I wonder, if I keep writing
about IHOP’s free pancake day,
or sneaking out my window on hot summer nights,
if someone will eventually catch on.
I wonder if they have.
‘You won’t believe it, man,
she’s writing about you again.’
They’ll say,
cringing at the fact
that it’s been years
and I’m still trying to find the right words.
But what’s worse
is not knowing what comes after:
brown eyes rolling back and a heavy sigh,
or maybe
just enough of a smile
to know I’ll never stop.
We both know
if only on paper,
it all lives on.
—  Schuyler Peck, Boysenberry Syrup

A/N: *SQUEALS* I don’t know how I’m still alive :D I will never figure out my bias list after Yuto.

Jinho:Jinho would literally just stop. He’d stare at you as if he can’t be sure of what he heard. Then he’d look away, then back at you, then away. (his ears would be SO red) And when Jinho finally processes and THINKS about your request, he wouldn’t even be able to think straight. ‘WHy. H0W. They’re so CUTE I’M GOING TO DIE. AM I HAVING A STROKE?’ Eventually, somehow, when Jinho is able to calm down and actually hold eye contact for more than 3 seconds, he’d be very mature about it and super super sweet. “Just follow my lead. And remember, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” This is when you would really learn what Jinho’s heart eyes are like.

Hui:Huitaek would react in a way that would entirely relief you of your embarrassment because he would purposely do silly things to make you laugh and chill out first. (this cutiepie) Huitaek would be the same guy who would be too shy to kiss you so instead he’d launch into an animated explanation about how kisses work. The rambling will not stop. You would need to stop him. Please. After that’s done, Huitaek would hold your face softly and put your foreheads together with a small smile, but the loveliest eye smile. “I really like you.” All in all, Huitaek would ease you into it really subtly.

Hongseok:Hongseok would spaz on the spot and it would definitely make you laugh. (because how can you resist the charms of this boy?) “Are you sure? I mean I wanted it to be special. But if this would make you happy..” Hongseok is good with his words, but mostly because he’s such a sweetheart. This guy would make you swoon and feel all fuzzy inside, and you’d fall for him all over again. He’d be the one who looks at you like you’re all he sees, tucks your hair behind your ear, and kisses you like you’re a rose. (thorns are no problem for him, as long as you’re the rose)

E'Dawn:“Aigoo, why are you being all shy? kekekeke” Hyojong would pinch your pink cheeks and be really smiley since he wasn’t expecting you to bring it up all of a sudden. Maybe he would pet your head while he’s at it. Not that he’s making fun of you, but because his heart is swelling with warmth and it’s things like this tha confirm his feelings for you. Hyojong would bring your hands up to his shoulders, place his hands on your waist, and admire your face from up close. “Okay, i’m really gonna kiss you now. Promise.” Leaning closer, he’d whisper one last time. “Cute.” I feel like Hyojong would be the sparks and goosebumps kind of first kiss.

Shinwon:Shinwon would be so hyped that you asked because he’s actually been thinking about how to make the first move for the longest time. He’d be so excited that he would entirely forget to react to your shyness. (he wouldn’t have realised, in other words.) “Yes, I will definitely help you! Nothing to worry about, love.” In the beginning, Shinwon might be slightly intimidating for someone who has never kissed before, because of how excited he can be, but he would be really gentle and mindful. You’d be in SAFE hands. ;) “I got this, babe.”

Yeoone: Changgu would shake you by your shoulders while being unable to contain his overflowing smile. “Stop being so CUTE” After which, he’d turn cheeky and tease you for being so shy and adorable that it almost made him faint. This guy would tease you so much and would NEVER let go of this moment for as long as your relationship lasts. But we all know how much of a great and loving boyfriend Changgu would be. So once he’s done enjoying your cute blushing face, he’d plant a quick peck on your lips. “Now, all you have to do is stay with me to learn the rest of the lessons.” Yeo Changgu is someone who smirks a lot. (He’d make you regret asking but, in the long run, it’d be something you’d be proud of. Because everytime he brings it up, all you have to do is remind him who it was who made the first move.)

Yanan:Yanan? The one who has never even held a girl’s hand before or even been in a relationship before???? Yanan would be an absolute mess. Dearest Yanan would be the cutest squish of embarrassment and nerves. He’d speak in mumbles while trying to tell you that he has absolutely NO idea what he’s doing either. “iveneverkissedanybodybeforeeithersoicanthelpexactly” You’d be confused. Yanan would be confused. You’d be lost, and so would Yanan. Both of you would just have to be content with sharing your first kisses with each other. ;_; so cute. (actually, is changgu counted as his first kiss? huhuhu i love em’ peppero games.)

Yuto:This tough guy is going to stop functioning. ‘Who am I? Where is this? How am I alive? Metabolism is amazing. WHAT IS A KISS? Maybe I can distr- NO. Yuto, you’ve been waiting for this moment for the LONGEST TIME NOW. KISS EM’ You’d just be watching Yuto malfunction while attempting to gather his wits. He’d be struggling to convince himself that he can do it, survive the embarrassment, and not scare you off with his sweaty hands. BUT, once he finally settles down, he’d shake his nervousness off, clear his throat, and be like “Let’s do this.” WHEW you will be in for a surprise :’) Adachi would be the warmth in your veins kind of first kiss.

Kino:Hyunggu would react so fast, you would be the one gaping. He’d be so excited and shy that he would be shouting into the air. “AAAAAAAHHHH FIRSTLY, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MY HEART? SECONDLY, YES.“ Face covered in a wide grin, Hyunggu would snuggle you into his arms and it’d be extremely adorable. He’d peck you on your cheek first, to make sure you’re comfortable. It’s a vital moment for him, because it’s your first kiss AND your first shared kiss. “You’re really something else.” Kang Hyunggu would be the secretly sentimental kind of guy.

Wooseok:He’d laugh as a defense mechanism of struggling to processs your request because of how mushy his head is becoming. “You want me to what? You’re kidding right?” Wooseok would act like it’s not even a big deal, but he would be FREAKING OUT SO MUCH INSIDE. ‘What if they think i’m a bad kisser? Holy crap. Am I being a douchebag right now? What if they think I don’t want to kiss them and-’ He would surprise you, and himself, by going in for the kiss all of a sudden. And it would be a really in-the-moment kinds of kisses you watch in dramas. Of course, the part where you two jump apart, faces burning, is included too.

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Meeting the Family - Luke Hemmings

Originally posted by popecalum

I wrote this based on wishing Luke would come home with me for Christmas and meet my family….sorry not sorry

“I’m going to vomit,” Luke muttered as they pulled up to his girlfriend’s house, the blonde’s stomach queasy since they had gotten off the plane at Logan, Boston’s largest airport, an hour ago. He had stalled a bit by getting her to stop at Starbucks knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist, but even then, it was inevitable that they would’ve ended up here eventually.

“Luke Hemmings, you aren’t going to vomit,” she scolded, pulling the rental into the familiar drive she hadn’t seen in almost a year. “I promise, my family isn’t that bad.”

“What if they don’t like me?” She sighed rolling her eyes, hand reaching across to rub his thigh softly.

“Babe, they’ll love you. My mom’s so excited to meet you, my sister’s one of your biggest fans, my brother wants me to be happy…I’d just be worried about my dad and uncle,” she trailed off, fear shooting up his spine. “Baby…Luke…it’s okay.”

“I can’t do this babe.” She sighed turning the car off, climbing out to grab their bags from the trunk as he sat there trying to catch his breath. She left him there, walking up the front steps to the door knocking loudly. She watched Luke slowly get out of the car, making his way up the porch in his dark grey sweater, scarf wrapped around his neck with a beanie atop his head covering the little blonde curls she loved so much

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Some more things to consider for my Fake Marriage AU:

  • “As your husband-” “
    *Groan* Phichit no-” 
    “-I think I deserve to-” 
    “-Phichit stop, we’re not even-”
    “-know where you’ve been spe-”
    “-we’re not even really together!”
    “*Dramatic gasp* How could my own husband say such a thing!?”
  • Yuuri and Phichit are so close, and so overly affectionate with each other that half the time, their rinkmates forget that they’re not actually in a relationship
  • Yuuri and Phichit probably fought over whose best man Celestino was going to be, before eventually Yuuri caved and let Phichit have him. Nishigori ended up being Yuuri’s. 
  • They probably take advantage of all those couples’ discounts on Valentines day. Usually just holding hands and being snuggly is enough to convince people, but Phichit has probably kissed Yuuri a few times when the situation called for it. Neither of them really mind it, but it does feel kinda weird, so they don’t do it unless they have to.
  • They celebrate their anniversary together every year. Celestino gives them the day off practice, and they go out to the movies, or stay at home and have a quiet night in, or go to an amusement park. Even after they’ve divorced and each married their real s/o, they never give up this tradition. They take turns every year on which of them has to fly out to the other’s country for the week. Viktor and Seung Gil aren’t bothered by this at all - they probably find it hilarious.
  • They still call each others’ parents as mom and dad. 
  • One day, Yuuri and Viktor and Chris and all the other skaters in their circle of friends are having a party and they decide to play “Never Have I Ever”. Chris is trying to get back at Viktor for something he said earlier, so he just smirks and goes “Never have I ever been married to Yuuri Katsuki.” Viktor smirks as he locks eyes with Phichit, and they both down a drink simultaneously. Yuuri groans and hides his flaming face in his hands, while everyone freaks out because WTF!?!?!??!!!?!?

Eventually my calls began to go unanswered. I started sleeping in the bed of a boy who lived in the same town as me and I stopped making you happy. My mother stopped asking about you and eventually things fell apart on both ends. I stopped trying and you never even started to. I think I could have been in love with you. I know I could have loved you better than anyone else. But I also know you’re not brave enough for that. I hope someday your knees stop shaking and I hope someday you’re as quick to try as you are to leave. I hope love finds you and I hope it’s so good to you that you question why you never tried to keep it sooner.

Goodness I’m so sick of the negativity from some people in the ME fandom about ME Andromeda. The constant mutters of “Stop planning your romances! You dont know anything about the characters! They might not be interested in a romance with your Ryder! So stop getting excited and stop saying you’re going to romance them!”

Yeah, they might not be, but let people dream. It’s not a big deal to plan to romance someone and then have to change it - it’s just planning! It’s hoping and dreaming. I totally want to romance Peebee and Liam … but then I want to romance EVERYONE in the game eventually! ♡

And if I can’t romance them? Then Oskar gets two good friends and companions instead. Geesh. What’s wrong with people getting excited and dreaming? I swear some people aim to bring other people in the fandom down. I see no problem with people dreaming of poly relationships or female turians or bi salarians or asexual elcor or ANYTHING!

Be positive and let people have their dreams!

  • <p> <b>Psychic:</b> *reads my mind*<p/><b>My mind:</b> *subliminal images of gay ships* yes you want him look at him you know you do<p/><b>Psychic:</b> what the fuck?<p/><b>Psychic:</b> .....<p/><b>Me:</b> ......<p/><b>Psychic:</b> ..... it's possible he wants you too there's one way to ask him<p/><b>Me:</b> It don't take a word not a single word<p/><b>Psychic:</b> go on and kiss the boy<p/><b>Together:</b> SHALALALALALA MY OH MY LOOKS LIKE THE GUYS TOO SHY-<p/></p>

Considering how goddamn oblivious Simon is to literally everything, I feel like he would be really gullible too? And Baz knows this and teases him all the time by doing the ‘oh my god what’s that on the ceiling?’ thing. So eventually, Simon catches on that he’s being made a total idiot out of, so stops looking. Baz stops asking. Months go by and then all of a sudden they’re dating and Simon has no idea how they ever got to this point. Baz is still annoying (but now Simon finds it kind of cute even if he won’t admit it) but they aren’t enemies anymore and everything has changed. One day all of a sudden Baz starts trying to catch Simon out again, but Simon has learnt from years of practice to train his eyes to stay on the ground. This goes on constantly for about a week, until inevitably Simon forgets and looks up, but turns out that there is something written on the ceiling. It’s a sentence, undeniably in Baz’s handwriting, and it’s only four words long.


> Everyone is so done with you two. Every morning you two make banter in your morning meditation sessions, and it’s clear to even Winston that you two are in love. 

> Genji would probably be the first person to point it out to Zenyatta. He got a right shock when Zenyatta said you wouldn’t have any reason to love him.

> Genji gives you the talk™ on omnics, and asks you if you would date one. You both obviously know where this is going, and you say yes.

> Genji wins Wingman of the Year, hands down.

> Eventually, when you’re about to leave after meditating with Zenyatta, he stops you and asks you if you would ever love an omnic. I imagine your response would be…

“No, not an omnic.” You say and look away from him. “But I would love you.”

> Admin GK

Hey what if the Triforce also affected the carriers of the would-be-users. Like zelda’s mom waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because she saw visions of what’s eventually going to come.

Or Link’s mom being a lot more reckless than the average mom like wish slow down there lady, you have a BABY on the way.

Or most Ganondorf’s mom being….more demanding maybe? I don’t know.

Or what if they could ALL see what was going to happen. Amidst the destruction MomZelda can see her Daughter being a kind ruler. MomLink seeing her son being the most courageous, kindest boy you’ll ever meet. And Ganondorf’s mom…..just crying. Because she can’t do anything to stop it

One thing that people never talk about with manic depression (bipolar disorder) are the nightmares. For as long as i can remember I’ve always labeled myself as a “scaredy cat” and avoided scary movies and Halloween haunted houses because i knew in the dead of night i would end up seeing all those scary things from earlier. I thought my extreme reaction and fear were normal, that everyone got scared like I did. I once made a comic about the very first time I was every truly petrified to be alone, certain that as soon as i went to sleep that something was going to get me. I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing a scary image and i thought with that realization would come relief, but of course that’s not true. It wasn’t till months later that I woke up from such a realistic nightmare about a demon in my apartment, sobbing, paralyzed with fear that i could barely plug in my light that I knew something was really truly wrong. I remember waking up after hearing such a realistic demonic voice yelling at me that i could have sworn that i had woken up as a result of someone yelling from within my apartment, it took me a while to realize that it had all just been a dream. I remember calling my best friend, sobbing, begging for him to come back to my place because i couldn’t be alone, he turned his car around and picked me up, then proceeded to drive me around for an hour till i fell asleep in his front seat. My mom was out of town for Christmas and I begged him not to leave me alone for the rest of the week. He finally calmed me down and we went back to my place, I was so scared to walk into the door that I could barely breathe. We grabbed all the blankets and pillows and camped out in the living room, watching The Santa Clause and drinking tea. And this wasn’t the first time I’d been afraid like that, but it was definitely a turning point.

There are some nights where I’ll be laying in bed and i have to sit up 5 times just to make sure there is no one standing in the corner, and sometimes i leave all the lights on in my house so there will be no dark corner for a ghost or monster to linger in. There will be times where i continuously look above me to make sure there’s nothing looking down at me and if I don’t close all the doors then i’m sure there’s someone lingering in them, just waiting to effortlessly push the door open and get me. I always joke that I’d be a fantastic horror movie director because I have all these twisted terrifying images in my head, if only i could just stop being so damn scared of them.

I thought I was just a huge scaredy cat, but I’m now learning that it’s a symptom of my disease. I’m not always like this. I will be okay for months at a time, and all of a sudden one night i have to sleep with the lights on and it goes on for days until I’m sure my overwhelming fear will finally manifest into one of the many monsters I’ve created in my head and swallow me whole. No one really talks about the fear that can come with the disease, so I never realized that there was any connection. Knowing why I’m this way doesn’t take the fear away, but it is a little comfort to know that all these things are in my head and not waiting for me in the corner of my room or under my bed.

I think that if Teru and Mob had a sleepover, there’d be some chill stuff going on, maybe cuddling, some board games, some videogames, a movie, etc. You know, the average chill sleepover.

On the other hand, I think Shou would force Ritsu to watch one of two films repeatedly: the Bee Movie or Shrek. Ritsu would eventually stop protesting and just wait for death. 


anonymous asked:

I really love my girlfriend I really do and that's the problem, we're in a long distance relationship and we don't get too see each other very often and I'm just fucking hurting I feel like the only way to stop hurting is letting her go but at the same time I know that I cannot live without her I dont know what to do why does love hurt so much

if you love her, just hold on. you can make things work if you really want to. i know things might not be great right now, but just dropping everything leaves you lonely and with no chance. it doesn’t fix anything.

get creative with ways to spend time. try watching movies together online, playing games, facetiming or skyping, etc.

hang on, and eventually when a visit is possible or you’re both adults, things will be so much easier. it will be worth it.

and above all, tell her how you’re feeling. burying and hiding your feelings helps no one.

  • November 4, 2016
  • Writing to you is my way of chasing you. It’s an addiction, and it needs to stop.
  • I’ve decided I’m gonna let you drift away, knowing that who’s not meant for me, no matter how many letters I write or wishes I make, never will be.
  • And in case the Universe decides you do belong in my life, I know you’ll eventually find your way back, no matter how far you stray.
  • So this is goodbye. And this time I'll do my very best not to look back.
IOG Fans

I know you’re going to hate me for this, but there will be another delay for the next chapter. I’m really inspired about Samsara at the moment, and I’m nearing the end (like actually. I’m almost done Chapter 6 today, and the final Chapter 7 has the second half complete. 7 is a nice, lucky number. I’ll stop there.), so I don’t want to get my plot wires crossed - especially because IOG is basically coming to the big final battle and I want to do it justice. So bear with me, I will get there eventually. IOG is going to end in the coming weeks. 

And thanks a lot to everyone who has been sending requests, you’re doing an awesome job of keeping me in the writing headspace despite real life trying to infringe. I got a whole bunch and I’ll start posting them Friday.

Thank you, awesome nerds!

Impulse. Chapter 2.

Helloooo! So here’s chapter 2, as promised.

Previous chapter:

Chapter 1.

Hope you all enjoy it!

The session with his new and delicious Doctor had ended, and too quickly for the ended Joker’s liking. Despite a small struggle, he was eventually was taken back to his cell by Jerry.

“How’d it go then Boss?” He asked, raising a brow.

The Joker laughed. “Oh, y’know what Jerry, I think these sessions might help me after all. I suddenly feel… All rejuvenated.“

Jerry nodded in agreement and gave out a sharp wolf whistle. "Hell yeah! She’s a hot piece of ass, I would mind f-”

The Joker abruptly stopped and turned to Jerry, his eyes dark and his temper trembling through his cuffed hands.

“Hold your tongue Jerry, You’re such a useful employee. I wouldn’t want you to have an unfortunate accident because of that mouth of yours now, would I?””

“Oh… Err… Sorry Boss, I didn’t mean anything, I just meant that-.” But before the blubbering idiot could reply, He was cut off yet again.

“No matter… You can do me a little favour to make it up to me, eh? How does that sound?” The Joker asked, with a slight sting to the tone of his voice.

“Anything boss!” Jerry said, taking a breathe of relief.

“Good.” J smiled. “I want you to do some research for me… On our dear, little Doctor. I want to know everything. Her Hobbies, interests, lifestyle, employment history, college records, who she visits and when she visits them. I want every nitty-gritty detail on that bitch, understand?”

Without hesitation, Jerry replied. “Yes Boss, Right away Boss.”

“Good Boy.” The Joker flashed him a full grilled smile, before being bundled back into his cell.

After hours of admin, Harleen had finally finished work. She gathered up all of her papers and drove home to her apartment, managing to miss all the traffic on the way home, which was fortunate, since she only lived a full 10 minute drive from the Asylum.

Despite the long and torturous hours, the job had its perks. It was close by and she had spent so many years working to the bone to get a respectable, good earning job like this, and boy, did her hard work pay off. She graduated top in her class at just the ripe age of 24.

She was admittedly was proud of her achievements, she earnt enough money to live comfortably, she had a nice furnished apartment and a stable, progressing career. But something was missing, a nagging part of her brain just could help but feel bored with her life. There was no adventure, she felt like she was stuck in a cycle of work, work and more work. She was physically and mentally exhausted by her life, which was a surprise since all she did was go to work, and go to bed.

Harley threw her bag on the couch and swiftly followed b launching her body into the soft leather. She laid there for a moment, still wearing her white lab coat and ID badge. Her mind started to wander over her new patient. He was so confident, a confidence that she had never seen before… She pegged it down to his insanity, but she still couldn’t deny that there was something about him that intrigued her, and it wasn’t just his looks, although that was a huge factor.

She remembered the way his dust blue eyes moved under the flickering, overhead light. The shadows that cast themselves across his sharp structured face, and his eyebrows.. Or the lack of… It only made him more interesting. More addictive.

Trying to shake from her thoughts, Harley dragged herself off the couch and grabbed her laptop. She need to find out more about this green haired clown prince, not what the media portrayed him as and not what she had seen today.

Harley needed the facts if she was going to progress with him. She was determined that he would be her success story. This would show all the Doctors that thought that she was too young and naïve to even think about consoling a child, let alone the infamous Joker.

Harleen stuck in her flash drive and pulled up a document containing all the information that was given to her by Dr Arkham.

As she had predicted, most of the categories were blank, but that didn’t deter her. After all, it was half the fun trying to fill them in.

Harley had to make sense if his actions if she was ever going to understand him. He mentioned strategy and impulse, he even mentioned his businesses and his tattoos. She had found out more in 1 hr and 45 minute session than all those Doctors had put together.

Harley bit her lip at her tiny victory, she pulled up a fact file document on her laptop and read it.

Age: 30-40
Parents: UNKNOWN
Siblings: UNKNOWN
Occupation: CRIMINAL

Harleen chuckled at this entry, the Doctors had obviously added to this list only based on assumption and pure guess work.

She rolled her eyes and slammed her laptop shut. She had a goal now, an aim, purpose. It was going to be a struggle, but she was willing to put up a fight. In this moment Harley made an oath to herself. She was going to rehabilitate the Joker.

The next morning came around and the Joker was taken to the canteen for breakfast, well that’s what they called it anyway…

Since he’d been a ‘Good Boy’ in his session yesterday, J was allowed to mingle with the other patients.

After being pushed into the canteen by none other than his new favourite guard ‘Ginger’, the Joker shuffled over to the cue of brain dead, nutsos who were lining up for their daily dose of grey mush. Most of the inmates on his ward were way past their sell by date and couldn’t speak more than a few words.

This wasn’t always the case for the Joker, he was usually placed with the other criminals that where more in his ‘Class’ but over time the Doctors noticed that having a master manipulator like J in such a close proximity to other dangerous men, only caused riots and unrest in the prison.

Joker rolled his eyes when the cue slowly moved forward, left foot first in such a dreary manor. It was a though they were apart of some sort of zombie army.
He pitted them, he really did. They are the result of years of electroshock therapy and isolation. But he pitted himself even more, they were no fun to play with of torment and he was loosing his mind being surrounded by such mindless souls.

But that’s were the good Doctor came into view. She was fresh, new and full of life. Perhaps a little more cynical than he would of liked, but with this new challenge on the horizon, he was determined to have some fun.

J skipped the cue and grabbed an apple from the snack tray. He took a seat on the bench and munched away, taking in his surroundings. Jerry walked over and sat opposite him, he was the guard on breakfast patrol this morning. Oh how deliciously convenient.

“I got what ya’ wanted Boss. This is everything I could find, but I will carry on digging.” Jerry explained.

“Good man.” Joker smiled, giving him a sly wink.

Jerry carefully placed a folded piece of paper under the table for the Joker to grab.

“Mmmm…This will make very interesting reading.” J laughed.

Jerry continued to sit and stare at the Joker as he began to open the paper. The Joker raised his head and flashed his grill at him.

“Well… Goodbye Jerry..” Joker said, gesturing his head towards the exit of the canteen.

“Oh yeah, sorry Boss.” Jerry quickly scrambled to his feet and moved back to the front of the canteen.

“Stupid ape.” The Joker muttered. Now that Jerry was clear of interference, he bit the inside of his cheek in excitement and opened up the folded piece of paper.

Age: 24
Date of birth: 05/07/1992
Parents: Deceased ( Previously- Jane and Adam Quinzel)
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Hobbies: Gymnastics, Reading.
Lives in a nice apartment 15 minutes away from Arkham Asylum. No visitors as yet, drives a newish red mini cooper. Favourite food is Chinese, favourite colour appears to be Red. Top student at Gotham University, graduated early and been employed at Arkham for 2 Months.

“Mmm… Gymnastics..” He rolled his eyes at the thought of what she could do with her body.

It was almost session time and Harleen had gotten there early, today she wanted to play a word association game, she laid out a stack of cards with pictures, hopefully he will cooperate, but she doubted it.

Ginger was dragging the Joker down the hall by the scruff of his neck, unfortunately for J, Jerry was doing guard duty on another ward. Ginger knocked on the door and entered.

“G-Good morning Doctor Quinzel, I have the Joker ready for your session.” He stuttered.

“Thank you Sam, please bring him in.” Harleen looked up, seeing a flash of green appear from the door. Her heart almost stopped, she’d forgotten how stunning he was, how effortlessly charming, she tried not to let it show but she felt a blush creeping up onto her face.

“Morning Doctor.” The Joker purred, giving her a once over with his eyes. “Oh, you look good enough to eat.”

Suddenly Sam pushed the Joker over to the chair with such force that he crashed into the table. “Watch your mouth clown.” He spat in a low voice. “Sit down, shut up and behave.”

Oh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, you’re sweet on the Doc here aren’t you? Joker chuckled to himself.

“That’s enough!” Harleen’s eyes darted towards Sam with a scowl. “I think it’s time you left now Sam.” She suggested.

Sam gave the Joker once last look, he reluctantly nodded and left. “I’ll be just outside Doctor Quinzel.” And with that statement he shut the door.

“Sorry about that Mr J,” Harleen said apologetically. “Some guards get personal with the patients.”

“No need to apologise Doc, its fine.” He smiled, then turned his lips down into a fake pout. “I’m used to it..”

“Well, that doesn’t surprise me at all.” Harleen retorted.

“You think I deserve this rough treatment Doctor?” Joker said with a heavy voice.

“No not at all Mr J,” Harleen said in her defence. “Rest assured, I will be filing a complaint against the guard. But let’s not pretend for one second that you don’t exaggerate the truth to fit your own benefit.”

“Oh Doc, are you flirting with me?” Joker chuckled, watching a slight blush creep onto her cheekbones.

Harleen cleared her throat awkwardly and turned her attention back to her notes. “Now, today I want to play a little game, just so I get to know you a little bit better. Is that alright with you Mr J?”

“Mmm.. Indeed Doc, I love to play… Games.” He replied with a devious glint in his eyes.

“Okay.” Harleen smiled triumphantly. ”First I’m going to show you some pictures, and then I want you to say the first word that pops into your head. Got it?”

“Yes.” He winked.

“Okay,” Harley ignored him and continued. “Let’s start.”

She flashed him the cards one by one and listened to his responses.

The Sun,


Plastic cup,



Joker paused for a moment before replying. “Mini Cooper” He chuckled and straightened his posture, his eyes met hers and she stared at him with a tint of anger. She cleared her throat and continued.






“You” Oh Shit that came out wrong.

She gazed at him, was he playing with her or was it just a slip of the tongue? How did he know about her car? The whole situation suddenly made her feel uneasy… And a little excited.

“Okay that’s enough Mr Joker, I think we can end this session early today.”

“Back to formalities now are we Harleen?” Joker snapped.

“Mr Joker it has become clear to me that you are over stepping the Doctor-Patient boundaries, it’s unprofessional and I must put a stop to it immediately. I was foolish to think that you were going to behave and take your therapy seriously, but evidently not.”

“Don’t get snappy with me Doctor, I think that you’re forgetting who I am.” His voice was dark, dripping with venom.

“Not at all Mr Joker, I know perfectly well who you are and what you’re capable of, how else did you get Mini Cooper stuck in your head?” Her voice became just as poisonous. She was only on session 2 with him, and he was already playing his tricks.

“Smart Girl, you know what Doctor, you surprise me… You don’t seem afraid, you should be.” He replied.

“I’m not the one sitting in cuffs Mr Joker.” Harley raised her own wrists, demonstrating that he had no power.

“Oh, Doctooor, you best not play with fire, with those free wrists of yours.” Joker warned.

She gasped at his words, then suddenly he raised himself out of his chair, his hands were still cuffed, but her walked over to her. And that’s when she got a real sense of his power, he was tall, and instantly towered over her. She gulped when she saw his toned muscles straining through his Arkham jumpsuit.
Harleen stood frozen in the spot, not wanting to move out of pure terror… And curiosity.

“You know what Doc, I’ve been thinking… Your name.. Harleeeeeeeen Quinzel.. Rework it a bit and you get Harley Quinn like-”

“Harlequin, yes I know I’ve heard it before.” She said, barley above a whisper.

“I like it Harley, it suits you, it makes me feel like we have a connection.” He moved closer to her now his face was inches from hers, he felt her hot breath on his face, and the sweet scent of her body wandered into his nose again.

He stared into her deep blue eyes and licked his lips. “You have two options now Doctor… I may be in cuffs, but…I have the upper hand. Now, shall I kiss you or kill you?”

He leaned further in, her hair tickling his face as he searched her eyes for an answer, but nothing, no clue to what she was thinking, just silence.
She couldn’t help but want him to kiss her, but she wouldn’t give him the privilege of responding.

“Hmm, it’s your choice Harley…” He whispered.

She looked deeper into his eyes, she wanted to run but she was stuck under his spell. His glorious spell… She started to think about what his kiss would feel like, his lips on hers, his tongue, his touch.

“There is a third option Mr J…”

Chapter 3 coming next week!

Xavier’s Hotel and Club Part 2

A/N: Part 2 of my Hotel!AU featuring the X-Men. I’m really excited about this series and know exactly where I’m going from here. :))))
PAIRINGS: (slight) Warren Worthington x Reader; (eventual) Scott Summers x Reader
WARNINGS: cursing
LENGTH: 1,654 Words (jesus irene stop)

part 1

You woke up the next day with some butterflies in your stomach. Today you would be certifying yourself as a lifeguard. Rolling out of bed you quickly threw on a swimsuit and knocked on Jubilee’s door.

“You ready?” she asked, a glint of something or other in her eyes.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Jubilee linked her arm in yours and walked down to the pool.

“Morning Y/N.” said Alex as he saw you and Jubilee arrive. “You don’t mind if Warren and Scott hang out while we get you certified right?” he asked, looking at the clipboard in his hands.

Biting your lip you thought for a moment. Something about Warren was intimidating, you were afraid about messing up in front of him, but Scott. With Scott you wanted nothing more than to shut up his douchey mouth by showing off your swimming skills.

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Quit feeding into the anon. Quit replying. Quit wasting your time and emotional well being on someone who’s only goal is to hurt others. Delete those messages. Don’t even give them a second thought. If we stop playing their games, they’re going to go away, or eventually just tire themselves out.

We all know at this point that their goal is to make smaller blogs, and younger people feel insecure about themselves and i’m sure their hope is that eventually, you will break down and you will quit. Do not give them that satisfaction. Your age doesn’t matter. Your follower count doesn’t matter. The characters you cosplay do. Not. Matter.

Listen, anon. We also all know by now that you’re one of us. You’re a part of this community. You wouldn’t know these details and names and be there so rapidly to tear people down if you weren’t already around. Whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself. This community is not about hurting others. And not for one second should you think that you’re going to get away with this forever. If you’ve got troubles, or you’re having a rough time with something, you need to talk to someone. You can message me. You can message one of the handful of others i’ve seen offer you their inboxes. You cannot continue to do this and act this way towards people who are nothing but kind and good. You’re digging yourself deeper, and the only one that’s going to end up leaving the community is yourself.

Please read this

If you are my friend I want nothing but the best for you even if we have had a falling out I’m still rooting for you. Just because bad things happen doesn’t mean that I would go out of my way to send hateful anons to you or your friends or anyone else you know in an attempt to hurt you. Maybe it’s just me but that’s not how I go about things. If we have issues we talk it out and move past it I don’t hold grudges well except one person and she knows who she is but besides her I forgive everyone eventually because holding hate in your heart is too much energy and not worth it. It has been a month or so since all that drama went down and I feel like I shouldn’t have to keep sounding like a broken record when I say stop with the anon hate. It’s not that serious it’s really not.

I woke up to some not so nice messages this morning and it didn’t even make me sad it made me exhausted it made me feel drained like I don’t have the mental and emotional capacity to keep doing this anymore. Rp is rp. Everything that happens ooc doesn’t have to do with rp. If something in rp hurts you so much personally that you spend a month on a witch hunt stalking and personally attacking other people you might want to reevaluate if rp is for you.

I’m sorry I’m rambling but this needs to be said. I’m just so tired you guys if you still have issues let’s talk about it I have Skype and we can text or whatever but don’t tick that anonymous button and don’t force me to keep having to turn it off because you can’t be mature. If you have feelings or words about it let’s discuss it I’m not a mean person I have nothing left to give you all I have is the truth and I’m willing to talk about it with whoever needs to hear it to just move the fuck on.

That’s it

dadshirtking  asked:

Hiiii E! Okay so I'm super duper stressed right now, and like can you imagine how sweet Harry would be. Cuddling you, soft kisses, rubbing your back, telling you it'll be okay. I need this so bad honestly

He’d be the one to make you just !stop! for a moment – you know? Cause things are probably going a million miles a minute in your head, whether you’re actually darting from places to place or not, and enough is enough. 



“Just c’mere, wanna see yeh for a mo’….”

And you huff, and you puff, but you let him wind his arms around you so they’re kinda crossed over each other behind your back and eventually you start melting into him.

“Just stay here for a bit,” he says quietly. “Just be.”