just for tonight [ jeremy heere x reader ]

Summary : Jeremy Heere is a socially ostracized teen boy at a Halloween party. After a meeting with his high school bully, Rich, he decides to get a supercomputer implanted in his brain to make him cooler. His friend, (Y/N), who is completely opposed to the idea lets their feelings spill when they take Jeremy onto the dance floor. An emotionally-charged kiss that never should have happened may end up being the best thing that happened to either of them.

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Ladrien Day 4: “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention...”

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention because your face is so distracting.”

Ladybug blinked. “Um, w-what?”

Adrien flushed. “What?”

“You said my face is distracting.”

“I d-did? Uh, in..in a good way!” he stammered. “Because you’re so pretty! I mean, no!” His cheeks turned red. “Wait, you are pretty. I’m not trying to say you aren’t pretty because you are so pretty. You’re, like, the prettiest girl in the entire world but…um…I forgot what I was saying.”

Ladybug giggled, her own cheeks turning pink. “You were telling me why my face is distracting.”

“Mask!” Adrien clapped a hand over his mouth, eyes wide.

“My mask is the distracting part?” She quirked an eyebrow, the top of the mask raising with it.

Adrien nodded, his hand still held over his mouth.

“Adrien Agreste, are you trying to figure out what I would look like without my mask?”

He gulped. “N-no…”

yeeeessss i loved that episode <3

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You paused, staring in confusion at the unfamiliar man standing just a few feet in front of you. You’d never seen him in the village before. But then he turned, and you recognized that little mole on his chin, and your eyes widened with surprise.

“Kakas-” He was at your side in an instant, and you let out a small yelp of surprise when he grabbed your arm, dragging you off the path and behind a tree, covering your mouth with one hand and glancing around cautiously.

“Shh,” he said quietly, uncovering your mouth and meeting your eyes. “You’re going to blow my cover.”

“Your cover?” you asked, even more confused by that than you had been his strange disguise. “What the hell are you even doing?”

“My genin are trying to see what I look like without my mask again,” he answered, glancing around again, as if expecting to see them pop up from behind a bush. “So I’m in disguise.”

“Why don’t you just show them already?” you suggested, raising an eyebrow in amusement. “Then maybe they’ll stop bothering you about it. You know I found them peeking through your curtains a while back? That’s how they found out you had a girlfriend, by catching a look at me in a towel.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” He grinned, leaning in to give you a quick kiss, then turned to go. He paused, glancing back at you. “If you see me running around, they’re just shadow clones. Go along with it?”

“Fine,” you relented, sighing with resignation, and his smile widened as he came back to steal another kiss. You rolled your eyes, but secretly, you were glad to see him having so much fun with something. He put up a good front, but he wasn’t the most light-hearted person, and to catch a glimpse of him doing something so unlike himself made you happy.

So you played along with it. When you saw Kakashi in his regular attire, you walked alongside him for a while, carrying a conversation with the clone, keeping up the facade and even helping him avoid his genin’s attempts to unmask him. When you saw him in disguise, you pretended not to know him.

It was cute, though, watching the genin try so hard to catch a peek under his mask, completely unaware that they already had. It was a testament to the teamwork that Kakashi was working so tirelessly to pound into their brains, even if they could only pull it together for something as silly as this. However, they were relentless, and as the day dragged on, you could tell that keeping up the game and his clones was beginning to wear Kakashi out, especially when the rest of the rookies joined in to help. He really needed to give this up.

You found Kakashi in disguise in the park again, heading in the direction you’d just seen his clone going. Falling into step beside him, you dropped your voice to a whisper, watching out for any sign of the rookies.

“You should stop this soon,” you told him quietly, reaching over to squeeze his arm. “You’re exhausting yourself. Let the clones go and come home.”

“Just a bit longer,” he assured you, giving you that closed eye smile you adored so much. “I’m all right, ___. I’ll see you at home, okay?”

“I’ll have tea waiting for you,” you replied with a sigh, rolling your eyes. You stopped, letting him go on ahead.

You couldn’t help but smile though as you watched him walk away. Being in charge of these genin had definitely done him some good.

a smoke, a fire, a sea

Summary: In which Nico and Will are the sons of two rival families, which have gouged a divide through Siena with years of violence, blood, and hatred. Or, of enmity, destiny, and the consequences of falling in love with a man you’re intended to hate.

Nico di Angelo’s life started - and ended - with a kiss.

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but what if there was a halloween episode where like… everyone went as the ninja, and Randy manages to lose the mask and a kid dressed like the ninja finds it on the floor like “oh I dropped my mask” and puts it on and suddenly gets ninja powers and runs amok and it keeps getting passed around somehow meanwhile Randy’s depowered and desperately chasing after them,  and mcfist and viceroy are wadding through a sea of ninjas like WHICH ONE IS THE REAL NINJA

he looked at me once with wonder and curiosity
“are you happy?”, he’d asked.
“happy”, i laughed a terrible whisper.
he chuckled to himself and went running under the moonlight
“i am not happy..”, i repeated to myself and recognized them as a true state of affairs.
i wore my happiness like a mask and he ran away with it.
—  v.m moonchild #8
INFJ Confession #2656

As an INFJ I often slip into personas which I use as both a shield and a way of being the person others need. But I always have this problem when all my friends from different social groups gather and I just feel really anxious because I feel like all my masks are just falling apart. Do you feel that way too?


and I remember when I met him, it was so clear that he was the only one for me.

“Dali Lama” (a poem for Asperger, the ham-burglar)

Confucius says: “In the event of a stock market collapse, short everything.”

It is inevitable that any raised curve
must fall because gravity
is a bitch.

Time is a melting clock
because time is an orange elephant
just like surrealism is like time.

Can you hear the freeway breathing–
hot and heavy like my stalker on the phone?

I wear my mask like a mustache,
pretentiously and pointed towards 
your Elf gods, all eleven of them.

Man places firework on head, dies.
Man taunts alligator, gets in water, dies.
Greek economy exits Eurozone, dies.

The Darwin Awards
is highly competitive this year.

All hail evolution!