I just called my senators & congressman & asked them to make public statements that they oppose Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as his Chief of Staff.

Here’s what I said:
“Is Senator _________ aware of Bannon’s ant-semitic comments, and that he is supported by white supremacist groups like the KKK?”
“Well, I know that Senator ___________ is as appalled by ant-semitism & white nationalism as I am. I encourage him to publicly state his disapproval of Bannon, making it clear that extremists like him have no place in public office. I look forward to hearing his statement.”

Then I ask if they need my zip so they know I am a constituent.


Conventional wisdom is that 1 phone call to a congressperson represents 50 unheard voters. We need to let our politicians know we are mobilized.

We need to make it clear to conservatives that siding with Trump is going to be a political risk for them. Many Trump voters don’t actually love Trump, and republicans know that. They are on shakey ground. We need to drive a wedge within their party.

If by some miracle we stop Bannon’s appointment it will make for a saner 4 years. It will also be a symbol of Trumps weakness. Trump followers hate weakness. It will make him lose face.

If you have a progressive congressperson: Let them know they have your support in speaking out, or your gratitude if they’ve already done so. You can email them or write if you don’t want to overwhelm their phone lines.

Be nice to the person you’re talking to. They are aides.


GEORGIA PEOPLE: These are our senators, and the rep for GA district 10:

Senator Isakson
Local office: 770-661-0999
DC office: 202-224-3643

Senator Perdue
Local Office: 404-865-0087
DC Office: 202-224-3521

Congressman Hice (GA district 10)

Local Office: 770-207-1776

DC Office: 202-225-4101

Here’s a digital preview of the new Kip enamel pin!

As I work on reopening my online store, I’m also working on a new line of Monsterkind merch, starting with enamel pins.

Each pin will be printed on hard enamel and are 25mm in size. They will all come with card backings, and will be available online and at conventions. Due to costs, I’ll only be making one new design per month. Next month’s design is Molly! I hope you’ll look forward to it!

Danai Gurira in 2017: A Look Ahead

Danai had an amazing 2016, but there’s still plenty to look forward to in 2017 for her fans. 

  • Black Panther has started filming and hopefully we will get some set photos and behind the scenes goodies.
  • Her play, The Convert, will run in the UK from January 12th to February 11th.
  • All Eyez on Me comes out June 17th.
  • She will continue as Michonne in The Walking Dead. And hopefully make some more appearances at conventions.
  • Eclipsed will be at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco in March.
  • She is writing a movie to be produced by Jessica Chastain and her HBO pilot based on Familiar remains a current project.
  • And we may get more surprises. Some people tweeted about making a documentary for BET about Eclipsed last year, but we’ve heard little else since then. Eclipsed airs on BET Africa this weekend so it may have been part of that, but we should all keep our fingers crossed that we get to see it here as it seems they worked closely with Danai.

And with this post I conclude my Month of Danai posts. (a few days late!)  It was an informal project meant to inspire me to work on my to do list, but I ended up doing more of a year overview with a few random surprises. You can look back at all the posts here…it’s a pretty good overview of her year including all her red carpet looks, photoshoots, and accomplishments. So…I still have a massive to do list of Danai posts and I guess I can’t really slow my posting down any. :)

GUYS SPACE DAD IS COMING TO ORLANDO, FL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omfg! I’m dying right now! He’s coming to my favorite convention of the year and I’m gonna meet him 😍😘😵 COME ON VOLTRON FANS! Let’s get together at AFO and have ourselves a good time! Hopefully my two panels get picked up because if they do, you can look forward to: 1) Voltron Chat - with Keith and Lance (family friendly) 2) KLance Fanfic Theater - with Keith and Lance - and fan service! (18+ panel) HUSBDJXBWKD. SPACE DAD!

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I Want Crazy (Part 2)

Summary: Jensen invites you to the convention, and you spend the day with him, Jared and Misha

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: language because I can’t help it… I think that’s it

A/N: Here’s the next part, hope you like it! Swaps to Jared’s pov. Also, the gifset that inspired this is HERE and it’s precious

Need part one? Get it here

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Some photos of the “Justice League” superman costume.

Well the suit is practically finished. Just need to sort the gauntlets out which si the easiest bit. I’m super happy with this result… It can be better in certain parts, but ah well you can’t have everything. Looking forward to sporting this and getting involved with the JL universe at the next convention.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any big projects you are looking forward to this year?

personal projects or? because my main big project right now is setting up my art shop and getting everything made myself for the first time and later this year hopefully sell at artist alley at some convention! thats what i’ve been focusing a lot of my time into since 2017 started

Steve gifts Tony with a kitten for Christmas. 

This happens when Steve has to travel out of New York for a convention because his artwork is doing incredibly well. While this is amazing, it means that Tony has to be left alone for the next four days and Steve won’t be back until the day after Christmas. They’ve never spent a Christmas apart since they got together and Tony wasn’t looking forward to it. 

Steve feels terrible for having to leave Tony by himself but he does remember Tony casually saying that they’d love if they got a pet. It has been mentioned more than a few times and Steve knows that Tony has been hinting towards this. Hoping that Steve would pick up on it and then they’d discuss about it to see if it’s possible or not. 

Well, Steve has been doing some thinking. 

They bid each other a warm and affectionate farewell, holding onto each other for a little bit too long before Sam actually has to drag Steve out the door. 

Then Tony’s alone. 

Come Christmas day, Tony has settled himself on the couch and has tuned into Home Alone when he receives at a knock at the door. 

Steve receives a request for Face Time from Tony and grins when he sees a happy and grinning Tony, holding a little black kitten to his chest. The kitten mewls before nuzzling into Tony’s neck and he just melts, cooing down at the little one and Steve has never missed home so much in his life. 

But he’ll be home soon and this is the last Christmas that they’ll spend apart, he’ll make sure of it. 


Was looking forward to waking up this morning with some snow on the ground and there was hardly any.  But no worries, its coming down a bit more now and I can see that blanket of crisp white covering the grass and the trees and I am enjoying every second it lasts!

So my gym is part of the park district so sometimes its run a bit differently than a standard conventional gym may be (which I am not always a fan of personally).   Take this for example.  Right outside the entrance of the locker rooms there used to be this small smoothie bar.  Unlike the stocked cafe you would find at a Lifetime fitness, it was pretty simple and not all that alluring.  So when they put up a sign saying it would be closing at the first of the year I was not all that surprised.

But being a non-traditional gym - it has been replaced with a remote broadcasting location for the local radio station????

Super odd right?  And they use it multiple times a week, this is not only setup for a one day event or something. 

And I along with several others I have talked to at the gym, find it super annoying.  It is not behind glass, it is right there out in the open as you walk out of the locker rooms and when they are actually doing the show live from here, it is loud and annoying in the entire lobby of the gym. 

It just makes no sense to me that it would be here out in the open - a week or two ago they had some up and comer in country music there being interviewed and then playing a live performance next to this smoothie bar.  In the lobby of a gym?  Right in front of the check in desk, which directly across from this.   Everything about it is awkward.  I can’t imagine how it feels for the artist to be performing as people who are just there to get their workout on, pass by trying to be quiet, or not make eye contact etc.

I love being on the swim team but I find the way this place is run to be something that really turns me off much of the time. 

So with that off my chest - today’s practice was distance - but also for decreasing times.  I did not have decreasing times no matter how much effort i was putting in.  I have not really ever paced myself on 400′s before so there was no way to know where I was really at.  And the folks who showed up today were not my usual mix.  So I was back in my original lane (where there were only 2 of us) so I was not having to keep up with anyone and I think that also makes a huge difference as I had no way of knowing if I was doing good or falling behind.  But either way its 2300 more yards in the books so thats realy what matters most to me.

200 swim/kick/pull

4x400  Rest between :30-:45 after each one, whatever it takes to get the clock at a place where you can get your time!   GO FASTER ON EACH ONE - descend these 1-4.

Swim them as follows: 

  1. straight 400 - nice and steady 
  2. straight 400 - steady and strong 
  3. broken - 200/200 -, rest :15 between 200’s  (subtract :15 from time)
  4. broken - 100/100/100/100 rest :10 after each  (subtract :30 from time)

4x100 kick, rest :20 

  • 15 hard fast kicks off each wall, finish the length easy

100 easy



Capturing all black pieces is difficult! I finished this tentacle crown a while ago but was never able to get a decent photo of it. It’s studded with gems and is coated with a holographic glitter. This and few more like it will be for sale soon! I plan on auctioning them off to raise money for the convention I’ll be doing in Hawaii. (airfare and hotel there ain’t cheap) I haven’t sculpted in about 2 months which is crazy so I’m really looking forward to working on the Kickstarters fake gauges and these next week~


only three days and the next convention for me will start ´Q` The LBM!
You can buy various prints, charms, stickers, customized sketchbooks and a little booklet with sketches about my OCs: Core & Celi *A*

You’ll find me at by booth MK223, come and say hi!! I’m looking forward to see you there~ ♥

for more infos follow my on Twitter

My Jared Padalecki drawing I made for @lookingatthehorizonn. She was kind enough to let me share her story of Jared signing it. I love you very dearly my friend <3. 

Story time:

I will never forget the convention where I let Jared Padalecki sign Simone’s drawing. It was JibCon5, May 2014, in Rome. I will never forget meeting my idol after so many tries. I will also never forget how nervous I was, but it was all worth it. 

 When I was queueing for Jared’s autograph, I was shaking and close to tears. And it went all away the moment I stepped forward and he looked me in the eyes. Like it was all okay and there was nothing to worry about. I had Simone’s drawing with me and fumbled with the cords that held the art folder together. Daniela was sitting next to Jared and they both saw how nervous I was. They helped me get the drawing out of the folder and I started to explain to Jared that it was a drawing my best friend had made for me for this special occasion. He totally did not believe me. So I dared him to move his finger on one of the dark patches of the paper. When he looked at this finger afterwards his mouth just fell open. He kept staring from the drawing, to me and back to the drawing again. He was flabbergasted. He asked me who drew it and I immediately lit up and told him about Simone, my best friend. And trust me, I can talk about how great Simone is all day long and Jared just went with it. He signed it and kept saying that he could not believe that this was a real drawing, that someone drew it with their bare hands. Afterwards he looked me straight in the eye and told me to tell Simone that she has a raw talent only a few people have the honor to have on this planet and that she should cherish it at all times. He did not want to give back the drawing, so I told him I put a copy in the envelope had I given at the beginning. He took my hand and thanked me. He could not wait to show it to his wife.

 A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help others. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who cares deeply. I wish I had the privilege of seeing and talking to my hero every single day. But I will settle with this one time, because I am honored, humbled and happy that I got to meet him, while so many others will never get to meet theirs. Thank you, Jared, for being you!


Sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr lately! I have been busy with schoolwork and working on drawings for Spectrum Art Live next month in Kansas City. I’m in Artist Alley, and I am table #1, right near the entrance. Yay! If you’re attending Spectrum, or live in or near Kansas City and are looking forwards to a really neat convention, come by to Spectrum Art Live from April 21-23rd in the Kansas City Convention centre.

I got a couple portfolios that I am planning on filling with sketches and drawings to sell. I’ll have my new artbook, “Insight”, which has an index at the back that corresponds to each page number, and describes the subject of each sketch and drawing. I’ve provided information on the animals that are featured in my book, such as the baboons and ibex pictured here. It was a fun book to work on and I plan on making my artbooks in this manner from now on.


So I’m seeing a lot of people upset because they “will never get to meet” Mark or Jack or Felix or Ken or Bob or Wade or Amy or Signe or whoever. I was like that too in all honesty. Being on the opposite side of the world from America, I naturally assume I’ll never get to any conventions.
Actually, I’m just at a point where I don’t feel as though I’m working towards anything, or looking forward to anything. And I realised I needed to change that, or I won’t enjoy what I do. I’ll generally be bored and feel unaccomplished in my life.

So I’ve decided to make it my goal to save up, and make it to one of these conventions. I may not actually meet any of the people I watch and look up to, but it’ll be an amazing experience anyway. I strongly advise everyone to do the same. If you want to see these people, don’t let the challenges of your life dissuade you from trying. If you put your heart and soul into it, anything is possible. I hope to meet @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu and @crankthatgameplay and ALL the other lovely people I look up to. They are the ones who inspire me to think like this, and to believe in others and myself. And watching all the PAX videos and seeing all the posts just makes me all the more determined.

Don’t let fear or obstacles get in the way of your accomplishments and dreams. Anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it.

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In one month I plan on flying to a different part of the country to go to an anime convention with my internet friend whom I'll be meeting for the first time. I'm a big buff dude and I'll be cosplaying as my maid waifu OC as well as virgin killer Rem. I will most likely have sex with my friend while wearing said cosplays. looking forward to that is one of the few things keeping me going these days.

Good luck on your endeavors! Oh and have fun!

Anime Cons are always such interesting and enjoyable times. Especially when you’re with your friend(s). 

Sad : <

Hello guys! Yeah well… I was looking forward to the Leipzig Book fair so much… and now I got sick right before it and had to cancel it…

It’s the first time in my life I have to do that.. meh. I’m so sorry for the people who wanted to see me there or who wanted to get pictures.

I hope I’ll be okay again when it’s time for Chizuru in two weeks. For the next days I’m staying with Riki and try to recover from sickness. Sorry guys qq I love you


On March 11, I am going to get dressed, take a selfie, and participate in #BombBlackHijabis, and here’s why:

  1. Because the people who often try to speak for me don’t look like me. They don’t live in my neighborhood, experience the same pressures and prejudices I do, or familiarize them selves with the history and legacy of people like me in this country or in Islam. They speak FOR me but in real life they often don’t even bother to speak TO me.
  2. Because it’s important that black and brown skinned girls see themselves as beautiful. Unfortunately we still live in a world where colorism is a thing. There is an ever-growing list of amazing hijabis who are fashion forward and breaking every convention out there. But the one that we, as an ummah have yet to break, is the one that says dark skinned girls are not as beautiful as fair skinned girls. This mental slavery sends the implicit message to black Muslim women that WE are not beautiful.
  3. Because if there is no visibility there can be no dialogue. Nobody can talk to you about your issues until they SEE you. Our invisibility aids the prison of silence that surrounds us in our communities and in the larger ummah. It supports the arabization of the image of Islam. It paves the way for the Arab privilege that exists among Muslims.
  4. Because I want you to tell your stories. I want you to feel pride and show how beautiful you are in all of your varied stripes and flavors. I want you to tell the stories behind that beautifully melanated skin and that warm smile. I want other Muslims to know that there were more Black Muslims in our history than Bilal, Ibn Battuta and Malcolm X. I want the world to see that at every turn, at every step, in every way, black Muslim women have held the banner of Islam high. Even today, we hold together families and communities with grace and dignity.

I hope you will also participate in #BombBlackHijabis and post a selfie, here on Tumblr or twitter. I hope you will take the time to tell your stories and remember that Black Muslim women have always been part of the story of Islam. But, most importantly, I hope this is not the end.