Okay soo i’ve been thinking about the episode where Katara and Sokka meet Bato again and they’re so happy to see family again and get info from their dad and whatnot. 

So like…in the episode, Aang is probably the most childish he’s ever been. He fusses about the food, upset the attention isn’t on him, and even steals mail from Bato because he’s scared they’re gonna leave him. 

Now that the zutara atla trash that i am i’m comparing zuko and aang in these situations on how they handle foreign cultures. Aang completely rejects it, won’t even try the food because it looks and smells funny. When he was actually in the water tribes he never wore their clothes or anything like that (kept himself warm with his airbending), only did things his way and only did what he considered fun…really we don’t see him try to adapt anything of their culture at all (besides waterbending ofc). We didn’t even see him eat the entire time he was in either watertribe. 

Then we have Zuko, a pure firebender and firenation royalty. He doesn’t have to accept shit from others or eat from anywhere else. But he still does! We saw him in the earth kindgom give everything at least a try. Yes he was on the run and a refugee BUT he could very well have acted like aang and rejected everything and complained the entire time, in fact you would expect that more from him, a freakin prince, than a monk. You see Zuko eating at these earth nation restaurants, helping the earth nation locals, even taking care of animals. AAAND you see him implement waterbending techniques not just in his lightening re-directing but his actual fire bending form. 

I just find it so interesting that even though Aang is supposed to be a worldly monk, he’s the spoiled one. and he definitely acts like a spoiled child. Whereas the royal, heir to the throne prince, is actually the more worldy of the two. 

Don’t get me wrong about this because yeah it does seem biased, i love aang, i love all the characters because they’re all so well written, and this is what makes it even more well written! You always see the prince as the immature spoiled brat and the monk/religious character as the mature worldly type that gives everything a chance so it’s also kinda refreshing to notice this realization and role switching!

It’s been a while since I’ve logged anything here but I’ve been encouraged by @unbricolage to keep creating. So here’s an update.

The very intention of this tumblr was to document and share the intersection of my two favorite things: food and the city. Today, in an effort to make the most of a lazy Sunday, I took two buses and crossed the Bronx to relive some memories at Orchard Beach. I love this beach. Yes, the water wasn’t great in the 90s (floating diapers and people copulating in the water) and my PTSD prevented me from taking a swim more than two decades later, but I LOVE this beach regardless. There is so much life and joy shared in one space. Live salsa music brought people around the arena and couples dancing. The singer would, in between songs, call on Puerto Rican and Cuban pride. This is what Orchard Beach is all about. The people.
As for food, I bought myself a pastrami roll at the bodega before I started my trip. And ate it all before I set foot on the beach. As for on the beach, I indulged in a classic summer treat: an icee. Flavors: cherry + coco. 😁 i ♥️ the Bronx.

I am always self-conscious about my appearance. (Especially when it comes to taking pictures) I’m more hard on myself than most people think of me. I’ve gone through constant changes in high school and collage in trying to be something that I’m not. I love being healthy, I suck at exercising, but feel better every time I do it, but I also love food. HOME MADE FOOD. 😋 (and who doesn’t). I’ve made so many complaints about not being thin enough, not have the right hair style, that I’m not beautiful to some people. But I’ve also had to say, “I am me. And screw what people think of me already, I’d like to be me.” I don’t want to be fake and impress people who don’t care about me. I am a crazy geeky art person and I am proud of being different! #artnerd #different #chubbygirl

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