This is the most morbid Lego set we own, haha. (I like how in Lego’s version, Anakin’s still got his original hand – and possibly his legs – he’s just lost his hair and looks mildly put out by all of this.) You can flip Anakin around and Darth Vader, in full suit, is on the other side of the table. 

(This is a set that came out in 2005 when Episode 3 premiered. I’m pretty sure I bought it for my husband when I was in college or around that time, hahaha. Truly, I have grown and changed so much.) 

After watching O Helga Natt and Minutt for Minutt today I remembered that because of the time difference I actually experienced those two clips on the same day when they came out. Friday the 9th of Dec was an intense day. Wondering whether Isak would go to the concert? If Even would be there too?Then experiencing the perfection that is O Helga Natt. Julie giving us all what we needed in a 6 min clip with one line of dialogue. The relief after Isak’s “du er ikke alene”. But then 12 hrs later being so uncertain again with Even’s “I should leave”. And just shaking with emotions as Isak bravely gave Even exactly what he needed. His unconditional, nonjudgemental love and support. I’m unsure how I’m still alive! And it’s making me worry about getting through the next season. Pray for me. Pray for us all!

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*insert here a picture of norrie standing with her hands on the back slightly shacking her head in disbelieve as she looks at all the other ringmasters that came out of nowhere*

“I don’t know how to feel about these people but I do enjoy the growing count of other females in this job….Sadly they are all people I do not want to have around me.”

We have an alien, a Necromancer, a big wooden doll, an animal as ringmaster, etc.

Norrie feels old and more normal than ever

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What's it like to have an LGBTQ+ group at church and how difficult is it to start one bc my church doesn't have one and I think we need one x Love you

Idk we just kinda found each other!!!! It’s SO WEIRD we were all already friends and then one of us came out and then the rest of us were also like… oh shit ya same
Thus the Queer Musketeers were formed

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I literally just came up with this but since you wanted headcanons: Photographer!R takes a lot of really nice photos of Les Amis at rallies, meetings, just hanging out, etc. When Trans!Enj starts his transition, he asks R to work with him on a photo series documenting the changes he experiences, and how it feels to transition, using early photos of him as the jumping-off point (&who knows, maybe taking intimate photos creates some interesting tension...;) )


I have to share my new profile banner I’ve done for my Facebook account. At first I wanted to do an early 90s-themed pattern with the Simpson family, as you know…it just fits the time and art style.
But then I got stuck with lovely Smithers and Burns ♡ again (and if I really try hard and avoid including my trademark eyes and hair) they look like official stock art. I really like how this came out, that pink and green might be my favourite colours ever and probably a blanket with that pattern would be great haha ♥

I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN’T UPLOADED!! Life really got me down lately and I haven’t had any energy to draw or do much of anything that I love doing! UGH!

Anyways, I really love how this turned out- I drew this for the Canadian premiere of Tangled Before Ever After but it came a few days later than planned :( I hope you like it all the same!!

Done in St Petersburg watercolours, Pentel sign pens, Pilot g tec pens, uniball gel pens, and finetec pearlescent paints.

The day is terribly close. I draw
       breath. On my legs something
feels like an acorn or a seed
in death: try not to imagine it for long.

Me, going out of fashion far too soon.
Decades. For my own good. Far for
my own good. I left for a long visit, saw
      some people hang around
the beach, the lonely cabin. Ever felt
      nothing that I could say.

It wasn’t about love that I came this way.
The ghost is how it mattered
somehow.               To say this; in the delayed
reaction of a body we do not know:   Mattered,
the particular was gone.       Flickered, turned
       out white in a vision. Wasn’t a dog in pain
       or someone else dying quite yet…

… Yet I cannot say the truth ever about you.
That is not what’s for us. The big plan
slides under like the water under ice at spring.
Walking precariously every new season.

Is this it? The right year inside a moment?
A long eternity. Without many words I am
disgusting in the reflection, and released
only without you.
                          Everything seems possible
                          when it is not seen. As night
delays and decides not to go on.

For once more annually trees grow
back and are chopped down.  Comfort —
No mystery to deal with. Just this
a good kind of emptiness showing the truth
          between and as the blows.

Alright, so funny story, I was planning to upload a new Larry fic today. And then I was like, “do I really wanna publish something on March 25th? The Cursèd Day? Nahhh I’ll wait.” WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE A REALLY A+ INSTINCT. WELL-PLAYED, PAST!CHARLIE.

So anyway, tomorrow I totally have a new fic for y’all. It’s called “Life Was a Song, You Came Along,” and here’s the summary:

It’s embarrassing how long it takes Louis to recognize his own song. Niall had sung it as a bright, hopeful love song, and that’s honestly how Louis had always assumed it should sound. But this new voice, slow and rough, stripped of any backing instrument, has infused the lyrics with just the tumultuous mix of fear and defiance that Louis can remember so clearly from the night he wrote them.

It’s not a comfortable thing, to feel like someone is singing all your secrets back to you.

Louis is a songwriter trapped in a lie that could ruin his best friend’s career. Harry owns a record store, distrusts everyone in the music industry on principle, but loves Niall Horan’s newest album. A modern retelling of Singin’ in the Rain.

So yeah. Coming soon…

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To the anons arguing directly/indirectly that we shouldn't care if Lauren only wants a political voice: when she came out it was through a political letter. The response she received was overwhelming, though almost every single one was saying how proud they were of her, referring to one single line in the midst of a hundred others in the letter. If she can feel "loved" (by society) as she said for her sexuality, why can't we? Why should we not want the same acceptance from her she got from us?

That’s true, but I truly don’t think Lauren meant to hurt anyone, she just chose her words badly - I do believe she accepts us (the CS) to a certain degree, but I don’t know if she fully understands what Camren means to some people.


I just wanted to make a little rant….Like wow. Just wow. I never in my life have felt….so…loved? Like this blows my mind how far i came along on tumblr. I started being active on tumblr back in august… I first started it out as my cosplay blog but then i became more entranced into the undertale fandom. I followed such amazing artist and then started to talk to some of them. For such a long time…i felt alone. Even though I have friends, a family and a wonderful boyfriend I love so much. For so long I had a dark cloud over me…for so long…i thought my life didn’t matter at all. No one would miss me…I been through so much nightmares in life and I always got scared to get close to people…in fear i would be hurt…in any way possible. I….I never thought i would make the friends I made here…..they do so much for me….telling me things what i need to hear…some things can be pretty harsh but its true. I laughed with them….cried with them..had some serious arguments with them…. But i know deep down…I love every single one of them so damn much. They support me so much and support me when i feel like everything is against me…. And the messages I get from people i never met before sending me love..sending me kindness….it blows my mind and it makes my heart weep with so much happiness. I have never….NEVER in my life have been given so much love…..so much kindness…given mercy. Its thanks to all of you…every single one of you who have cheered me one…who have laughed with me…who have supported me that I am still here. 

And all I can say is thank you….you guys made me feel like i belong in this world….

Thank you.

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Hey there! Since Jesus came out, I was wondering if you could do a gif set of the true gay icon of the post-apocalypse, Maggie Rhee. She accepted Tara into the group, she saved Eric, she supported and befriended Aaron, and Jesus came out to her. Truly a queen.

hey there, i’d love to do this request, thank you so much for asking me to make this for you. however, i’m not entirely sure how you would like me to go about making it. my ideas were to do a gifset of “maggie rhee + interacting with LGBTQIA+ characters”, would this be okay?

please let me know and i hope you’re having a lovely day!


And because Sam is so cute and everyone loves puppies, here is some video of him with his brothers and sisters just before he came to live with me. He’s the one in the red collar (his first collar I got him). This BTW is also the one and only video that made me $99 on Google AdSense many years ago. I guess people love them some GSD pups!

He stood out to me, the way he bounced and acted, which is why I picked him. And he’s been here as my friend for 10 years now. Amazing how much he’s grown. I chose wisely.

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To your anon who feels they're being pushed away from Niall & back to Harry because of stans - that's how I felt, in reverse, when This Town came out and some harries called him a snake for releasing it so close to Another Man. They're still dragging him for things he said in interviews, they've called him a flop who mentions 1D/Harry for relevance, & I've seen asks saying that he copied Harry's love for old rock bands (like, wtf???). I like Harry but his stans have dimmed my enthusiasm sadly.

yes exactly. but let me reiterate REAL quick, you will not see niall stans hating on harry in that manner. hell, no one ever really shits on him at all? but it’s obvi okay for that to be done endlessly to niall. THATS OKAY! but it’s somehow not okay to want equal recognition from the media for niall for his hard work and the countless good things he does…

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ok but can we talk about how billy and tommy going missing has made kim realize her feelings for tommy in the mmpr comic? and jason's encouragement? i am so nervous/excited for when billy and tommy make it back. my tomberly loving heart!

AHH I KNOW IT WAS THE BEST i love jason and kim’s relationship in this comic, they’re totally like a brother and sister and it’s really sweet ;u; skdfjlskj i wish this comic came out quicker than once a month i need my heartfelt tomberly reunion NOW goshdarnit