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 First off, you guys, your art and your AU are amazing!

So here Chara’s doing some exercises, mostly for pushing (a knife into someone), pulling (someone into the knife), kicking (someone) and slicing (someone with a knife) proficiency. Excuse the lack of quality, I don’t have a scanner and taking a picture of a drawing with a camera and trying to make it look better in paint.net is an exercise in futility, especially if you’re inexperienced. Hope you still like it tho!

IMAGINE: tom and yourself are on the marvel table at comic-con when you embarrass him

As you sat there listening to another question about how tom got into shape you could help it , you leaned down to the mic and went “ as much as I love exercise ” you lifted your hand up ,hiding you mouth from tom “I don’t ” and laughed with the crowd “ but good tommy , is one fit beautiful man ” you said ➖➖➖➖➖
Tom laughed as he hid his face with his hands making you lean over and wrap your arms around his shoulder as he just laughed even more “ and that lady’s and gentleman is why i love (y/n) ” tom bellowed as he laid a kiss on your lips before allowing you to move back into your seat

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@chasingfitnessdreams I’m so proud of you!! Progress using my #bbg program!
She says “I have struggled with my weight and self confidence for a years. I was pretty small my whole life until I found my love for food. I would eat what I wanted, when I wanted without exercising, I just didn’t really care what it would do to me. Then once I felt uncomfortable with how I looked I would desperately try to lose the weight again until I was smaller then do it all over again! This messed up my metabolism and made me so miserable! I have now found balance and taught myself that I can have the foods I love whilst exercising to feel great and keep in shape. Having extra weight on me made me feel tired, grumpy, breathless, bloated and miserable.. some people may say I looked better before.. and to me that is a compliment but I just want everyone to remember.. it DOESN’T MATTER what you look like.. it’s how you FEEL that matters. And I feel amazing thanks to finding Kayla who makes me want to feel the best I can, so thanks girl 😘’
I have 10 weeks until my sisters wedding and I am so excited to wear my bridesmaids dress feeling confident 💪🏼💜” www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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no offence but this lady in this healthy eating vid im watching was like ‘for lunch, i like a really hearty meal’ and she just made a chickpea salad im fucking screamign how do yall live like that???????

I support equal pay for equal work, I believe in welcoming in those seeking refuge, I believe in exercising love and kindness toward every human regardless of race, sexuality, position or religion and I believe that WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS. Sorry-not-sorry, Mr. Trump- you can’t grab this pussy. #endsexualassault #endrapeculture #womensmarch #equalitynow #notthispussy 😽@EqualityNowOrg @womensmarchla #whyimarch PS this protest is not an attempt to make him leave office, nor do I expect him to even care that we have unified and march together. What this does is ENCOURAGE every woman and girl that they are not alone! This March builds us up in the solidarity of hope, strength, and unity that we are brilliant, beautiful and EQUAL. We need it. Even if he doesn’t listen now. Eventually, he must. (x)

Ask before you pet someone's dog!

So, as every follower of this blog knows that I have a dog named, Bucky. And he’s a sweetheart, often reminds me and my friends of actual Bucky Barnes with his emotions and mannerisms.

And he’s also adorable. So, I completely understand why people want to pet him or touch him, and just coddle him. I get it. But my dog suffers with anxiety when outside! He stays beside me, literally walking under my feet because he hates crowds and loud noises. He’s skittish outside, but I got to walk him because he’s a dog and needs exercise. I love waking him, don’t get me wrong, some of my best moments with Bucky is outside at his favourite places. I just don’t like that people, strangers, feel like they have some kind of authority to touch my dog… without my permission!

I get it. I’m young, and people think they exceed some kind of authority over me anyway. But he’s my dog, I know him and I’d just prefer if people asked to touch my dog before they do it. A simple, “hey can I pet him?- is he okay to pet?”. Instead people, I don’t even know, come up and just pet him.

He’s a small dog, I feel like that’s another tipping point. He’s small so he can’t hurt me, a lap dog. I’m not saying Bucky is vicious or will bite, he isn’t like that but put into a position, a situation where HE feels like he can’t get out of; well, I can’t say he won’t bite. He wouldn’t but he’s a dog, if he feels threatened or scared, his reaction, basic reaction is fight or flight. And honestly, most of the time it’s a quick walk around my neighbourhood with him, he doesn’t get let off the lead because he usually doesn’t even want to leave my side anyway.

I’m writing this rant because some woman, who o don’t even know, decided it was a good idea to come up behind me… didn’t make herself known to me at all… and pet my dog. Bucky was sat beside my leg, I was busy reading the menu to the smoothie stand near my house. And she scared my Bucky so much that he yelped (he’s a dog where if he doesn’t like something, he’ll let you know about it!). Instantly I knelt down, noting the woman, who was laughing as if it was funny. I picked him up, only Bucky was scared and just in panic mode that he didn’t recognise me at first, he scratched up my arm and chest, plus neck. I am so sore but I’m not even worried about me.

The woman then said “Oh what a little whiner!” And I like to think I’m a nice person, I don’t like conflict and I rarely let people know they’re idiots directly. But my inner protectiveness came out and I said something I really shouldn’t have and walked off, didn’t even get my smoothie btw, I just walked off not caring that I had hurt the woman’s feelings because my dog was curled in my arms, whimpering! Bucky was whimpering.

I know the woman meant no harm, I really do. But this happens a lot, more than it should. And this is just me, a simple dog owner of a loving, beautiful dog that gets anxious in the outside world.

Please, please ask before you pet someone’s dog!

If she asked, I would have picked Bucky up and made him as comfortable as he could for a simple pet. Once he gets a little familiar, he’s okay. Like any small dog, they’re anxious of *new* people in the outside world. They aren’t in their home, where they’re comfortable and safe. So, please, take a second and ask if it’s okay. You’ll be making my dog, millions of other dogs, plus the owner who loves them dearly a lot less anxious when walking. Thank you. - Rosalee

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So i really don't mind being fat, but I know that I'm unhealthy. I can barely make it up the stairs at work sometimes, and even walking places can be a chore. How do I become healthy without engaging in destructive behaviors as mentioned in the posts you made to the anon asking if they were cursed? I'd like to not almost kill myself taking the stairs at work.

Well, depending how heavy you are, I think its important to remember and be compassionate about the fact that you may always feel winded going up a long flight of stairs or walking longer distances. You are carrying much more weight than a thinner person is carrying, and so your body has to work hard to carry that weight. I have said it before, but many thin people pay good money to get the kind of workout that fat people can get just going about our daily lives!

And many fat people need mobility aids sometimes, like elevators and escalators and scooters, and many fat people need to take frequent breaks when they move their bodies to recover their breath. And that’s okay. I wish we lived in a world where the different abilities of different sized bodies were accepted and supported, rather than shaming and blaming fatter people for our needs.

That said, if you are able, you can also work to improve your muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness so that you are able to support your weight to the best of your abilities. You can do this without restricting your eating or trying to lose weight – in fact, if you become more active, make sure you eat more to support your increased energy needs.

Strengthening your leg, back, and core muscles with weight bearing and resistance exercise will help. You can do this at home with household objects – there are many videos online showing exercises you can do. You can work your cardiovascular fitness by walking or even doing chores around the house – anything that gets you huffing and puffing will work. Aim to get to the point where you are breathing hard but you can still carry on a conversation with someone. I love swimming for exercise, if you have access to a pool and feel comfortable in a swim suit. Floating really takes pressure of your joints and it really feels great.

Hope this helps!

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

There are 100s of diets out there and I’m going to let you in on a little secret. THEY ALL WORK, if you follow them. One reason people fail? Shit takes up too much time, requires a bunch of complicated calculations and measurements. It’s exhausting. People burn out. You all are very smart, intelligent people. Eating right isn’t hard. Trying to combat bad dietary choices with “exercise” is really hard. It’s impossible. I personally love to exercise. I like pushing my body to extremes. Want to know another secret? YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXERCISE TO LOSE WEIGHT! People loose weight all the time and never step foot into a gym to do traditional exercise. If you want to sculpt your body sure, find something to do you enjoy. It will accelerate the process! But you don’t have to. Just eat real food, all the time. ALL THE TIME! Drink water, coffee, and tea. Don’t skip meals. Avoid alcohol. Don’t skip meals. Eat your veggies. Dairy is literally the 😈. There is no such thing as “whole grain” unless you can see the “whole seed”. Please, just don’t make it complicated. It doesn’t have to be pretty or fancy. It’s doesn’t need to require a special trip to the grocery store. If you’re into that, go for it! If not, waste time. The most important thing to remember IMO is if you’re trying to lose weight. Do it. Get it over with. You have so much of your life to live don’t waste years battling your weight. Get your weight in check then move on. A “diet” is a temporary nutritional modification that has a goal, a beginning, and a finish line. Keep it simple, there aren’t any magic foods, and get it over with.

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the boston tea party was destroying private property for political reasons, it was a riot. youre just upset bc the comparison is true. The right says protests and riots are un-American as if our amazing country wasn't founded on them.

Do you realize you are comparing this

and this

and claiming they are the same thing and therefore these riots are okay? 


If you can’t see how very, very different the two are from the pictures above, allow me to explain to you with words why the comparison is wrong and stupid. 

First of all, the Boston Tea Party was not a riot, it was a protest. The definition of riot is not “destroying private property for political reasons”. Below, you will find what riots are defined as.

a noisy, violent public disorder caused by a group or crowd of persons, as by a crowd protesting against another group, a government policy, etc., in the streets.

Do you see the word violent in there? That’s important to notice. The Boston Tea Party was not violent. In fact, The Sons of Liberty were very careful not to be violent and not to destroy any personal property. 

Besides the destruction of the tea, historical accounts record no damage was done to any of the three ships, the crew or any other items onboard the ships except for one broken padlock. The padlock was the personal property of one of the ships’ captains, and was promptly replaced the next day by the Patriots. Great care was taken by the Sons of Liberty to avoid the destruction of personal property – save for the cargo of British East India Company Tea.

Nothing was stolen or looted from the ships, not even the tea. One participant tried to steal some tea but was reprimanded and stopped. The Sons of Liberty were very careful about how the action was carried out and made sure nothing besides the tea was damaged. After the destruction of the tea, the participants swept the decks of the ships clean and anything that was moved was put back in its proper place. The crews of the ships attested to the fact there had been no damage to any of the ships except for the destruction of their cargoes of tea. 

You can read more about that here.

I’m a strong supporter of the Constitution and I respect everyone’s right to protest and their right to free speech. But let’s take a look at the first amendment and see what it says, shall we?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people PEACEABLY to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Constitution protects everyone’s right to protest peacefully and I love it when people protest. I love when people exercise their rights and stand up for what they believe, even if I disagree with what they are saying and think it’s stupid. But it makes me proud to see people protest because there are so many countries where people don’t have that right.

I absolutely do not think protests are un-American. 

But people do not have the right to partake in violent riots. You do not have the right to assault people, you do not have the right to burn buildings and cars, you do not have the right to incite people to violence, you do not have the right to loot and vandalize businesses. Those are crimes and anyone who does such disgusting things belongs in jail. 

I will not support people blocking traffic, preventing people from getting where they need to be and causing others to die because an ambulance couldn’t get to the hospital.

What are these people even “protesting”? What is their end goal? What are they trying to achieve? No amount of violence will get Trump out of office. These people are not protesting, they are just running around committing random acts of violence.

I respect the right to peaceful protest, but I do not respect violent riots. They are disgusting and un-American. And if you try to say they are basically the same thing as the Boston Tea Party, that’s extreme ignorance on your part. 

Guardienne Tag

So since there was a candy tag game , I thought that it would be interesting to get to know our Guardinenne’s as well ! ^^

Rules: This is for your Guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer(If you have more than one OC then please feel free to do as many of these as you want !)

Tag more than 6 people you want : @grandedemoneceleste , @eldaryandy , @zurysalvatore , @anis0000, @gatinhatriste, @vanillaamoursucrethings , if you see this post and would like to do it too then pls tag me so I can see your Guardienne’s info ! 

Name or if they have a nickname: My name’s Frida ! :D (my other oc calls her “Fluffy Ears”)

Gender: Female

What race are they ( Faeries/Human/or something in between) :  Half -Human , Half-Brownie

What guard are they in ? : Obsidian 

Which Companion do they have ? :  Jeanylotte

Favourite Food: Cookies ! 

Favourite Colour: Light blue

Crush(and why): Well…I don’t really really like someone in that way yet ! I think…? But Jamon’s so sweet and kind~ I wish I could spend more time with him and talk about everything !

Describes yourself in five words: Adventurous ,positive, relaxed , reliable , silly .

What do they like to do in their free time ? : In my free time ? Hmmm, well I like to explore different places with my Jeanylotte ! I love to exercise and nap , I actually have a secret spot for my naps ! Wait…does that make it not a secret huuuhh…

What do they think about the Human World ? : I love humans ! In fact my mother is an human , since I grow up in Eldarya it’s all so curious to me , they have such an interesting culture as well as tasty food ! I would love to see my mother again but…with all this crystal problem happening I’m afraid I can’t visit her for awhile .

What your Guardienne looks like :

Note : If you do not want to do this game you can just ignore it , it’s to have fun not to feel any pressure !

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These pictures were taken about two years apart. I’m 5'10. My highest weight was 185, and on the right I’m 140. Weight loss has been an up and down journey for a long time for me. My biggest struggle has been trying to flip my lifestyle overnight and then bouncing back a few weeks later, and then the cycle would repeat over and over again because I was obsessed. Now, my success has been because I’ve found forms of exercise I love (hiking! yoga!) and I’ve replaced each bad habit with a good habit, one at a time. The results will come.

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you're so??? buff?? that must've taken so much work look at u go that's so cool

Thank you so much for those kind words! Actually, yes. I love doing exercise, especially the burning sensation after a hard training. I kinda need it. But I guess it’s mostly thanks to archery that I have these arms :D