omg janelle monae was presenting the award for best director at the independent spirit awards and when she opened the envelope her eyes went wide and she SCREAMED “BARRY JENKINS FOR MOONLIGHT!!! AAA!!!” and she jumped up and down smiling. shes so cute i love her so much?


Guuuys, you should watch this mexican cartoon, it’s about our legends and folklore.
It has even been dubbed in many languages including English ofc, this is crazyyy.

I’m already watching the episodes and my mouth is wide open in shock, this is so much better than expected. There have been like 3 movies or so about these characters in the past years but the series seem so much better (I was in love with the first movie when I was a child tho, I knew Every. Single. Line. I’m not kidding.) also Leo was my boyfriend, peace out.

Alexander Hamilton (in talking about the opening song) and COLORS SYMBOLISM

Note: I spent to much time on this and I love Hamilton and color symbolism to much not to delete this cause I’m just looking way to much into things and I tend to do this but maybe I’m right *shrugs* who knows.

So the opening number fucks me up because. Okay so let me explain a few things first, 1: I’m mostly talking about visuals so fight me about it if you don’t like it. 2: I put a lot of thought into these little things so don’t mind me.

Okay so when it starts Leslie and Anthony are on stage singing their thing. But Anthony is in white/very light tan color and Leslie is in I’m gonna say like a plum color jacket weird thing (idk how to explain it). Then Daveed comes on and he’s also in the same color as Anthony, same with Oak. And then the ensemble has the same color on. And even Lin is in white. And now you guys are probably thinking why I’m so into the colors of their costumes well sit the fuck down and let me tell you.

Okay well as Lin is singing “Just you wait” and everyone else is singing “in New York you can be a new man” Lin gets this brown jacket on and he gets some books (I think) and a bag that is also brown.

Now let’s back up for a second, I am very passionate about colors and their meaning cause it intrigues me and I’m a nerd. And so Plum (the color) is a designated purple/violet and guess what colors make purple and makes their meaning. BLLLUUE BLUE AND REDD. And the meaning of purple is historically, royalty (which ties into this but give me a minute cause it’s not what I’m talking about). And that’s because it is hard to make the color purple into cloth and so it meant if you had that color you had a lot of money because it costed so much (end quick color history). Also before I’m talking about blue and red, there is a saying that goes “born to be purple” which basically (back to the royalty) goes to people who were born into a noble or royal family AND OH LOOK AT THAT IN WAIT FOR IT BURR SINGS ABOUT LIVING UP TO LEGACY.

Okay so first up is red which means: Love, Danger, Luck, Passion, Joy, and Bravery (though I am sure there is many more I am listing some common ones). While blue means: Calm, Trust, Sad, Intelligence, and Strength (there are also many more but I don’t need to list them all let’s be real). So basically purple comes out from combing at least one from each color (symbolically). And so if I put Calm on the post (for blue) and Passion (for red) cause Aaron is a calm son of a bitch but he’s passionate (one does act I and act II) about getting ahead in life and passionate about being president (and then Alex died). BUT GUESS WHAT HE’S MORE CALM IN THE BEGINNING SO THAT MEANS THAT THE REASON THAT THE PURPLE IS SO DARK IS CAUSE HE’S SO CALM AND COLLECTED IN ACT I SO THE BLUE MAKES IT DARKER.

OKAY now back to the white and brown. So I’m gonna start with brown cause this should be fast (but idk so good luck you’ve read this far) so brown often is like an responsible color. One of its many meaning is that it has a “keen sense of duty” and “a sense of belonging with/for family”. Which is exactly what he is doing at that point. Taking charge, using his mind for benefit and trying to get ahead in his lonely unwealthy life (at the time of him being a kid).

NOW ON TO WHITE. So the ensemble actually wear white a lot in it but since almost everyone has white on it’s different. The colors that Leslie and Lin were wearing were probably to highlight those characters and contrast the white costumes to show they are important and to LiStEn To ThEm 1!1!!!1!!(the antagonist and protagonist are another good reason). But white is a very clean slate type of color(or shade what ever you call it I’m going with the majority for this though) and if someone likes it you can’t really blame them cause it’s a nice color. It’s an untelling color and so it makes sense for them to wear it. BECAUSE we know nothing about the characters yet, we don’t know where they are from or their causes. Plus almost everyone plays two characters so it leave a blank slate there as well.

in Their Own Words.

Above are all the pictures from both Caitriona Balfe’s and Sam Heughan’s personal social media accounts that feature any of their reputed “others” either professionally, behind the scenes, or off the clock. it’s a very short list.

…Well, I guess there is that picture of a drink from Tony’s bar from the weekend it opened and she was in town to visit her newborn nephew. But it looks so much more like an advert than a protestation of love, so I went ahead and left it out…

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I'm straight and have never really understood much about sexualities at all, but I completely accept all of them with open arms and for someone to say being bi isn't a thing? Do they think half the entire population are invisible or something? Smh

tell me about it

it’s so weird isn’t it how someone’s romantic or sexual preferences are such a huge deal like why does me being attracted to men and women make me so odd why is that weird why would anybody give a fuck


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Love the new fic snippet with the Avocados. Very interested in seeing how it goes. I know Darcy is becoming ever more open about herself and her identity, but there's still so much she lies about without thinking or simply can't say, and Matt has always been a bit of a walking lie detector and bases so much of his trust on that. Do you think that will affect their relationship?

Hi! Thank you. 

You know, that’s an interesting question. Matt’s lie detector abilities kind of hinge on the person doing the lying knowing they’re lying, which would possibly lead to increased respiration, increased pulse, nervous fidgeting – things he could hear or otherwise detect. And the thing with Darcy is, she’s not lying. And if she does lie or obscure, it’s about something she’s done that for for so long, that it’s just reflex. 

If Matt wants to trip her up, or something, he’s going to have to hit her with something she’s not prepared to be open about, or something she doesn’t have a ready-made explanation for. 

Still, I think Matt’s going to be curious, or maybe even suspicious. She’s got shooty callouses on her hands (which has got to be somewhat unusual in NYC)  and I’ve got to think Bucky’s arm makes some noise for the dude with the superhearing. Like, that is not a prosthetic that he’s ever heard before. 

But, if he’s uneasy enough, or suspicious enough, and decides they should fire them as clients, he’s going to have to go through Foggy. 

Anything more than that, and I guess we’ll just kind of have to see how it plays out. I wouldn’t recommend that Daredevil try to get too close to Darcy, snooping-wise, because I think that would make the Winter Soldier grumpy. 


The possible acknowledgment of Taylor being in London has really given me hope that she and Tom r together…just like u said! Strangely I’ve come to the realization that I don’t care if TNT r together, I just want them both to be happy whoever they’re both with because they both seem like amazing people. What really makes me happy is how Toms fandom will blow a gasket if they are in fact together😜😜😜!!! Yes, petty I know, but they have been so unkind to Taylor. They have rediculed her, demeaned her and all because their fav loved her. They couldn’t seem to open their eyes to her talent, generosity, kindness…the same attributes as their Tom. So yes, i will gloat if ur assertions r true about Taylor and Tom but mostly let’s just want them to be happy and in love and bring more goodness to our messed up world.

I do have the ability to accept being wrong but being right would be so much better! - magen

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I sent you an ask like 2 weeks ago. huge one, saying how much I love your art and your otayuri and bekas sister buuut it seems it got lost because you never replied to it which made me sad because you never got my appreciation for you amaze balls art so here I am sending it again. you art rock, I love it and if you opened a shop I would buy it all. much love <3

SHOOT I AM SOO SOOOO SORRY!!! I have about a 100 asks in my inbox rn and I try to reply to all of them but I don’t want to spam you guys with my replies, so I try to respond to them little by little and some of them are in my queue ;O;

But eoajlksdesjik thank you so so so much!! You have no idea how much this means to me <3333 And again I am super duper sorry I didn’t get to your ask right away! :c 

So I got the news today that my grandpa needs open heart surgery to clip an aneurysm on his aorta + a new heart velve. They said he’s a ticking time bomb. And the doctor’s aren’t sure yet if they want to operate on him since he’s almost 86. Haven’t cried yet. I love him so much and I’m so scared. Idek why I’m sharing this but it hurts so much??



Thank you for your reblogs, likes, asks, and the tags you’ve given to my works! They mean so much to me and I really appreciate that you stay with me all these years, even though I move fandoms a lot. For new followers, thank you and I hope you enjoy your stay!

I’m so glad to know that you enjoyed (or suffered because of) my works! I love that my works can cause such… interesting and amusing responses. I love your tags. Even the keyboard smashing. Especially the keyboard smashing.

I’m also glad to know that my works makes your day better, which makes my day better as well! 

You gave me motivation to keep creating and improving my skills, so once again, thank you so much for everything you’ve done to me!


Have a nice day!

Also a bonus:

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How was Newsies?

If there was one word to describe (honestly there are no words) I would say magical.
It truly was amazing and well worth its money.
I won’t lie and say I haven’t watched many boots of Newsies, so I felt like I was ready for it, but I wasn’t. Watching it in HD on a movie screen was a gift. As soon as the opening started, tears starting forming in my eyes and when you looked around so were others. And speaking of the audience, the theater was full, there were people standing. It was so wonderful to see the musical theatre community out and being around so many Newsies fans and in truth, it made the night.
The reactions to the cast and scenes with excitement and crying and seeing the originals was pure joy.
Jeremy FREAKING Jordan. I have no words. He was fantastic and seeing Andrew made me cry (I love Crutchie so much). The Letter from the Refuge, I’m just crying at the thought. And Tommy Bracco deserves so much more credit than he gets. Kara Lindsay is everything and more. Aisha de Haas (I’ve always loved sharing a name with her lol) is the boss.

It was great and can’t be described in words. It made for a great birthday gift. I’ll add more on as I think about it.

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Can you please help inform tumblr user ccarl about how excluding ace and aro from LGBT + is harmful? I've literally been shaking and crying from the things he has said. I don't even feel safe in the LGBT community anymore because he is brainwashing so many people to exclude us.

Honestly, block them. You deserve so much better and I promise there are so many beautiful people out there who support you and love you. Including me ☺️. This person is obviously a negative human and you don’t need to deal with that. Block them. You belong. You are loved. You are LGBT+. All you can do about it is spread your knowledge and your experiences. Teach people to love and accept with open hearts. There will always be assholes.

Just a reminder to my followers, I support ace and Aron people as members of the LGBT+ community. Please leave if you don’t. It’s not okay to exclude people like that! I will be blocking this user that is being aphobic and I suggest you do too!


Winnie’s eyes flickered and she groaned as she opened her eyes and was assaulted by the bright light. She immediately closed them, “No, no, no Winnie don’t you close your eyes on me Beauty! I need you to stay with me!” Lincoln pleaded with Winnie. Winnie’s eyes flicked open again at the sound of Lincoln’s pleading.

“It’s just so bright, Lincoln,” Winnie said her voice coming out raspy. Her throat was sore in fact her whole body was sore.

“I missed you so much Winnie, don’t you ever do that to me again!” Lincoln said picking Winnie’s hand and bringing it to his face.

“I’m sorry I scared you Lincoln and I love you too,” Winnie said smiling. Lincoln smiled back and kissed her cheek while pushing the button to page the doctor.

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i've been following this collective for years and i just wanted to say thank you to everyone here (especially stefan @teamcaptains) for their contributions because this place has honestly grown so much and it's really amazing, it's inspired me so much as a writer and reader and i love it a whole lot.

Thanks so much for sticking around, I’m really happy! Nosebleed Club has undergone a lot of changes (from exclusive collective to open collective to a writer reference point), and I’m so grateful for everyone who helped make this into what it is today. The future is full of possibilities!


Please read my lame post :)
Today I have reached 1k followers and I am so so so thankful for every single one of you! I opened this account about 4-5 months ago expecting no one to even follow me but look at where we are now :’). I would like to thank all of you for liking and sharing my shitposts (even though I barely post -.-) and loving me even though we really haven’t met hahah!

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Hey hey, please could I have the link for the magic anon where everyone comes back to life?? I love your blog so much it has consumed my ^3^;

(Hey! Aww thank you ! :D

It’s here ! If it’s like before you will probably not be able to open the link if you are on the tumblr app on your mobile here is the full link for you to copy/paste in google :) http://ask-danganronpa-students.tumblr.com/tagged/m!a/chrono/

It was one of the very first event of the blog so not a lot of the student were awake :)

-mod lili)

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congrats on the 100 followers!

(( Thank YOU to all my followers, this is so sweet omg,,, 💕 Idk if any of you guys noticed, but as soon as i opened this blog i hit a MAJOR artist’s block, which is why the art on the first chunk of this blog looks kinda half-assed, i got rly self conscious with my art and all, but u all helped me out so much. I love u guys! 💖 ))