Mine to Take


So I’ve been sent here by @vminswiferay. I have a short fluff request. So imagine that you really love Taehyung/Jimin’s (you can pick) sweaters and they’re comfortable. But your bias wants it back and they take it and wear it. But you try to take it back by making out with them and getting them all hot and flustered and get into the moment and take their clothes off (including sweater) and once it’s off, you run off with it, leaving them confused, flustered, etc. idk if it makes sense

Thank you for your request!! Here it is. Its a fluff with a tiny bit of smut…not really. Hope you like it, because you know, a frustrated Jimin is everyone’s favourite Jimin  <3

                                                                                                 -Ray :)

Genre: a bit smut/fluff

Mine to Take

“You took it.”
“Its mine to take.”
“You know I wanted it.”
“Well then, take it back.”
“What do you want for it?”

You looked everywhere.
Anywhere at all where it could possibly have been misplaced. You searched high and low around your small apartment. The laundry room, the couch where things got heated last night, and then finally, you returned back to your bedroom empty handed. It was no where to be seen, absolutely gone. You collapsed on the bed and stared up at the ceiling in despair. This spoiled the rest of your perfectly planned out night. Everything was ruined. You were still in just your towel, fresh out of the shower, hair dried but your favorite sweater no where to be found.  Now you’ll fall behind on work; assignments, midterms, life. You won’t be able to concentrate. Your mind is off balance, your body uncomfortable, your soul yearning for a home to return to as it wanders around empty and unfulfilled. 

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pro of being an actual tiny: people wouldnt question why i always wear the same hoodie. bc people always ask why i wear the same hoodie. maybe i just really like this hoodie. ive worn it for 3+ years daily now? fuvk off i love my hoodie. if i were two inches tall with limited clothes options then some people wouldnt keep asking me to throw away my hoodie.

viva la nyc hoodie