uhhh thunderblink hcs i finally have a moment to think abt them in peace and god i love them sm?

  • john really fuckin loves flowers
  • like really loves them theyre so pretty and good nd he loves them sm
    • his favorite is like jasmine flowers and water lillies and its so fuckin obscure but?? also so hIM nd god i love
    • nd if u dont think he’s carrying a large (impossible to carry but he does) bouquet of beautiful various flowers day of the wedding i got news for u buddy,,,my pal,,,my GUY
  • anyways he like has a small garden he has painstakingly cultivated and when things get too much he like goes out to the back and gardens to calm himself
  • in her first few weeks there clarice found it by accident - its kinda hidden nd shit - and it was so pretty and soothing that she just like sat down and stayed there
  • and the day was warm and she still had trouble sleeping and the sun was hitting her in all the right places and the wind was gently blowing and it was so peaceful that she just closed her eyes for a second and five hours later john finds her in his place eyes closed sleeping with a soft smile on the grass and oh
  • later on that kinda just. becomes their thinking place for shit
    • (no one else really goes there its not that they dont like it its u kno people have their own spaces w their own energies and the garden just happens to be thunderblinks thats all)
  • so like at some point they do actually get an expresso that makes good coffee god bless
  • nd clarice is there every morning making herself a cup and john is there making tea
  • they arent even talking bc its the morning and its quiet nd they juST woke up but theyre moving around like a team not even having to communicate verbally god bless
  • also somehow?? everyday there is a box of donuts with at least two jelly donuts nd no one ever owns up to getting it but there is a twinkle in johns eye as he takes a sip of the tea and watches clarice take a bite
  • speaking of food theyre both really good cooks
  • i mean it like is a variety of food they can cook like clarices cooking is more like comfort food that reminds u of the good times like french toast or pancakes or waffles or like rice but the way ur grandmother always made it and it feels Good
  • johns cooking isnt exactly fancy its just slightly nontraditional bc he was in the army and hes been to a lot of different places so sometimes he can combine stuff together u wouldnt have really thought of
  • they both however can cook really fancy shit its just that theyre really tired sometimes ukno?
  • neither of them are morning people like yeah john is more disciplined and will make himself get up but he will hate doing so
  • ah yes Gay Jokes AHoy
  • clarice: i swing both ways :) violently :)) witH A BAT :)) COME AT ME
  • john: im too bi to be putting up w shit shit b(i)ye
  • them together: holy shit that person is cUTE
  • clarice fong, a literal walking meme
  • dozens of armed men: u have destroyed all this property and are the bad guys!! you will come w us
    clarice: sounds fake but okay
  • clarice: hah physics ainT GOT SHIT ON  ME
    john: thats true but also dont say that around our kid who hAS A FUCKIN MIDTERM LITERALLY IN AN HOUR
  • they both curse but like john curses really obscure shit?? like
    doGSHIT IN HELL JUST DO IT and its so?? what the fuCK john?? what the fuCK??
  • their kid (who im calling j.d fight me yall) on the other hand never curses like they say shit like: oh for panda lilies sake what are yall doin now?? oh stARSHIPS that hurt and its so fuckin funny auehrauh
  • uhhh pet names galore for them
  • john, in the middle of doing anything: ur doing great babe!
  • they call each other everything like darling, babe, and then when theyre really drunk say shit like ‘starlight of my life’ literally its like tum//blr tags come to life 
  • anyways they love each other and i weep

And finally the prize! SO HAPPPY! Ha selfies with Mysterion are like a bag of potato chips ya can’t have just one. Plus I realized the tags randomly change with each pic. 


It still blows my mind that I have this many followers. I started this blog thinking no one would give a shit about my random ass & my obnoxious comments! But you guys are so amazing & so supportive! Always giving me feedback on everything! Whether it’s my writing, amateur ass edits, or just in general! I love you guys so much! & I mean that! I interact with you guys more than I do with the friends I have irl! You guys are the best! Please never hesitate to message me! I love talking to you guys & creating new friendships! 💕💕

One of my birthday gifts from my husband came in the mail today and honestly I just love him so much guys! He was so proud because he came up with this all on his own, I swear he was even more excited to watch me open it up than I was. Also it’s prefect because we’re going to Baltimore/DC next weekend, so obviously I have to wear it.

I just want to take the time and say thank you all so much for even requesting me these moodboards in the first place! When I first put this idea out there I didn’t think I was gonna get requests at all, and now I get them everyday! I feel absolutely loved and I love u all so much! U guys make me happy! Gn my darlings! 🖤

levi-trash476  asked:

You are amazing! you are wonderful! You are fantastic! You are great! You are a gift to this fandom! Thank you so much!

^^^ Legit me reading this message…followed by just ugly crying!


(btw @ariiellemoon I did get your hc message, I am working on that!)

You know what I love about fanfiction writers? Their fucking amazing headcanons of their otps having jobs. Like Person A could be a doctor, or a politician, an artist, a soldier and Person B could be a CEO, or a lawyer, a chef, or ANYTHING. Or your OTP could be co-workers. And the best part? The writer being detailed with what the characters do. Like Doctor!Person A knows the shit that they do. Medicine names and lame chemistry pick up lines all over the place, specific time for surgeries and wearing kahki scrubs. And Politician!Person B goes all stoic and confident, presents argumentative valid points and FUCKING POLITICAL STATEMENTS (I LOVE IT), and strategies on how to win the elections (and it makes me think, “if this is irl, i would vote for them 100%). With all those approriately-used-words for their profession, I get EDUCATED. I LEARN SHIT (in a great way). The stories make me feel as if I work with them.

This is why I give so much respect to fanfiction writers. I love you guys so much. YOU GIVE ME LIFE.