Although I think Valentine’s Day is a joke I thought I’d briefly ride the wave of love for #filmfriday and talk about a movie that is dear to my heart, none other than Harold and Maude (1971) directed by Hal Ashby. There are few movies that can bring out such emotional nostalgia in me as Harold and Maude. I have a special connection with this movie unlike any other I’ve seen and it has truly helped shape the person I am today. I first saw it when I was going through a long journey of self discovery and everything seemed new and inspiring. Whenever I start the film and see Harold walking down the steps I feel as if I am being greeted by an old friend. It never fails to bring me to a mindset in which I am completely comfortable and my thoughts go unjudged and untouched by any outside influence, almost like a rendezvous in a secret grove far away from any trace of the modern world. In this way Harold and Maude helped me be true to myself, embrace the complete weirdo that I am, and really L-I-V-E, live!! ♥️🔥🌻🔫☂🔪⚰ #haroldandmaude #maudeismyspiritanimal #ienjoyknives #gooutandlovesomemore

Best parts of Digimon Adventure Tri
  • They whipped out Omegamon within the first of six movies
  •  Takeru and Hikari kept their 02 Digivices 
  • I honestly believe Taito/Taiyama/TaichixYamato is being pandered too and I’m hyped 
  •  The Digimon no longer scream their attacks, although I still do while watching half the time 
  • Gatomon’s still at Champion level almost all the time
  • The Digidestined have a social network of some kind 
  • Palmon and Mimi are so perfect in contrasting ways for each other
  • New Digidestined! 
  • Everything about Koushiro having an office and creating clothing software
  • Mimi being with Koushiro or Jyou potentially (preferably both)
  • I legitimately thought the new girl was a Digimon at one point
  • Another cat (or maybe fox) based Digimon
  • The less colorful illustration style for the kids still works for the show - and calls to the growing apart/Taichi facing consequences
  • The Digimon still look pretty much the same though, and somehow those styles work together
  • The nostalgia bomb of the whole show

So there is this kid in my class who has deeply hated me since first grade and he loves Deadpool (He also listens exclusively to nightcore but that’s a different story) and he was talking about how excited he was for the movie this weekend and he looks at me and says “I don’t think you’d like it” and I say I was actually looking forward to seeing it and he just stops and walks around the classroom yelling about how I ruin everything he loves.

Yet if Bucky Barnes were a woman, this would be a love story, played out with all the same narrative beats. If Peggy were the brainwashed assassin kept frozen through the decades, this movie would definitely end in a kiss. Everything about the love, pain, and intimacy of the Steve/Bucky relationship on the big screen is typical of a romance. If everything else about this movie were the same, but we were different, wouldn’t it make sense for Steve and Bucky to kiss?

This movie looks about as gay as it’s allowed to be. One day we’ll get a movie like it that’s actually gay enough.

My Lazer Team experience...

I think something that I will always remember from the Lazer Team showing is everyone talking during the credits, pointing out names and people all laughing, and then we see Monty’s name, and everyone around gets a little quiet, respectfully. And while that’s a little sad to think about, in my mind, something good really came from that moment of silence.

I think to me that really stuck out because I’m a pretty lone Rooster Teeth fan. All my interactions with fans are strictly online (except with my roommate and best friend). It really hit me that the Rooster Teeth Community is like a third family to me, filled with people who have the same feelings and experiences as me.

And I finally got to feel what that was like without a computer screen. Without moving my fingers to chat, but my mouth to talk. I loved everything about Lazer Team the movie, but more so, I loved what opportunity Lazer Team gave people in the community who base fellow fan interaction on a computer screen. There’s just something so validating about being in a room full of people that all have the same view as you:

“Rooster Teeth has done so much to pass my expectations of online content producers by their skill, talent, and quality… I want to see them continue this success…”

That’s what I loved about Lazer Team.


I really enjoyed this video, stating the obvious because she’s talking about what makes her feel sexy, but I loved the confidence and the curiosity and well everything obviously because well…duh it’s Hannah😂 but also because I’ve been working on confidence a lot lately so this video helped me in taking steps further into being truly confident so..thanks Hannah!!! You’re gorgeous!!💜💜💜💜 //5 WAYS TO FEEL SEXY // YouTube.com/MyHarto @mydrunkkitchen

Can we talk about Alycia for a second?

It’s amazing how you can’t even recognize Alycia when she is playing Lexa!

It’s mind blowing really… I can recognizing her in ftwd and into the storm and those other movies cause it seems like all those producers just see a pretty face and put her on essentially the same roles all the time.

But with Lexa… It’s so different from everything she has done… And she killed it! She took Lexa’s character to another level… And she is just an amazing actress! Can producers of movies put her on deeper roles than just the pretty girl please?? You are all wasting amazing potential and mind blowing actress.

That’s all.

Princess of Mars

Okay mother f**kers, let me learn you a thing;

One of the first SciFi novels that I ever read was A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, same dude that wrote Tarzan. This was alongside around the same time I read Podkayne of Mars and Red Planet by Robert Heinlein and the books that got me in to science fiction as a genre. My mom told me that she’d wanted to name me Dejah as a possible first name and my dad hadn’t been game for it, and when asked what it was from, she told me “the John Carter series by burroughs. So I went and read it. 

I love the shit out of these books, and in 2012 Disney made a movie that they stupidly released alongside Avengers, and did shit for marketing so it didn’t so well in theaters, so there’s a good chance they won’t make another. 


The John Carter of Mars movie made by Disney was FREAKING AMAZINGLY AWESOME. Mark Strong, Taylor Kitsch, Wilhem DaFoe amongst others, Fairly surprisingly accurate to the book and fucking gorgeous in cinematography, I saw it 3 times in the theater. It was freaking incredible and I managed to turn a few of my friends onto the story through the movie. 

So many people are missing out by not seeing it, going on the bad numbers in the theaters and how "no one went to see it” who’ve not read the book. WATCH IT. It’s like $3 at Movie stop, if you  dont like it, take it back, no big deal, but I think you will. If you lie SciFi, I highly recommend it, and I would love for it to get the cult following enough to see a sequel.

I mean seriously! Dejah is a Disney Princess who understands astro physics!!! HOW COOL IS THAT? 

If you love SciFi, John Carter, any of the actors and or the Edgar Rice Burroughs series, please reblog, because seriously, watching this movie right now, I feel passionately that it was incredibly underrated and deserves the recognition of all. 

 ahk akim akte wies barsoom

I, Prisoner number seven hundred and eighty six

Veer - Zaara

I, prisoner number 786, look out from behind bars
I see days, months, years turn into ages.
I can smell my brother’s fields here
This sunlight reminds me of my mom’s cool ‘butter-milk’,
This rain brings along the swings of my monsoon,
This winter warms the fire of my 'lodi’ (?)
They say this is not your land,
Then why does it feel like my land,
He says I’m not like him,
Then why does he seem like me.

I’m prisoner number seven hundred and eighty six
I look out from the bars of my cell,
And I see a diminutive fairy emerge from the village of my dreams.
She calls herself Saamiya
And she calls me Veer
She’s a complete stranger but
She is determined
Her words of conviction
Revive my will to live
Her promises and vows
Revive my will to act.
They say she is nothing to me
Then why does she fight the whole world for me?
They say I’m not like her
Then why does she seem like me?

I’m prisoner number seven hundred and eighty six
As I look out from the bars of my cell,
I see a vision of Zaara wrapped in the colors of my village
In fulfilling (others’) dreams,
She has forgotten all of her own.
Serving my people,
She has forsaken her own.
I long now to fill her with copious amounts of happiness.

I long to live another life for her sake.
They say my country is not hers;
Then why does she live in my home?
They say I’m not like her;
Then why does she seem like me?
I’m prisoner number seven hundred and eighty six
I look out from the bars of my cell.