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who are your favorite star wars characters and why?


  • Padme Amidala is the Tiny Butterfly Fashion Queen of Everything. She’s responsible yet independent, competent, brilliant, quick, and kind, and such an inspiration, and a pillar of strength over the course of the entire prequel trilogy and beyond.

  • Leia Organa darling, you small child running the Rebellion and snarking Vader and Tarkin (Vader’s shepping so much nachas in that scene under that mask, I tell you) and using her anger and negative emotions in better ways than Anakin did, but the fact that she shows negative emotion is also huge for me because it makes her so very human and imperfect in her giant leader status.

  • Luke is the squooshy farmchild nerd, just look at him, how can you not love him, and then he gets this whole character development on top of that.

  • Han Solo the Very Nice Man (he should meet Valentine the Very Important Man, hm), because again with the character development, but also because… he actually is a nice man, despite what a lot of people try to delude themselves into thinking.

  • Space Grandma Wookie is the mamma duck to the Golden Trio, Chewbacca is the best (and I think it’s a very good thing that we don’t understand everything he says because even Space Grandmas get exasperated).



  • Qui Gon Jinn, you are actually a very good teacher, and you use your head and your heart and do what you think is right even if it’s not necessarily with the rules, high five blue-Force-ghost-man.

  • Grandpa Sith Lord, I feel so so sorry for you and you are one of the (if not the) most believable villains in the series. Count Dooku is an antagonist which is truly scary– they believe that they are right, they know where they stand, and they feel that they had to choose between two bad choices and stuck with the one which they saw as the lesser of two evils. He is dignified and believes in his cause so much (even though he doesn’t necessarily want, you know, war, and would probably rather chill with his [dead] padawan  or retire in his estate) and then everything crumbles around him at the very end, so he is neither remembered for his fantastic stint as a Jedi and is one of the Lost, and he is also not given credit for his work for the Sith and that’s… rather sad.

  • Yoda, you annoying old sentient, you are that evil grandpa hiding behind the title of old and wise mentor and it’s rude and hilarious and serious all at the same time.

  • Bail Organa is like this stoic silent guardian of the Butterfly Queen (him and Typho, but in different ways; Bail is like her intellectual and emotional support and she is 100% okay with that, while Typho tries to get her out of dangerous situations to which she responds “psht, no, I can handle myself thank you *shoots lots of things* *lassos a giant cat with her chain* *grins at Ani like it’s no big deal whatsoever*”) and then he adopts the small rebel princess child and raises her for nineteen years and taught her everything and gave her love and happiness and you go, Dad Bail. And kudos to his wife, Breha, who’s really the queen in the situation and runs an entire planet on top of adopting Leia and again, they are underappreciated and are basically responsible for all of Leia’s traits that are not genetic and even for developing those which preexisted, they are fantastic.

  • The ice cream maker man in EST is a treasure and he represents me as a fan, because if I was in a Star Wars film I would probably run around like a meshugana with ice cream, too (and also steal lightsabers and fly yellow speeder ships with Ewan Mcgregor because that would be a wasted opportunity).

  • Everyone…??


greetings and salutations ryan trash buddies! je m’appelle whitney, j’ai 16 ans, et je résident en arizona(?) idk i failed french that could be wrong.

here are some facts:

  • she/her and i hate my name so if u wanna give me a nickname please do
  • i am kinda confused about my sexuality but i can tell you that i am VERY queer and VERY scared of commitment
  • patrick and elisa stump  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hmu
  • im not scene i swear but I LOVE ALESANA SOMUCH YOU DONT EVEN KNOW its scene phase residue ok AND DONT TALK TO ME ABOUT ASKIN G ALEXANDRIA
  • screw my chemical romance i couldnt give a fuck what i really want is for PENCEY PREP to get back together
  • have i mentioned how much i love my parents patrick and elisa stump bc
  • pete wentz and mikey way dated
  • if you ask me about why my ryden tag is northern dimsum you will be disappointed at how lame my answer is
  • khaki skinny jeans! pizza! neck deep! snapback hats! vans! pizza! pop punk! flannel !

my main blog that ill follow y’all on is goth182s i tag triggers (you can see which ones in the /tags page) and ill tag anything you ask me to bc major trigger warning on that blog but you dont even gotta follow it its whatevs

plEASE hmu w your snapchats!!!!

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Peritale is the story of a young Fairy Godmother with no magic and her mission to unite two humans in marriage, as determined by their Fairytale, and give them the happily ever after they deserve!

Are… are the humans on board with this? Why would you ask that!

And here it is! After years of planning, my very first long form webcomic is officially online! I’ve been working on this story for a very, very long time, and a lot of love has gone into it, so I hope y’all enjoy it as much as it’s been a joy planning everything out so far!

You can read the first four pages of the comic starting here! Remember to reblog this post to share with your friends, and leave a comment if you like the comic! I read every single one! Peritale updates one page every Saturday, but if you’d like that number to double, consider supporting me on Patreon!

Special thanks to Hiveworks for making all this happen! I don’t think I’d try a long form story for a very long time without them! And another special thanks to my friends who backed me up along the way. You’re the best! I’m really emotional right now!! Gosh!

I'm getting this off my fucking chest right fucking now.

Genderqueer and androgynous people have been frowned upon and shunned for a very long time, and often rejected from the trans community. We’ve been disregarded and invalidated on a day to day basis.
I love Ruby Rose as she had helped me so much through coming out. She is very physically attractive. But now that she’s out there, she’s been immediately turned into sex object, and her actual gender identity (GENDER FLUID) has been swept under the rug as a bunch a straight teenage girls run around shrieking that “Ruby Rose made me GAY!!!”
2 things are wrong with this.

1) Ruby is not a girl, so you wouldn’t be gay. You’d literally have to say that you’re bi/pan for Ruby.
2) It insinuates that being gay is a choice. It just does.

And I’m fucking sick of how andro/nb people are being brought into the limelight as sexual objects.
How about we learn more about their identities? Their stories? How about we say “holy fuck, these people exist, let’s get some understanding up in here!” instead of “look at this sex thing that u can misgender constantly because we didn’t care to FUCKING EDUCATE YOU ON WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE.”
How about we turn androgyny/being non binary into an understood thing rather than a fucking fetish.


I never understood desire until 
I felt your hands around my throat x


Clingy boyfriends because sometimes they just can’t get enough of each other. The last gif is especially proving even more that they could be and most likely are in a relationship, I have a best friend that I’ve been very close to for around three years and I have never gripped her like that to get her attention. Although I can’t very much compare our friendship to theirs because we haven’t toured together as they have but nonetheless it’s something very questioning and possessive on Liam’s part. None of these gifs are mine.

If the fosters had 2 dads instead of 2 moms?

So my mom thinks that if Brandon, Callie, Mariana, Jesus, and Jude had 2 dads instead of 2 moms the show wouldn’t be as popular. I disagree 100%. I think that the gender of the parents that raised these five amazing kids would make no difference to the popularity of the show and I want to prove her wrong. So let’s make this a thing. Reblog this post if you support Jeff and Leo, the fosters two gay dads that I just invented right now (Steph and Lena’s male alter ego’s), and think that it wouldn’t make any difference to how many viewers watched the show each week.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love Steph and Lena very much and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be the kids parents, but I just need to prove my point to my family because I feel very strongly about all of this. So if you agree, respond, like or reblog this post and support Jeff and Leo. #Jeffandleo

A special shout-out to Erin McLeod. Her role and leadership for Canada was always under the radar. Much like Sinclair, she has given so much to this country. I mean, at least a decade+ to the Canadian program. Humble and selfless. She’s just such a fantastic woman on and off the pitch. And very brave - especially coming out before the World Cup and being very open in her relationship with Ella Masar. I’d love to see her stick around for the 2016 Olympics. Not that she owes us anything but I sure will miss her in net when she retires. She’s just such a positive light.

Btw - you should check out her other passion…her incredible art.

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Hey Artie! :3 What are your views on the relationship Rose and Pearl shared? I've got my own theory around this, but I'm curious. I see a lot of people dismissing it as completely one sided, which I feel is entirely wrong. What are your thoughts?

It doesn’t seem one-sided to me. I mean, I do get where people get that, especially since we’ve pretty much only seen it from Pearl’s perspective. But from what we know of Rose she was a very loving individual so the idea of her loving multiple people at the same time is hardly unreasonable. I think its a virtual guarantee, imo. I also do not see her actions in “We Need to Talk” as being someone who is totally unaware Pearl has feelings for her and the dance seemed very mutual to me. I also don’t see Pearl’s attitude and actions as coming from someone who “just has a one-sided crush”. I think its a lot more complicated than that. These are characters with at least 5000 years of history and we’ve only directly seen, like, 2 days of their lives together (the flashback episodes). Not to mention the hologram sequence in “Rose’s Scabbard” which ends with a mutual gesture of affection, the hand holding, which not only is played up as significant within the context of the episode but is also pretty much exactly how Rose and Greg hold their hands at the end of “We Need to Talk” (just before Pearl comments how she thinks Greg is Rose’s favorite)

I also think its a mistake to think of the Gems and their relationships with each other in purely human terms. They’re aliens who operate like aliens and there’s probably a lot more intricate and complex details of how Gems work that explain how/why they interact the way they do and we just don’t know enough about that now

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Wow ur terezi sucks


yup it sucks

Yeah totally

I didn’t make any improvement whatsoever 

Even my terezi au’s suck too

I mean look at my terezi au’s

they totally suck


It’s like I didn’t work INSANELY hard on her


I know my terezi might not be many people’s headcannons or whatever but I don’t care I am very proud of my terezi cosplay and I love it very much
My terezi might be the only cosplay I’m actually proud of and I worked really hard on her
So I don’t care what you say
MY terezi is AWESOME
MY terezi is GREAT

so fuck off

  • Me:(On the subject of my date tomorrow) WHAT IF I SMELL LIKE KFC?!?!?
  • Manda:Do you work tomorrow?
  • Manda:You'll be fine babe
  • Me:Ok... I'll have someone smell me beforehand...
  • Me:..... just kidding.
  • Manda:No you're not. :) I'll sniff you bby
  • Me:This is why you're my best friend.
EXO Reaction when he was asked how much does he love you

Thank you for this lovely request! Please send in more!! Hope you guys like it! <3


Y/N: Oppa! How much do you love me?

“So so so much sweetheart… Saranghae! *makes heart*


Interviewer: You and your girlfriend have been dating for quite sometime now.

“Ah yes…”

Interviewer: How much do you love her?

“A lot.. She means the world to me.”

Interviewer: Why don’t you leave her a message…

“Princess, I love you so much. Just wait a little more and I’ll be home soon.” *blows kisses to the camera*


Fan: Kris oppa! How much do you love Y/N?

“I love her to the galaxy and back!”


Sehun: Hyung! How much do you love Y/N noona?

“I love her very very much~” *smiles dorkily at you*



Y/N: Yeah?

“Do you know how I much I love you?

Y/N: *shakes head*

“Well you should know that my love for you will never go~ Wo ai ni baobei..” *smiles and sweetly pecks you*


“Jagiya! Tell me how much you love me~“

Y/N: I love you so so much Byun Baekhyun.. you are my light~

*giggles* Really?

Y/N: Yes.. how much do you love me Baek?

“I love you very much… but not as much as I love myself!” *gets smacked*



Y/N: Jongdae?

“Yes jagi?”

Y/N: Do you love me?

“Of course!”

Y/N: How much?

“I love you more than anything… even more than trolling people.”

Y/N: Does that mean you’ll stop trolling me?

“Nope” *laughs*


Y/D: How much do you love my daughter?

“I love her very much sir…. not even words can describe my love for her.”


Kai: Hyung, how are you and Y/N doing?

*smiles at the thought of you* “We’re doing great… she’s amazing.”

Kai: You must really love her..

“You have no idea…”


“Baobei! Please don’t be mad! You know I only love you!”

Y/N: Really?


Y/N: How much do you love me?

“So so much even more than Gucci!”

Y/N: *smiles and pecks his cheek*

“Wait… does this mean I’m forgiven?”


Y/N: Jongin, how much do you love me?

“I love you a lot jagi… instead of saying it let me show you…”


Fan: Sehunnie! Do you love Y/N even more than bubble tea?

“Yes i love her even more than bubble tea!” *laughs*

- Admin Rin<3

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imagine alison going to lgbt meeting and trying to memorize all of the right pronouns for all the genders and all different sexualities bc of that effin speach cosima started that made whole lgbt community (which turns out is a lot bigger than alison expected) stand by her side and now she cant back out

ahh! amazing! felix would probably be there, too, helping her with memorization and standing within eyesight during her speech, mouthing things out that he knows she’s forgotten!


Green Day | When It’s Time

“We’re all born in a world of doubt,
But there’s no doubt
I love you.”



So here’s a story for you: a while back, when the j2 campaign was on, i wrote a little post about how I would like one but since i’ve already bought Jared’s, i wouldn’t buy another one coz the price is too high and the shipping is as well. it was a nonsense post. i swear. but then the very VERY lovely  jackiefour wrote me a message saying she would love to buy one for me, that she wanted to donate the cause but wouldn’t wear such a shirt herself…. I was amazed by her kindness and generosity. 

and here it is. it arrived today, with a lovely postcard as well  (you have a beautiful hand writing!) ♥ so, thank you so much Jackie, you are a beautiful soul and i am so happy ♥