I haven’t even watched this season but like, imagine Derek was still around. You know he would totally believe Stiles’ suspicions about Theo, so my question is: who’s gonna write this? Stiles trying to figure it out all by himself, but then he remembers that Derek is also someone who doesn’t trust easily, and damn right he could use some werewolf instinct right now. So he goes to him and they team up to find out more about Theo. STILES AND DEREK WORKING TOGETHER.


Queen meme | favourite member → Freddie Mercury

“I enjoy being a bitch. I enjoy being surrounded by bitches. Boredom is the biggest disease in the world, darling. Sometimes I think there must be more to life than rushing round the world like a mad thing getting bored.”

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Hello GlassPrism! Do you know any Christine (or Phantom) mishaps on or off stage?

Oh so many. Many of them onstage.

If you want flubs, check out my YouTube playlist of recorded flubs on video, this video of messed up lines and other funny slips, or the gifset I made for April Fool’s Day. You can also read up on flubs on the Lamentable Mess website (which got taken down but which you can still read through the Wayback Machine). Here is also a list I made of notable vocal cracks, missed lines, or flubs.

Random other flubs and mishaps I remember:

  • Davis Gaines as Raoul walking offstage during ‘All I Ask of You’ to go throw up because he was sick
  • Another Raoul, Gary Mauer, abandoning Lisa Vroman during ‘All I Ask of You’ due to food poisoning (she had to sing the song by herself)
  • During ‘Angel of Music’, Amy Jo Arrington apparently tripped going up the steps to her dressing room and smashed her face into the door so hard it swung open, banged against the dressing room wall, and came bouncing back to hit her again in the face
  • I think it was Brad Little who once got a bouquet with a bunch of peacock feathers in it, which his dresser tried to throw out because peacocks are bad luck according to theatre superstition; he didn’t believe it, but then that show one of the lights broke and set an actress’s wig on fire, and now I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want peacock feathers around him ever again
  • When Tabitha Webb was an understudy and doing her Hannibal princess track, she got banged on the head by the falling backdrop, was knocked unconscious, and had to be dragged offstage
  • As alternate Christine, she also apparently injured her arms somehow
  • Also, according to the link above, she got her wig ripped off her head
  • During her Las Vegas run, Sierra Boggess fell in the ‘Final Lair’ and chipped a tooth but kept on going
  • Many Raouls have slipped loose of their noose in the ‘Final Lair’, with varying ways of dealing with it (MAGNETIC PORTCULLIS), but one slipped out of it during the Phantom/Christine kiss, unnoticed by either of them until it was time for the Phantom (I think it might have been John Cudia?) to free him; the Phantom turned around with his candle, saw Raoul was already free, stood there for a moment, then whacked Raoul on the head with the candle before letting him take off with Christine
  • Sofia Escobar got put in the wrong wedding dress, which was far too long for her; she fell over it and twisted her thumb around; she ended up missing Peter Joback’s last show because of this
  • Mary Michael Patterson got banged on the head with the Phantom’s pole at the end of ‘Music of the Night’; she powered through ‘Stranger Than You Dreamt It’ and was replaced with Elizabeth Welch from Il Muto onwards
  • There are probably any number of actors who have had to quit the show halfway through due to illness (we have audio of Harriet Jones being replaced with Emmi Christensson because of this) or who kept on with the show regardless of illness (I think there’s a story of Anthony Warlow being so ill he was going backstage after each of his scenes to be sick, and that his standby was waiting in full costume just in case he had to take over)

And there are probably way, way more…

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You should totally make a companion piece to your dealing with unwanted attention gifset for Killian about him always respecting Emma's choices and talking her lead, just to mess with those haters. He seriously spent most of his time waiting for her cues, and letting her be the dominant/leader and still those idiots cry rape culture because of 1 joke and some flirting while excusing much more problematic behavior from THEIR faves. Eyerolling so hard.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right, it’s ridiculous. But honestly, I think all those arguments have been made. When I made that gifset it really was meant to highlight all the different ways that Once shows, through the character of Emma, how you can identify and deal with problematic behaviour. (Although, fun fact, every example in there that involves Killian is from a situation where Emma didn’t know who he really was, where she reacted to him as a random stranger. I think that speaks for itself.)

We all know that Killian respects her and lets her take the lead. It’s right there in the show. And I think if people can’t see it on the show, they sure as hell won’t see it in any post I make about it.

As for the rape culture thing… I don’t want to get into it again, but suffice to say that if someone is genuinely concerned about that, they don’t go around using it as an insult or accusation for people they see as, essentially, victims of it.

So yeah, it’s not about that. It’s about trying to justify their dislike for a fictional character. It’s just rarara I don’t like Hook and I don’t consider my own opinion valid by itself so I have to justify it and shout it at everyone and start drama so I can defend and justify it again. Meh. :P

That said, I do like the idea of exploring that side of Killian… maybe I’ll think of another painting idea with that theme. But it won’t be for any haters, it’ll be for all you lovely folks who love what you love and don’t bring others down for it! ;)

Do you want to be with her? I feel like you're here but you're not here. I know this is hard. But you need to make a choice. I don't want to have to worry about who I'm with. I'm here. Roland and I are fine. If you want to go back to Regina, then go back to her, but you have to decide what you want. 

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Sorry for the randomness but do you know what the gifset of Danny singing in the blue robe is from? Great blog btw :3

The first 3 gifs are from this video here, and the last is from this video here, friend! :D

Also I am a huge idiot because that’;s a kimono and not a robe and why would I write the caption as robe when I have seen Dan passionately talk about his kimonos for 10 minutes straight in a Reddit AMA

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forgive me if I'm wrong (i might be), but in your Mark+Cyndago skits gifset, the first one on the left... I don't think that's a Cyndago skit. I'm pretty sure it's a skit Mark did with Random Encounters. idk, maybe Cyndago was credited for helping in some way like editing or something, i'm not sure, (I'll go check right now), but I just wanted to let you know just in case. ^-^ sorry for the bother!

Oh you’re so right. My bad XD thanks for catching that.

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Lovely take on Team Arrow's third wheel situation that I never thought of before. David Ramsey said it best: "The core of our show is Oliver, Diggle and Felicity" and this is something that I hope they honor and respect more in season four because season three forgot that a lot with all these randoms popping up. It's okay to get more help but don't forget that core EVER. I'm hoping that Felicity plays a role In repairing Oliver\Diggle because it will strengthen the bonds they all have


Yes, I might like quoting this gifset a little too often. *shrugs*  

The show seems to be acknowledging what we all know, and what you expressed very well, Anon. No matter who else joins and helps, it always goes back to our core trio. Based on spoilers and just what would generally make sense for the course of this show, it seems season 4 will spend a tremendous amount of time further developing the Team Arrow dynamic, by virtue of the fact that Diggle and Felicity are each getting big storylines, and obviously Olicity is a thing. 

I don’t know if it will be Felicity who repairs the Oliggle bromance, Anon. I’ve seen an idea somewhere that it will be Lyla who ultimately brings our brotp back together, which seems very plausible to me. Lyla is very levelheaded, and being part of the source of the contention between Oliver and Diggle while lacking the same anger towards him puts her in a position to be able to repair their friendship. She also has a unique understanding of each of them- Oliver, due to her time with Waller, and obviously she understands Diggle. I would like to see her be the one bring them back together, especially if it means I get to see more Audrey Marie Anderson on my screen. But this is all pure speculation. Either way, Felicity will definitely help. I’ve seen in quite a number of fanfictions that she keeps in contact with Diggle, and I’d like this to be shown on screen, as it makes perfect sense. 

I just want my babies all back together as a family again 


replied to your post

“delenasbourbon replied to your photo “Because Apple is all about the…”

(if you wanna know why i followed you, or better saying, the first thing that got my attention, was the fact that your url then was hookedtodamonsalvatore and I just really really loved the creativity of the pun xD)

HAHHA MAN THAT URL WAS GREAT! And YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT STORY BEFORE! I love that! And, now that I think about it, I  think that pun inspired my creativity as a gif maker for my best gifsets are from my time as hookedtodamonsalvatore.

Random fact:I saved it with the tittle Main Blog because I had changed to elenacantmoveon temporarily and I was supposed to go back to that one (but rememberdamon happened)

Random fact 2: I also saved this much shorter beauty

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v, o, n

V - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms


FFXIII - HopeLight
Teen Wolf - Sterek

O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of

Disney songs always make me think of Riku/Sora


N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice)

there’s a lot of gifsets that TW fans make that are actually manips - like they’ll splice together scenes from different episodes and put in brand new text to essentially make it an AU. I love these and wish there were more of them for hopelight or even FF in general, but I guess there’s less material to work with there :x

but other than that, I can’t really complain, because I love my fandoms when they’re not being all dramatic :D

and everybody should draw more fanart just saying

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Once you get this you have to share six random facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers!

Aw thank you :3

1. I am from Berlin, Germany

2. I don’t know how people think the city is beautiful, its so freaking ugly

3. I am 19 years old

4. I got short hair

5. I live for German Schlager from the 70s and 80s

6. I own a horse

7. I used to make a lot of gifsets for my other blogs, but my laptop is so “destroyed” that its just for watching TV

8. My 5. Exam on my a levels, the presentation exam, was about Auschwitz

9. I have a piercing and tattoos

10. I am fed up with german politics, especially about the topic refugees

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sailor moon?

Okay so I know nothing about Sailor Moon apart from a few early episodes and random tumblr gifsets so bear with me!

Sexuality Headcanon: Hetero? I only know that she and Tuxedo Mask are, like, a ship tease I think, so I don’t have much basis.

Gender Headcanon: Cis female, yeah?

A ship I have with said character: Her and Tuxedo Mask?

A BROTP I have with said character: N/A

A NOTP I have of said character: N/A

A random headcanon: N/A I’M SO SORRY

General opinion of said character: From what little I know, she’s a girl who likes food and sleep and can kick butt with magical powers, so that’s a thumbs up in my book.

I’m sorry, I probably should have specified what fandoms I can accurately answer for (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Total Drama, Rick and Morty… Basically, western cartoons. I don’t do too well with anime), but thanks so much for the ask anyway!

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okay so i don't' know if you take requests but if you do, can you gif more of adelaide on the purge? thanks!

is there anything you want? like i can make a gifset of just random clips and stuff? :)