doodles from stream! i am super proud of both of these!! i love how they came out the poses are great!! x33333 i also like how i was able to write japanese for the picture xD i think its correct? its all katakana and hes saying kakatte koi! kai! (bring it on kai) i tranzlated it in google so yeah xD

sais gaster blasters know very little english so he mostly speaks to them in japanese   kai (the square eyed gaster blaster) is more of the fighter while ken (the circle eyed one) doesint like fighting all that much

sai has been training alot since he got lossi back  he trains with kai sometimes in the back yard while lossi is asleep (i dont think lossi knows sai does this kinda stuff or not)


WOO I DID A DOOBLE THING WITH THE WIFE @freedomtofrance we fell in love with @midnigtartist Pride icons but it’s like, i wanted to do the collab thing i saw @jamsandhams and @secretarytreasury did. So this happened. I really REALLY love how my lines came out and my wifes coloring is amazing as shit!

I love her. Please show apprication when she posts her half!


Some more photos of my new notebook. I love how they came out so much and will be using mine lots. The pages are unlined with a nice off-white color. Great for notes or journaling. The paper is not thick so I wouldnt recommend it for heavy duty drawing but it’d be perfect for some light sketching.

You can match me and get one of your own here!