Spike and I are at our owners work today, we are upset. We did not get to go out last weekend, while he went out to a few cook outs and did other fun things leaving us behind… Also there are still travel preparations to get down before we drive out to Baltimore on Thursday morning for Bronycon. The clock-is-ticking… I can’t wait for the convention, I am looking forward to it, and if you see me there feel free to say hi. I hope everypone else is having a great start to their week.  


A little felt birdbeast I made for my friend who just successfully defended her master’s thesis!!! (Hopefully me this time next year!) I used to make toys all the time when I was a kid, and it felt good to try it again after so long. Definitely some mistakes made, but not half bad for winging it (multi-layered puns, yiss).

My research is progressing and I am working on a new little personal art project that hopefully I will be able to show off soon. It’s quite a bit different from the birdbeasts–more story based. I look forward to sharing it with you!

I have been looking up stuff about conventions…………….maybe…. maybe someday soon……….

Vocaloids Invade WonFes 2015!

Wonder Festival 2015, an annual convention designed to show off companies’ figures and other merchandise, is over and in the books, and there has been a HUGE Vocaloid presence from Good Smile Company and other retailers! I’ll create a list of all the Vocaloids figs from GSC that were shown at the event. 

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Avilés Comics Festival 2015

Avilés, Spain is the next stop in my convention rounds this year. The occasion is the 20th anniversary of Jornadas Internacionales Del Comic Villa De Avilés which happens on the 8th-12th of September 2015. It’s the place to be and I’m looking forward to seeing my Spanish friends again. ¡Saludos! Hasta pronto.

Will be doing a limited amount of pre-show commissions so if you’re interested here are details:

Pre-Show Commissions

  • Single character
  • Rendered with greyscale markers
  • On 11” x 14” paper
  • €250
  • Artwork will be delivered at the convention. No exceptions.
  • More details can be found on my FAQ page.

Please contact me with your character request here m_asrar@hotmail.com

You can see a few commission examples on this post.

Heroes Fan Fest, San Jose, CA

Hi guys!!

Looks like there’s some awesome news coming the West Coast way!

It sounds like Stephen Amell, Caity Lotz and Robbie Amell will attend the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in San Jose, the 21st and 22nd of November 2015, confirming this cryptic message from Stephen :

More information available here : http://heroesfanfest.com/

I’m already booked so looking forward to see you there!

Small vacation finally started and I get to work on commissions and convention prints…phew… Still working even on vacation.

My twin sister has confirmed she is keeping the baby, and the father and her are doing very well. He went grocery shopping yesterday to supply everything she would need to assure she meets her nutrients need, considering her Crohn’s disease. I am happy to see them both work so hard for it even when our parent gave them so much shit.  ( which resulted in a BIG fight between me and them this week and since then we stopped talking… )

though I have this little sadness in the back of my mind that reminds me I probably will never have a family of my own.

Also, after returning from the LARP I’ve now realized that I won’t be able to finish my Sapphire cosplay in time for NärCon. I simply have too many other things to do that are more important, so I’ll have to put that cosplay on hold for now. I’m a little sad about it, because I was really looking forward to having a Steven Universe cosplay for NärCon, but on the other hand I’m kind of relieved now that I don’t have to stress about it, and it would have been a pain to wear it anyway (big dress + high heels + armsocks + facepaint + summer convention + not the best combination)

I’m still going to finish Sapphire of course, it’ll just have to be at a later con when I’m less stressed.


A Bronycon sits upon the horizon!

Greet some amazing artists and myself at Booth 431 at this wonderful convention come August!

Ask questions about Roan, and prepare yourself for the coming Kickstarter!

Artists that will be here are

Shonuff44 - Offering commissions as well as his posters of the Equestrian Knights!

N8tedogg5k - Offering commissions

Glacier Clear - Offering commissions.

Sexually Confused Lyra (Azure Doodles) - Offering commissions.

There will be mini booklets for all who pass buy explaining a bit about what Roan is all about, and I shall have on display the Book Cover Art piece done by Baron Engel, which will also be the big prize for the highest tier backer in the kickstarter!

Look forward to meeting all of you wonderful people!

Clear Skies


I decided to sit down and pick apart the Fallout 4 E3 Conference Video in an attempt to make some otherwise less than obvious observations, theories, and conjectures. To those brave or bored enough to look through all of it, I hope you found something new to look forward to until November 10th. Here we go…

3:26 - Computer terminal interfaces are reminiscent of those found in Fallout and Fallout 2.

3:29 - Far left center panel: Same building seen at 3:36 top slightly right panel, may be the Corvega plant (conjecture).

3:36 - Far left center panel: Character is seen wearing an environmental suit with what looks like a possible thermic lance variant. Center panel: Boarded up church indicates non-explorable buildings will use similar convention to indicate places the player cannot enter, though the open roof may indicate that it is only blocked at the doors and can be entered from above by power armor jet pack maneuver seen later in the video.

3:47 - Far right center panel: “Choice Chops” butcher shop in what looks like the confirmed Diamond City that has occupied what was once Fenway Park.

3:55 - Green panel at the six o'clock near the bottom, possible underwater exploration with proper gear to avoid drowning (looking forward to seeing volumetric light physics through water).

4:00 - Top center panel: Makeshift microscopic/telescopic eye-wear. Left center: FEV intermediate? Center: Supermutants with wide array of makeshift weaponry and armor far superior to their F3 and FNV cousins.

4:02 - Top leftward panel: Confirmed “Bloodbug” in before and after attack states.

4:04 - Lots going on in this frame. Left center: LGM’s make return appearance complete with alien blaster. Upper left: Brotherhood of Steel Maxson progeny perhaps? Center: Another view of environmental suit? Lower right: Queen molerat complete with acid vomit attack. Center right and lower right: Upgraded patchwork and possibly powered raider armor.

4:06 - Upper left: Irradiated seagulls may become bloatfly-esque nuisances in their own territory. Lower right: “Heavy” raider scum or psycho with patchwork metal armor, possibly powered, and flamer/incinerator?

4:07 - Top center: 27-head female hairstyles (wasteland). Left center: Don’t know what to make of this, arm anatomy and head are reminiscent of old mirelurk king and supermutants. May be a new type of behemoth that is not so aggressive? Lower right: Molerat digging animations before surfacing to attack (also seen in game-play with Dogmeat to extent).

4:10 - Far upper left: Bats will make an appearance. Upper left: Bloatfly attack animations will show abdomen compression to fire dart at enemies. Center: 15-head panel (including dead skull) representing different stages of ghoulification. Lower right: Two-headed deer with six legs (two dextrous arms in front). Below deer: “John Hancock” in minuteman regalia.

4:15 - Left center: Supermutant behemoth larger than that shown in game-play video.

4:17 - Is it just me, or does the bottom left look like a screen-cap from Bethesda’s mobile game, “Fallout Shelter”?

4:21 - Upper right: Kittens? Lower left: Mr. Handy walking dogs…

4:23 - Center: Massive airship only leads to speculation as to whether it is explorable or not. This looks like the same airship we see on fire, crashing, in later footage.

4:24 - Upper right corner: This minigun was made for melee! The barrel is evidently covered in blades and barbed wire. Even without any ammunition, that thing can probably do a ton of damage…

4:25(6) - Lower left corner: That sure looks like a crossbow…

4:27 - Upper left: More kittens…

4:28 - Top center: Insignia colors indicate this was possibly a Chinese submarine. Blast doors near the front of the craft make it look like it could have possibly launched nuclear warheads.

4:29 - Multiple graves near this homestead possibly brings back the grave-robbing mechanic from FNV. Always bring a shovel…

4:31 - Right center: Nice to know sock garters never went out of style. Lower right: “Port-A-Diner”. Left center: Ladies nightwear. Conjecture: Considering the massive amount of artwork put into pre-war fashions/autos/activities, we may be spending more time in the game before the bombs drop than previously indicated…

4:32 - Bottom center: This espresso machine defines “overcompensation”.

4:37 - Center: “A river runs through it”, additionally, mirelurks are waiting in it on the right side…

4:41 - Center: It appears supermutants have foregone the use of centaurs as guard dogs in exchange for whatever that monstrosity is… TEETH AND ANGER!…

4:42 - Center: This derelict building has been inhabited and built upon. Note the somewhat level additions on the upon left side of the building, I hope there is somebody worth talking to up there because I just want to go everywhere…

4:42(3) - Diamond City in the ruins of Fenway Park. It looks like there is a musician just below the “Noodles” restaurant. There is also what appears to be a repairman in a blue jumpsuit with a toolbox about to head down into a sewer grate just to the left of the musician.

4:43 - Center: Same panel mentioned in 3:36. This time we see seagulls, possibly with eggs?

4:44 - Center: “Memory Den - Ladies Invited”.

4:45(6) - Center: An aerial view of our (mostly) explorable map? (PLEASE!?)

4:46 - Center: Inside the Memory Den? Dogmeat looks bored…

4:47 - Top right corner: Pip-Boy 1.0? Top left corner: More bats.

4:49 - Center: You’re goddamn right I’m gonna fire a minigun off a frickin’ vertibird…

4:54 - Center: Nice close-up shot of some of the new bandit patchwork/powered armor…

5:35 - “You’re gonna knock ‘em dead at the Veteran’s Hall tonight, hon…” Purely conjecture, trying to patch together who our protagonists are. Male may be a performer of sorts or simply presenting a proposal for some kind of convention. Impossible to tell. More later…

6:35 - “Body” is among the options available for player choice, which means I just might be able to scour the wastes like the balding obese guy I really am (thank you, Bethesda)…

6:50 - They still have the box for Codsworth. There’s also a panel off the wall like our protagonists were doing some work on their house earlier (or stashing something, maybe we start off as chem addicts, kidding).

6:52 - “Door - Open” There is still tons of stuff to do in 2077 before Vault-Tec even comes to the door…

7:08 - Notes on the fridge - “HVAC isn’t working right ***** call repair man”, shopping list includes dish soap, bleach, and bread. Calendar is for October 2077.

7:09 - A+ Saddle Up Salisbury Steaks (yeehaw)…

8:02 - There are 28 total SPECIAL points.

8:04 - From the Top…

STRENGTH - Strength is a measure of your raw physical power. It affects how much you can carry, and the damage of all melee attacks.

PERCEPTION - Perception is your environmental awareness and “sixth sense,” and affects weapon accuracy in V.A.T.S.

ENDURANCE - Endurance is a measure of your overall physical fitness. It affects your total Health and the Action Point drain from sprinting.

CHARISMA - Charisma is your ability to charm and convince others. It affects your success to persuede in dialogue and prices when you barter.

INTELLIGENCE - Intelligence is a measure of your overall mental acuity, and affects the number of Experience Points earned.

AGILITY - Agility is a measure of your overall finesse and reflexes. It affects the number of Action Points in V.A.T.S. and your ability to sneak.

LUCK - Luck is a measure of your general good fortune. It affects the recharge rate of Critical Hits, and your chances of finding better items.

8:28 - Framed Certificate: “Suffolk County School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts”, maybe one of our protagonists is a lawyer?…

9:07 - Framed Commonwealth flag utilized in the Fallout franchise may indicate veteran status.

10:19 - Bird in shot looks like a massive improvement compared to Skyrim’s 2-dimensional avian…

10:25 - It looks also like skeletons and detritus have been given volume compared to F3 and FNV.

12:13 - At the “gas station”, prices read as 113.99 for Class C Coolant and 1*3.*9 for Class A Coolant. Considering the remnants of earlier Fallout games, it can be assumed the inflation of the economy had led to fusion coolant actually costing $113.99 and not $1.13(99) like the yonder years of gas.

12:16 - Note that the display only identifies the dog as “DOG”, not Dogmeat as in earlier Fallout games. Perhaps you get to name the dog later on.

12:20 - There are still some notable obstacles in terrain versus characters as we see the dog’s hind feet levitating off the ground according to the shadows.

12:35 - Audible cues of thunder or high winds. It had been previously confirmed that there would be migrating radiation storms from the Glowing Sea (the area where the bombs directly fell).

12:41 - There is a cooking station to the right of the garage, along with an ice machine behind the pile of large tires.

13:03 - HEre we see the visual terrain scarring mechanic for molerat as they surface to attack. It’s a notably smaller area than that in the concept art.

13:39 - I’m curious about the structure hanging off the tree branch on the right side of the screen. Some kind of mutated wasp nest? Mutated wasps were monsters in a previous title, perhaps they’ll return.

13:47 - The character we see here is somewhat reminiscent of the swampfolk from F3’s Point Lookout DLC. I’m willing to bet it’s tougher than it looks…

13:52 - I like the shine effect off the ground from the rain. It’s difficult to take all textures into account with a weather engine but this one seems to do quite nicely.

13:56 - The light-green haze seems indicative of the location known as The Glowing Sea. Current rumors speculate that environmental suits and/or gas masks will be necessary in order to explore here much like the system in Metro 2033 and Last Light (or just pop some Rad-X and keep that Rad-Away flowing)…

14:06 - This is obviously a Vault-Tec facility that has been taken over by less-than-desirable residents (with their own Mr. Handy, no less). Probably a vault by the looks of what seems to be an Overseer’s window at the 11 o'clock.

14:13 - Remember those shadow textures from Skyrim, F3 and FNV? You know, the choppiness and the overall not-goodness? Looks like things are much better this time around (go back and look at the wire cage shadows from the burn barrel in the vault comment prior…).

14:17 - Raiders are starting to get serious when it comes to armor. Between the light and dextrous plating from our raider in the forefront to the human cage in the background, these jackasses aren’t messing around anymore with settling for half a tire and calling it good…

14:23 - Bottom left: Is that a radroach? Finally. Also, “BosCom - Phone and Television Service”…

14:26 - these supermutants are wading through water, something you didn’t see too often in previous games (if at all). The one deeper in is more heavily armored.

14:33 - Diamond City locales: Lower right - Schoolhouse.

14:37 - Lower right: Beware - “Crab Shack.” Also, I think it’s a cutout as a decoy, but bottom center there is an old-school gangster with a Tommy gun…

15:42 - Facts about your Pip-Boy:

64k RAM SYSTEM (seriously? 64kB of RAM?)
38911 BYTES FREE (wait, what?)

15:54 - The player visually inspects the Pip-Boy. This leads me to a theory about the as yet unmentioned repair system. More to follow.

15:58 - This is “Howard’s” weapon inventory before exiting the vault, leading me to believe that there will be opportunities to arm oneself in a vault of death as the sole survivor (to include repair and/or customization). However, it’s also possible that these items were placed inside the player’s inventory for the demo. A few other things we see in this screen:

“RS - INSPECT” - THEORY: The as yet unmentioned repair system will be based on visual cues. In all the footage, there are no CND (condition) meters or repair option that I have seen (yet). My expectation is that weapons and armor will degrade leaving visual cues (such as cracked scopes, warped barrels, ripped or tattered armor) which will prompt the player to find a workbench and “fix” the item using scavenged raw materials (for a new scope, barrel, or armor, respectively).

“X - DROP” Self-explanatory.

“RB - FAV” - The favorite system is returning a la Skyrim, neat. I have no idea what it will look like for F4 but I look forward to it.

“LS - SORT” - This may be a way of separating junk from sell items or favorites…

“Y - PERK CHART” - The perk system was described at QuakeCon 2015. The perk chart itself looks like a Vault-Tec poster with 7 columns (one for each SPECIAL attribute) and 10 rows (for each level of points in those attributes). Returning favorite’s include “Bloody Mess” and “Gun Nut” along with “Science” (which is now a stackable perk instead of a skill, skills may have been entirely removed as a result of the new modified perk system).

16:05 - “Buffout, Weight 0.1” - Chems have weight. So long to the days of stocking up on insane amounts of Stimpaks, Rad-X, and Rad-Away…

17:46 - “Bayoneted Triple Barrel Missile Launcher”

17:53 - “Level 48”, This raises the question of level cap (if any) for F4.

For the sake of time I’ve skipped all of the Fallout Shelter footage due to the games present release. Though, I will mention that Fallout Shelter has been confirmed as coming to Android on August 13th, along with a bunch of new features to the game (including deathclaws that will TEAR YO’ SHIT UP)…

23:26 - The reticle lights up a WEAPONS WORKBENCH which seems to require at least Rank 2 of the Local Leader perk, curiously enough…

24:04 - It’s evident when the demo goes between building with a legit character and one with limitless resources, as noted by the fact that the player can build 999 chairs with what are far more finite resources.

24:10 - Amongst some interesting items we can collect: bloatfly gland, bloodbug proboscis, burnt comic (maybe we can turn them back into readable comics), and cigars…

24:19 - I almost want to say that Todd Howard is getting really sick of the dog at this point…

24:24 - In the upper right with the other categories is “SIZE”. I have to wonder if this will work like LittleBigPlanet’s thermometer system, only allowing the player to build settlements and use resources so much until the system says “no more”. Unfortunately, the bar doesn’t really move during the demo.

24:29 - You gain XP for planting… almost feels like a farming simulator…

24:58 - Terminals will accept certain holotapes…

25:27 - Mortar cannons…

25:54 - Top left: Looks like a distillery, who’s up for some hooch?…

26:55 - Both the Crafting Workbench and the Weapons Workbench give you the option to CRAFT or TRANSFER, which I would like to think means transferring components between settlements. This is an improvement to Skyrim in which you would need to have mills ship lumber to specific homesteads for use without the ability to transfer between them.

26:56 - “Y - RENAME”, One of my favorite things to do in Skyrim was naming my instruments of destruction at the enchanting table. I can imagine scouring the Commonwealth with a barbed-wire mahogany bat named “In Remembrance of Harold”. The “SCRAP” ability sounds like we can scavenge from our more useless weapons as well…

It gets pretty speedy from here so I’m just going to write down some snippets that cause great anticipation…

“High Powered Shredding Minigun”
“Extended Ripper”
“Heated Super Sledge”
“Photon Exciter”
“Beta Wave Tuner”
“Glow-Sighted Cryolator Pistol”
“Tactical Junk Jet (with electrification module)”
(You can paint flames on your power armor)

29:32 - I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are happy that you can cross-dress in F4.

29:48 - I’m really enjoying the animation and dread they put in to this new generation of Sentry Bots.

29:50 - “LS - Hold Breath” Option for sniping given some realism…

30:09 - RAIDER PSYCHO is definitely wearing parts of repurposed power armor, as evident on his hands.

30:15 - Lean, green NPC next to player character seems to be fighting alongside him. Possible supermutant companion?

30:32 - What has already been made evident is the different HUD in power armor. Some of the more subtle changes:

JET PACK uses Action Points like a really heavy sprinting capability.
CORE is battery life and is constantly depleting while in the suit.
SPOT, unsure.
RADS, self-explanatory.
HP% is most likely not HP of just the suit and actually resembles the HP of the player as a matter of percentages.
AP% is similar in likeness to HP%.

30:36 - Minigun barrel glows red-hot with use.

30:43 - Much like Skyrim, Player may have death cinematics with certain enemies.

30:49 - DOG’s name can now be read as DOGMEAT…

30:52 - Feral Ghouls wear the clothes they were in when they became feral, instead of all ghouls being carbon copies (save for the occasional vault-dweller ghouls).

31:25 - The airship crashing belongs to the Brotherhood of Steel and is called the PRYDWEN.

31:36 - Looks a lot like the ARCHIMEDES II orbital bombardment cannon from FNV, though highly doubtful.

That’s it for observations, theories, and conjectures. Let me know what you think in comments or messages, even if you just think I’m full of shit. I would also like to know if I missed something. I’m looking forward to this game more than any other game to date.

Spent the past weekend in Salt Lake City for Crystal Mountain Pony Con, and it was an absolute blast!

Everyone was just so friendly! There were so many talented artists, designers and creative people to talk to, and I got to meet people from many walks of life who came together to share their enjoyment and passion of an awesome cartoon.

I am so grateful to the amazing Shane, Aaron and Julie for bringing me out there and letting me be part of their convention. They were all brilliant, funny and great to be around, and I can’t thank them enough for everything.

I will forever cherish all the friendships I gained this year, and already look forward to being a part of Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2016!

Neville Longbottom - Tell us an embarrassing story. Okay, so did I ever tell you about what happened to me at this year’s Tekkoshocon rave? If not, gather round. As many of you know, I cosplayed Amethyst from Steven Universe for this year’s Tekkoshocon. My costume was pretty accurate for having decided to cosplay 3 days before the convention. The only thing I was missing were the white boots. Being unable to find any, I decided to just wear my black flats with the studded toes, because they were cute and comfortable, looked good with my cosplay, and went with every I had packed for the weekend. I wore the shoes all day Friday with no problems, but on Saturday disaster struck. I was posing in the Steven Universe meetup and my foot slipped while I was lunging forward for a picture. I maintained my balance, but the sole of the shoe started tearing away from the rest of the body. It wasn’t so bad at first, but as the day went on it got steadily worse. The broken shoe was loose on my foot and the sole kept bending under my shoe as I walked and almost tripping me, but I hadn’t packed any other shoes, so I was stuck. I just decided to deal with it and walk carefully for the rest of the convention. Fast-forward to the rave. I managed to dance pretty much without much problem throughout most of the night, but my shoe is getting worse. Towards the end of the dance people started clearing out and those of us remaining decided to start a giant game of “Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Floor” while dancing. Things were going well, until a balloon wandered into my dance circle and I got the bright idea to kick the balloon instead of using my hand to hit it back up into the air. I kick out with the foot that has the broken shoe and hit the balloon with the top of my foot. The balloon bounces a few feet up into the air, and my shoe goes flying across the dance floor and hits a girl in the face. I throw my hands up to my face in horror, forgetting that I have my convention badge clipped to the d-ring at the bottom of my Tripp hoodie, and my pinky catches my the clip of badge and flips it up with my hands, sending the (thankfully rounded) edge of my badge into my eye. So I then had to awkwardly shuffle across the floor to this group of people gathered around my shoe, apologize and make sure the girl I hit was okay, and reclaim my fallen footwear. It was mortifying at the time, yet so funny in retrospect. So there is my embarrassing story, shley-chan. I hope you enjoyed it.

GridLOCK DC 2015 Attendees

Unfortunately, because of scheduling and lack of funds, I won’t be able to attend this years GridLOCK DC convention ( gridlockdc ) on Aug 8-9.

If any of the panelists from the Neurodiversity in Sherlock panel want or need any resources (such as the transcript from the NiS panel at 221B Con this April, or questions about how CBS Elementary handles ableism and/or representation, etc.), I’d be happy to help!

I’m looking forward to reading/seeing any recap after, if one is provided.

If you’re around Dublin this weekend, why not stop by Nom-Con at the Ballsbridge Hotel! I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday at the Artist Alley selling an array of prints and other little do-dads, including sketch commissions!

Also, if you pick up a Mystical Mermaid print, you’ll receive a special code which you can use to download my fanzine, Whats In Your Pipe Mr. Goemon?, for absolutely free! These codes are limited to the amount of prints I have stocked, so get ‘em while you can!

Looking forward to seeing you all!


So I’m attending San Japan this year and I’d love to meetup with any of my followers that are attending. c: Message me if you’re going, when, what day(s), etc, and I can maybe try and schedule a meetup of some kind? I’ll be posting pictures of me each day before I go on my main blog and reblogging them here so you’ll know what I look like. I look forward to seeing you there! (also i’m really lame so prepare to be disappointed haha.)