Off to TFN!!

Good evening, you lovely people!

Quick note, I will be gone from the 9th of August to the 21st of August! I will not have access to tumblr during that time and can’t post any art or reply to anything until I’m back, just a heads up! I wish everybody a wonderful two weeks!

I’ll be at TFNation this week, so I’ll put a couple infos below the cut for those interested! How to find me, what I look like etc

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Late post! I had so much fun at OHAYOCON; I met so many great people there and I really enjoyed talking to them all! It was quite the experience working at my own booth alone..hopefully next time I will have a partner working with me so I don’t get burnt out in the end. I look forward to going to another convention in the future. Right now, I am still recovering from this awesome weekend.

[Friday, October 20. 2017]
FBM17 was really great.
We had a little Black Butler group and all of them were so cute. I absolutely fell in love with this group.

So many people came to us to ask for pictures and told us that we look great and it was so flattering.

Sadly this night be the last Con for me this year but I look forward to the next Conventions. Hopefully also with that little amazing group of dorks xD.

I love you guys 🖤🌌☄


Ciel Phantomhive: https://www.instagram.com/miho_honeybee/
Sebastian Michaelis: https://www.instagram.com/robin_woods_x3/
Dorcell: https://www.instagram.com/luminawi/
Grell Sutclif: https://www.instagram.com/sommerlilie_luna/
Alois Trancy (me): https://www.instagram.com/_miss.trancy_/

I’m really sorry. I don’t know what happened to the graphic of the picture ;-;

I was looking forward to go to a convention tomorrow so much and i told some friends that i’m gonna be there, but i got hit by depression really damn hard and lost all motivation to go. I know i’ll disappoint some people if i don’t show up. What do i do

Okay let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, about a year and a half ago, I got the brilliant idea to make a Ziio cosplay for Fanime of 2013. I spent at least 3 months working on it, aiming to get it as perfect as possible, undertaking new techniques such as embroidery and weaving a shirt together. Then Fanime came, and I wore Ziio on Saturday and Sunday of the con. I met a bunch of great people because of it, like Allegra and Lorena, and Ziio became the cosplay I’m most proud of.

I started crying when Sac Anime announced that Noah Watts was going to be a guest at their summer convention. And I mean like, bawling. I was so fucking happy and could barely believe this was real. Those of you who have read my post on why Assassin’s Creed is so important to me get why. And then I saw one night on twitter that Sac Anime had tweeted Tiio about being a guest at the con and I started crying. Again. And then Sac Anime went above and beyond my expectations and pretty much got the entire main cast of the Assassin’s Creed series to their convention.

I left super early from RWC Friday morning to make it to Tiio and Noah’s panel that was at 10am-ish, and I got there in time to make the last half of the panel, which was really exciting to me. Immediately after, and on a whim as I hadn’t planned to until the next day, We, as in Armine, Ayden, Evangeline, and I, got in line for Tiio and Noah’s Autograph session. As we got closer to the front, I got really nervous and wasn’t entirely sure what to say, and when it was my turn I awkwardly went up to them with my program book and poster and placed it in front of them with a “Hi, how’s it going.”

And then they replied, and then Noah said something, I think he had said he liked my cosplay (I was in Federico) and I turned to him and was like, “Thanks, I"m actually the one who beaded the armbands for your costume!” His eyes lit up and then said that the-fashionable-assassin had mentioned me, and I reminded him my name, and talked a bit on how he wanted to wear it to Sac but part of it needed to be fixed, but he was determined to be able to wear it to Youmacon this year. Then I was able to turn to Tiio and I had my phone out to tell her that I cosplayed as her character, and was wearing it the following day so I could show her (Armine had informed me that in the first half of the panel I missed, that Tiio was explaining how complex Ziio’s outfit was). She was interested, and then I reminded them about the invite to the Assassin’s Creed gathering after their panel.

Then the next day happened, and I was in Ziio, I made it to the morning panel that had all of the AC guests, which was really fun. The panel ended 30 minutes earlier than it said on the program, so We started to make out way to the gathering site, as I was hosting it. When we had gotten there, it was only about 2 minutes after that Adrian, Amber, Cas, and Noah had showed up to the gathering with their Staff member. 

External image

We took a bunch of pictures with them (that I will be posting later), and it was a really special moment for them to take the time to mingle with the cosplayers like this, and I thank them again for doing this!

After the gathering, a quick costume fix up in the hotel, and a smoothie break, I went to get in line for the AC autograph session. On my way out of the hotel, I ran into Willow (the other Ziio cosplayer above) who was working with the AC guests, and she had told me that Tiio was looking for me and wanted to see my cosplay. Cue me freaking out on the inside. Luckily I was already on my way to the session, and I was waiting in line outside for a good hour and then some, while the Staff member from earlier was going back and forth, trying to move people who wanted Rodger Bumpass’s autograph inside so they could stand in his line. I had made it about halfway to the inside, when he spotted me as he was making his rounds. He came up to me and asked if I was the organizer of the Assassin’s Creed gathering from earlier. He then explained to me that since the autograph session ended in about 30ish minutes, that they had to cut off the line from outside, but he said that he knew Tiio had asked for me and wanted to take a picture with me. Again I freak out on the inside. He tells me to wait by the VIP Room, so he can wrap up the autograph session currently going on. 

I felt kinda bad for the other people, but at the same time I was really fucking excited because holy shit, Tiio Horn cared enough about seeing my cosplay to ask for me, I couldn’t believe it. So I wait for about an hour by the VIP room, and then Willow finds me again, and I ask her about Tiio, so she runs into the VIP Room and come back out a bit later, and then basically gets me into the VIP Autograph session, and she and the Staff member lead me to her and then she gets excited, and I get excited, and we take the picture above and she followed me on twitter. I am so thankful to her, and Willow, and Staff Member who’s name I never got, because this moment was an actual dream come true for me. I had been looking forward to this convention for MONTHS, and all these amazing things happened in the span of 2 days. All the voice actors were so gracious and delightful to be around, and I really hope this was a positive experience for them so that they can be open to becoming guests at cons more often!


Come see me all weekend long at Maker Faire Bay Area! I am set up in the Expo Hall (zone 2) in the kinetic art section. I have my normal show offerings of paint-your-own figures along with a whole bunch of new Arbori.

In addition, I am also offering free sculpting tutorials, clay samples provided by sculpey-polyform, and demonstrations. I have plenty of copies of my book, Fantasy Creatures in Clay from impactbooks. I even have some new, fun sticker giveaways.

If you can make it out this weekend, please do. I can already tell this is going to be an amazing show. I look forward to seeing everyone!!!


I guess I never really did a wrap up post for SuperCon ahah I’ve kind of been unwinding the past day or two.

Thank you again for everyone who stopped by and said Hi! I had quiet a few commissions that I really really enjoyed doing. I even got a few gifts and got to meet fans from out of the country and people I’ve known on tumblr for years! It was wild man. While Im not sure If I’ll be at Supercon next year I look forward to tabling more at other conventions :0

Hey duuuuuudes! This weekend is MCM London Comic Con! My first time in a massive UK con scene! If you’re going to this, please come visit me in the Comic Village at table C-H8. I’ll be taking commissions all weekend long, so get to me early to avoid my queue being full up.

I’ll have prints, sketchbooks, comics, a few pins, stickers, charms, 5 x 7 Zodiac sets, grab bags…. I might not have room for everything so if there’s something specific of mine you’re looking for, please feel free to ask me!

I look forward to meeting you guys! <3