I had really hoped this would be a longer, more dramatic, impressive video. It didn’t work out that way. But I tried really hard! I think this format doesn’t work unless a costume has a ton of pieces (like my tudor one), but it was worth a try. 

Even though I don’t love this as a video, I’m really pleased with how this costume came together. It’s comfortable to wear and having the hat (and eyepatch - weirdly) makes me feel quite regal for once! 

I blogged about the whole process of making this, if you are interested in reading those posts they can all be found here!

okay hearing my parents say bisexuality isnt real literally…. hurts so bad lmao bc i love them so much & trust them especially my mom, and i know they love me, but they just!!!! dont believe in bisexuality!!! and its like okay if the pppl who love me the most dont believe that people like me exist (even tho i came out to my mom) how can i expect the rest of the world to!! what if my identity is never seen as real. sometimes im even confused like….. wait dont i need to pick just one thing to like??? and then im like no wtf that doesnt make any sense bc thats not how i feel! but the whole world tells me im supposed to! and it makes me feel bad!!! tbh

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Those fillimander pictures from a few days back oh god I love it just like 'I am here in front of ice cream, problem?' 'yes I spilt a ton of nail polish but look how perfect I am in front of it or I'll get grumpy' I hope you got to eat the chocolate candy and all!!

Thanks! I was pretty happy with how most of those photos came out. Glad people liked them!

I always eat the edible props. Always. 

Mmm, photography….

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How can you ship Amon/Korra ??? It's a crack ship right. And if you did watch LoK to the End you'd knew which cannon ship is true

Dunno if you’re legit asking me why I ship it or you’re just ‘omg ew how can you ship that’. You can anon message me again if you want to clarify but if it’s the latter I’m not going to bother. 

I’m aware Lok ends in Korrsami but honestly there are plenty of people who draw that already, So I’m gonna stick with Amorra because its my fav cracktastic ship that I have loved ever since the first season came out <3

Though I was sad myself when Jessica left and loved her to bits and pieces, I’ve gotten over it. Many haven’t themselves, but I just find it so funny now how people look back at when the news came out and treated it like when the twin towers just fell. 9/11 was tragic itself also, but come on, “We will never forget 9/30,” lmao.. Maybe because they’re in the same month.. Also, Bush did 9/11

Bob Marley had this idea. It was kind of a virologist idea.
He believed that you could cure racism and hate… literally cure it,
by injecting music and love into people’s lives.
When he was scheduled to perform at a peace rally,
a gunman came to his house and shot him down.
Two days later he walked out on that stage and sang.
When they asked him why?
He said: “The people who were trying to make this world worse…
are not taking a day off. How can I?
¡Light up the darkness!
—  Lines from the movie I am legend
Wanting More

  Hi guy’s here’s one of the one shots I mentioned, I finished it and I’ve reworked it a little, but haven’t reread it so please excuse any mistakes there might be a few. I don’t even know where this idea come from or if the idea is any good, probably not, anyway I will keep it up for a few hours or so and see how I feel after that because I still don’t love it or like it that much, but hopefully some of you will think it’s ok.  Almost 13000 words :) xxxx


                                                   Wanting More.


“RAE” Finn came in slamming the door loudly letting Rae know he was home.

“RAE” Finn shouted out again. Rae ignored him and carried on reading her magazine.

“Rae, I’ve been calling you”

“Jesus Finn, can you knock? I could have been naked in here” Finn leaned against Rae’s bedroom doorframe.

“What ya doing?” Finn stretched his neck trying to look over Rae’s shoulder.

“Reading” Rae flipped the page of her magazine.

“What ya reading?”

“A magazine”

“What magazine?”

“What’s with all the questions?” Rae closed the magazine and flipped on her back; she looked at Finn and knew he wanted something.

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story time!

alright I saw a post about Hannah Montana (I know it sounds weird but wait) annddd I thought I’d share how my brother reacted when I came out to him!! we were in my dads car and he was in a store and I decided “hey, I think this is a good time” so I told him j was pansexual/panromantic then I explained to him what it meant. I was so scared of how he would react because we’ve never talked about anything like that but you know what he does? he grabs his phone from his pocket, puts it to his mouth and starts yelling “yOU GET THE BEST OF ALL GENDERS, CHILL IT OUT TAKE IT SLOW THEN YOU FUCK ALL THE WORLD, YOU GET THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS, TRY IT ALL TOGETHER AND YOU KNOW THAT ITS THE BEST FROM ALL WORLDS” then he put his phone down and said “that’s cool” I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy and at the same time somewhat terrified at how quickly he put that all together in his head

THE ASK romanaofheartshaven JUST GOT MADE ME THINK OF THIS THING IVE THOUGHT ABT BEFORE, with the whole soulmate au where you don’t see any colour in the world until you meet your soulmate, and then when they die the colour goes away again ( mostly literally, in the doctor’s case probably also figuratively – i.e. them being gone from his life if not actually DEAD ).

I have thought about this with the doctor before ; about how many times colour would have come into his life and how many times it would have gone away. how, for instance, when Jamie’s ( and Zoe’s but mostly Jamie’s ) memories are removed at the end of the second doctor’s run it was so painful not because of the forced regeneration that came afterwards but because he saw the colour bleed out of the world the instant Jamie’s mind was erased of him. how when three realises he loves the brig but the world has been monochrome ever since the beginning of this incarnation and he knows the brigadier will never love him back. How when he regenerates into four and sees Sarah Jane for the first time in that incarnation and finally there is colour again and he realises for the first time that love is more complicated than he originally thought. I think abt nine meeting rose after the time war and he is so breath taken by so much colour after such a bleak, grey devastation that he can’t help but come back and try again even after she says no the first time.

I think abt four looking at romana when she looks like princess Astra and being so flabbergasted that she is THERE and there is COLOUR why is there colour now when there wasn’t before???? and when he realises its romana he is like “REALLY? HER?” because they were so often at odds in her last regeneration but it turns out to be true, oh so true. I think abt 11 loosing the ponds ; together they had made his world so VIBRANT and once they’re gone his world is such a dark grey that it’s nearly black. he cloisters himself away so that he never has to go through the pain of losing somebody he loves again. he thinks he’s safe in victorian london, but then comes along clara oswin oswald and she catches his attention with her sudden burst of colour, and when she dies he should be devastated at the loss but he knows now she’s out there somewhere else…… but when he meets clara prime he’s so disappointed ; everything is still grey. it’s what makes him suspicious originally, that bitterness in him, but he gets over it eventually. he’s pretty much come to terms with their relationship when he regenerates and all of a sudden she’s there again, bright and vibrant as he always knew her to be. but she doesn’t seem to see the same in him and he wonders if perhaps she doesn’t see the same– if maybe other species and gallifreyans don’t always line up, if he’s just stark and bleak to her. ( he’s not. )

I think abt his relationships with people who brighten up only certain colours ; Jo is yellow, nyssa purple, Donna reds and oranges. in some ways his world is never truly grey, but sometimes he has trouble seeing that through his grief and heartache.

IDK I JUST THINK ABT THIS A LOT AND I AM AT WORK AND WRITING IT OFF AND ON AND THERE ARE SO MANY INCONSISTENCIES AND THINGS MISSING like idk what’s going on with river and the TARDIS and basically I have to flesh this all out more but it is important to me and I wanted to write it out at last at least a bit.

I know you will hurt me. You will make me feel things and then leave. And when you do, I won’t know how to put my heart back together the way it was before you came. I know you will say you love me but take it back, and I know I would never do that to you. You will make me incredibly happy and incredibly sad at the same time and I am still trying to figure out how that’s possible. You will trust me one minute and look through my phone the next. And above it all, you will make me fall in love with you, even though you might fall out of love with me. And I know this because being in love with someone is inevitably a huge test. Just to see if you can get through all the bullshit. And if at the end of the day, you still love that person as much as you did when you first met them, then it’s real. That’s why falling for someone is terrifying, and that’s why you scare the hell out of me.

So I have owned Splatoon for 2 days and already am so obsessed with this game that I just had to have a go at crocheting a squid of my own to keep me company during turf wars :D

Definitely a work-in-progress pattern, especially the eyes, but I’m really happy with how this little guy came out considering he only took less than 2 hours :) Let me know what you guys think about him <3

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Never before have i seen a decimation of this magnitude. I cannot believe this is happening. Rinharu, destined pair. mh confirmed not seeing each other that often. Utsumi saying she can talk about rh for days. Their "new relationship" and future together. The fact that baby Rin drempt ALL of this up, and told Haru, who will figure out how gay it all is once he ages. I cannot believe they gave us this much, and completely set mh ablaze like that. Utsumi came for their entire life, I am dead.

I love how the things Utsumi said sound like she knew exactly what’s going on with certain part the fandom. Like, official confirmation for what we’ve saying for months so they shut up and get they are wrong.


Now I need Haru to remember it years later and ask Rin about it. Because as children they still don’t know the implications -not to mention kid Haru is too busy pretending not to care-, BUT IMAGINE RIN THINKING ABOUT IT IN AUSTRALIA AND WANTING TO SMOTHER HIMSELF WITH HIS PILLOW BECAUSE NOW HE’S STARTING TO REALIZE WHAT EXACTLY ALL THIS IS ABOUT and he’s scared Haru finds him weird or something. Or maybe he had a similar dream -or a more… explicit one- there and he put two and two together and maybe he asked Lori because Lori is like a second mum and maybe that’s what he didn’t want her to talk about in front of Haru aaahhhh I need a cold shower and Rin too, probably.

Penis Dan, Penis Penis Penis.

Dan Howell. We all say we love him and how great he is, but we don’t talk as much about the bad stuff. I can understand why, though. If you don’t mind, I am now going to make a sadish post.
Dan was bullied. Dan had (and, I think to a small extent, still does) low self esteem. He is musically gifted, but doesn’t consider himself good. But aside from all that, he dropped out of law school. He started with intents of being a lawyer, or something professional. He fucking dropped out to do something that, at the time, could’ve been the worst idea ever. And we all say “Phil is so great and means so much to Dan!!!1!!!1!!” but he is. He is so much to Dan. During that dropout time, Dan was most likely very sad. Very, very sad. But Phil was there for him. I’m not even going to imply Phan right now, because it doesn’t matter. Whether or not they are or were dating, Phil -probably- DID save him, at least once, during that time. “But he wouldn’t have dropped out if he wasn’t with Phil” That sounds harsh, but let’s be honest. Can any of you see Dan as a lawyer? Not to say he couldn’t do lawyering, it’s just not him. Had he not been with Phil we might not have had a Daniel James Howell in the world.
And don’t forget they’re real people. Don’t shove Phan down their throats. Yea it would be fun if they were a thing, but don’t make them feel guilty for not being in love. Honestly, if I knew over a million people wanted me to date my best friend and I didn’t like them like that I would probably feel like I’m letting them down. I DON’T CARE IF YOU SPEND ALL YOUR TIME OBBSESING OVER THEM, THEY ARE NOT CAS AND DEAN, THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE.
That is all, thanks if you actually read this all, it was longer than I intended it to be. It’s just me expressing my opinions. And remember kids, treat Phil and Dan like real people. They’ve been through a lot and you need to treat them nicely. They choose to do what they do for you, so don’t make them want to quit.


Title: Falling

Pairing: Reader x Castiel

Song: Wherever You Go by A Rocket to the Moon

Word Count: 2,354

Warning: none

POV: Second Person Reader

A/N: I thought of this idea when I was thinking about how I started as a Dean girl and then Cas came into the picture. Like Cas came in and all of a sudden I didn’t know who to love anymore… Silly angel:) but yeah now I’m a Cas girl but I love Sam and Dean too. ((although I have been having serious Sam feels recently haha))

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Hello, Please Read

Hello. My friend, who lives in Texas, recently came out as gay, and his parents (being the conservative Christians they are) were horrified, and decided that they will send him through gay conversion therapy.

He also had a boyfriend who he met on the internet and loved very much. I say had, because his parents also recently found out about him. They took away all of his electronics and cut off all communication between the two.

My friend has been suffering ever since this happened.

I’m saying this because I want you all to know how horrifying homophobia can be. My friend is suffering, and at the hands of his parents. Parents should love their child and support them no matter what. I don’t know if my friend will ever recover.

If you’re curious about anything, just message me, I left out a few details.

Please don’t be homophobic, you never know how bad you’re effecting someone.

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How did your family/friends react when you came out?

I’m lucky to have had very loving parents considering how religious they are. They’ve told me countless of times how much they’ll never stop loving me and how much they love me as much as they love my siblings. All they’ve done that I thought was maybe uncalled for or inconsiderate of me has only been to protect me, and I’m trully grateful for them.

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hey! I was reading the first chapter of Blueshift and I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love how it was written. Also, when I listened to the podfic of it, I really loved how you /actually/ censored it as if it was literally on tv (for some reason that had me tears lmao) I seriously can't wait to see how it turns out. Anyways, have a great day!

Thank you so so so much!

I went and learned how actual sound techs censor profanity. The first time I got it right, I fucking cackled. It’s not that funny on the page but for whatever reason in audio I really felt like it was an effective joke and I’m so glad that it came across as funny to you!