You did it, every single one of you. So shoutout to those teams of utmost respect, shoutout to the teams that don’t get paid nearly as much as they should, shoutout to the players that play for the love of the game, shoutout to the teams that made it that far, shoutout to the teams everywhere. Thank you.

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What do u think of Ali and Lorenzo I personally don't like them because they spent the entire show talking about how she had so many guy " friends" that if she really wants to start over she should stay single for a while until everything is straightened out

I’m not a fan. I agree with you. I think maybe in the future they could have had a cute relationship but at the moment I’m just irritated by it. I’m irritated by 98% of the ships. I’m irritated that anybody new who gets introduced is immediately a love interest. It would have been nice of Lorenzo was just a friend for now. Helping her move on, helping her get straightened out. Oh well.

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Check out XF casting director Maria Danger's Twitter again. She kinda GETS what fans want, tho I'm not sure "lust" is the right word (tho YES, most of us want a sex scene, I believe). I know in a past interview, CC mentioned something about this before - that M&S' relationship is the opposite of lust, not about that but about a deeper soul love or something. Not sure if he'll ever cave to sex scene b/c he's big on purity.. but don't trust him to know how to show the other kind of love either...

I don’t expect a full-on sex scene; not with CC in charge. I’d like for some strategic leading-up-to scenes, though. 

p.s. I think that CC quote is BS. Yeah, their love is on a higher plane, yadda yadda, I buy that. But you can’t tell me two people who look like that don’t have any lust for one another. That just defies logic. 

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Thank you for your reply to the anon being "cheeky" about Sam's alleged dating life, I love him and I love Cait but honestly idgaf who they date so unless they're dating someone amazing who does something really groundbreaking and worthy of everyone's admiration for a living I don't even wanna know what their names are or for people to be gossipy about them, they're for their supposed SO's and loved ones to know, no one else, let them have a private life.

I think celebrities’ private lives are probably just as weird, boring or amazing as anyone else’s. I’m human, so of course I’m curious, but not enough to get my panties in a twist about the love lives of stars I like. Honestly, the first thing that crosses my mind when I hear rumors about co-stars dating on shows I watch is “I hope it doesn’t fuck up the show.” lol

I wish celebrities, particularly the ones that bring me joy from their performances, happiness in their relationships and in their lives. I wish the same for anyone. (Unless you are my mortal enemy. lol)

If you are into shipping RL people, you do you. I won’t stop you, and probably will just scroll on by. What I don’t understand is when people actually fight each other about this stuff on the internet. I don’t understand how angry and entrenched people get over the relationships of strangers. 

If someone wants to talk about Sam or Caitriona’s love life, fine, I don’t care. All I ask is that people not use my inbox as some kind of fighting ground in shipper wars. 

Unless we are talking Jamie & Claire v. Frank & Claire. I’ll fight you on that one. ;-)