I’m so happy there’s a whole year ahead of me with Supernatural. This thing is still going to be there to help me do the thing where I wake up every day and don’t die. It’s going to be there and I’m going to look forwards to it and there’s going to be stuff and things that happen and anticipation and debate and drama and conventions and just. Another year like this one, like the past years have been, with this family, with no goodbyes, with no need to worry about what will happen after, because it’ll be there tomorrow, too.

I’m so happy about Supernatural. It means so much to me.


Store Update!!! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ Visit here! 

I’ve finally got around to set up my Storenvy! I’m selling some sticker sheets left over from my previous convention. Have some Frozen and Pokemon stickers!

I don’t have much stock currently but I will be restocking over spring break. Look forward to acrylic cellphone charms of Pokemon and Elsa!

These are printed on 8.5x11 glossy sticker paper. Please note that these sheets are not pre-cut.

Let’s Keep Them Guessing

Summary: Dan is at a youtube convention by himself while Phil is stuck at home with a cold. Whilst at the youtube convention, Dan is constantly texting Phil and the youtubers try to figure out who he’s texting.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,006

Beta: thanks to the wonderful human that is @luminescentlester <3

A/N: Technically not exactly what you were asking for but I hope you still like it!

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This is technically the last page of 2015 (unless I end up doing an early Thursday update), so I’d like to say thank you for an incredible year for me and for Monsterkind. I’m very happy with this current chapter, and I’m looking forward to all the future ones to come.

2015 has been one of the busiest years I’ve had so far between work, a hugely successful Kickstarter, and a bunch of conventions where I got to meet so many amazing, wonderful, and supportive fans of what I do. You all are incredible, kind, and fantastic. Thank you so much for sticking with me while I weave together my first big story. Your support is noticed, appreciated, and constantly a source of inspiration and motivation for me as I work day to day. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you so, so very much.

As always, and forever: Thank you for reading. Happy New Year!

Day 14 of RWBY Art Challenge: STRQ member

Raven’s character design is one of my favorite from RWBY…..until she took her mask off. She looks a little too young for a mom with two daughters* (then again, this series has a huge case of the ‘same face syndrome’ for the females). Badass, incredibly mysterious, and I look forward to seeing what the significance of this character is for the story. 

*I know she’s only Yang’s mom, but  I still consider her as a mom with two kids, even though one is not of blood. Just like how an adopted child is still the parent’s child in my eyes. 

On another note, I’ll be at RTX2016, table #925. Please stop by, you won’t regret it! For those who are wondering what I’m selling, I’ll be periodically putting up ‘Convention Exclusive’ preorders in my shop. Basically, you can purchase the item online (with added bonus or discounts), and pick them up at the con.

Get free swag or pay less money at the con; neat, yea?
I’m open for commissions before the convention, which will all come with a bonus if you order before the convention ;D


PSA to my con friends/customers/lovelies

I know met like 99% of you guys at conventions! I’m forever grateful and looking forward to seeing everyone when I do. But it came to my attention that some people genuinely didn’t know they were expected to Tip! I just wanted to let you know when you guys are hoteling at conventions (whether in a large group or not) Please tip the Housekeeping! Just leave a dollar or two (hopefully from each person in a room if it’s a particular mess) for them! Housekeepers are grossly underpaid and they have ALOT of rooms to clean and manage per floor. They also keep alot of secrets too when we congoers are being… economical. (i.e overstuffing rooms). 

Once they even made the weird cushion bed and blanket set up I had on the floor all clean and ready to be slept on despite the fact that 4 to a room is pretty standard. And they dont hesitate usually to send more towels when it’s obvious there’s alot of people! They clean the room after messy cosplay emergencies and that 3 day old Chinese food/ pizza you tried to stretch across the convention weekend.

so yeah! Please just leave a smile pile of dollars on the dresser or in front of the TV.  

Tip your waitresses~ Tip your housekeepers~


Teen Titans cosplay from San Japan 9.

💥BEFORE ANYONE COMMENTS ABOUT CYBORG PLEASE READ: no, we did not have a Cyborg cosplayer with our group. It is a VERY difficult cosplay to pull off, and it wasn’t until after the convention itself did we find someone who is attempting to make the cosplay to join us for future cons!! We had been shared in a few places where people were giving us backlash for being “racist” since we didn’t have Cyborg. I’d appreciate if that was left well alone on this end, just enjoy the photos we have and look forward to a future photoshoot WITH CYBORG and a few other characters such as Jinx, Terra, and Blackfire!

🍕Another thing: Beast Boy is eating cheese pizza, I promise. The photo angle is cropped in a way that you only see the pepperoni slices and he’s tilting the pizza so you can’t really tell what’s on it… This was another thing people kept commenting on, but our Starfire is a vegetarian IRL and you can clearly see her slice is cheese… Therefore of course we had ordered a half cheese half pepperoni pizza. 👌

💥Robin - Photo-Brand Cosplay (instagram)
✨Starfire - @the-sea-will-set-you-free (instagram)
🐊Beast Boy - @br4ndog (instagram)
🔮Raven - @crystalhardted  (instagram ; facebook)

💥Fem Robin - Emily
✨Male Starfire - Austin
🐊Beast Girl - @tinie-faerie (instagram ; facebook)
🔮Male Raven - Ironheart Cosplay (instagram)

📷 : M3 Photography

My Jared Padalecki drawing I made for @lookingatthehorizonn. She was kind enough to let me share her story of Jared signing it. I love you very dearly my friend <3. 

Story time:

I will never forget the convention where I let Jared Padalecki sign Simone’s drawing. It was JibCon5, May 2014, in Rome. I will never forget meeting my idol after so many tries. I will also never forget how nervous I was, but it was all worth it. 

 When I was queueing for Jared’s autograph, I was shaking and close to tears. And it went all away the moment I stepped forward and he looked me in the eyes. Like it was all okay and there was nothing to worry about. I had Simone’s drawing with me and fumbled with the cords that held the art folder together. Daniela was sitting next to Jared and they both saw how nervous I was. They helped me get the drawing out of the folder and I started to explain to Jared that it was a drawing my best friend had made for me for this special occasion. He totally did not believe me. So I dared him to move his finger on one of the dark patches of the paper. When he looked at this finger afterwards his mouth just fell open. He kept staring from the drawing, to me and back to the drawing again. He was flabbergasted. He asked me who drew it and I immediately lit up and told him about Simone, my best friend. And trust me, I can talk about how great Simone is all day long and Jared just went with it. He signed it and kept saying that he could not believe that this was a real drawing, that someone drew it with their bare hands. Afterwards he looked me straight in the eye and told me to tell Simone that she has a raw talent only a few people have the honor to have on this planet and that she should cherish it at all times. He did not want to give back the drawing, so I told him I put a copy in the envelope had I given at the beginning. He took my hand and thanked me. He could not wait to show it to his wife.

 A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help others. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who cares deeply. I wish I had the privilege of seeing and talking to my hero every single day. But I will settle with this one time, because I am honored, humbled and happy that I got to meet him, while so many others will never get to meet theirs. Thank you, Jared, for being you!

So my adventure at Space City Comic Con has been “interesting” so far. From driving into Houston through flood waters and apparently a tornado at one point I arrived here with hopeful expectations. The first day was slow and many people seemed to have skipped the convention all together due to the weather. I had hoped to return to my hotel to reorganize my stock and get a good nights rest after Friday night wrapped up only to find out during another storm earlier that day the hotel had lost power and water. It was an interesting night of stress upon stress trying to figure out how to proceed. Cut to today where the there seems to a more people at the show. So fingers crossed things start looking up moving forward on this trip 😄.

If your in Houston I hope you stop by Space City Comic Con this weekend and stop by my table AA-202. 😄


Stephen Hunter has a funny website   (x)

Among many other things, there is a little bounty of pictures, most of them gourgeously cheeky, taken on the sets or around the world at events or conventions (or something in between).

Stephen has many mates to have fun with, but his favourite seems to be Dean (there is also one Aidan pic).

From Sydney to LA I am looking forward to seeing them again…

Women are 52% of this Year’s Gen Con Industry Insider Slate

Sorry I’ve been not posting much for the past few weeks–they’ve been busy. 

But! The slate of Industry Insiders for this year’s Gen Con just went live, and I want to talk about it, because I think it marks a big step forward for tabletop gaming.

Of the 25 Insiders, 13 (52%) are female. 

I don’t think I can emphasize enough how big of a deal this is. Gen Con last year had over 60,000 attendees. I can’t think of another gaming convention that size that had a featured speaker lineup with actual gender parity. (Five years ago, the ratio of women to men in the Insiders was 1:16 (6.25%). Two years ago, it was 4 out of 25 (16%). So this happened relatively fast.) Gen Con’s record on this is not good, but this looks to me like a good-faith effort to make real change–dramatic change, instead of the teeth-pulling, incremental change characteristic of the industry.

Does this magically fix all of tabletop gaming’s misogyny problems? No. But women being recognized as gaming authorities, our work being highlighted, our input being sought, and just our presence in equal numbers with men helps. It relieves the pressure on us as individuals to Speak For All Women In Games. It allows us to be people first and representatives of a demographic second. It normalizes our presence, our expertise, and our authority.

It’s not going to prevent another Bill Willingham debacle, but it’s a big step toward creating an environment where that sort of thing is less likely to happen. 

It also represents an embrace of new blood, and the present/future of gaming rather than a focus on the past. Historically, a lot of the focus of the Industry Insider slate emphasized long tenure in the industry, and a history of significant contributions. That’s great, and there are still representatives of that group of people present among this year’s Insiders. However, that sort of focus also tended to ensure that the people being featured as Insiders were people everyone already knew about (and exacerbated the problem of newer people getting recognition). 

This year’s slate recognizes people who are doing important things now, and helps raise their profiles. It has indie tabletop publishers, indie LARP designers, event organizers, activists, critics, academics, and community managers in addition to designers, writers, and artists. The Insider selection this year is much more reflective of the spectrum of people who are shaping games right now, and of what’s actually going on in the gaming world. Who gets asked to speak is important, and the Insider program this year is boosting voices that need to be heard.

There’s still a long way to go, however–we’re still a pretty white bunch of people. It’s important to get more people talking about accessibility. It’s important to get more LGBTQIA (especially the BTQIA part of that) people heard. 

People of color are represented, but they’re still massively underrepresented. (Friends, if you are a person of color who works in games, or know someone who’d be a great featured speaker, please send them my way. It’s not too early to start working on who gets invited next year.)

However, and I think this is important:

This year’s Guest of Honor is Mike Pondsmith. He’s a great choice, because in addition to being an expert and an important figure in tabletop gaming, he’s also an example of the presence of people of color in gaming from the old days. He founded a game company in 1985, and has been involved in pretty much every aspect of gaming since then. (He’s currently collaborating with the makers of The Witcher on an RPG video game.)

I also want to highlight a few of my colleagues who are Insiders this year:

  • Wes Schneider (@wesschneider): Paizo’s editor-in-chief and general all-around awesome snarky gothic psychopomp. 
  • Amanda Hamon Kunz: Paizo developer and rising star in tabletop. 
  • Crystal Frasier (@amazonchique): Paizo developer, fan-favorite author, and graphic designer/artist. 
  • Katherine Cross: journalist, critic, and thinker who’s continually raising the level of discourse in games.
  • Anna Kreider (of Go Make Me A Sandwich): one of the most insightful writers about issues of representation in games and someone who regularly brings the juicy data to the discussion.
  • Donna Prior: community manager extraordinaire and founder of OrcaCon. 

You can hear all of us speak (and come chat with us one-to-one!) at this year’s Gen Con. 

I really want to compliment Peter Adkison (Gen Con’s owner) and Adrian Swartout (Gen Con’s CEO) on this. It’s great when conventions and companies step up to lead in ensuring that new voices – especially those from underrepresented groups – get heard.

Here’s to a diverse and rewarding Gen Con 2016. :-)


SHY AND I WILL BE AT OHAYOCON THIS WEEKEND! Through the doors and off to the left! Tables 4 and 5. 
Swing by if you’re going to be around :D We’ll be selling our usual cool stuff w/o the hassle of shipping like on the shop! I’ll be a little late on friday but Shy will be holding down the fort for me until I can pop over after work : ) Thanks everyone and look forward to seeing you all.

Animangaki 2016

Heyy guys! I’m having a booth(C07) at Animangaki this coming weekend(27th & 28th August) at Sunway Pyramid convention centre! I have limited EXO, BTS, original art prints and also will be giving away free stickers for anyone who says “ Nini bear and penguin soo” to me! There will be 4 of us in the booth so ask for Jia before you say that XD I’m looking forward to see you guys there! ^^


Like so many others, Homestuck is what got me into cosplaying all those years ago, and what provided so many “firsts”. Shadocon 2012 was my first convention with my first cosplay, and where I made my first cosplay friends who I am still close with today. My Aranea wig was my first wig, and the beach shoot for her was my first cosplay shoot. Fem!Equius was my first cosplay with a group. And so on.
Personally, I loved the ending, all that matters to me is that my kids (especially Rose and Kanaya) are happy and they are. I look forward to whatever the epilogue will bring, and Hiveswap whenever that happens, but for now, I’m just excited to celebrate one last 4/13 with this ridiculous community.

All cosplays: @fairypsychic
Photo 2: @annasova
Photo 3: @moirayume
Photo 4: @its.mur
Photo 8: @dragonhawke
Photo 9: @crockertierjane

Made with Instagram

Cleaning up some 3D prints of an awesome sculpt of my Magneto design by @arizagarico. I’m trying to gauge interest for making more to sell at conventions. They will most likely run around $75-80 for the 6.5" one and $45-50 for the 5" guy. I’ll also experiment with painted versions that would cost maybe 30% more considering I’d paint them by hand. Looking forward to your thoughts!


Last weekend was a stay at home streaming convention called Jammie Jam. I learned a lot about personal speed, and I’m really pleased with how quickly I managed to lay out the figure. What used to take me hours and hours now only take perhaps an hour. Figure drawing has been paying off.

I had a lot of fun working on these while chatting with folks, and look forward to another jam session in the fall!

Stock reference thanks and credit to Null Entity, Faestock, and Maygustock!