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I don't go to OH, NB, etc and talking about KD evidences we have because I don't want to bring attention to them, because it's going to make it harder for them, they already can't interact!, so probably this is why kfans don't talk about them a lot.

Tumblr is a plataform where people actually express what they like. They express with gifsets, videos, fanfics, fanarts and theories, like some of us do. The point is, this content is made FROM fans TO fans.  Random people shouldn’t take this seriously because this is made from people that don’t know anything about the idols in question and their public is pretty specific. When you go out of this bubble and attract the couple x or y name in other plataforms, tho, it’s a different way to grab attention. It’s a kind of discussion that I personally don’t mix with because it doesn’t bring benefits to anyone. Kfans are the smart ones, in the end.

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i'm sorry, but your tumblr cover gif (is this what these things are called??) has literally killed me - in a good way. could you please link me the gifset, if it isn't of any trouble to you? btw your blog is a blessing, i love it so much tbh

Of course not! All credits to this lovely, talented person ♥ and here is it :) enjoy! Thank you so much for your words! 

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would you ever do a gifset tutorial?? i would love to know how you color your gifs!

i tried multiple times to make a tutorial on how i color in general but the thing is i’d have to make at least 10 tutorials because i use a different methodod per color and SHOW/MOVIE so it wouldn’t work it out for you ???? it’d be one of those tutorials where it only works on the scene the op used lmao maybe if someone asked something more specific i’d be able to help, but in general, it would be a mess, i hope you can understand that!!