“Alright, quit playing around with me. I know you don’t want to answer, you’ve told me nine times now - but it’s an important question, you need to. So, just tell me, come on. If we were the only two people left on Earth, would you fuck me or would you kill me and eat me? Those are your only options. There’s nothing else you’re allowed to do, you have to pick one.”


“Then the rain began to pour down worse than ever, and Oin and Gloin began to fight.” - The Hobbit

Siblings can be such a pain in the arse.

(At some point I’ll draw Óin and Glóin getting on because obviously they love one another, but I am always amused by their childish bickering in the book.)

If you ever for a second think that you will someday grow up and grow out of Disney or it will fade out of your life, I am here to tell you that you are very wrong because 50 years later, my dad still knows all the words to the Ballad of Davy Crockett and the Mickey Mouse Club opening/closing songs, he still gets sad when he hears “When You Wish Upon a Star”, and his favorite Disney Princess is Snow White.


I’m just gonna leave this here for Amy nee-san… spyoflove
New Makura no Danshi man <3

My little sister gave me a drawing of herself that she did at school with the words “Kaelia (her name) who loves puppies and God and Keani (my real name)” underneath the drawing. I asked her why she gave this to me and she said because she wanted me to keep it in my room forever and because I’m her best ate (big sister in Filipino) and I just