I’ve eternally so so grateful to have people who support my art and all these lovely photos of people getting my art all around the globe are so heartwarming and you people are so good at photography too its insane how crisp those shots are- thank you so so much!!
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New designs will be coming out soon, but I’ll open up a preorder form for the bottled ones as well just so I know if I should reprint them!

its been super nice to see people really happy about what I like making and ive never been so pleased <33 I have never been more passionate in making anything other than when I am surrounded by this community to help encourage me make more ^^

thank you! (˶◕‿◕˶✿)

A Poem By Burgandi Rakoska

(I was going to make you buy this as an actual book but that would be too mean. That being said, this is copyrighted so nobody steal it. Also you should absolutely go buy my other books: x)

There were two women; this was true

One wore red; the other wore blue

They stood by the ocean and saw

A big shark opening its jaws

“My husband!” screamed the woman in red.

“He’s swimming out there! He soon will be dead!”

And with that thought, she began to cry.

“I love him so much! How will I get by?”

Said the woman in blue, “Stop; don’t wail.

This is a test and we’re going to fail.”

“A test? I do not understand.”

“We cannot talk about a man.”

The woman in red resumed her crying.

“But can’t you see my husband’s dying?”

“It doesn’t matter,” said the woman in blue.

“We’re progressive characters, me and you

So we must have a conversation

Without a male’s infiltration.

And if we do this, we will be

Considered a model story.

But should we dare to fail the test

Women will surely be oppressed.

I truly do not want to fail

So we can’t talk about a male.”

“But I’m happy to be his wife!

Come on; we have to save his life.”

“I’m sorry but it is too late.

Female characters have a fate.

And so I say, I like your hat.”

“Thank you, dear. How is your cat?”

“Oh she is well. You must stop by.”

“I think I will; I’ll bake a pie.”

“And I’ll put on some fresh coffee.”

“Thank you but I prefer tea.”

“Did you ever read that new book?”

“No but I learned how to cook.”

The test was passed by the two friends.

But a shark ate the one’s husband.

“What have we done? My husband’s dead!”

Sobbed the woman whose dress was red.

“Now I’ll have to lay him to rest.”

“Great going; you just failed the test.”

i really think ive found the one

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Can u imagine a how to train ur dragon au with Fishlegs Hunk, Astrid Keith, and Hiccup Lance? Like instead of hiccup being super awkward, Lance makes up for insecurities by flirting and everyone is pretty much Done™.


-After starting dragon training and meeting a Night Fury that he names Blue because of the way it glows, Lance hides all his fuck ups in training behind misguided pick-up lines he shoots at either the dragons or Keith. “How did you keep it from attacking!?” “I don’t know, guess I just have a magic touch *waggles his eyebrows at Keith and Keith scoffs before he stomps off*

-Lance being inventive and curious, his modifications to Blue’s tail allowing him to fly for short distances by himself, but he needs Lance for long distances

-Lance being super cautious of Blue’s and gaining his trust very slowly much like Hiccup does in the series, his bond with Blue being strong very fast, but his relationship with his friends and family are getting strained

-Lance being secretive while Hunk timidly tries to find out what’s going on, why does his friend keep disappearing into the woods? Is Lance okay? Where’d he go? Keith telling him to shove off every time and forget about Lance

- Keith: “Is this a game to you!?” Lance: “No, but we could play a game together hehe *awkward wink and finger guns*”

-Then Keith catches Lance with Blue and in the moment Lance just has Blue pick him up, trying his hardest to explain. This is where Keith diverges from Astrid, he would find the flying immediately invigorating and it would excite him as something he could master, holding onto Lance tightly and seeing why Lance was doing everything he was doing 

-Keith and Lance working together to explain the dragons and Hunk’s just gung-ho “totally was not obsessed with dragons anyway haha… okay I love them so much riding them sounds so fuckin’ cool!!!”

-Keith making an incredibly strong bond with a grumpy, red Deadly Nadder that hates everyone but him. Eventually, Lance gets on its good side too, mostly by feeding it fish, but now it demands a fish from him every time he sees him

-Keith and Lance being the village power couple with their dragons always in tow

-Lance struggling with the responsibility of eventually being chief while Keith becomes the best dragon rider known in the village. They’re both enthralled by their upcoming positions, Keith in defence for the village and Lance in running it, but they are also so terrified, how does being an adult work? 

I’m going to stop myself here, because I could go on forever, but this is long already. If anyone wants more just ask! 
***Requests Open***

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Bumblebee (Bayverse)

He has heard of the words, he has seen them, seen them all over the internet and on signs that decorated Earth’s streets in a thousand different languages. But never has Bumblebee heard them been spoken. 

When the scout settles in front of you in the cool grass, bringing his face to yours and nudging you while he hums his happiness, he had learned to expect you to show some kind of affection to him right then and there. The first few times you’d ever done that had been a surprise to him. He wasn’t sure how to react to your touch, no one has ever stroked his faceplates like that before. But like everything else on this planet, Bumblebee had grown accustomed to it.  

Now, he focused his optics on you– your smile, your bright eyes, your warm hand reaching out to rub his plating– Bee had leaned into your palm, buzzing in low, happy tones while you stroked your thumb alongside the angular components of his jawline. His thin finials flickered upwards from the top of his helm and shuddered where they stood, giving away just how much Bee enjoyed your movements, your presence, you, and it was amazing to the huge bot that he could feel this way about you at all. 

Minutes passed in blissful silence and you both knew he could fall into recharge right where he sat, but he also knew you couldn’t be bothered to stop touching him. The loving look and a pat on the side of his helm proved him right, and Bumblebee lowered himself down a little bit more to your level. He had his forearms rested on the ground at your feet and his legs began to straighten out behind him, slowly but effectively laying him down on the ground without a noise. He didn’t want to miss a single word you said, even if you hadn’t spoken at all to this point.

Bumblebee watched as you took off your jacket and laid it down on the grass to sit on, scooting forwards a bit so Bee would be able to rest is head in your lap had he come down closer. 

The Autobot did not disappoint. He rolled over onto his back and delicately laid his head in the dip of your lap, beeping and whirring as you massaged wiring and transformation seams hidden under armour plating. You had been chilly when you first took your coat off, but Bee’s body and head radiated heat like… Well, like a machine.You were willing to sacrifice your warmth anyways if it meant you could cuddle the bot like this more comfortably. 

The night continued as slowly and delicately as you two could have expected; Bumblebee had his optics closed, a steady vibration escaping his damaged vocaliser as you massaged him. Two large yet delicate hands came up over his head to wrap around your back, supporting your body as you relaxed into his heated servos. A single finger was massaging your back– a silent thanks, comfort, and repay all wrapped up in one gesture.

Your routines with this incredibly responsive being were kept nearly constant. Things would change here and there, but it would all play out the same way in the end: you two relaxing against each other, wordlessly telling the other that you’d never leave them, even if someday you both knew that you might have to.

Worlds apart, and yet you’ve never been closer.

Bumblebee had expected all of this. What he didn’t expect, was for you to drop a gentle kiss on the Autobot symbol on his forehelm, pat his faceplates and whisper a nearly-silent “I love you, Bumblebee…” against his heated plating. 

It it weren’t for the hypersensitive audial receptors that his race was born with, he may not have ever heard you speak. But he did, loud and clear, and his movements halted before he snapped his optics open and gazed at you. His optical ridges were pointed upwards and his optic discs were blown huge, his own excited, silent expression of “Really? Do you mean that?” 

A vibrating whir that sounded like quiet helicopter blades came from his throat as he stared at you with so much love it felt like he was surrounding you, and when you smiled down at him, he released a series of beeps and clicks that made his own sentiment clear as day. You breathed out an excited laugh and moved out from under him, only to lay against his chest and hug around his warm neck. Servos came up and cradled you against him, never willing to let go and he repeated the sounds, over and over.

I love you, too.


@giannnarose​ asked “Do you have requests open? Also, do you write character x character? Because I was wondering if I could get a story w Angelica and Alex where they’re fighting or having a deep conversation and Angelica accidentally reveals her feelings for Alexander? If you don’t do ships or you’re requests or not open, that’s okay. :) I love your writing sm keep up the good work!” 

A/N: So I have no excuse for being so absent. I just really hope that you can all forgive me for not posting or writing as much. So I know I have a request list going, but I was so intrigued by this one that I really wanted to write it. It’s my first character x character one so I hope I did it justice, especially since we all know how complicated this is gonna get. This is Alexander x Angelica, with of course Alexander x Eliza. Like I said, complicated.

Word count: 2,152


Alexander looked up from his writings to see Angelica standing at the door to his study. He looked at her longingly.


“You know, it’s quite a shame that you’re not joining us upstate for the summer,” she interrupted.

Her tone remained neutral, but her arms were crossed, closing her body off to him. Alexander sighed and put down his quill, feeling simply resigned at this point.

“Angelica I have to-”

“Get your plan through congress, I know. But would it kill you to take a break?”

She stood her ground, her eyes never wavering from his, though her tone never changed.

“You need to give this up Angelica. It’s enough.”

Alexander rose from his seat, clearly challenging her in both his posture and tone. Angelica’s eyes narrowed slightly at him.

“No. You need to listen to reason, Alexander. You’re working yourself to death, you’re ignoring your family, and it’s not going to do you any good if you keep going like this.”

She had a small hint of a pleading look on her face, but her words only caused Alexander to become more angry.

“Excuse me?”

Angelica huffed. Of course he couldn’t listen to reason. Alexander was stubborn and determined beyond comprehension. That didn’t mean she was going to give up, though. If not for her own sake, then for her sister’s.

“You heard me.”

“You’re the one who told me not to stop until Jefferson and I agreed!”

“Within reason! You’re hurting Eliza, and you know it!”

“Only Eliza?”

He kept his eyes on hers as she schooled her expression. Angelica had always been the best at keeping her emotions in check, but Alexander could tell he had hit a weak point in her armour. A part of him thought he knew the answer already, but he’d be damned if he jumped to say something about it only to have Angelica reject him outright.

“Don’t change the subject, Alexander,” she said coldly.

“And why not?”

His eyes were blazing with the passion that had first drawn Angelica to him, making her weak in the knees. However there was no way in hell she would let him get the upper hand on her like this.

“Because this is about you not being bothered enough to take time away from work to spend the summer with your family, with your wife.”

“And you as well, am I correct?”

Alexander raised an eyebrow quizzically at Angelica, but his expression betrayed how smug he was clearly feeling. This only served to infuriate Angelica.

“We both know I care for you Alexander, I am your sister after all, but that’s not what’s important-”

Saying the word sister caused small needles to prick all over Angelica’s heart. But it was the truth, it was her reality. She was Alexander’s sister, and she needed to live with that. Maybe it would be easier if he could only treat Eliza with the love and respect that she deserves. Though Eliza never said anything about it, she knew that Alexander’s neglectful tendencies were beginning to take a toll on her beloved sister. Angelica had sacrificed her happiness for her sister’s, but it would all go to waste if Alexander continued to act in this manner.

“Then what is?,” he said in almost a condescending tone.

“Eliza, of course!,” she replied as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

To her, it was.

“Eliza understands that I’m busy-”

It was clear that Alexander was beginning to lose control of his temper. It was more of a reaction than Angelica and Eliza had gotten when they were practically begging him to go upstate with them, and she was prepared to use this to her advantage. She just had to remember to keep herself in check. Alexander was the one who she needed to break right now, not herself.

“You are treating her unfairly!”

“I may be busy, but I am in no means treating her unfairly!”

“You say that as though your work does not mean more to you than she does!”

“She knows that what I do is important!”

It was becoming more and more apparent to Angelica that while she was evoking a large response from Alexander, her temper and frustration with him was also becoming more visible on the surface. She had always been Alexander’s equal, proving time and time again that she can match him no matter the circumstance. Unfortunately for her, this ability was now causing her to lose her own calm as she matched Alexander’s angry tone.

“She also knows that her family is important! You’re the one that doesn’t!”

“How dare you?! I care about Eliza immensely! I love her!”

Though hearing the words hurt Angelica, she knew she had to keep fighting for her sister’s happiness, like she always had.

“Really? Do you show it by ignoring her pleas for your attention? Do you show it by saying no to any time you can spend with her? Because that’s what you’re doing Alexander!”

“How I treat my wife is none of your concern, Angelica!”

“It is! She’s my sister!”

“Then talk to her about it! I don’t appreciate the accusations you’re making against me.”

Angelica wanted to scream. He just wouldn’t understand. Could he ever understand? She was at her wits’ end. She was hurting all the time because of her own loss, and now also for what seemed to be her sister’s.

“Alexander, I need you to understand that Eliza deserves to be treated better than this. Not only because she’s my sister, but also because beneath all of your ambition I know that there is a family man who is more than capable of giving Eliza the best life.”

“I am doing my best!”

“No you’re doing your best to further your political career!”

“Why are you so obsessed with this?!”

“Because I gave you up so that Eliza could be happy, and you’re treating her horribly!”

Both Angelica and Alexander froze at her statement.

Angelica stood straighter, attempting to compose herself as quickly as possible, but she knew that it was too late. She had said too much, and now Alexander knew her greatest weakness. Now more than ever, he had the power to destroy her.

“Angelica-” he began quietly, but was quickly cut off.

“Forget it, Alexander,” she said in a voice that was a lot shakier than she had wanted it to be.

For the first time since she had met the man, Angelica did not want to look into his eyes, and so she instead chose to look the wall to her right as she blinked back tears.

“How can I ignore what you just said?”

He sounded exasperated.

“Well you’ll have to!,” she snapped at him, finally turning to look at him.

His expression had softened considerably, and was now looking torn.

“Angelica, have you always felt this way?”

She hesitated before answering. Angelica knew that continuing this conversation on the track it was currently on would only serve to further the damage she had created. But she also knew that this could be her one and only chance to say how she’s felt for years. There was no going back, that was for certain.

“Yes,” she answered softly, though reluctantly.

“Angelica, you should have told me!”

How he had managed to look both affronted and heartbroken, she did not know. She swallowed hard.

“In another life, I might have,” she admitted.

“Then why didn’t you?”

He was being uncharacteristically vulnerable, she noted. He was pleading and his eyes were showing a great deal of emotion. His openness was something she had never seen from him, and it softened her defences. Although, in remembering what the answer to his question was, she reminded herself of what she had been working for since they had met.

“Eliza,” she said firmly, though not unkindly.


The tone of which he said his wife’s name and the look on his face made it apparent that he was  finally beginning to understand the many things he had been blind to before. When he did not say anything further, Angelica continued, hoping that the reason for her actions would be seen as necessary, if they were not so already.

“I know my sister like I know my own mind. You will never find anyone as trusting, or as kind… And a million years ago she said to me: “This one’s mine…’” Angelica trailed off as she motioned to Alexander.

Alexander stood there speechless for the first time in Angelica couldn’t remember how long. It looked as though he was trying to process everything. He was carefully thinking his next words, something that Angelica had never seen him do.

“Do you still feel the same?,” were the words he decided on.

“Alexander, that doesn’t matter-”

“Of course it does. Angelica I do not believe even in your most intimate letters you have ever been so open with me,” he said earnestly.

“For good reason!”

“Please. I need to know,” he begged in a softer voice.

Yes. Is that what you wanted to hear? I love you, I have since the moment we met.”

Alexander finally crossed the room and reached out for her, but Angelica pulled away.

“No. Alexander we cannot even entertain any idea of-”

“Really? Because our letters have not been completely innocent and you know it. You are my intellectual equal, Angelica, and I have always felt a strong pull toward you.”

“Alexander, you forget yourself,” she said severely.

Alexander sighed and nodded, looking in that moment much older than he really was.

“I understand that even though now these feelings are exposed now, we cannot do anything about it, but just know that my affections toward you have not changed. You’ll always be very special to me.”

Alexander’s words filled Angelica with warmth, as they always did, though hearing them in person gave them a greater effect than simply reading them off a page. She swallowed hard, however, and looked him dead in the eye.

“Eliza,” she said simply, as if to remind him.

“I know.” He paused. “I could never understand how you let go of something you so desperately wanted.”

Angelica gave him a small smile.

“I love my sister more than anything in this life. I will choose her happiness over mine every time.”

Alexander slowly returned her smile. Her words had seemed to cause him to reflect, if but for a moment.

“And for that I am ever grateful. Eliza has given me love, happiness, and a family.”

“She’s the best thing in our lives.”

They were both smiling genuinely now.

“Alexander, you must promise me that you’ll be a better husband to her,” Angelica stated, rather than asked.

“Of course. I truly need to finish this plan, but when you return from upstate I promise that everything will have changed. For Eliza, and to honour your noble sacrifice.”

There was something behind the man’s tired eyes that made her believe him, even though she was not yet fully convinced.

“And get some rest. I know how important this debt plan is, but things will only go wrong if you do not take a break at some time.”

Before Alexander could respond, Eliza had walked in the study.

“There you both are, I’ve been calling for what seems like an eternity. Dinner is ready.”

Though her tone was slightly exasperated, Eliza smiled and hugged her sister as though she still could not believe that they were reunited. Angelica returned the hug fiercely as Alexander watched both of them with fond eyes.


Angelica let go of her sister as Eliza stepped toward her husband.


He took a moment, as if deciding what would be the right words to say. He kissed her hand gently. Angelica watched both Alexander and Eliza smile at each other with nothing but love, her heart torn from hurt, but also happiness for them.

“Let’s go have dinner,” Alexander finally said.

As Angelica clutched the pieces of paper in her hands, tears streamed down her face. She was practically shaking with anger. Was this what her sacrifice had gotten them all? She wiped her eyes and threw the papers on the ground, not wanting to lay her eyes on them any longer.

She needed to return to America. To her sister.

Her sister who she loved so much, who she had given up everything for.

And that bastard had betrayed them both.

As Angelica packed, and all throughout her trip back to America, three words burned in her very soul.

Three words that proved to her that her sacrifice was all for naught.

Three words that showed her that their encounter before their trip upstate had done nothing to change him, to leave him even the least bit satisfied.

Three words that began the end of all their happiness, for good this time.

The Reynolds Pamphlet.

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You might not know this, but you are amazing. I've moved to another country for only few months and I'm struggling to fit in. Seeing how you're making your own way in US now is not only inspiring... It gives me strength not to give up or be discouraged and rather to believe in myself. The fact that you're so open with your experiences makes me think about you, hoping you do well, but also to think: 'He's going to make it, you can do it too!'. Thank you, for being you. Much love <3

Oh, so much love to you also <3 I hope you’re doing okay. It’s such a big challenge and affront moving countries and trying to fit in. Just believe that other people want to know you and are interested in you. That’s what I’ve been going by. My accent is a good conversation starter and a good bridge into connecting with people. Use something like that to connect. Difference is a great way to start conversations.

It’s taken a lot of swallowing my fears to reach out to new people, but it’s been positive so far. I truly hope you can fit in and feel like you’ve made or are making a home.

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Not a request, butt have you ever thought of a Mondatta, Zenyatta and S/O threesome? Before Mondatta was dead, anyway

*Watches Pyrocynical* *Goes on Tumblr* *looks at message box* *reads*

Well fuck me diddly doo with those lovely robo-dicks I am so down for writing this, come with me, you lovely robo-fucker, all you lovely robo-fuckers, and we’ll see a world of pure filth thank you so much for this idea I need to write this pls someone suggest this when the askbox is torn open again so we can all nestle inbetween these two very sexy monks pls and thx

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hi, i just wanted to thank you for being an opening queer and trans christian. i found your poetry and fell in love, and it made me reconsider my faith (something i had tossed aside after growing up with only conservative christianity) i'm still figuring out what i believe in and what faith means to me, but you made me feel realize there is a space for me to worship and be safe without denying who i am. thank you so much for all your beautiful poems.

thank you so much for taking the time to send me this message! there is absolutely a place for you in the faith in both your queerness and your questioning. wherever your spiritual journey takes you, know that i love you and support you. thanks for appreciating my poems. have a great day  xxx

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You have a boyfriend and a girlfriend? That's cool! Are you guys in an open relationship?

the three of us are romantically involved, actually :) my bf and gf have feelings for each other, i have feelings for both of them and they both have feelings for me. it’s lovely and wonderful, i’ve never been happier tbh. thank you so much :) when i saw the notification on my dashboard i only saw the very first question in your message and i was a bit worried it was going to be a hateful comment, so i was relieved and happy when i saw the rest of your message :) 


(Someone requested this when they were open but I accidentally deleted it and only just remembered so sorry to the person who requested, I had so much fun doing this as well since I love the films and books)

Tate Langdon - Harry Potter Aesthetic 

Tate Langdon, a quiet Slytherin who no one seems to not know much about. People would often take that to the advantage and pick on him for being quiet, non the less he got on with his studies. He would be on the Quidditch team as a beater, since he joined the team people gave him a little more respect since he was surprisingly good at the position he played on the team. 

He would often stare at you in class, sending you anonymous love letters. He was a little nervous because you were a Gryffindor. He put in the letter ‘’if you want to know who I am meet me outside of potions class tomorrow’’ And so you did…

milkyblubber  asked:

I haven't been following long but I'm just gonna say that you are extremely funny and so open with tons of people and most of the authors I follow aren't (like they don't even say boi, and any of the other funny shit you say) and I love it sm have a nice life ur amAZing!


|| Ehm.. oh wow haha 

This blogs exists a little more than two weeks and I already have this many followers. But that is just one small reason why I am so flattered and thankful. I’m having a great time in this fandom and honestly didn’t expect such an open and amazing welcome from everyone! Every day has been a day filled with fun and feels and I’m thankful for people allowing me the time to develop Wisely as a character and give him and me so much love? Like, thank you, really o///o 

I could do a shout out to peepz, but y’all know who you are when I say: Thank you for allowing me to spend such a great time with you all~! <3

Blessed to be eating brownies and ice cream right now

questions about me, tagged by @the-princejinyoung! (Sorry, school’s started and I’ve barely had enough time to check tumblr let alone do a tag. Thank god it’s the weekend.) Thank you so much for tagging me!! It makes my day when people tag me (:

Countries I’ve lived in:
United States of ‘MURICA.

Favorite fandom:
Well, I’m both an ahgase and army. I would say my main is Got7 and my side is Army. Although I love both SO MUCH. (as I currently am watching BTS’ Paris KCON opening performance)

Languages you speak:
English and Vietnamese fluently. Spanish conversationally (took 5 years of it). Recently I’ve learned how to read Hangul, but ‘m currently at a preschooler’s reading level/speed lol.

Favorite film of 2016:
Finding Dory!

Last Article You Read:
I can’t remember. Probably something about the elections coming up.

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here:
Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
Lies - Marina and the Diamonds
Somebody to Love (ft. Usher) - Justin Bieber (I promise I’m cool)

Last thing you bought online:
Wonder Pore Freshener! (yes Korean skincare)

Any phobias or fears?
Letting people down. Spiders. 

How would your friends describe you?
Happy, loyal, caring, slightly pessimistic with an optimistic feeling (this came straight from my roommate haha)

How would your enemies describe you?
Annoying, irresponsible, loud.
Who would you take a bullet for?
My family, my absolute best friend.

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first?
I would pay everything off for my parents.

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better: @jjks, @why-cody, @igot7-bangtan, @taekookismine, @margethemouse, @jeonsshi, @pepi-junior, @got7europe, @jacksonweng, @jinson-af

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These last two chapters were so good. I don't want the story to end. I was waiting for you to get to All Night and you did not disappoint. I loved that they just laid there and cuddled and talked. Really talked. No BS-ing, just honesty between them. And the lyrics of the words truly meshed well with the intimacy of a couple that loves one another on plane where they completely know one another. That transparency in their relationship. Loved it. And to have Carl know they're ok. So good! ❤️🤗👏🏾

That is pretty much exactly what I wanted for this chapter. To make it clear that while their relationship has changed a bit, it’s for the better, in the end. Openness and nakedness in every sense. I wanted them to kiss up and rub up and feel up on each other all night. 😄 So thank you. Thank you for reading, and for sharing your wonderful insight and encouragement along the way. I don’t want this to end either; it’s been such an amazing journey, and getting to hear you guys’ thoughts has been my favorite part. I’m gonna stop before I get emotional, lol. But seriously, thank you! 💛


//gUYS WTF?!?!?! 300 FOLLOWERS IM CRYING!!! Thank you all so much, these past two weeks have been pretty stressful bc of school and trying to get myself emotionally prepared for school, and I come back and I have 300 followers my whole year was just made like seriously. ASK BOX WILL OPEN AGAIN!! I’m SO SORRY that i’ve been gone for 45 years but like I said, school started recently and they give like305 pages of homework the first week???? So i’m sooooo sorry but I still love you all my beauties! Thx and srry!!

~ Lola