Counting down till the Comic Infinite Convention in Jinhua, China! The organizers did a fantastic job, I am so very honored to be a part of such an announcement, with so many awesome cosplayers and artists. Looking forward to meeting so many new friends in just few short days! 💖

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murdochinthetardis  asked:

I'm going to my first convention (torcon) and I'm so excited! Any tips?

here’re a couple of pretty straight-forward tips to help make the con experience enjoyable to the fullest that i’ve picked up!


A LOT of people don’t believe me when i say this, but i’m really socially anxious! pretty anxious all around, but seriously, breaking out of your shell and talking to the person next to you at these things makes such a huge difference. i’ve talked to people that looked SO intimidating, like, genuinely scary–that have turned out to be some of the sweetest, kindest, most supportive and fun people to go to cons with. talk to groups as well! you’re all there for the same general reason!


especially if you have a lot of events/ops/things to get to. you aren’t going to notice how dehydrated and hungry you are or you’ll think “i’ll take care of myself later”–trust me, you will function better if you carry provisions around with you. you might be able to help someone else who’s falling behind as well! chuck knows i’ve been saved more than once at these things


it’s really big to see how far a little empathy can go when understanding someone’s behavior. if you see a volunteer who’s having a hard time, that probably means timelines have gotten hectic and they’re doing their best, so it may be difficult to get immediate assistance from them. also, if you see a super tall lean dude with a perpetual beanie glued to his head, that’s chris, and he’s the man who’s taking thousands of photos over the weekend. tell him you love him. he is lovely

anyway, the cast can only do so much for the hundreds of people they’re confronted with in a weekend. so try not to bombard them with information, or hold up others with a lengthy story–honestly, a simple “thank you for what you’ve done with what you’ve made of yourself thus far. it’s gone a long ways” can say so much. if it’s something else, try to wait until the end of an auto/op line and speak to the volunteer/head of that event to get the OK to do/say what you’d like.

also, having a photo op with quick and easy execution makes a huge difference for those working the op room! if you think “this is going to be a nightmare to accomplish in 10 seconds” then it may be something to reconsider!

AND, the spn fanbase is incredibly passionate. we all know this, but it’s good to change your perspective to understand someone who’s reacting to a situation differently than you. again, it all goes back to respectful, empathetic responses to those around you to handle high-energy situations


there’s nothing else to add here i just really love it


YES the cast is hilarious, they put on wonderful panels, make incredible music, they have great answers to questions, but above that all, they come together to bring us together. enjoy the people you’re around. you can wear your heart on your sleeve for a hot minute!

OK that’s what i got, do enjoy torcon!!


Teen Titans cosplay from San Japan 9.

💥BEFORE ANYONE COMMENTS ABOUT CYBORG PLEASE READ: no, we did not have a Cyborg cosplayer with our group. It is a VERY difficult cosplay to pull off, and it wasn’t until after the convention itself did we find someone who is attempting to make the cosplay to join us for future cons!! We had been shared in a few places where people were giving us backlash for being “racist” since we didn’t have Cyborg. I’d appreciate if that was left well alone on this end, just enjoy the photos we have and look forward to a future photoshoot WITH CYBORG and a few other characters such as Jinx, Terra, and Blackfire!

🍕Another thing: Beast Boy is eating cheese pizza, I promise. The photo angle is cropped in a way that you only see the pepperoni slices and he’s tilting the pizza so you can’t really tell what’s on it… This was another thing people kept commenting on, but our Starfire is a vegetarian IRL and you can clearly see her slice is cheese… Therefore of course we had ordered a half cheese half pepperoni pizza. 👌

💥Robin - Photo-Brand Cosplay (instagram)
✨Starfire - @the-sea-will-set-you-free (instagram)
🐊Beast Boy - @br4ndog (instagram)
🔮Raven - @crystalhardted  (instagram ; facebook)

💥Fem Robin - Emily
✨Male Starfire - Austin
🐊Beast Girl - @tinie-faerie (instagram ; facebook)
🔮Male Raven - Ironheart Cosplay (instagram)

📷 : M3 Photography

Mine and @vaahlkult‘s table at Edmonton Expo! Come find us at table E09 and help us succeed at one of our worst conventions by buying our art lmao (But seriously I’m enjoying just being here, even if it isn’t a crazy profitable convention lol)

But actually I also just got a final quote on my car and got it fixed today and the total will be $362 so I’ll really appreciate any sales whatsoever to help make that back haha *o* I’m so excited to finally have my car back after not having it for 6 weeks…

Thank you to anyone who stopped by today though! Looking forward to the rest of the weekend c:

Alright guys so here is my photo op picture with Jensen and Jared. I am the one hugging Jensen, and my best friend is the one hugging Jared. They say don’t meet your idols because you will notice their flaws, but Jensen and Jared don’t have any flaws. They are both very good looking men, and have the sweetest hearts. The entire time that this was happening they never looked like they weren’t having fun and seemed like they were really looking forward to seeing all their fans.

Although it was a very fast paced moment, I can tell you that when I walked up to Jensen i had been looking down then, when I paused and looked up Jensen was looking down at me and I froze, which I’m sure he could tell. I tried to say something but I couldn’t get any words out, so him being the wonderful human he is broke the ice and said hey. I was able to muster up a shy little hello, after that he smiled and went to hug me. After the picture I looked up at Jensen again and thanked him and he smiled at me and said anytime, which obviously caused me to smile back at him. Once I noticed that my friend was walking away I had to walk with her, as i went to turn away Jensen rubbed my back as started walking away and let his hand drag along by back sideways. 

Now my friend on the other hand, She went right in for the hug and Jared touched her shoulders and took a step back so that he could see her face and smiled at her (which I think is really sweet). After Jared had to crouch down a little bit to hug my friend he rested his chin on her head. Then our picture was snapped. After our picture was taken Jared smiled all my friend could manage to say was “i love you” (which im sure they’re used to hearing at this point) and awkwardly walked away. When I caught up to her we both couldn’t stop smiling.

I looked back at them for one more time before walking away and they were both smiling at us, watching us walk away. I can honestly say that, this is the happiest moment of my life.

*if you look close enough Jensen did the little tongue thing when he smiled and Jared’s smile looks so wonderful. I’m pretty sure those are some of the most genuine smiles I have seen in a photo op.*


Thingamajig Invention Convention 2016 | DC

My last set of photos moments I captured during the YMCA’s ‘Thingamajig’ over the summer while serving as a science teacher for ‘31 Days of Science & Fun’ a STEaM summer camp for kids in Downtown York, Pennsylvania. 

From top: Looking on at +4,000 students interacting and enjoying the edutainment below; random tube play pit for students to build, disassemble, reconstruct, and team-build; my students learning about ecology and wind erosion at one of the science stations along the perimeter of the convention area; agriculture and lawn care BINGO presented by LEAFGRO; my favorite activity I look forward to incorporating into a science lesson myself – candy DNA; and lastly, a mother looks on as the convention bustles with students from all over the country who’ve been brought together by science education.

More on YMCA’s ‘Thingamajig’ HERE.

Jack and Robin

Hey Jack, I think it’s about time that you and Robin go to conventions together. I really wanna see a picture with both of you guys :) The Worms episode today was super funny! I am just having a blast seeing you two compete against each other in the typical friend way - cursing and shouting XD Let it be known that I enjoy your friendship very much ^_^

Greetings and lots of love to both of you! Looking forward to the next collab ♡


Last weekend I went to Toronto to once again attend Fan Expo. I’ve been going since 2009. I busted out my 9th Doctor cosplay for it. I had my new Auton arm autographed by Alex Kingston, Michelle Gomez, and Freema Agyeman. My wonderful friend Eve was able to get me Alex’s sign as well. I also bought an Articuno plush, and with its help captured a T.A.R.D.I.S. Let’s see Valor or Instinct try to take it over. Friday was a great day because I got to hang out with the wonderful @whokilledcecilpalmer. Fan Expo, while kinda expensive, was my first big convention and I will always look forward to it.

Technically, I’m not a native Washingtonian but I’ve lived in this city off-and-on since 2007. In DC, that basically makes me a native. I love this city and it’s nerdy, bookish, wonkish ways. Each year, I look forward to the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival. It’s a free, day-long celebration of all things book on Saturday, September 24 from 9 AM to 10 PM. The only ticketed event is the Stephen King lecture from 11 am to noon on the main stage.

DC has changed a ton in the last decade and if you haven’t been to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the last few years, you’ll be forgiven for not recognizing the place. In addition to some festival highlights, I’ve rounded up some places nearby to eat, caffeinate, decompress, and sight-see. Unless otherwise indicated, all these spots are within 1 mile of the convention center.


this is stupid but tbh i am getting pretty sick of the one-word adjective naming convention disney has fallen into.  it is cute with tangled because “tangled” not only references her long hair but sort of humorously pokes at the mess rapunzel and flynn get tangled up in?  and it is cutesy and fun.  but “frozen” and “gigantic” do not really have the same kind of wordplay (unless you really REACH for it and say “frozen” refers to being frozen with fear or something but….  this is a kids movie and that is not fun or cute that is depressing) ……..  it is just……..  cold & big.  they are just kind of boring titles :(

SPX 2016

This weekend, September 17-18 is the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland!  I love SPX and I’m really looking forward to exhibiting for my 13th (!!!) time.  If you take a look at the handy exhibitor map, you’ll see I’m going to be at table L12B-L13 with Drew Weing, Eleanor Davis, and Adam Aylard!  I’ll be right next to the great Lucy Bellwood, whose awesome nautical comic Baggywrinkles I co-colored, so I’ll be happy to sign those as well if you’d like!

Let’s take a look at what kinds of things I’ll have at my table…

GRAPHIC NOVELS! The first volume of the award-winning graphic novel series Mermin is now in softcover!  Books 1-4 are available in hardcover and I’ll have it all on hand!  Also, my previous graphic novel Cavemen in Space!

MINI-COMICS! Tales of Unusual Circumstance Non-Annual Special #1 debuted at SPX last year, but in case you missed it, this collection of short stories (including a Mermin comic not available elsewhere) will be at my table as well as the giant monster alphabet zine Kaijuphabet!

PRINTS! I created two new Mermin prints this year!  If you’re an SPX devotee who already has all my books and mini-comics, check out these brand-new prints!

Hey howdy hey ladies! Just letting you all know that I won’t be online at all this Friday-Sunday. I’ll be at my annual convention for this year and I’m really really excited about it. Like this is the one thing I look forward to every year and this year my congregation was like…one of the last to get to enjoy it while everyone else has just hyping it up and so I’m like dghffhgh FINALLY.

The programs end in the early evening but still, I will have to prepare for the next day and also I want to keep my mind focused on the material I’ll be getting and not too much roleplaying. I’ll hardly be here and scarcely on Skype as well. I hope you all understand.

I have a nice hefty queue going so hopefully that holds down well. See ya Monday!

anonymous asked:

Hi, my name is Jason, I have been a fan of your cosplays from 2015 when I saw you at kumori con black butler panel. I even recorded the panel. I wanted to ask what can fans like myself look forward to this years k-com and do you have anything new commimg out soon?

Hi, Jason!  Ah yes, I remember that panel!  That’s awesome that you were able to watch and record it even!

This year at Kumoricon, there’s only so much I can say at this point because the convention staff hasn’t gotten back to me about what panels have been approved yet.  However, I can say that I submitted 4 panels to them myself and might be collaborating with other people on another panel or two in addition.  The panels I myself submitted are Soul Eater and Miraculous Ladybug, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at least a couple of those get the green light!  There’s also a possibility that I’ll be helping out with one or some of the bigger events at the con, but I don’t have official confirmation on those yet.

As for new things coming out in the near future, hard to say, but hopefully!  My next big cosplay project is Mettaton EX from Undertale, and I plan to have him finished by NewCon PDX around New Years for… reasons~  I’m doing a rather large collab with some people that I’m super excited to work with, so he will be my top priority for a while!  I know that I’ll also be helping out with some of the larger events at NewCon, as well.

I also have a LOT of ideas for videos I’ll be making for my YouTube channel in the future, but it’s hard to plan those too far in advance, as well.  I’ll keep you all updated for sure!

//Hello loves,

I’m back from running my second convention in less than a month, and I’m a little bit exhausted. I’m gonna take it easy tonight in preparation for work tomorrow, but I might throw out a few posts this evening if I can get my brain to do brain things again. 

I enjoyed reading all your lovely responses this weekend in what little down-time I had, and look forward to posting back ASAP!