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Well you know how james is! I doubt that asshole will ever let those commentors get to him<3! James is smart enough to know that he doesn't need to impress anyone of the commentors and he's here for OUR enjoyment! If people can't crack a laugh just because james is "overweight" in their eyes,well i don't know they're horrible people cause james is the cutest and funniest little shit ever!

i want to agree with you, but the thing is, we dont know how james is like off camera. we dont know how he reacts to those comments. we dont know if those comments make him feel bad about himself or not, and thats whats really making me sad.
james doesnt deserve all that bullshit, yknow? he shouldnt have to put up with it. he is a genuinely great person who makes us happy for a living. if only the youtube community could give back and make him happy by cutting this shit out.