A surprise birthday gift of Saezuru Cafe goodies just arrived for me from @domeyashiro and I CAN’T BREATHE.

There aren’t enough thanks in the world for this. I had seen pictures of that cookie online and I wanted one so badly (I have to figure out how to preserve it; I want to keep it forever!) AND THE CARD AND THE CHIBI PIN/YASHIRO WAITER PINS WERE ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE CAFE. Also: all the badges you sent me I didn’t have! YOU. ARE. AMAZING.


Love hearing how Jane addresses Lisbon using her first name on every occasion, the special manner he has to pronounce it, and in the finale it’s even more moving, used only for her to be heard, a more intimate way to call her. He says it when he’s worried, and also when he wants to show her that her opinion matters and he means to be open with her, that he cares about her feelings as much as she does about his at this stage. And I totally love the way in which he says “Teresa” when calling her after buying the land – he has a plan going on, and he’s exhilarated because within no time he’s going to propose to her, and he can’t wait to see her reaction, and let her know the house is now theirs. And the way he addresses her sounds so full of hope, contentment, and impatience, he’s nervous but delighted. He has so much to tell her, and it looks like he’s just found how.  

New opening.

I love the way that Naruto and Sasuke high five each other in the new Naruto Shippuden opening. It’s so… simple but it means so much. Both of them smile, don’t say a single word and just know what the other one is thinking and perfectly high five each other at the same time :’) They know exactly what the other one is thinking.

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okay so seven canonically has those little glow in the dark sticky stars you can put on your walls/ceiling, right? i don't remember when he said it but i distinctly recall him saying so at some point and i started freaking out. pls, for the good of all that is holy, imagine him getting excited when MC freaks like "OH MY GOD I LOVE THOSE, I HAVE ABOUT A MILLION IN MY ROOM". like holy shit when i was little i didn't want a night light so i got RAINBOW GLOW IN THE DARK STARS(+moon). it was So Good.

Hey anon! Thanks for the request! I thought this was super cute omg. I haven't gotten that call yet from Seven buT IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. THANKS YOU SO MUCH HOPE YOU ENJOY. Spoilers for 707′s route!! I made this so it was after the whole Mint Eye thing sO YOU’VE BEEN WARNED

Seven had been very hard to open up to you, but due to his flawed childhood, it wasn’t that big of a surprise as to why. He was always afraid of you leaving him for being so problematic, so when you stuck by his side regardless, he was elated and thrilled. He never had anyone so persistent about being with him. He wanted to exchange the favor and stick by you until the end and show you his entire world, but then again, you were his entire world. You were everything to him and he couldn’t be more grateful to meet such a brilliant beam of light to reveal the dark paths of life. He wanted to be with you all the time, but of course since you both only had just started officially dating only a mere couple days ago, he wanted to take things slow. After all, he hadn’t even taken you to his house yet. He refrained from doing so for so long and it made you wonder why he’s never invited you over until now. Though he had opened up quite a decent amount, he still had his secrets and you weren’t just about to pry him open to desperately search for them.
 “MC! You haven’t been in my house yet, have you? I’m so sorry, I should have brought you here sooner. Rika’s apartment was a bit small,” Seven said to you as you exited one of his luxury cars. Even though Seven’s diet and his clothes weren’t the most desirable, his car, however, was quite spectacular. It was no wonder as to why he cherished it so much.The cold upholstery brushed against your thighs uncomfortably as you shifted out of the vehicle. It raised prickled goosebumps on your skin unsettlingly, but that could be just your nerves as well. Was Seven’s bunker this secretive? What was he hiding in there?
 “I don’t mind, Seven. I get to be here with you now and that’s all that matters,” you assured him. He flashed you a big smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes in such an adorable manner. It was his smile that always made your heart race. It was such a warm and inviting expression, but it made you wonder how his exterior could be so humble and kind but his interior was cold and upsetting. As soon as your full body had exited the car and was beginning to make its way up to the gate, your lanky, red-headed boyfriend grabbed your wrist and pulled your entire body into his. He smelled musky, as if he hadn’t showered in days. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise you if he didn’t, he had been through so much lately. He took his long slender fingers and brushed your hair against his touch softly. You didn’t pull back though, it took you by utmost surprise, but it was quite a pleasurable experience.

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Yuu or mika

I actually got 2 of this one haha. Hands down gotta go with my smol son Yu. He’s stubborn while still being open to change so that he doesn’t get confined when going after his goals. Sure, that ambitiousness hasn’t always been the best path to take, but he earnestly tries to learn from his mistakes. He’s grown so much and I can’t help but be proud of him haha. He deserves happiness like many others in the story. I also totally relate to his love for curry, thus my choice is Yuu ❤️

Tim Walks learned to love rock climbing in the Shawangunk Mountains, a bedrock ridge outside the town of New Paltz, 80 miles north of New York City. Lucas Kovalcik, his high school friend, developed his own passion for the sport indoors, as a grad school student at UCLA. When their paths met again at a friend’s birthday party, they hatched a plan to open a climbing gym. “Tim and I were touched so much by climbing,” says Kovalcik. “We enjoyed it and what it had done for us mentally and physically, and we wanted to bring it to other people.” So they did.

In 2005, they opened The #GravityVault, an indoor rock gym, in Upper Saddle River, N.J. The timing was perfect: Climbing was catching on with the suburban set, powered by an under-the-radar national craze. The number of climbing gyms in the U.S. has increased fivefold in the past two decades, to 450, and is still rising. And Walsh and Kovalcik have risen with it: In 2009, they opened a second Gravity Vault 40 miles south of the original. They were eager to keep expanding, but climbing gyms are expensive to open — $875,000 to $1.7 million a pop. So, in 2013, they began franchising. Now they say they’ll have six to seven units — three or four of them franchises — open across the Northeast by the end of the year. (📝: Jason Daley 📷: Gravity Vault) (@entmagazine Oct. 2016, pages 91-94) via Instagram http://ift.tt/2ePlVKY

Can I just start off with: I love the R&L community a lot. I was welcomed with open arms from my first post, and every time I contribute the scraps that are my abilities to this fandom, you’ve all been so kind and warm in your responses. I love this community. 

But as a person who has been in fandom since I was a child (8 years old, can you believe the lack of supervision), I’ve very much learned to ‘pick my battles’, so to speak. I’m not the most peaceful blogger on this website, but I try not to make waves. 

My policy has always been to stay out of things unless I feel that my saying something will add to whatever’s going on. Mainly it has meant that I don’t introduce my opinion unless the conversation has something to do with gender, race, sexuality or mental health. This policy has worked in my favour for a very long time. 

What I’ve noticed about our small tumblr community is the habit of sending messages (usually on anonymous) about things that are concurrent within the community. This is nice - it’s nice to receive messages, to have people constantly touching base and asking for thoughts and opinions. However, it also means that people sometimes send messages that spark conflict - maybe a negative opinion, something that they’ve been sitting on for a long time. 

In such a small community, it really gets around. All par for the course, blows over in a few days, all whispered in the history that is people’s private conversations and the undeleted vagueblogging left behind.

The point: I get these messages. I don’t plan to answer them. 

It’s not because I’m trying to be rude or because I don’t care about x issue in fandom, or because I’m above drama (who is, really). 

The thing is - I never expected to be in R&L fandom. I started watching their videos a few years ago when I was first diagnosed with anxiety (and later OCD), and they have consistently been the bright spot of an otherwise really dark time. I entered this fandom during another one of those spells where I was watching GMM constantly because my brain was kicking my ass. And everyone’s been lovely. 

But when entering a fandom, what I’ve realised is that I need to protect my enjoyment of The Thing. I pick my battles not because I’m a pacifist who hates fighting (I will kick everyone’s ass including my own), but because I don’t want to be lost in the fandom and lose what I came for in the first place, especially when it’s something as important to me as R&L. I stopped liveblogging for the same reason - I didn’t want it to become a chore, I just wanted to curl up and watch. 

I ignore the messages because to get caught up in every discourse that is generated every day can suck the soul out of the thing I enjoy. And I cannot have that for this particular fandom, that’s so important to the smile muscles in my face and my brain.

So yeah, I ignore messages that I feel like is going to stir the pot, so to speak. I’m really sorry about that, if you’ve said something to me that you really wanted me to address. It’s probably not going to happen.

Trust me, you don’t want me all up in your discourse anyway. Pretty sure my previous fandoms all fervently wished I shut up every once in a while. And look at this damn post. I’m basically trying to say ‘I won’t answer some messages’ and its a novel on its own. You don’t want me in The Discourse at all. 


I’m so glad we met. I’ve only known you for a few months but we clicked so incredibly well and I appreciate that so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love our friendship so much, but god damn I wish you didn’t have a girlfriend. The way you refuse to let me open a door for myself or even go through a doorway after you is s sweet and incredibly attractive. We talk as if we’ve known each other forever. One could only imagine how we could touch each other. But there’s her. You love her so much. And I value our friendship and my integrity as a person far too much to try and get between that. I feel like a horrible person, but I secretly hope you moving an hour away from her puts too much stress on your relationship. That’s so terrible.


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yoo i just wanted to tell you about my incredible boyfriend! we met on here in spring and and started officially dating in august, he's all the way in the US and i'm in the UK but oh boy i would give anything to be with him for as long as possible! in a year or two we plan to meet either over here or in the states, and every day i look forward to it so much. he makes me grin and laugh all the time, he's so caring and sensitive towards me and i didn't think it was possible to be this in love ❤️❤️

That’s so adorable!!! i have a bf too whos in the uk, and we’re like, in an LDR, and an open relationship so theyre super cute but im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -mp

Heart Skipped A Beat♡