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hey this is for the person that has back acne problems!! I had really bad back acne too like for years and I cleared it up within like 1-2 weeks!! my sister found this mask online, u mix like 5-7 uncoated crushed aspirins with organic honey and u coat ur back with it and leave it on for like 10 minutes maybe longer and then just rinse it off in the shower and then use acne treatments afterwards i used clearasil ultra rapid action pads and then the rapid treatment cream!! and it was gone so fast!

(pt 2 for the back acne thing!) and in the shower dont use any scented body washes or anything, put some unscented bar soap or something on like a gentle scrub thing or a washcloth and that clearasil cream i talked about before works as a moisturizer so u wouldnt need any other lotion! if u cant get that try unscented lotion :~~) and u can do all of this stuff for ur face too

Thanks, love