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I really love your blog and the way you know the series and Korra herself, I have been watching the show since the first episode and I loved her from the start.I have been having like very bad days where nothing can make me happy and I really have no idea how to move on because its so hard, the ending didn't give me the feeling that it ended and I really need advice?

Thank you very much!  =)

I’m… not really sure what advice to give you, honestly.  =/  If you’ve been feeling like nothing can make you happy, that might be more serious than just disappointment at the show, and it might be worthwhile to rule out other possibilities before looking for a solution in fiction. 

If you are looking for a solution to the problem posed by LoK’s dissatisfying ending, though, the only thing I can think of is this – it’s often easier to move on when you have something else to move on to.  If you can find another show that makes you happy, that could draw up much of the energy that would otherwise be left to sit uncomfortably in the aftermath of the LoK finale.

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Happy munday! Eilera is such a fresh character with an unexpected story and that makes her an absolute joy to write with. What was your inspiration for her creation?

[Thank you, dear anon. It is very kind of you to say so. I am glad Eilera can  bring some joy.

I am not really certain if it was any one thing that inspired me. Willingly I admit, I have always loved a wild haired heroine, bonus points if the hair is black. I have wondered over the years if perchance this stems from the great admiration I had for my grandmother. A sassy and delightful woman who ever had a twinkle in her Irish eyes, was very much possessed of wanderlust well into her 80s, witty and always ready with a sharply tailored remark that could either silence or charm an entire room. She could also get away with anything, and was a bit of a smuggler. Well. A bit is putting it lightly. The woman hid so much illegal sausage in her luggage it was criminal. Not to mention the booze she regularly alleviated from the planes she traveled on. 

When I would visit her, I often found myself staring a one portrait of her in particular that hung on the wall of her staircase. Thick black curls tossed by the wind, she sat on the rocky shore, staring out at the tumbling white capped waves of the sea. I’ve never forgotten how serene she looked in that photograph. Nor how her smile held that hint of mischief. A hidden delight. A secret between her and the sea.

My grandmother was also, the only member of my family who believed in me as a writer. Reflecting upon this now, I suppose it seems quite obvious.  What better inspiration for my first heroine created at fourteen, than the woman I looked up to the most, the one who believed. ]

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make your friends feel loved!! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。 write about your friends (2 to how many you ever want!!!) and what you like the most about them ~

1. My friend Emily (yixingding) is a very open-minded person so I feel really comfortable talking to her about everything even though we only became close this year. We’re sort of a yin and yang kind of thing because we’re pretty much opposites; she’s mature and quiet while I’m loud and childish lol (we’re both crazy tho). But she has a lot of amazing opinions and she’s also funny af. I feel very relaxed when I’m around her. I never told her how thankful I am for blessing me with the knowledge of the existence of BTS. Aries & Sag buddies for life~

2. My friend Shannon (catmouthchen) and I have known each other since fourth grade and I’ve pulled her through a lot (including an unfortunate Twilight phase and an “emo” phase lol). She taught me a lot about how to be a good friend and keep my chill. Out of all my friends, her maturity level is the closest to my own, but she can also be really mature when she needs to which I admire. We also have the most adorable height difference known to man. She’s the only friend I go to when I need to cry.

3. My friend Brianna (sehunluyeol) is a very sweet and creative person. She laughs at my jokes which makes me happy and she fits the definition of a Cancer really well: quiet and motherly and snuggly LOL, She’s really nice honestly I don’t deserve her~ also she has super pretty eyes.

Carmilla is so far gone for Laura, so very far gone.. And that is SO sad in itself, because she knows what they have is frail and bound to be short-lived. She doesn’t need any reminder from Mattie, she knows it. Still, she wants to believe, to pretend so bad. It’s heart-breaking to watch, how very eager Carmilla is to drown herself in what Laura has to offer.  Hell, she doesn’t even bother to put up her walls anymore ! She doesn’t lie or hide behind her snark and sarcasm as she used to. Instead, we’re offered a whole other side of her character. She was so sincere and timid in that last episode, opening up at long last, daring Laura to love her. It was so suble and yet so vibrant and wistful. She looked so old, in that scene. Man, Natasha’s acting is truly a thing of beauty.

hayley on meeting lynn at the apma’s

What did you think of your competition?
“I was actually just psyched to be in that lineup of people, because I pretty much know all of them. It was really cool to see Lynn Gunn. I love that [PVRIS are] killing Warped Tour right now. I’m watching from afar a little bit. It’s nice that there’s another girl that sings really strongly over guitars, and it’s really translating from stage well. I was—oh my God, I almost said I was “gunning” for her, and then I realized her last name is Gunn. That was so cheesy!”

Very nice, very nice. You didn’t even try.
“I didn’t!”

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what do you feel about the blonde bitch? ha probs trying to get famous since louis isn't with her hahaha fucker

Okay first of all I will assume you’re not just here in my inbox attempting to piss me off since I’ve not stated an opinion on this girl yet. So here’s my legit response to your lovely inquiry.

Please do not call her blonde bitch, her name is Briana. You do not know her and the fact that she’s pretty much 100% fallen off the radar since associating with Louis would indicate the exact opposite of what you’re saying. I doubt very much she’s just trying to get famous.

And maybe he isn’t with her but if you step back and look at this, he got someone pregnant and instead of doing what a very large portion of the male population would do in this instance, running/denying/etc, he’s done what…….. Stopped partying. Stopped hanging with other women. Been at her side apparently in LA every chance he gets. He’s stepped up like a fucking man and as a fan of him I could not be more proud. So instead of this nasty bullshit in my inbox, how about we all talk about Louis doing the right thing by a girl he’s not in a relationship with. How about we talk about what this says about him as a person and his family values. How about we talk about how he didn’t have the best childhood and certainly not the best father and how it’s pretty clear already that he plans to make sure that doesn’t happen to his kid. How about we do that instead of sling insults him and the mother of his child?

You guys remember what the gems said about retreating into their gems to heal themselves after a serious injury?

Okay well what if rose isn’t technically dead but just chillin in her gem as Steven lives his life. Just watching. Learning and healing. And waiting for the perfect moment to pop out alien style? She gives Steven her powers when he needs it though. Kind of in the same vain as the nine tailed fox in naruto.

And then theres this: 

which leads everyone to believe that rose is very much evil or at the very least suspicious, and i agree. so far the only reference to rose we’ve seen are from people who loved her. and as the saying goes: love is blinding. to pearl she was a great commander, but to others what kind of commander was she?  

idk man something dont sit right with me. Yes all of those gems they collect are probably from the war, but what happened in the war specifically to turn them into monsters? the gems said that Rose tried healing them herself but was it out of kindness or regret and guilt? that would explain why these monsters always go after them specifically… and the centipeedle HATES the gems, except steven after a while. because the gem doesnt recognize him. 


all im saying is there are some serious secrets about rose. and not because they havent been revealed yet, but in general. this show seriously fucked me up

My dearest Philip,

The Fantastic Foursome is finally back!! It was sooo nice seeing Chris & PJ again. I’ve really missed them. Also, it was very nice to see Cat again! Such a lovely girl. She has changed so much! I like it though. The hair and tattoos look very good on her. And Louise of course! I really missed her. Basically it is just very nice to see everybody again. Love yah♡

Xxx Daniel


phoebe tonkin appreciation week ❀ day 1: why you love phoebe?

Phoebe not only is a terrific, talented actress and great model whom I enjoy very much watching in new photoshoots and in different roles on my screen (both the small and the big one), but she’s first and foremost a very good person. She’s always smiled and positive no matter what. Her optimistic attitude and cheerful personality always helps me out when I feel sad or overwhelmed by something. She’s the person I’ve been looking up to for a very long time now, in many different aspects. I think if more people were like Phoebe - kind, warm and caring, the world would be much better. I just love that girl so very much that you have no idea. I can definitely call her my role model and inspiration.


Leyton Appreciation Week 2015  » Day one: The moment/episode you started to ship them

I started shipping Leyton since the very beginning, from that moment they locked eyes when Peyton almost ran him over five minutes through the pilot, and they slowly became my OTP. The physical attraction was undeniably always there, but it was so much more than that: Lucas and Peyton had a connection, an understanding from the very beginning of the show. “Tortured artist meets tortured athlete.” I just love how Lucas tried so hard to get her to open up to him. He wanted Peyton to believe in herself the way that he believed in her. He wanted her to realize her potential. They really became my one true pairing in episode 1.05 when I saw how desperate Lucas was to be there for Peyton, to be the one she went to for everything. He hurt whenever she hurt. Isn’t that a beautiful otp?



Hi, my kitten! Today is your birthday!!! I’m so excited!!! 

I wish you all (and more than just) the best of all great things today (and any day, really)! You are such a special and precious person, and I am so glad and blessed to have met you on here! You have definitely made my life better and have helped me through rough times - and I am so, so thankful for you. You are an amazing person, and anyone who has you as a part of their life is very, very lucky. 

I know you have been through some rough patches in your life, and you know you can always come to me whenever you need help or just want to talk. I am always here for you! Even if we both live on opposite sides of the planet! 

I have also already started saving up to come and see you!!!! AND I AM SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED TO MEET SOMEONE AS WONDERFUL AS YOU IN PERSON! 

Until then, I wish you all the best in anything you do - and remember: YOU CAN DO IT! I am always here! You are so strong and talented and special - never ever forget that. And I am so proud of you!!

I mean, look at you!!! You are so beautiful, inside and out. I am so glad you exist. You make my life so much better. 

I love you so much, my kitten! 


And to anyone who hasn’t wished this beautiful kitten a happy birthday yet should do it right now! Go ahead an brighten her day! She deserves more than all the love there is on the world!!!
I love you!!!