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Okay so, I have a really close guy friend, we've met each other for years and he always helps me with relationships drama, advises and all that. He has a gf, he's 20 and I'm 17. So we had a sushi date just like friends and than he came over, but after drinking wine we started making out and he ate me soooo good and we said that it was never going to happen again. But 2 days ago he came over and we almost fuck, I just love how he teases me, and the fact that he has a gf is pretty exciting.

“Whatcha Got There?”  Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Warnings: fluff, an argument, a strawberry banana smoothie and an ostrich. 

Plot: Ever since Peter starting dating you, Tony Starks daughter, he had been trying to figure out ways to tell the billionaire. It was hard keeping such a big secret from the man, but how was he could he say “I’m in love with your daughter”?

Author’s Note: This is random. I don’t know how I came up with this but I saw this picture and I was like I NEED TO WRITE THIS. So, enjoy my random idea! 

Insp. x

Peter Parker. Peter freakin’ Parker.

Out of anyone in the entire world, your heart had grown attached to the dorky spider. When he nervously asked you out, it was hard not to say yes. His hands were trembling, he couldn’t even look you in the eye in fear that you would turn him down. Of course, you said yes to the mini superhero. Somehow, the two of you managed to secretly date for three months. Going to the same school made it easier, and Aunt May loved having you over.

God knows that your father would have a shit fit if he found out the two of you had been sneaking around.

*Peter’s POV*

“I love you, (Y/n).” Deep breath.

“Just like that? No, build up?”

“May…” Peter sighed and brought his hands up to his face, rubbing his eyes in exhaustion. For the past two hours, he’d been stuck in his room trying to figure out how to tell you how he truly felt. After an hour of frantically pacing in alone in his room, mumbling words of encouragement to himself, May finally came in to make sure that Peter wasn’t going crazy. Now, here they were, working together on a romantic way for Peter to confess his love.

“What? You have to make it romantic, Peter!” May pointed out, pushing herself off of his bed and softly patting his shoulders. “I can tell you really have feelings for this girl. Does Tony know?”

“Psh-what? Yeah! Of course he-he doesn’t know.”

“Oh, Peter.”

“May, if he found out that we were together he would squish me like a bug. Literally-”

“Wait a minute,” May interrupted, “Her father doesn’t know you two have been together?”

Peter bit his lip and rubbed his neck, whispering, “Nooo…”

“Peter. Before you do ANYTHING, you need to tell Tony Stark what’s been going on. He deserves to know,” May reasoned. “Plus, it’s better that he finds out from you than from someone else. Cause he will find out and that will not end well-”

“I get it, May.”

“Mhm,” she bit her lip and slightly nodded her head. With a loud bang of the door, she exited the room and shouted, “Be careful, tough guy!”

Peter waited nervously as the elevator in the Avengers tower made it’s way up gradually to Tony’s level. Calm, instrumental music played while the floor number slowly changed from number to number. His hands were shaking; boy, he had never been this nervous. He nodded his head to the music, impatient as the metal box lightly shook when it moved up from floor to floor. When Peter finally arrived at the correct floor, he exited the elevator while quietly humming to the tune of the elevator music. It’s amazing how catchy those songs can be, Peter thought as his head peaked in and out of each room, in search of the billionaire.

“Spiderling. you here?” Tony called out from the elevator. Wow, he just got here? Weird… Peter raced back to the front of the floor only to see Tony looking pretty pissed at his phone. “Sorry, General Ross has been a pain in my ass lately. What’s up, kid? You look like you have something to say,” Tony remarked, nodding his head towards Peter’s timid figure.

Peter cleared his throat and took a deep breath, “I am in love with your daughter.” Tony’s eyes opened wide, his body stood stiffly. “And I would like your permission for us to date.”

Tony’s brows furrowed, stifling out a small chuckle. “Sorry, Parker. Starklings don’t date spiders. Even if she did happen to like you, I would never let that happen.”

“Oh,” Peter bit his lip, his heart sunk a little bit.

“You are a good kid, but (Y/n) isn’t the relationship type.”

“Hm, she doesn’t seem like that when we’re together,” Peter mumbled, not realizing he said that out loud.

“What’s that mean? ‘When we’re together’?” Tony snapped, using air quotes while he raised his voice.


“Have you two been sneaking around?”

“Wha-no! Sneaking around- us? We would nev- yeah, yeah we have been,” Peter confessed, stumbling over his words. He mentally scolded himself for ever saying anything in the first place while Tony’s fists crunched up into a ball, ready to strangle someone.

“How dare you keep this from me?! That’s my daughter!” Tony scolded, his eyes burning with rage.

“If it helps, we haven’t done anything bad!”

“How long?” Tony inched closer to Peter, who flinched at each step in fear that he would die at this very moment.

“Three months?” He whispered, making sure not to look him in the eyes. These probably were Peter’s last moments on this earth.

“Three mon-oh my, you are beyond dead young man-”

Just as Tony was about to unleash his glorious wrath on Peter, a ding coming from the elevator interrupted their extremely civil conversation. The doors opened, revealing you casually standing there with something you don’t necessarily see every day: an ostrich.

*Your POV*

“Um… Whatcha got there, (Y/n)?” Peter asked, his face scrunched up in confusion.

“A smoothie?” You said nonchalantly, taking another sip from your cup.

Tony gulped and shook his head, pointing his finger at you, “This is what you would have to deal with. You know, in another life when I would let this,” he gestured towards Peter, “happen.” Once he finished his disappointing statement, he exited the room, leaving the sounds of angry footsteps echoing in the hallway.

“What?” you pondered, “It’s strawberry banana!”

You looked over to Peter, who stood dumbfoundedly staring at the ostrich standing beside you. “What was that about?”

“He might be talking about the uh,” Peter stopped, lifting his finger in the direction of the animal.

“Oh! Yeah. I have an ostrich.” You gave a cheesy grin, softly petting the weirdly kind creature next to you.

“Wow, what a day,” Peter commented.

“So, what happened before I showed up? Seemed pretty tense,” you laughed, taking another sip from your smoothie.

“Well… let’s just say Mr. Stark is gonna kill me because he knows we’ve been sneaking around.”

You coughed, choking on a small chunk of strawberry, “Wait, what?!”

“I told him that we were-”

“HE KNOWS!” you yelled, panic flowing through your veins. Peter jumped at your sudden concern, knowing that this probably wasn’t the best time to ask where you got the ostrich. “Stay here! I have to go talk to my dad before he plots a way to kill you in your sleep.” Peter opened his mouth to protest but you quickly shut him down with the wave of your finger. “If you still wanna get pizza later, watch Berry and stay quiet,” you demanded, walking out of the room to search for your angry father.

You finally found Tony in his lab, sitting in a chair with his arms crossed, one hand pinching the bridge of his nose as if he had a headache.

“Hey, dad,” you said nervously, your voice cracking while you walked timidly over to him. “So, about the whole Peter thing… Look, I really like him. A lot, actually,” you laughed and pushed your hair behind your ear, “I want you to be okay with this.”

He sighed and pushed himself up from the chair. “I just didn’t think the day you would have a boyfriend-”

“Oh, dad.”

“-would happen so soon,” Tony pulled you in for a tight embrace and began to fake cry, obnoxiously in your ear. “You are my baby girl.”

“You are too dramatic,” you quipped, patting his back. He pulled away and kissed your forehead.

“But in all seriousness, why Spiderling?”

You laughed and looked him in his curious eyes, “Well, he’s sweet and gentle… and a huge adorable dork. It was really easy to fall for him.”

“Hm,” he pursed his lips and walked out of the room, “We all will be going out to dinner in five. I got us a reservation at this cool place downtown, you can eat dinner on the roof with sparkling lights. It looked fancy and I thought you would love it.”

“Sounds like I will love it!” You clapped your hands and kissed him on the cheek, running back into the room where you had left Peter with Berry the ostrich.

“Hey, uh… is Mr. Stark going to kill me now?” Peter asked. You ran up and pressed a quick kiss on his lips.

“Nope, we are going to dinner! After giving him a small speech, I finally convinced him that he should just let me be happy.”

“(Y/n), I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I’m sorry I sorta almost ruined what we had,” Peter rested his forehead against yours and you wrapped your arms around him.

“I love you, too. And you didn’t, but let’s just forget about that. What matters now is that we don’t have to sneak around anymore.” He leaned in for a kiss and you met him halfway, pulling him closer as your lips moved in sync.

“But, (Y/n),” Peter breathed out in between the kiss.

“Yes, Peter?”

“Where did you get the ostrich?” He questioned, pulling away from the kiss. The two of you slowly turned your heads in the direction of the creature, who was standing in the middle of the room.

“Oh, yeah. Funny story, actually! As I was going to get a smoothie, I saw this auction thing to save an ostrich from being killed. So, I went in, put the money down in my dad’s name, and bam! His name is Berry, short for Strawberry Banana Smoothie… I thought he could be the Avengers’ new mascot. But, yeah. That’s been my day,” you rambled, watching as Peter’s eyes tried to keep up with what you were saying.

“You are such a weirdo.”

“Yep!” You smiled and shrugged, leaning back into Peter’s arms. He softly rubbed your back and rested his head against yours.

“But, you’re my weirdo.”

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josuyasu commission for @notmytitanbabies, who wanted them slow-dancing in their pjs :’)

did josuke tell a bad joke or is he a terrible singer. u decide

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Isn't it funny how larries always ask "what would you do if (larry came out, freddie wasn't louis' kid, louelle wasn't real etc)" what would larries do if harry and louis denied larry? Oh wait, we already know what larries would do 😕

And it’s like… oh no, I respected that a man said his baby was his baby, I’m a monster, how will I live with myself for being respectful and loving about a man’s new baby?

Whereas Larries… what do you have? Eleven months in being proud of having launched a smear campaign against a woman and a baby that involved bullying a baby, a mother, Louis’s under age sisters, 14 year old girls in a band, Louis’s mother, and numerous random other people who they claim are collateral in their quest over it? 

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in assuming someone is the father of a baby they say they are. If Larries are right the only person who behaved reprehensible about it is Louis.

When are they gonna start asking themselves the question, “What if I’m wrong?” It’s been over 10 months and they’re not close to being right, yet they won’t even ask themselves the very question they inundate everyone else with.

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How are the kids doing with the adoption? Do you think they feel different now that it's official? How does your husband feel? How do you feel?

Hey anon!

Peanut doesn’t really grasp it yet.

Prince has loved adoption week and is in a super cute stage where he’s excited to be adopted. His teacher wrote me a note about a conversation they had today. Basically, prince was telling her he was happy to be adopted and happy he didn’t have to go to visits and that he loves his family. That being said, he’s also been taking more about how he “came out of x’s belly”, which has been resurfaced by his adoption. Not necessarily anything bad, just processing. He’s behavior has been good, and he seems very happy overall!

I’m still feeling incredibly blessed/lucky. I know every mom thinks their kids are the best. And that’s exactly how I feel about Prince and Peanut. I do feel different. A weight has been lifted. I make all the decisions that guide their life. I’m responsible for their health. I get to take them anywhere, and ensure their safety with my own good judgement. I get to call them MY SONS and by their names we gave them. I know what an honor it is and I’m going to try my hardest to make sure they live up to their astronomical potential.

I just Love how skam always suprises me. Like when isak came out i would have never guessed that Mahdi Is reacting the way he did. and the same with Magnus nobody thought that he would actually be this Helpful in all of this. But this boy Is Great.

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Baby gay story. Okay so you know how compulsory heterosexuality can manifest in attraction to unattainable guys? When I was in elementary school, mine was on the most popular guy in my grade, and I was this awkward little girl with like three friends and no fashion sense. So imagine my surprise when he came up to me to ask me to be his date to the fifth grade dance. I panicked and said that gee, I'd love to, except I just want to stay friends. I ended up hanging out with some girls anyway...

OMG im dying…….. that backfired on u so bad omg….. “I just want to stay friends” LMAO anon………..

Dean Winchester Advent Calendar 6/12

On the sixed day of christmas i give to you, not really a gif imagine, but i have been playing with this idea for quite some time. I hope you enjoy it. xx Venora

6 years, that how old you were when you first met Dean Winchester. Your parents took you to uncle bobby’s to celebrate christmas, although the old man kept repeating how much he hated the holidays. You had so much fun spending time with the Winchester brothers, playing hide and seek, eating stuffed turkey and opening presents when  morning came.

You were 12 years old when you saw them a second time. You were a typical young girl. You loved looking tv, reading books and dancing. Dancing really was your live, you started out young with ballet and soon moved on to hip hop and contemporary. Dean didn’t care about that at all, the only thing he had his mind set on was hunting and how he would become the greatest hunter the world had ever seen. You too grew up in a family of hunters, but to be honest you wanted to leave that whole life behind you as soon as you had the chance to.

You spend the next 4 summers at bobby’s, you were now 16 years old and to be honest you were a real teenager. You hated adults telling you what to do, hell you hated the world and every single human being on it. Well maybe not everyone, with being a teenager came the hormones and there was only one guy that caught your eye that summer. Dean Winchester. As cliché as it sounds he was the only one that could make you laugh and he realy did unleash a whole colony of butterflies whenever he was around you. But like every teenager you felt like you weren’t good enough for him, like you would be the last one he’d date on this entire planet. and so another summer passed.

At age 18, everything changed. You felt more confident than ever, for the first time in what seemed forever you felt great about yourself. You started hunting yourself and that took your mind off of doubting. You now looked in the mirror and saw a strong confident woman and that seemed to pay of. when you visited uncle bobby once more, you bumped into the green eyed hunter agian, littaraly. That holliday was the first time you kissed Dean Winchester. The moment your lips touched, the butterflies in your stomach were unleashed again and you could feel your cheeks flush bright red. You dreamed about this moment a hundred times when you were younger, but somehow it felt even better. You’ve had boyfriends before, but none of them were as good as Dean Winchester. But it was just one kiss and then it was over. Dean had to leave the next morning and he  left you and your feelings and your bleeding heart alone.

It was the day of your 21 birthday that the both of you were working together on a case. Dean surprised you with a little cupcake that had a candle on it. He told you to blow it out and make a wish. Your heart never stopped longing for him, there was the occasional one-night-stand to ease the pain, but it was never enough to fill up the hole inside of you. You wished that his feelings for you were as strong as yours and that you weren’t just another girl that he had sex with. Yes you and Dean had been hooking up now and than, to release tension, because it felt familiar, because you needed it. To be honest you would except every excuse to be with him. That night he took you to a lake where you both watched the stars on the hood of the impala. “(y/n), i hope you understand that you mean so much to me. That you’re not just another bootycall. I realy care for you and i would be honored if you would be my girl.” You almost died of shock than and there, did wishes realy come true? In that moment you were the luckiest girl on earth and there was nothing or no one that could change that. Or so you thought.

Part 2 is coming tomorow. Please let me know what you think of  this, because i’m quite insecure when it comes to writing one shots.

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clumsy me // credence barebone

Request from @kkxnie:


Well… since its Christmas soon… :))))))

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(^ this is how Credence would be if he wasn’t abused :((((( )

clumsy me // credence barebone

Deck the Halls came on the radio, and the tiny apartment flooded with the merry, frustratingly catchy tune. The kitchen burst out with a delighted squeal, and from where you stood you caught a glimpse of Credence leaping in joy, his apron flying as his mixing of dough got more enthusiastic.

“I love this song!” he exclaimed, and as the first of the carol lyrics started, you laughed, watching Credence sing along, drumming the spatula against the edge of the aluminium bowl to the beat of the song.

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly ~” he sang his heart out, tapping the spatula. “Fa la la la la la la la!”

You snickered. “I didn’t think you would like carols,” you commented, tiptoeing on the already-rather-high stool as you struggled to reach the higher parts of your Christmas tree, one Newt had so kindly offered, to hang the last bits of the ornaments, distributed by Tina and Queenie. 

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|| Three of Bells ||

The Three of Swords is one of the most iconic cards in the Tarot, typically depicting a heart pierced by three swords. It represents heartbreak, jealousy, anger, betrayal, and all the emotions that come with such a wound. I knew I needed to portray this card in a simpler, more graphic way that would set it apart from the intricate nature of the rest of the deck. Especially since I’ve changed the Swords to Bells, which are….well, you can’t stab someone with them, as it were!

I really love how this card came out. Right now I can imagine flipping cards over during a reading and seeing all this bright yellow pop out at you, prompting an immediate reaction. I hope in the future this is actually the case!


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I think I might be a trans man, and that terrifies me. Is it wrong to be scared? I live in an incredibly conservative area in an incredibly conservative family and I already came out as "lesbian" earlier this year with horrible results. How can I accept myself if no one else will? How can I accept myself when I don't even know if I *am* male?

There’s nothing wrong with being scared, but you should know that you are very valid and loved as a questioning person, who is possibly a trans man. If you’re scared of coming out to your family, you don’t have to. Some people are only out to people they feel safe around and trust not to out them, or are never out. If you want to come out, that is your own personal choice.

As someone who also has a very conservative family that reacted negatively to me coming out as bi (I’m actually pan but I didn’t know what that was back then) and then reacted negatively again when I came out as gender questioning? My gut instinct is to say you should probably not come out to them if you can avoid it. Make plans for getting out of there, not being dependent on them anymore, making your own way, etc.

There are tons of people out there who will absolutely love and accept and cherish you for being exactly who you are (who ever that may be) and who will support you and help you. Stay safe, find your allies, build yourself a family of friends who truly want to protect and take care of you, and most importantly, please love and take care of yourself.

Being trans isn’t easy, but you are absolutely wonderful and valid in your transness (or questioningness!!) And you are absolutely worthy of the love of others and of yourself.

If you ever want to talk about what you’re going through, the feelings you’re having about your gender, or want someone to help you through questioning, please message us anytime, your messages will always be responded to privately if you put your ask in parenthesis.

* Mmmmm~ this pie is so good Frisk. And you said you made this yourself?
* Yeah, Toriel teach me good. Azzy like?
* Like? I love it. Its the best pie ever!

Frisk just smiled and leans over giving her mate a tender kiss on the cheek.

I said before Frisk sometimes spends time with Toriel and learns how to cook. And her favourite thing to bake, Butterscotch pie. Of course it took her many tries to get it right before she would even think of letting Asriel try any. She wanted it to be absolutely perfect. She is glad that this one came out just right. Next time she will get lessons from Papyrus on how to make the perfect spaghetti.

Artwork by the lovely http://lovelesskiaart.tumblr.com/

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Hey saw that "Sable On Blonde" was one of your favorites. Me too! I actually prefer it to dreams. Just wondering what u thought of the alternate cut that came out compared to the hard rock demo.

Yes, I love “Sable On Blonde”! It’s funny that you should say that about “Dreams” ‘cause it’s one of those songs that I love for all it represents, you know? If I ever get to see Stevie live and she sings it, I know I’ll be in tears because I’ll be witnessing the most amazing part of Fleetwood Mac history right in front my eyes. I love how she sings it so softly and beautifully. I love the words and the sentiment behind them. I love the poetry. Now, do I ever choose to listen to “Dreams” at home? Sometimes. “Sable On Blond” is a different story though. I listen to it all. the. freaking. time.

As for the demos, I hadn’t listened to the hard rock demo for a long time until you mentioned it, and I love the guitar in that one (and isn’t it a shame it’s so short?) but it doesn’t compare to the “new” alternate cut in my opinion. I actually like it better than the album version because I love the vocals and the piano just so much. I understand the vocals are too raw and they wouldn’t have pleased casual listeners but man, do I love them!

Honestly, the alternate cut of “Sable On Blond” and “Are You Mine” are my favorite things about the Wild Heart remastered edition.