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name: Rebecca

nickname: becca in real life (however if you call me fiasco I’ll probably love you forever)

birthday: September 30th

star sign: libra

gender: female

height: 5′5 

sexual orientation: ??????????????? (still couldn’t tell you but I’m really leaning toward bisexual)

fave color: turquoise and black

current time: 11:41 AM

average hours of sleep: usually 7

lucky #: 7 after my softball uniform number

last thing I googled: Ben Affleck’s height (for a friend in english)

1 word that comes to mind: chemistry (I’m not ready for my exam)

happy place: MegaCon main floor

how many blankets I sleep under: 2

fave fictional character: Tron

fave famous person: Bruce Boxleitner is such a sweetheart

celeb crush: Sebastian Stan

fave book: The Invisible Man

fave TV show: Avengers Assemble

fave bands: 30 seconds to Mars

last movie I watched: just watched Alien actually (it was sooo good)

dream trip: the grid on a good day San Diego Comic Con

dream job: concept artist or animator for disney or some gaming company

what I’m wearing right now: shorts and a “Keep calm and call Batman” shirt


011 C.A.T.S. Eyes: Powerline (1986)

Oh, yeah, relevant Pilfrey quote is relevant! Captain Harry Caldicott is Action Man brought to life, fuzzy hair, gripping hands – very useful for wine glasses – eagle-eyes and all, who vastly prefers chatting up blonde secret agents (her hair obviously reminds him of Sindy) to doing anything as boring as guard duty.

Harry looks good in his battle dress (even if he does wear his beret like it’s a giant lopsided mushroom), but don’t expect him to do any actual soldiering, not when he can get free drinks and pheasant stew off the impoverished aristocracy and, if I’m making the right inference from the dialogue, also the occasional snort of Colombian marching powder.

Really though, he doesn’t have a lot to do in this very silly show except trip over buckets and jump out of land rovers, but he does get to do it while looking handsome and opposite Nickolas Grace who will never not be Anthony Blanche to me, so I guess I can’t complain too much.