So I was talking to @thejediavengeroftheinternet​ about how people are probably going to react to my Sock Opera chapter and how some of them will complain about how its “too dark” to which I said the episode itself is literally about a twelve year old getting possessed by a demon and that’s already dark enough as it is and then she was like “nah kids be doin that sorta shit all the time nowadays what with their weegee boards they buy from Toys R Us on the shelf right next to Candy Land, so they summon satan and ask him to play Candy Land with him and he’s like “yeah boi that’s my favorite Milton Bradley Game and his second favorite is Parker Brothers” and then I was like “his third favorite is Hanna Barbera” which eventually boiled down to the amazing crossover concept of the Amazing World of Milton Bradley with Satan, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, John Cena, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and this is what happens when two fucking idiots get together imo someone stop us

Catching your fish sleeping is weird because the first few times it happens you shit yourself thinking they’re dead but after a while you just walk in and turn on the light and see them lying in some strange ass position, staring into space and dreaming of god knows what, and you just sigh and go, ‘alright weirdo, time to get the fuck up’

I was watching the office and I just saw a scene where I laughed so hard I cried and got to a point where I couldn’t breathe and that’s what I love about this show so much like I can watch these episodes over and over and it’s still hilarious I love it so much

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I remember when I first started watching season 4 I thought yousef was this really cool chill badass ass guy who I low-key intimidated of but now after finishing season 4 and following cengiz on instagram I can't believe,,,,,, like he is the biggest dork idk why I love him like who what aaaaaaaaaa

yousef????????? cool????? chill????? badass???????