when you realize you’re starting to develop a crush

remembering that they’re one of your friends

the horror of noticing how deep you already are

coming to the conclusion that you’re completely and royally fucked and your life is pretty much over


Phil tries so hard 


okay so in the tumblr tag 3 when they’re watching the rap, at 9:54, see dan’s cheeky grin + finger bite before the “blocking out the ericas” part? yeah guess what was before that part in the rap? which caused the cute reaction in dan? well see for yourself, the part starts at 1:21 in the dil howlter rap…

“to save the world you have to kill either dan or phil”

-caspar lee
-conor maynard
-tyler oakley
-marcus butler

-macklemore & ryan lewis
-patricia bright

-little mix


I love phil`s reaction, he just laughs and shakes his head. asdghjkl i can`t even. its so cute