Oh God, I have way too many stories about the things I do for my caffeine dependency, and way too many of them involve going to multiple 7-Elevens to find a working Slurpee machine.

…I really did once go to three separate 7-Elevens to find a working Slurpee machine because I really, really wanted a Coca-Cola Slurpee and the Coke ones weren’t working at the first two. I get desperate sometimes.

I also tend to use Coca-Cola Slurpees to bribe myself into doing adult tasks - as an undergraduate student, I got myself Slurpees every time I did the laundry or finished a major paper as a reward. In a strange sort of way, if you see me drinking a Slurpee, it might mean that I was just being a responsible adult for once.

Either that or I just did something really stupid, like drive to three separate 7-Elevens just to find a working Slurpee machine.

Side note: Coca-Cola Slurpees are the only food/beverage item I will ever accept as payment. I am willing to work for them.

anonymous asked:

I saw it on Youtube that if you freeze a Coke for 3hrs in a freezer (still in it's container, having shaken it up good before freezing) and then SLOWLY open it, letting the pressure out, and pour it into another container and stir (or add a TINY sliver of ice) it'll turn into a Slurpee/Slushee thing. I doubt it would be the same as one from 7-11 but it might do in a pinch when the urge hits and you can't get to one.

A good friend of mine showed me that recently! It’s a miracle of science!