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Hey I don't wanna sound like a condescending 40k lore nerd or anything but uh, the Emperor wasn't necessarily a "bad guy", like sure he was a ass hate about a lot of things "eradication of of xeno both harmful and peaceful to humans" and forcing every lost human colony to join the imperium, But the whole state that the imperium is a byproduct of humans Fuck if things up, not him.

Sacrificing thousands of humans a day to prolong your own lifespan is bad

Okay but like the theory that Robbie was the original Sportacus can’t technically work as much as I love it because we learn in the pirate episode that Robbie had an ancestor who was also a “Rotten” and that apparently in Lazy Town there’s been like an entire genealogy of Rottens in the town’s history and that the reason it’s called “Lazy Town” in the first place is because one of Robbie’s ancestors founded it and wanted to call it “Lazy Town”.

And it’s implied too that the Sportacuses are elves that showed up, the first being Sportacus 1, to fight Robbie’s ancestors who went against their “everyone needs to be active” code. Sportacus 2 would fight the next ancestor and so on and so on…

So the whole Robbie vs. Sportacus thing is actually a family feud that’s been going on in Lazy Town for ten generations now, the tenth being the current Robbie and Sportacus.

So basically this is something that’s been happening in Lazy Town for like a century at LEAST. When a Robbie wins, a new Sportacus has to be summoned and is given a new number.

So in lore, vampires have this trait that I’ve almost never seen used, and that’s the fact that vampires are OBSESSED with counting things. Like, the Count on Sesame Street was almost certainly created specifically as a vampire because of this piece of lore.

Like, I read this vampire book years and years ago that explained that a surefire way to protect yourself from vampires getting into your house was to spread a ton of seeds on your doorstep–poppy and mustard seeds were particularly recommended for the purpose. Basically, if you suspected someone to be a vampire, all you had to do was drop a sackful of seeds on the ground in front of them.

If they didn’t immediately start counting them, they were not a vampire. However, if they WERE a vampire, they’d be seized with the urge to count all the seeds and they would not budge from that spot until they knew how many seeds there were in total. The point was to keep them there until the sun came up and killed them, because if they hadn’t counted all the seeds by sunrise they wouldn’t be able to leave. Presumably you could just go about the rest of your evening as normal, though no word on whether it’s possible to make them lose count and start over.

Having remembered this piece of lore, I want fewer stories about brooding tortured Edward Cullen-esque vampires. I want to start seeing more stories about math nerd vampires.

Vampire accountants who are an honest company’s best asset and a corrupt company’s bane because they are frighteningly accurate with the accounts and will not hesitate to blow the whistle on a CEO scamming money because fuck you for making the numbers wrong.

Vampire cashiers that don’t need to look at the register screen because they already mentally calculated your total. 10-items-or-less vampires who know goddamn well you have 20 items in that basket and NO, you cannot just slip in with the rest.

Vampire math tutors who are constantly in high demand and have to hold lotteries to see who gets to be tutored by them.



ultimate dragon age meme: one villian


The Chantry teaches us that it is the hubris of men which brought the darkspawn into our world. The mages had sought to usurp Heaven, but instead, they destroyed it. They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption. They returned as monsters, the first of the darkspawn. They became a blight upon the lands, unstoppable and relentless. The dwarven kingdoms were the first to fall. And from the deep roads, the darkspawn drove at us again and again, until finally we neared annihilation…

  • Friend: so if Brendon's the sun cuz he's so bright why is Ryan the moon?
  • Me: well obviously because he's hella mysterious and he can control the rise and fall of the sea level
  • Friend: what
  • Me: Ryan's a mermaid with moon powers

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Could I get a source on Anora and Cailan killing a giant? Because that's fucking awesome

Hell Fucking Yeah It Is!

Source is Anora’s section in the World of Thedas Vol. 2 Lore Book

In 9:23 Dragon a farm in the West Hills Arling claimed it was being attacked by 100 giants. This was to be handled by the Royal Guard, eventually. However, Prince Calian Theirin offered to run off the giants himself immediately, but was shut down by the guard captain.

Though the next day the Prince was found missing. Nine days later Calian AND Anora were found together in Crestwood in the West Hills Arling. Both drinking heavily, covered in battle wounds, and smelling of cheese.

There are several accounts in WoT Vol. 2 that piece together, but essentially a giant had been eating a farmer’s dairy cows. 

Only one giant of course, because the farmer had exaggerated due to grief. A scout looking for the giants, for the King’s guard, ended up being chased down by this single giant and she dove into a root cellar to hide. She waited, hoping for the giant to eventually lead and so she waited for days as the giant held her there.

Until finally she was found by the Prince and Lady Anora, though when she left her cellar there was no sign of the giant or the cattle. The air tasting of ash.

Later scouts would find a burned corpse of said giant. And finally my favorite excerpt of this whole ordeal.


So like, I was talking to a friend and we made a joke how instead of Nicol Bolas being the main villain of Amonkhet, it’s Tibalt in a really poor cosplay and has inexplicably been able to make a tennis ball float between his horns. It devolved to the Gatewatch and Furry Friend making it through some crazy fight, bracing to fight bolas, battle weary and ragged they crash into the throne room or whatever, gaze upon Tibalt sitting lazily, as Jace opens his mouth to speak He gets beamed in the face with the tennis ball.

We’ve had other crazy silly lore ideas like this one but I felt this NEEDED sharing with the world.

Just got an awakening that  not every fan cares about the lore and just like….how you do that ?????

Chapter 86: Origin of Demons & Lore

Spoilers for Ch. 86!

Just a few thoughts concerning Satan’s place in the demon world, the origin of demons, and the lore that could be inspiring all of this and maybe even hinting at future happenings.

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god i hate the mansplaining thing not only because it’s bad but also because it’s proof of a fundamental misunderstanding of how Star Wars works at its core. 

you can’t

you can’t use the Force without training. That’s like rule number one.

saying “She’s clearly stronger than him and learns faster and doesn’t need a teacher” yeah, ok, maybe in any other lore ever but this is Star Wars. Her learning fast and being stronger actually means she needs a teacher MORE IMMEDIATELY because the Force is going to lITERALLY DESTROY HER AT THE RATE SHE’S GOING. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @damasath/ @laxusthelightning!

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The Riders have been around for as long as Dragons have lived in the Scarred Wasteland. An elusive bunch, with tribes scattered throughout the Wasteland, they are a people unconcerned with the matters of the other Plague Clans-unconcerned with the politics and war that the other Dragons often find themselves encompassed by. Instead, they are people focused solely on survival, on the traditions of their ancestors, on their culture, and on the beasts who they revolve their lives around. 

They care very little for those who wish to use their Corpse Cleaners and Bonepriests as war steeds, as weapons and tools during battle. In fact, despite the thousands of years of warring that has gone on within the Wastelands, there has yet to be Clan worthy enough to be allowed to use the Rider’s mounts for their own and a Clan worthy enough for the Riders to call their ally. 

At the moment, their ‘King’ or ‘Chief Rider’, is Carnassial, a Plague Guardian and the Head Rider of a Tribe that travels along the Earth/Plague Border. While not a King in the truest of senses, Carn is the Dragon who represents the Riders and who speaks for the Riders in the rare instances when they find themselves talking to Riderless ones. 

I wish Overwatch was instead of a game (or along side a game) a netflix cgi animated series

there would be season 1′s opening when the game/series comes out

Season 1 would follow the “setting up the series” including the establishment of character plots and include flashbacks and overlaps showing how different character arcs/plots will affect each other. Starting when Winston calls back Overwatch following Reaper’s attack on Gibraltar Watch Pont.

Season would LITERALLY end with Ana returning “from the dead” but not revealing to the cast, only the audience, and behind her – in her shadow a glitch would be seen to reveal the Sombra emblem.

s2 with the “shadow of Sombra” spurring the whole “plot progressing towards - who is Sombra?!?

Ana returns from the dead. Her old friends see her and learn of what happened. Her daughter comes to terms with the change and finally has her mother back. Ana and Jack discuss Reaper and she asks if there is any hope for him.

All character plots are starting to be affected one way or another, directly or indirectly by Sombra’s influence, actions and presence. Leaving all to wonder who or what Sombra is but some not directly going to seek it out, some waiting for more evidence or out right ignoring it because “It’s not their problem”

Season would End with the “leaked Sombra” character art character speaking about how it is time for their rise.

then we got s3 “Rise of Sombra”- following the leak of art for Sombra and the questions raised about everything related to them. Are they good? bad? chaotic good? chaotic bad? are they even ONE person or multiple people with this person as their leader or enforcer?!? 

Season 3 would begin with it’s over all ending and the consequences of it,(the first episode would be the end/present- then the rest of the season would be right after s2- til that moment) allowing an entire season of guess work/fan theories, anticipation, etc plus allow for more rich push for wanting more.

Revealing of who/what Sombra is, character arcs will be reaching their high conflict points and turning points, overlapping arcs start closing to give way to grander ones (character plots giving way for SERIES plots)

S3 would be the “middle” of the series (ideally) allowing for 2-3 more seasons to conclude everything

EDIT- the bold and italicized are my “outlined concepts” of what I’d think would be cool for each season (so far), that’s with NO idea what Blizzard wants to do with their stuff, seeing as actual lore to my knowledge is like…dunno not really much is given to us compared to how much we make up

like the LORE behind Overwatch sometimes would make the game 100 TRILLION times cooler

I’d wanna write for that and come up with cool stories for those characters and arcs

but I got like no CONCRETE lore just 98% fan theories and 2% Blizzard confirmation