Two Worlds

Prompt: Uncle Tony Stark comes to visit

AN: This came to me in the middle of the night. I love how it turned out.

Words: 1259

           You walk through the building with an authority that comes from having mesmerized the halls when you were two. You don’t even pause, as you swipe your clearance card and pass through the doors. Tony had always been a tad sentimental, but not revoking your security clearance is just stupid.

           You ignore the gaping mouths and push open the office door. The sight that greets you makes you pause. Stiffening your shoulders, you don’t even bother with a greeting. A hand goes to your hip and you ask “Where is he Pepper. From the look of things, I’d say he hasn’t stepped foot in the building in years.”  

           Pepper just stares at you “Y/N, but you …”

           You sigh “Went to another dimension, the dimension that is fusing with this one, and I need Tony to make sure the world doesn’t go kablooey.” When she just keeps staring at you, you snap “Pepper!”

           She snaps back to reality and simply says “He’s off the grid.”

           You smile “Then give me the coordinates for the new one. My email is the same.”  And then without another word you leave. Dialing the number, you know by heart, the phone rings three times before your husband finally picks up.

           “Did you get ahold of him?”

           You sigh as you slide into your car “Of course not. Nothing with Tony is ever easy.”

           Bruce just chuckles “I thought you said I reminded you of him.”

           You smirk, as you hook your phone to the blu tooth, and pull out onto the road. “Exactly Bruce.”

           Your husband just laughs “Well, Alfred always said you’re the only woman in the universe that would be able to put up with me.”

           You smile as the coordinates pop up on your phone “The coordinates just came through, I’m off to see brother dearest.”

           “Good luck.”

           You turn off you phone and allow your mind to drift. Tony had been born three minutes after you. He’d always been smart, and always filled with a mind that was moving faster than everyone else’s. He’d never been able to stay still for long, and by the time he was sixteen he’d begun going through women faster than he went through red bull. Your parent’s death had sent him further over the edge.

           It had left you running the company. An accident in an experimental area had sent you careening through dimensions and had landed you in a world very similar to your own, but oh so different.

           You’d found an entry level position at Wayne enterprises and worked you way up in a matter of months. It had taken some time but eventually you had earned the trust of Bruce Wayne himself. It hadn’t taken you long to figure out his secret. He wasn’t nearly as good at hiding it as he might think. You had waited in the shadows until he needed you. You had never expected to fall in love with him.

           Fifteen years and seven kids later, found you still madly in love with the man, and still just as dedicated to protecting the new world you had become a part of.

           Then, the dimensions had started melding, and you had found yourself staring down a home you long thought was lost. Two weeks of research showed exactly how much had changed in your absence. Your brother had become a hero, aliens had invaded New York, and your brother had built a machine determined to destroy the world.

           Your brother had always been brilliant, and honestly you were thrilled to see that he had found something he had been passionate about. And now, he was needed again.

           The dimensions seemed to be erasing key events and people to compensate for how many things were melding. There was a chance to stop it from happening, if you were able to get Tony’s help.

           It takes you several hours to reach the building. Slowing to a stop right outside, you exit without a second thought. Guards are on you in seconds, and you simply raise an eyebrow in question, before the first avenger steps out. You believe he’s called Vision.

           Stepping around the guns aimed at you, you walk right past the computer, machine, man, thing, and move into the building. You track his phone to a nook surrounded by windows. Stopping beside him you simply say “So, I hear you’re still building things.”

           Tony just turns to you and says “Did Y/F/N Margret Stark just make a joke?”

           You smile “I made an observation.”

           Tony finally turns to you, and you can’t help but sigh at what you see. His face now has lines, there are bags under his eyes, and he’s much too thin. When you don’t say anything he says “So you were trapped in another dimension?”

           You nod “The one that is slowly becoming a part of this one. And soon it will start erasing people, to compensate for the population increase.”

           “How sure are you about that?

           “99.99% It’s already started happening where I live.”

           Tony sits down on the window sill and looks up at you “So this is how it is. My big sister comes back from the dead, apparently married,” He points at your ring “and I don’t even get a hello, or at the very least a cookie.”

           You let out a deep breath before sitting down beside him “I didn’t mean to vanish.”

           He nods “I know. I got the reports. A scientist off his rocker started experimenting off the rocks, and when you went to fire him after finding out, he started the damn machine up, and it ended up killing three people, and you … well you just disappeared.”

           You cross your ankles “I tried to find a way back Tony.”

           “For how long?”

           The question catches you by surprise, but you answer anyways “About two years. Until I got married. Until I felt like I was home for the first time since I was a kid.”

           “You ever think about me?”

           You smile “Of course I did, you’re my little brother. And whenever my kids would do something especially stupid or especially bright I would tell them they were acting just like their uncle Tony. They want to meet you by the way.”

           “So I have little nieces and nephews just running around.”

           “Nephews and niece.” You correct.

           “And this guy.”

           You smile “Head of a big company. Family owned like ours. He’s a really good guy, and an amazing father too.”

           Tony nods, and goes silent for a few minutes before saying “Okay let’s go.”


           “Save the world. I’ve got to find this phone first. And then I have to meet this husband of yours. Something tells me I might need his resources from his world. I also have to deal with the secretary of state…”

           You pull a card out of your purse and hand it to him “Have her call him. She’ll take care of it.”

           Tony just looks at the card for a minute before saying “Amanda Waller.”

           You smile “Any man within their right mind would be terrified of her.”

           Tony just shrugs, and extends his arm. You give him a half hug as the two of you walk out the building. “And just so you know sis. When all this is over, I reserve the right to kick this guy’s ass if I don’t like him.”

           You laugh. “You’re welcome to try.”

           Tony scoffs “Try, I’m a superhero.”

           You smirk “So is he.”


JESUS CHRIST I’M DYING. But I’m also proud of myself. Please forgive the interlude of pones so I can upload my most recent animation here. So this is an assignment from my ToonBoom class. and the goal was to take our favorite childhood picture book and animate a scene from it, using its style and keeping it as close as possible to said style. I chose the cute little book Guess How Much I Love You. :3

This is the result of 24 hours of work non-stop to do. It would have been a lot less if the damned computer I was on didn’t corrupt my save and lose about 6 hours worth of work. :/ Regardless, I’m proud of how it came out. c:

Thanks you guys for indulging me. Headcanon and AUS and pones will commence soon! ^.^

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jin and jungkook grocery shopping together ;o;

i hope you like this! began quite comical but then shifted into how i write normally; i apologise for any typos! send in requests of a bangtan ship/member if you would like!

rated e for everyone loves seokjin
word count: 747

“You know what would be great?”


“If we fill honey nut cheerio’s into a tub and bathe in milk.”

Oh my god.”

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Idk like its so weird how people were shitting on Mystery Skulls Animated when it first came out because the animation was “bad”. But honestly I barely noticed it bc of it’s intentional cheesiness and charm and little tidbits like small things happening in the background and the head bopping.

While I don’t think the Lone Digger was BAD by any means cuz like I said I fucking love the animation and designs, it never had much else to keep my attention. Sure a fight goes down but I hardly know anything about either sides or the other animals that get involved therefore why should I get invested? why do the cat and dogs hate each other? Why couldn’t we see their relationships within their own groups?

I mean for some people that’s totally okay with them and I don’t mind. But I always want more than just well designed furries and nice colors

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So I recently realized both that I'm bi and that I like one of my close friends. Then when I came out to her she actually came out as bi/ace to me as well! I think we could work as a couple and would love to be in a relationship with her, but I'm scared to bring up the possibility in case she doesn't feel the same way and becomes uncomfortable around me. Any advice?

You need to tell her how you feel, sit down with her and explain that you feel for her in a way that’s more than just friends and you think, if she’s willing you could make a go of something more.. But explain that you’re concerned that if something happens and it doesn’t work out or she doesn’t feel the same way you’d hate to put the friendship you have in any kind of trouble and if it makes her uncomfortable apologise and let her know you value your friendship very much ^^
You both have to sit and figure out if it’s worth the risks together if she agrees to give it a go :3
It’s awkward to talk about these kinds of things, but in the end it usually works out much better than if you didn’t ^^
With love,

Ok but imagine right after randl finished recording session, everyone went to their respective offices including them. once they got inside, rhett made sure he closed the door.

and he was like “what was this song about, man?” he didn’t say it in an accusing voice, on the contrary, he gave Link the warmest look with the softest voice that Link felt his cheeks hear up, he didn’t know if it’s from the question or the stare or the song…

“Dunno, man. just came out I guess” he chuckled slightly without looking Rhett in the eyes.
“I liked it, man! I liked it a lot… I loved actually. Thank you Link. You have no idea how much it meant to me. Heh! I’ll probably go back to this video and listen to it again” Rhett said sincerely with a shy smile and Link just beamed.

Link lifted his chin up with the biggest grin on his face. He felt proud and content. He always felt this way about Rhett and just because he doesn’t say it often (or at all of he is being honest) doesn’t mean he doesn’t have those feelings.

“Well I am glad, buddy roll! And you don’t need to open the video.. well, because I mean… hey! I am right here!”

And they spend the rest of the day singing this song and other silly ones which definitely included ones about Link too.


Okay, so, I came up with an idea about how everyone else (including the Lovelies) finds out about Dan.

During a recording of Game Grumps, somehow, Arin is in so much rage that all of a sudden Dan just comes out. It sounds like Arin is bumping the microphone or something, and Jon (who Arin has handed the controller over to) just continues playing for a few minutes and talking to Arin, until he hears Dan make a comment, maybe like some obscene sex joke or something.

Jon is just frozen in silence as Dan keeps talking and somehow brings up murder or death or something (it sounds like just a really dark joke but in reality, Dan’s just talking about the last time he took over Arin). And Jon is nervously laughing and is unsure how the weird guy from a few days ago is sitting right next to him and is just talking about murder and rape in the most casual way possible, so much that it just feels like a joke. 

Arin turns back to normal towards the end of the recording, and sees Jon sweating and is like “dude, I blacked out there, what just happened?” and Jon just goes, “I don’t know? Help me.” and later asks whoever’s editing the episode to take that part out after it’s published, and the editor (I’m thinking one of the guys from Supermega) is like “I don’t know man, people seem to like this guy”

And people do, I mean, they think that this guy is cool and calm and genuinely seems like a nice guy, and they ask this person to come back on the show. Arin’s just like “the fuck are they talking about” and Jon goes “oh, a friend of mine came over while you blacked out, his name’s Dan”

Basically, Jon lies to Arin that Dan is a friend of his and is most definitely not a murderer thank you very much, so Arin is like, okay cool he seems nice when he’s not talking about murder and stuff. So Arin says, “you should invite him on the show more often”.



“You got in a scuffle with a sword?!” I asked surprised with a small grin.

“Aye, lad! You know, sword, sharp, metaly, has pointy end you poke people with,” he explained clearly amused.

“I know what a sword is,” I laughed. “I’m just curious how that happened.”

“Oh, you know, lad. The sword got between me and a very, very big arsewipe,” he explained. “Went right through, came out the back.”

Now I was starting to not take that seriously. “Right through?!”

“Aye, lad. Of course you don’t believe me on that one,” and he shrugged. 

“And how’d you came out of that one?”

“Like I said, the sword lost,” he answered. “I had this friend of mine, lovely lass, who kicked the sword right into the gullet of the very big arsewipe, and carried me back to safety bridal style. Lovely scene!”

I laughed at the ridiculous account. “So, you’re an actor too for a B-rated movie?”

“You know self-derogatory dialogue is a sign of low self-esteem, right lass?” He asked.


“It wasn’t directed at you,” and he grinned.

Stop breaking the forth wall Mal!

More crush talk

I swear every day I talk to her I fall more in love… I’m proud of myself to say I came out as bi to her. But like wtf I don’t think I can get the courage to tell her how I feel

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How did you come up with your at style mun?

((With a lot of time and… well, yes, guiding myself with another styles; before it was kind of mixture of various shows styles, but eventually with the years I came out with this one! And I love it :,3c))

just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s