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OK, so sorry to keep derping on like this, but the ask about shop class students/smiths triggered a bit of trivia that I like makes for cool Elsewhere Lore: Metal smiths of any significant experience have shards of metal in their eyes!! Tiny slivers of whatever they're working on fly off during filing/grinding, and over years of forge work these can actually build up enough to set off airport sensors!! So maybe part of the reason smiths are respected is they have built in Sight!!

Holy fuck that’s metal as hell. like i’m sorry for the pun and i tried to avoid it but i genuinely don’t know what else to say. metal. as. hell.

So apparently the first time I did the Jaws of Hakkon DLC I missed out on a lot of quests and related lore, but I’ve been going through the area much more thoroughly this time and I just have one question about the Avvar which I will summarize as follows:

what the FUCK???

You mean to tell me this entire time there’s been a civilization around for centuries that is so accepting of magic that even non-mages commune with fade spirits, that has no problems or limitations on magic tutelage, and has effectively safeguarded itself from abominations?! And I’m supposed to take the fucking pro-circle / templar / whatever asshat side of the whole Mage Rebellion seriously?! And they just conveniently get left out of every fucking discussion, of course, about circle alternatives. Just… holy shit. People joke often enough at how badly Bioware failed at making the whole Mage Rebellion into the morally grey issue they clearly intended to be, but they’ve passed shooting themselves in the foot at this point and are lining up a groin shot. I mean, this just completely undermines every argument I’ve ever heard in-game in favor of the circles.

i like the hidden lore that the prince knew about this helpful magic spirit for a while + the hc that he tried to find her…..i wanna believe they got to hang out a lot since they were like in love and all or something……

Zenyatta visiting Mondatta’s memorial in Nepal

(From Zenyatta’s in-game quotes we know that Mondatta was pretty important to him, but we also know that Zenyatta disagreed with the Shambali and ultimately distanced himself from them and Mondatta. Imagine if Zenyatta heard about Mondatta’s death after this and hadn’t spoken to him for a while, and had to deal with the grief of losing Mondatta after this. Maybe he wouldn’t even be allowed back to the Nepal temples and had to sneak in to see Mondatta’s statue. Idk. I just like Zenyatta and his lore)

Gems Don’t Dance

I literally do not care for all this gemsplaining or if you are dance inclusionist or exclusionist all I know is

  1. I AM GAY and YOU ARE GAY?? wlw solidarity?? you heard of it or???
  2. I REALLY LOVE FUSION DANCING and want. it. back.
  3. AMETHYST deserves to DANCE LIKE THAT without Pearl’s judgement only because it is ??sexual?? and not about her!
  4. On that topic, I want to see a thin femme gem handle a big gem with the softness they always get? And I want butch gems be allowed to be seen as graceful or soft? You know what the issue is if you are even remotely aware of the topics in su criticism??
  5. The Rubies perform gymnastics. A cheerleading routine. That can be seen as a form of dancing. It’s good enough for me. It’s great.
  6. The dancing is done to synchronize forms which same gems would not require. I get this is why Amethyst and Steven didn’t need it but they could have had the funniest sweetest moves together….
  7. Stevonnie doesn’t require anything cus two humans yes wow good lore

Fanfic Rec list PART 2!

Fanfic Rec List Part 2: (All stories found on AO3. I would do the cool link through the title thing but that requires tech skills that I don’t have… cause I have none… I can barely post on tumblr)

Satisfaction Brought it Back @siderealsandman

I am not going to lie- when I saw Miraculous Ladybug and BDSM in the same tag set I was hesitant. However eventually I caved to the high kudos ratings and I am SO glad I did. This story is an absolute gem. Not only does it handle a somewhat controversial subject with breathtaking sensitivity and care, but the actual build up of the romance is some of the best I have seen in the fandom. It is the best kind of slow burn (in a smut fic no less??? ) and leaves you really cheering for the characters. (This is NSFW so know that going in) 

Trouble in White @imthepunchlord

Another author with many great titles to their name, however this one in particular jumps out at me. Anyone who has ever had a longer than 2 minute conversation with me about fanfics would know that i am a very harsh judge of soulmate AUs for a variety of reasons, so the fact that i have 2 on this list is saying something. This fic also did something very refreshing with the “Chat Blanc” troupe which is what caught my attention in the first place. The story really emphasizes what Adrien and Marinette can bring to each other in a relationship by taking away the Ladynoir dynamic and having them building to the same sort of trust and support in a more round about way. A great read that I highly recommend. ^_^

Summer in the City kali_asleep (don’t know tumblr url ::sobs:: ) 

This fic is just so fun! And sexy. Getting to watch Adrien struggle with his feelings for Ladybug and dedication to her while being attracted to his classmate is just endearing. This is only 3 chapters long (with an additional explicit sequel for you sinners out there) so if you want something quick to brighten up your day I highly recommend it.

A Wolf by the Ear by Anthemyst  ( @miraculouspaon on tumblr)

Straying off the beaten path a little bit- this is a HawkNath Soulmate AU.

Yes you heard me.

This is worth every second of your time to read it. From Nathalie’s POV it’s a great look at dealing with a difficult situation and a difficult person and finding the balance between being forgiving and knowing when it’s time to punch someone in the face. (Literally)

Psyche by poppicock ( @gabriel-fucking-agreste on tumblr)

My other “Older generation” rec on today’s list- this was a story that was actually recommended to me and I am going to be honest- I was a little skeptical going in. I tend to not get invested in “Alternate” miraculous users (and by that I mean things that are highly unlike in canon or directly contradict canon). Nothing wrong with them just not something that really clicks for me. However this story sold me. Nathalie centered again and Gabe/Nath ship based, this story really hits home with the “Agreste Family Feels” as I like to call them. The lore building was really neat and I did NOT see the plot twist coming- which is not something I say often. This fic is a great example of why it’s a good idea to be willing to look outside your normal ship zone. It can be worth the adventure.

Won’t Tell as Soul/The Weight of Jade @thelastpilot

Turtle!Nino I will continue to be devoted to the hope of you happening someday ^_^

I will be shocked if you guys don’t already know about this universe, but even so it deserves to be called out. I adore the dynamic that is established between Nino and his assorted friends as well as seeing one of my favorite characters get the development they deserve. The other thing I love about this story is that at least from what I saw, the writing gets better every chapter, and I love seeing a good author (I had already read several of Pilots earlier works at this point) truly find their voice.

Talk to Me by 1004_Angel ( @the-noble-idiot  on tumblr)

Ok I am going to admit this now- I am a sucker for Non-magic AUs. I will always give them a shot when I am scrolling through AO3 looking for new fics. This one caught my attention and kept the same engaging, fun dynamic that got me hooked all the way through to the end. There is a really nice balance of tension where we get to see the characters dancing around each other’s lives without feeling like it is being drawn out just for the sake of torturing the readers.

You don’t Know Me @ferisae

OK, so I am not usually all about the angsty train- and this story definitely cranks the the angst dial up to the max. (Seriously give poor Chat a break my poor baby!) However the story is wonderfully compelling and this is one of the few fics I have walked away from remembering the akumas we have encountered because of the attention and care given to the action sequences, which I really appreciate seeing in a fic. Tom and Sabine feature heavily as well and they are just such a blessing. If you don’t mind crying your eyes out, this is a well done story that is worth getting invested in.

If you missed part 1 you can find it here: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/157091557891/fic-recs-day-1-of-3

I am also doing a Fanfic Rec page link on my main tumblr as I still have a LOT more to do >_<  and I figure that is a better way to keep it easy for people to find if they want it! (Plus then I can just add things as I read/reread them) 

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i tried since i like the lore but the acting/writing isn’t up to par to be actually enjoyable for me. i’m just here for the bisexual warlock

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Im so mad because when I was like 10 I was so lore abiding that I made everyone at recess change their names to also be lore abiding... I remember the names were like Bloodiedclaws and Sunglimmer... I made them change to Rowanclaw and Sunpelt. I wish i could go back in time to tell myself to name my oc Pinksparkle like the other 10 year olds but instead I had to go with names like Sorrelpatch and Poppywhisker

That’s the tragedy of time

There are champions that I like so much, but I will never play them. Like Gangplank, Yorick, and Diana. I like their lores, their skins, and everything about them, but my low self confidence keeps from playing and mastering them. I’m scared that I will end up feeding and failing, which is gonna make me more depressed, more so that I even stopped playing on Summoner’s Rift. I used to main support, and now I’m only playing ARAM and some games tilts me to death.