a fight with february , open for request

im not much of a writer but i want to try to share feelings to everyone
, as always every year february is always be the worst month of my life i dont know why its just happens
but this year rather succumb to it im fighting back i keep myself busy drawing it helps me cope with real life problem
that somewhat accumulate every year in february this year is no exception, i think i win , kind of still not solving any of it tho
but i can smile every night drawing those silly combination or some erotic depiction of my favorite heroines oh yeah if someone offended by it im so sorry , but it was a somekind of medicine for me. and im very grateful for everyone who gives a like button, reblogs or leaving a comment that i dont know how to answer it , anyway thanks.

one more thing, next month if im not mistaken is the month of robots and i heard this so called event, march of robots
i think i would like to join in ,drawing robots mecha cyborg  a whole month every night  im open for suggestions or maybe limited amount of request probably some sketches or some digitally inked drawings. i dont know if i can drawing and color a robot in one day.
sometimes i went over detailed and i never finish anything.

oh yeah those who like to request a robot drawing for next month tell me now ill open for 5 request , leave me with your original design in the comment, ill do my best to make it cool , creepy or maybe naughty if its a female  :p

anyway have a nice day

Favorite OTP #1: Mutsumi x Kae

Despite this being my newest ship, it really won the number one spot in my heart with how adorably pure they are with each other~ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


linstead appreciation week day two: favorite partner moment
erin letting jay know she’s got his back after he shoots a suspect (2x01)

A theory on everyone’s favorite poison noodle

Tyrian! I love this guy, and as we all know everyone in RWBY is based on stories and fairy tales. Most believe this thespian right here’s based on the scorpion and the frog (which let’s be real yeah probably) but I think he’s based on someone else.

Wait, what? Why? Well for several reasons, which for ease I’ll bullet below:

  • Tyrian is a purple, which oh hey the cat is too.
  • At the end of Volume 4 Episode 5 the scene fades black leaving behind only Tyrians eyes, while the cat fades away leaving only his smile. (x)
  • To quote Tyrian while he’s talking with Qrow, “One does not upset the Queen.” Or what, off with their heads?
  • Both Tyrian and Cheshire have a riddle-like way of talking.
  • Tyrian’s last name, Callows, means an inexperienced or immature child. The cat sure love his jokes and not taking Alice seriously.
  • Tyrian’s here ‘to whisk you away’ to wonderland Ruby.

and for my last piece of evidence, I’ll quote Cheshire:

  • “We’re all mad here” (x)
A Few things you should know when joining the FMA fandom

Never and I mean never tell people that Royai isn’t canon. It is. There is NO DENYING this fact. If you do you may get a reaction like this:

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or this

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We all make Nina Jokes, and a lot of them. Its not ok but its kinda a hobby and you will have to join us at some point

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Everyone loves Riza. I don’t know why but in the first 10 seconds you see her she is literally your favorite character and no one can deny that

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Hughes isn’t dead. You may have mistaken what happened in the manga/anime but he is alive… he is alive… he is alive

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Roy’s Mustache 

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everyone loves cute dogs in the fandom, this ones is my favorite

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lol come meet me in hell, I guarantee there’ll be a section for this fandom

Okay so I’ve got a bunch of oc questions for dq9 if anyone wants them here they are

  • What’s your character’s favorite place/thing in the surface world? Why?
  • Actually, how does your character feel about the Protectorate and its inhabitants in general? Are they bitter/feel obligated to watch over them or do they genuinely care about the surface? A mix of both?
  • How much did they know about the surface/mortals before falling?
  • How does your character feel about the rest of their party members?
  • Any NPCs that stood out to your character (besides Erinn or Aquila and the like, since they’re kind of a given)? For what reason?
  • If your character is mortal, how do they feel about being roped into the game’s storyline?
  • If your character is a celestrian, how long does it take for them to get accustomed to the mortal world? Do they ever? 
  • If your character is a celestrian, do they make any effort to hide this fact during the course of their journey? How does this work out for them?
  • Difficulty level aside, which boss battle was the worst for your character?
  • Which grotto boss does your character hate the least?
  • If your character is celestrian, who/what do they miss the most about the Observatory?
  • If your character went through a vocation change during the main story, is there any significant reason or was it to make the game easier to get through?
  • If your character is mortal, why are they travelling with the protag?
  • How did your character react after being told to eat the Fygg and become mortal? 
  • What’s your character doing post-game? 

So yeah send a question and a character and I’ll get back to you on that

Get to know me tag

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Nickname: Ash, I don’t fuk around with any other names k thx

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio, apparently everyone hates scorpios and idk why

Height: 5′5 ½ or 167 cm

Time right now: uhm 7 pm

Last thing I googled: Aztec rites of passages 

Favorite Bands: NCT, Got7, KNK, Topp Dogg, Miss A, Day 6, MASC, EXO, f(x), EXID, Map6, *insert any 2nd gen girl group that disbanded in 2017* etc. etc. etc. 

Favorite Solo Artists: Dean, Lim Kim, Sik-k, Ailee, Hanhae, San E, Jessi, Mad Clown, Jia, Suran, Heize, G.Soul, Crush etc. etc. etc. I could blab on abt them for days

Song stuck in your head: I started listening to Because I am the best by Hyuna again…I can’t believe I could forget abt that song…The shit™

Last movie I watched: Star Wars Rogue One

Last TV Show I watched: Weekly idol if that counts

When did you create your blog: In April of 2016, I started as a multifandom blog and then 2 or 3 months later I converted to NCT blog :p

What kind of stuff do you post: 97% NCT, 1% Suho, 1% Got7, 1% other random shit posts

When did your blog reach its peak: Idk my activity is a mess it goes up and down a lot

Do you have any other blogs: Yup I have a multifandom one and an art one :>

Do you get asks regularly: Nope <.>

Why you chose your URL: Doyoung is spicccy and pancakes are pretty lit yah???

Following:  326

Posts: 8,480 oops lel 

Hogwarts House: Apparently I’m on the fine line between Slytherin and Gryffindor, I keep getting different answers 

Pokémon Team: I don’t have one ;-;

Favorite colours: Black and pastels

Average hours of sleep: 4-6 currently. *bleeds out caffeine* 

Lucky Numbers: Also don’t have any cause I don’t care lmao

Favorite Characters: I actually did a tag that listed some of my fave characters so I mean if anyone actually cares its this 

What are you wearing right now: Black pants, grey pull over, and mismatching socks since I’m just such a creative butterfly 

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1-of-1 

Dream job: Animator for sho

Dream trip: I wanna go to the moon. 

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Please be okay

Request: Could you make an imagine where the reader gets stabbed and peter pan freaks out. Lots of angst and fluff pleaaseeee!

Rating: T

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

(Y/N’s) Pov:

Today hadn’t been the best day, for starters I slept in too late and missed breakfast and training, on my evening run I tripped and fell in mud, getting laughed at when I came back to camp all muddy with my hair looking a mess. I even got into a fight with Peter for spending to much time with my friend Felix. Hes so over protective, he always has to make sure he knows exactly where I are.

That’s why I crept away during training the next morning to get away from everyone. I know my way around so its not like I’d get lost or anything. I go to my favorite spot, a little clearing next to mermaid lagoon. Its close enough where I can see them but far enough away so they don’t know i’m there.

I know its a risk coming here, since its quite far from camp, but its so peaceful. Three mermaids swim to the surface and perch themselves on their rock. Then they begin to sing. But the song isn’t their normal playful song, its their feeding song, only sung to attract men when their near. 

I hear bushes rustling and two pirates come out, instantly going towards the mermaids. I know where this is going, they always leave a mess…


The suns just about to set when I can faintly hear the lost boys yelling and peters music. I guess today wasn’t so bad, so i’ll join them and maybe dance with peter if he wants. 

“And whats a pretty lass like you doing out here all by her self?” I hear a raspy voice come from behind me. I turn around and three of hooks pirate goons are there, with yellow toothed smiles and swords pointed at me. 

“Here to kidnap me as usual i presume? You know peter will just save me and kill all of you.” I forgot the pirates were still here, they usually don’t stay long, but when they do its never fun. Sometimes I remember to bring my sword with me so if i get into this kind of situation i can easily take them, their usually drunk anyway. That’s why their other shipmates fell for the mermaids trap so easily. But I was to mad at peter to remember to grab it.

“Not this time lass, captain gave us new orders.” One of the pirates says, but its as if he almost doesn’t want to. was there a hint of regret on his face?

I’m expecting them to just knock me out, or try to grab me, but they just stand there waiting. Waiting for what? My heart stops when I realize their looking at someone behind me, but it was already to late.

A sharp pain goes through my stomach, and a small cry escapes my lips. I look down and see a blade covered in my own blood, sticking out of my stomach. An arm wraps around my chest to keep me from falling, while the other hand holds the blade in place. A face brushes up against my ear.

“Its nothing personal love, I just don’t know any other way to make that bloody demon suffer.” I’d know that voice anywhere, its hook. I knew he hated peter, but I never thought he’d stoop this low.

I cant even talk, blood pours from my mouth whenever I try. Hook realizes this and swiftly pulls the sword out of me. I make a week whimpering sound and fall into his arms and cover my wound with my hands, tears run down my face as I give him look of pain and sorrow. He looks down at me with guilt and sadness, then gently lifts me up and lays me down on a large rock. I’m expecting him to end my suffering, but he just lets a single tear fall, then turns and leaves with the rest of his shipmates. Leaving me to eventually bleed out and die. I’m to week to even move, and my eyes are just begging to close, but if I give in I probably wont be able to open them again.


(Peter’s) Pov:

I watch as the boys dance around the fire and cant help but feel bad about the fight I had with Y/N, But I just get so protective of her, I don’t want anyone taking her from me. I probably should’ve went to get her by know, but she probably wants her alone time. I can apologize when she gets back.

But when I feel a sinking feeling in my stomach, I know somethings wrong. My thoughts instantly go to Y/N and think of the worst things that could’ve happened to her. I don’t even tell the boys I’m leaving and immediately fly off the way she went.

“Y/N!……Y/N!……Please answer love….” I whisper the last part to myself. My hearts beating out of my chest thinking the worst. Drops of red on the ground catch my ear and I land next to them. I touch a drop with my finger and examine it closer……..blood.

I look right and then left, and there’s Y/N, on a rock, laying in her own blood. I race over to her, pulling her into my arms and putting my ear to her chest. Her heart is barely beating, and her breathing is getting slower by the minute.

“Its going to be ok love, just keep that heart beating.”

There’s only one way I can save her, but its on the other side of the island. 

The healing waterfall…


(Y/N’s) Pov:

I slowly open my eyes, expecting to be in the underworld, or some other place. Not my bedroom though. I slowly sit up and look around, until my eyes land on peter. Hes sleeping next to me with his arm around my waist. He looks so tired. He must have found me and flown him and myself all the way to the healing waterfall. 

I lay back down and cuddle into his side, listening to the soothing sound of his heartbeat. He shifts slightly and pulls me into him tighter, then softly kisses my head. I whisper a quiet “Thank you” and softly kiss his lips.

He gives me a loving smile, and caresses my cheek. “Your my world Y/N, I promise I’ll never let anything bad happen to you again. As land as your with me, you’ll never have to hurt like that again.I would give up anything for you, I love you to much to let you go.”

I never thought I could feel loved as much as I do now, and by Peter Pan of all people. But to have someone love you so much that they would give up anything for you, is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Before she falls asleep in my arms, she whispers the words I’ve waited to hear her say since she took my hand and left her world behind.

“I love you too.”

I guess even villains can have their happily ever after too.

Can I just say how much I hate that they made Jimmy Olsen (oh, I’m sorry, “James”) Guardian on Supergirl. James Harper is the Guardian. I hate this whole forcing-everyone-to-be-a-superhero thing the CW has been doing on all of its shows. It’s like it’s not okay to not be a superhero.

Do you know why Lois Lane has always been my favorite comic book character? It’s because she is a 100% normal everyday woman who uses her strengths in a normal everyday way(being a reporter) while still holding her own in a world full of super powered people. Same with Cat Grant. Jimmy is now the CEO of a big media company. Why can’t he do the same?


Now that’s a challenge!!

Had to re-read LSOTW just so I could remember everyone but then I realized yet again why this comic will always by my favorite. Everything is just as heartbreaking as the first time, but such a great story!

I was reading through and just did a redraw of this panel(I don’t know why but I just liked it haha)

Man, I gotta do a LSOTW tribute or something, it really does deserve one!

maylovely  asked:

I've been meaning to ask you; why is Eomer your favorite character! I like him too! But I wanted to know why you love him so much!!

@maylovely my friend held me at gunpoint and set before me 2 pictures of karl urban as cupid and eomer. They said you can only choose one, so I did. they continue to make sure i like the character for the rest of my life. please help me. 

When I Think About You pt.1

Characters: Reader x GOT7

Genre: Fluff, Angst-ish

Summary: After you debut you catch the attention of a fellow JYP idol. But will he have the guts to tell you how he feels before its too late?

A/N: i’m not sure if this has already been done, but I’m hoping it hasn’t. This was randomly inspired by one of my favorite vines of JB which you can watch here . I’m sorry if its kind of wack. let me know how you guys feel about it. pls be nice this is my first time doing this. 

Part 2

It had been almost 3 years since you began training. Whoever told you it was going to be tough in order to become an idol was right. Especially a foreign idol at that. You knew once you hit the debut stage everyone was going to have high expectations. Which is why the performance had to be perfect, and seeing as you were the leader of your girl group, ASPEN, you would be the one to make sure of it.

As you held your pose for the last few seconds of the song, all you could hear were the panting breaths coming from the six other group members.

“Alright ladies, great job! That’s enough for tonight!” you called out as you made your way to get some water. “Let’s head to the dorm to get some beauty sleep for tomorrow.”

All of the members began to pack their things. You sat in front of the mirror staring at your reflection as the thought of debuting in less than 24 hours consumed your mind once again. Thinking of all of the sacrifices you made to get to this point. Thinking of how proud all of your family and friends would be to see you living your dream. You never imagined how soon this day would come, but it was right around the corner. Having not realized how long you’ve been daydreaming your member, Ji-yeon, snapped you out of your trance.

“Y/N are you okay? Aren’t you coming?” she questioned noticing everyone was almost out of the dance studio except for you. 

You looked up at her with a confused expression on your face. “Wha- oh yeah! I’m fine! I’ll catch up with you guys in a second.” you assured her

She smiled back at you as she showed herself out of the room. You quickly gathered your items and sloppily threw them into your duffle bag. You bowed while thanking some staff as you exited and rushed down the hall. Some items were dangling from your bag and you tried to get them back in as you sped walked and juggled your water, phone, and charger in one hand. Just then, without paying attention to your surroundings you roughly smashed right into someone.

“Ugh watch where you’re going.” you ironically spat. Instantly regretting your choice of words once you realized how much of a hypocrite you were. 

“Ah I’m sorry I was checking my phone just for a second. Its my bad.” He stated while you both scrambled to pick up the items you dropped. “No..” you sighed “it’s my fault too. I wasn’t paying attention either.” you admitted still not looking at who the guy was. 

It was silent for a few seconds. After finally getting your things securely into your bag, you both stood up, and you were slightly taken back at who was standing in front of you. “Well it’s still partially my fault and I’m sorry uh….?” he paused as he tried to get your name. “Oh I’m Y/N.” you responded shaking his hand.

“Y/N! Nice to meet you Y/N!” he smiled “I’m Jackson Wang.”

Sighing “Yeah I know who you are. You’re like.. one of JYP’s golden boys from Got7.” you smiled. He chuckled at your response.

 It was kind of hard to not know of Got7 when many of their posters were displayed around the JYP building. Although you knew of them, you haven’t really looked into their stuff since you were so focused on your own career.  

You realized that your group members were still waiting for you and you had to leave. You awkwardly began to walk away still facing him. “Well it was nice officially meeting you Jackson Wang, but I have to get going.” 

He looked confused wondering why you had to go so suddenly. “Oh okay so I’ll see you around then?”

“I guess so.” you called out to him before you exited the building.

You started off the next morning as any other. Freshening yourself up, eating breakfast with your members and heading to the JYP building. Upon your arrival you were all greeted by staff and had complementary snacks waiting for you. You all had several hours before the debut performance so you all spent your free time doing whatever you wanted. You decided that you needed some words of encouragement to prepare you for the big moment, so you headed to the one person you knew could help, JYP himself.

You spoke to his assistant who called into his office to let him know you were there to speak to him. You stood outside of his office nervously as you bit your lip. You could hear laughter and rustling coming from the other side of the door and it suddenly swung open. A group of guys began to exit the office chatting about anything you could care less about. Amongst all of the voices you heard one that you swore you’ve heard before. 

“Oh hey Y/N!” the voice shouted. It was Jackson. “You guys, this is who I was telling you about last night! This is the girl that made me late to practice.” he chuckled 

You slightly giggled and scoffed at the same time at his little accusation. Jackson began to introduce you to the members of Got7. Starting with Junior who was very polite, BamBam seemed very goofy and giggly, Yugyeom was quite shy but had a cute charm to him, Mark didn’t say much but seemed very sweet, and Youngjae was very outgoing as he tried to greet you showing off his english. As Jackson introduced you to the last member you instantly locked eyes with him as his were already transfixed on yours.

Jackson finally stated, “This is Jaebum hyung aka JB.”

You bowed a bit while greeting JB. “Nice to meet you.” you smiled

Before he could even think of responding another voice interrupted, grabbing your attention. “Ah Y/N, sweetheart so nice to see you!” JYP pulled you into a hug. “Why don’t you come inside so we can catch up.” He tried to to shoo away the other boys before you both began to walk toward his office. 

Unexpectedly Jackson caught your arm before you could go any further. He began to whisper “Hey, so I was wondering if you wanted to come have lunch with BamBam and I later?” 

A puzzled look came across your face as you asked him “Why are we whispering?”

“Oh because Junior doesn’t know about this and he gets a bit jealous when I go out to eat with other people.” he smirked as he shrugged

You laughed at his reasoning. And maybe a little too loud because you noticed Junior and Mark were now looking over at you two. You fake cleared your throat while turning back to Jackson.

“Yeah.. sure I’ll meet you guys in the lobby at.. 11:30?” you said

“Sweet!” he squeaked making his way over to the guys. Making you chuckle at his childishness.

Shutting the door you turned toward JYP. You began to take in his familiar office that you’ve been in several times before.

“Please,” he pointed towards the couch “have a seat and make yourself comfortable.”

You complied. Grabbing an unopened water bottle you took a sip. 

“So what brings you here today, Y/N? What’s going on?” he asked

“Well as you know tonight is our debut performance, and I just needed a little confidence boost from my favorite uncle.” you smiled and shrugged taking another sip of water.

Now JYP wasn’t actually your blood related uncle, but he was your closest thing to family in Korea. Aside from your group members of course. He had known your father for years before you were born. Those two were practically brothers from how close they were. After you turned 17 you decided that you wanted to be apart of your uncle JYP’s company. Your parents didn’t agree at first because they didn’t want you to be so far away from them, but they believed in you. A couple months later you flew to Korea to meet up with JYP and he helped you every step of the way to get to where you are now. Although you had a slight advantage to your success JYP still treated you like any other artist. Ever since you left for Korea JYP promised to your parents that he would look out for you and that he did.

“Aish! We’re not gonna have another one of these conversations, Y/N.” swatting the air he chuckled to himself

“But uncle you know I wouldn’t come to you if I didn’t really need to!” you said

He sighed “Alright look, I know you’re nervous, but you have nothing to worry about. You know you are one of the best female artists we have right now, and I’m not just saying that because we’re family.” he chuckled but became serious again. “Now don’t tell the other girls I said this, but look at it like this. You are like the… Beyoncé… and they are the Kelly and Michelle’s of Destiny’s Child.” 

You burst out laughing at his comparison of you and Beyoncé because you knew that she was way more talented than you were. 

“Hey, I’m being serious okay?” he said. You calmed down and continued to listen. “I was also surprised that you came by today because I had just gotten off the phone with your father this morning.” You glanced up at him after hearing this. “I previously let him know about your debut tonight and I also let him know that I’ll have someone live broadcast it straight to your family so that they can watch.” 

You got butterflies in your stomach knowing that your family will be supporting you from back home.

He continued “umm so.. you know.. not only am I proud of you, but just know that they are too and that they love you.” 

You got up from your seat and hugged JYP. “Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything.”

“Ah its nothing kid. Just keep your chin up and I know you’re gonna kill it tonight.” he said patting your back

Feeling satisfied you left his office. JYP stood looking at the door as he had a solemn expression on his face, for he hadn’t told you everything your father mentioned on the phone.


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Ok I'm worried I am alone on this one but everytime a man hits on me, it look like they want 'someone else'. Like, I'm a pretty chill person and Iaugh quite often but it look like they always seems to tell me who I am supposed to be-like I need to be this secretive sexy girl, a little mean to them & weirdly they rly want me to be jealous with other girls (like idc, he can socialize with the other gender lol) maybe Idk how to flirt or my personality may seems just too friendly?? I swear I try tho

You and amy dunne would hit it off so well. Honestly in my experience guys love girls they can tease and banter back and forth with I don’t know why but its like their favorite way of flirting? Just keep being you and don’t give a fuck what boys want you to be, you can never satisfy everyone!  

Y'all I’ve been Team Katya since Day 1 of Season 7 she’s one of my all-time favorite queens EVER and i’m glad she’s getting so much support and appreciation, and I do think she was robbed (both of her seasons), but why is everyone turning on Alaska JUST because of her behavior during this season? Stop changing your minds so damn quick I KNOW all of you wanted Alaska to win pre-season, her following has been HUGE, so why the fuck are WE as a community being so snakey towards her? Are we happy for her or not??? Are we fans of her or not??? The Drag Race community changes its mind so goddamn fast, i’d hate to be a contestant on this show if I knew my reputation and fanbase could change so easily.

Rules: Answer the questions, then tag 20 followers you’d get to know better. (i don’t even have 20 followers so I’ll just tag everyone that isn’t a bot) Tagged by @vocalquibbler 

Name: Nicolas

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′ (I’m pretty young)

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite Animal: Fox

Current Time: 5:11 PM

Cats or dogs: Cats

Favorite Fictional Characters: Big Boss, Raiden(I guess)

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2

Favorite singer/band: I don’t really know, I guess David Bowie

Dream Trip: maybe Japan

Dream Job: I don’t really know yet, sorry

When has this blog hit its peak: never

When was this blog created: 2016

Why did you pick this URL: As a reference to LISA: the Painful RPG, I didn’t really have anything else to use as a URL

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Did anyone else stop to think that maybe they knew before they even released FOUR? That they wrote that album to try to tell us it was going to be Goodbye for Zayn? I mean if you look at each song individually they are messages disguised in love songs so that we wouldn’t know right away.

1. Steal My Girl~ this was a song they used as their single to distract us from looking too far into the other songs, everyone was so worried about “Why did they pick the least favorite song on the album as their single” instead of realizing it was a distraction

2. Ready to Run~ That kinda explains itself, “this time I’m ready to run, escape from the city and follow the sun” its pretty obvious

3. Where do broken Hearts Go~ this one is for us, this is their song trying to guide our broken hearts to a better place, trying to tell us it’s going to be okay

4. Night Changes~ sure this one is masked entirely like a love song but at the same time if you read between the lines it is all about how things can change so quickly from one day to the next, just over night, just like it happened one day we thought he was going to be around still and the next he was gone

5. Stockholm Syndrome~ this song is all about feeling trapped, being trapped but not necessarily wanting to be let go either and in my opinion this line that Louis sings, I feel is clearly about Zayn “Used to sing about being free, but now he’s changed his mind” 

6. Change your Ticket~ this one is all about wanting to change someone’s ticket and wanting them to stay longer, I think it speaks for itself

7. I almost forgot this one, but SPACES!~ “Whose gonna be the first to say Goodbye” that explains itself as well.

You may not agree with me and you don’t have to but I honestly think they knew before FOUR, I honestly think if we look even further back that they could have even planned this from the beginning, it could have been part of Zayn’s contract that he only go for 5 years and then be released and they use a personal excuse as his way out and something so simple would make a big deal, they could be planning that he be off for a few months to a year and then they make him a solo artist because “He had his break and can’t return to One Direction but he still wants to be a musician” My point is I believe that they could have known this from the moment they were signed after XFactor and if they didn’t know back then, they probably knew this was going to happen before they wrote and released FOUR.

Lets talk about Feminism/Black Widow/character analysis

Alright. So. There is this shit storm in the Marvel fandom where people believe that Joss Whedon did such a terrible job at writing Black Widow in Age of Ultron that people bullied him and sent him death threats. This is unacceptable. Especially if you actually analyzed Black Widow in Age of Ultron, among other things in the film, you would realize that he, in fact, did an amazing job. 

Let me tell you why. Spoilers ahead.

Keep reading