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The warnings you create for sex related questions are usually super immature. Like "don't watch if innocent, contains the WhoOP wHOP WHIpiTty, for MATURE eyes ONLY." If you can't call sex by its name then it seems you are very immature and can't handle it yourself. But you seem very nonchalant about it too but can turn around and do that? What's wrong with a simply "Not Safe For Work/NSFW, contains sex or sex mention"?

lmao you’re funny lil anon

like i’ve said befoooorrreee…. this is my blog…. i think i’ll run it how i like…. a lot of people like the funny introduction… and yeah.

thanks for the unnecessary tip though!

it’s like…. you know how when you…. i don’t know.. get caught up in a weird situation and you might do something like laugh it off or twidle your thumbs around…. that’s like me and those it like… get’s me cool and comfortable with it now that i’ve made it humorous and comfortable…

but you can also be super mature proper and stuff and not have much fun, that’s okay too!!!

- Darby

ok no but imagine Phil coming home and Dan is like “hey” and Phil is like “hi” all regular regular

and then Phil is like “Dan…when i was bending over to get marshmallows…my trousers ripped” 

and then imagine Phil lifting his leg showing Dan the massive tear in his jeans and Dan doing his high pitched laugh

no matter how accurate/inaccurate this is, this conversation between them happened in some form, think about that


This owl tho