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Holy cheese, I found this blog and read up to page 42 late at night. I would have read the entire blog but my eyes hurt now... Anyway, I know you probably get a lot of these messages but this blog is really neat and entertaining so thank you for making it and keeping it running, and I hope you have a nice day!

I’m glad you like it - your message means a lot 💗 And page 42 is probably a good stopping point anyway bc if you go back far enough you’ll start to see repeats since I’ve been reblogging older posts while my computer is out of commission. brand new posts to come… Eventually ;) haha

Writing outlines: avoid getting stuck midway through your WIP

Every writer has a different way to approach that white screen or page. If you have a method that works for you, don’t change it.

I wrote six novels at this point, and I can tell you that the process for each one was slightly different. What happens most of the time is that, if I do not know where the story is going, I get lost in side plots and characters that don’t quite matter. My story wears thin and I lose steam. Eventually I stop and stare.

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Outlines help preventing that.

How do you make an outline?

Start big: what is your story about? What are the big themes you want to explore? Write a story line in two-hundred words or so (this could be the blurb at the back of your book). This is hard, because it forces you to concretize nebulous ideas. It’s okay if it takes you a whole day (or two) to complete this task! It will save you much more time later.

If necessary, split your story into parts (two or three depending on how your plot develops), and write a blurb for each. 

Then break down parts into chapters, writing a sentence (no more) summarizing each chapter. Now you have a path to follow and guide you through developing your first draft.

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Do I do this? No, yeah, sometimes.

My first book, An Italian Adventure, started like a stream of consciousness, and was painfully rewritten about fifty times till it became a more organic story with a beginning and an end. I didn’t even know what it was going to be about, I just knew it wanted to come out. 

My second book, Out of the Nest, came all out in a month and required minor editing. Every book I wrote since saw a different evolution, but if you get stuck, an outline might be just what you need to put you back on track.

Who am I to give you advice?

I am the author of the Italian Saga (#TIS): an irreverent series taking place in Italy and speaking of love, sadness, sex, and happiness with a healthy dose of humor <3  You can check out the books pretty much anywhere including Amazon  ^_^

Click here to see my books: paperback, audiobook, and e-book. Next thing you know, you’ll find yourself in Italy ^_^

I need your help!

If you read any of my books, could you please take a second and write an honest review on Amazon? <3 

Thank you much ^_^


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Clary once stole some of Alec's stuff and just ran as fast as possible and Alec's chasing and panting cause clary is actually really fast and now they go jogging/running together

omg i love this!!! like they both ended up on the street and Alec finally caught up with clary because she slowed to a jog eventually and she’s just smirks at him as she gives his stuff back but neither of them stop jogging because like you know, might as well keep going, when youre out youre out and all that, and so it just became a thing and the next day alec went to find clary and was like “hey wanna come for a run?” and they run along and chat and banter back and forth and its nice

BTS Travel Adventure Series: Babysitter Version

[i’m gonna regret this by tomorrow.]

you’re a new member of the bts staff team for their stay in america so it’s up to you to make sure they don’t get too reckless. read if you ever wanted to know how it’d feel to be responsible for seven adult kids. eventual smut (maybe). mature language.

I started this back when maknae line played hide-and-go-seek filmed it for a bangtan bomb that one time.

if you like this tell me what you want to happen and i’ll alter it to your preference. i’m easy like that.

Muffled screams of hyung, stop followed by infantile-like giggles that sound unnervingly similar to the joyful garbling of a baby (definitely Taehyung) somehow make their way through what are supposed to be soundproof walls.

“What the—,” you peek your head out of your hotel room doorway, placing all your weight on one foot, nightgown (read: loose, oversized band tee) swaying with the movement.

You huff, exasperated. They’d left the door to their suite wide fucking open. A very pregnant staff member pokes her head out from another room a few doors down, fringe wrapped in a cute pink hair roller on the top of her head. She frowns at the commotion.

Simultaneously, you wince at the sound of what must be a lamp getting knocked over. Hotel property. Shit. The look on her face says clearly, “fix this.” She swiftly slides back into her suite, door slamming shut without a word.

“They promise they’d behave,” you whine to no one who cares, reluctantly shuffling the next few meters to what you’d dubbed the Maknae Suite.

The thing is, they did behave (at first). The day had been an eventful one. Every single event had gone without incident, every photoshoot, meeting, interview—you’d made sure of it. And as an official new member of Bangtan Sonyeondan’s personal staff, you’d been proud.

Manager-nim had been right. The boys were too comfortable with the old staff members. A fresh new face, young and foreign, would perhaps shape them up, make them act professional for a change. Not that the boys didn’t know how to get their jobs done—no, that’s not it. They’re great at what they do. It’s just…

Work and play always seem to be two sides of the same coin for Bangtan.

It had gotten to the point that they could barely do live broadcasting. Pre-recorded sessions were a safer bet but there’s only so much editing one can do before the episodes become choppy and disconnected.

Yoongi and Hoseok swear too much, Namjoon has no filter, and the 95 line are entirely too amused by Jungkook and his antics, who of course is still in the alpha teen phase where it only takes one half assed challenge and he’s getting into pools in concertwear just to prove a point.

And though he’s the eldest, Jin’s only one guy. One versus six aren’t exactly good odds, and it’s not like he can even yell past a certain level without his voice cracking so. That’s a problem.

Which is where you come in. Your job isn’t really specific. Some days you’ll be their driver, photographer, tour guide, etc. “But on this trip specifically,” your boss had said, “I need you to make sure everything goes well. They have a very tight schedule so you have to be strict and efficient.” Mr. Lee fiddled with the frame of his glasses.

“And, uh… don’t let them charm you into going easy on them.”

“Don’t worry,” you said confidently. “I can handle them.”

Manager Lee chuckles and you fight the urge to remove the hand he placed on your shoulder, mildly annoyed at the patronizing gesture.

“Oh,___-ah, that’s exactly what the last intern said.”

You walk into the room slowly, finger twirling nervously with the soft hairs at the base of your neck.

Jungkook comes into view first with the expression of a deer caught in the headlights, mouth hanging open, bunny teeth on display, eyebrows raised in shock.

He’s standing on the bedside table and for some reason there’s a big ass lump underneath the mattress that is the exact size of a… human being. You don’t even know what’s hit you when you’re suddenly encased in someone arms, boobs crushed onto a very masculine chest. Instantly in panic mode, you shriek, shoving your elbow into the attackers gut. The poor kid goes flying.

“Oh shit! Jimin!”

Jungkook jumps off the nightstand, clutches his sides and collapses into a fit ofcackles. V slides out from between the mattresses like wet sandwich meat, lips parted as he catches his breath, utterly confused. Jimin’s letting out anime worthy grunts of defeat from the floor and you snap.

“What the hell is going on?”

The two of them stare at you, eyes wide in surprise.

“What the—. Why did you guys tie the blindfold so tight!”

V presses a knee into the mattress, but you hold a hand out to ward him off. You point to the bed. “Sit.” He obeys without a word. Jungkook, who isn’t even assigned to this room twitches, almost as if he’s itching to make a run for it. “You too,” you bark.

The two of them sit on the edge of the bed in perfect ninety degree posture, hands clasped in their laps with solemn faces.

“Jimin.” He flinches. You sigh. “Lemme see.”

There’s a mess of knots where the belt of someone’s bathrobe is tied repeatedly around his head. You perch at the end of the bed next to the two youngest, pulling a now standing Jimin to his knees in front of you. He lays his cheek against your thigh without having to be asked and the position gives you much better access.

“Shit, your hair’s even tangled, too.” You catch Taehyung staring at you in your peripheral. He flinches when you glare at him from under your lashes. He conveniently finds a particularly interesting spot of wallpaper across the room.

“Really, guys?” You lace your fingers through Jimin’s hair, yanking as gently as you can to figure where exactly his hair and the belt intertwined. You concentrate, knowing that opting for scissors and taking the easy way out would be a no-go. This kid was a week away from the next comeback. A small image change could affect the charts drastically. Indoor hide-and-go-seek would not be the reason for failure. And most importantly, the cost of your job.

You’ve zoned in on the task at hand, forgetting that there was 1/7 of korea’s hottest idol group with his head in your lap. Jimin fingers a loose thread off the hem of your pajama shorts, absently. The brush of warmth sends a shiver up you body and you startle. What happens next can’t be helped.

Jimin cries out. “Ow, ah-shit! What the hell!” You’re like a kid who’s made their younger sibling cry, adrenalin filling your senses, making you act on instinct. That instinct just happens to be automatically shutting him up and making it all better.

You clamp your hand over his mouth, “Hey, hey, noona’s sorry, okay? Now be a good boy and be—”

“(Y/N)-ssi?” Quiet.


Rap Mon’s tall lanky figure fills the doorway and you jerk, once again forgetting that your fingers were currently raveled in this carrot top’s sensitive, freshly bleached scalp.

Double fuck.

Jimin gasps, making a noise in what doesn’t sound like protest, something heady in it that you can’t even think about right now because boy, doesn’t this look bad.

You. Inside their suite. With the two youngest boys of the group sitting unnervingly quiet beside you with the discipline of fucking military cadets. You. Sitting besides them with bangtan’s resident brat blindfolded and basically strewn in your lap, one hand is his hair, the other over his mouth, silencing his cries.

You think of your options. You come up blank.

No, wait. You can do better than this.

Namjoon’s still in the doorway. The door. Yeah, the door. That’s what started all of this, right? These troublesome youngsters had left the door open. Then you’d left the door open. Now Namjoon’s got it open.

Okay. You can still fix this.

“Pink Mon, get in here. And for shit’s sake, close that goddamn door.”

“You don’t have to explain yourselves. I mean, if anything I’m impressed—”

“Wait, what?”

Taehyung giggles, pausing in the middle of massaging jimin’s now sore scalp, only continuing when Jimin whines at him. His voice is thick with amusement when he says, “Hyung’s got the wrong idea.”

But Namjoon’s having none of it. “I though it’d take longer than this to—” You raise a hand.

“To nothing. Because nothing happened. Just like none of the details of tonight will be spoken of again. Cool? Cool. Breakfast is at four, then you get to play dress up doll for the stylist unnies. Everybody get to bed.”

You stand up to make your exit, yanking down your oversized tee to cover up your lady bits. Namjoon’s eyes follow the movement. A spark of embarrassment stirs the butterflies in your belly. That reaction triggers a burst of frustration you don’t even bother to stifle.

“Eyes above the shoulders, oppa.” The honorific is laced with sweet, sweet sarcasm. It matches the slow, smirk that stretches across Namjoons face like taffy.

Instead, you stare fixedly at the three boys, now comfortably relaxed on the bed. V with his hood on, form latched onto a vaguely amused Jimin like a monkey on a tree. Jungkook lays sprawled across their bodies. They look almost limp with exhaustion, the lot, but almost pleased nonetheless. You eye the competitive maknae, looking to find answers in his usual open and nonchalant demeanor but there’s something else.

Jungkook’s not the most expressive of the group but you’ve learned a few telltale signs here and there from the limited time you’ve spent with bangtan. You know that’s he’s competitive and that he likes to win which means you’re pretty damn familiar how he looks when he does. Which really shouldn’t have anything to do with the current situation at hand, so why the hell does he have the look of someone looking forward to winning a race?

The second twin sized bed next to them is empty. The games were obviously over and unless they were waiting for you to leave, logic would point that one of them would get into the unoccupied bed. For comfort’s sake at least. Maybe try to squeeze in some last minute hours of sleep before another hectic schedule like normal people. Unless they were really looking forward to see what a New York sunrise looks like.

Your frown, lips pouting in thought. Namjoon moves to lean against the bedside table, watching you, arms crossed, hands tucked into his pits as if he had all the time in the world. To what? Wait? If so, wait for what?

You’re suddenly irked by the situation, by the knowing smiles, the innocent doe eyes blinking at you. You turn to glance at the mischievous threesome again, this time accidentally making eye contact with Jimin like a optometrical brush of shoulders, seemingly accidental. Jimin licks his lips exactly on time, which could be excused to a coincidental case of dry lips, sure. But it’s only when he reaches to rake his hair back with a practiced and perfectly executed slide of his fingers that it all comes together.

Those little shits had planned this.

You can feel Rap Mon’s gaze and it is utterly unwavering. It’s as if he can see your thought process. The gears are going in your head, and he knows the exact moment the light bulb comes on.

You can’t help but gasp. He smirks. “The door. You little runts left it open on purpose. Didn’t you.”

The three pretty boys lay in a handsomely disheveled heap of limbs, positively alluring. You realize now that their effect had been completely intentional. Imagine if Namjoon hadn’t came in when he did. Would they have come onto you?

Jungkook’s eyes sparkle like an interested puppy, seemingly innocent.

And it had almost worked on you.

Tae grins, the first one to drop the act. “Aw man, she figured it out.” There’s something that can almost pass as disappoint in his voice. “Boo~”

Heat fills your face.

Namjoon chuckles, voice deep and raspy. “See? I told you she would.”

“Stop talking about me like I’m not here. “

Jungkook cuts in, whining. “If hyung hadn’t interrupted so soon, we may have gotten somewhere.” It’s one of the rare times he sounds like a petulant child. “That’s cheating.”

Then Jimin, “Not necessarily, Jungkookie. The last noona—” he gasps, brings his hand to his lips as if that could keep the rest of his sentence from slipping out. His eyes widen, alarmed at your reaction.

V fumbles to save him. Namjoon rolls his eyes. “Give up, idiots.”

Having long legs work to his advantage, leaving no time at all for you to react to him striding forward, grabbing your hand, and walking out of there.

“Sleep tight, kids. We’ll see you in the morning. Say “goodnight” to ___-ssi.” A chorus of goodbyes are muffled behind the door.

His grip on yours loosens slightly, as if giving you the choice to maintain the contact or not. Your hand falls to your side, gently.

“Um…you’re not mad are you?”

“Nah, I should have expected this. It’ll take more than child’s play like that to scare me away anyways.” Also these college loans aren’t gonna pay back themselves. “Just do me a favor, pink mon.”

You watch his Adam’s Apple bob in his throat. His voice fails after the first attempt at a reply so he clears his throat.

You cross you arms. You’ll wait.

“Ah, sure. What is it?“

“I’ll anticipate a better course of action from the hyung line so make sure not to fuck it up, okay? Let’s keep things interesting.”

I have a serious problem with ‘fun-sized’ sweets. I don’t know about you but I’ve never gotten part-way through a mars bar and stopped enjoying myself. like if they want to sell smaller packs then by all means go for it, they’re good for parents keeping their kids sugar in check, dieters etc, but don’t pretend to be doing it out of concern for how much fun I’m having. I’m sure at some point the law of diminishing returns will kick in as I shove my face full of junk food and yes eventually as I’m sat there surrounded by empty wrappers and in physical pain from bloating I’ll get a sense of regret but the companies trying to get away with this shit know as well as I do that that point is NOT halfway through my first pack of skittles.


*a panel opens up, revealing a spinning wheel of sorts, where all the panels look blank, until it starts spinning, where you can start to see the panels turning into different images, although they cannot be made out*
*it eventually stops on a panel, showing that the panels are a few different people, and the one that it landed on is @satanasaflower*

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Good morning Mod! Great job ur doing. I've had a few celebrity crushes along the years like George Cloiney in his ER years & Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. But as soon as GC got older looking & married and WM came out as gay (sorry it just kills it for me), I stopped crushing for them. I know my love for Norman will dry up eventually. He'll date a chick no one likes again or he'll get killed off TWD & go bald. I admit, I'm shallow! I like my celebrity men single, straight & hot!😜😎😘

Thanks for the love anon, are you into awkward bum touches. 😄. I may have crushed a little on GC back in his ER days. I’ll fully admit my 2 new ones are Kit Harington (yes I’m late to the GoT party) and Kevin Ryan from Copper.

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hey!! so I came out to my parents a week or so ago, and they've been really great so far about trying to understand and use my name and pronouns and such, but do you have any suggestions for how to bring up social and medical transition? I want to come out at school this year and buy more boy coded clothes and stop shaving and stuff like that, and eventually go on t, but I don't know how to broach the subject? I hate talking bc I stutter and get flustered and I came out by letter. thanks!!

Ryn says:

Hey! So, one thought might be to write another letter to your parents bringing things up. As for coming out at school, I personally like social media posts, or writing letters to groups of friends. You can also email your teachers. For buying clothing, you could find stuff you like online and then send a link to your parents, maybe with like “hey this seemed like something i would want to wear,” or something similar. You could do the same with bringing up medical transition- maybe find some resources on T and send your parents links with a line saying something like “hey this might be something i’d like to look into more.” Basically, more letters and use of instant messaging systems are your friends. Good luck! I hope everything works out for you.

Anybody remember that scene in the movie Singin in the Rain (1952) where Don Lockwood kisses Kathy Selden under the giant billboard validating their love for each other? Well while many saw a typical kissing scene many don’t know there’s an interesting story behind it.

According to Reynolds, her “more experienced” co-star, Gene Kelly, unexpectedly French kissed her while shooting that final scene. Reynolds recoiled at the act, ran off the set, and gargled with Coca-Cola.

“He gave me a very mature kiss. I was a young girl, I was shocked and stopped the scene and pulled away and wouldn’t go on, you know, and finally he had to kiss me square on the lips or I wouldn’t do it,” she added laughing  at the memory.

She was eventually persuaded to return and reshoot the scene. This time around, an embarrassed Kelly promised that it would be a “simple kiss”.

Day One Greenie (Part One)

A/N: So I wanted to do a Newt Imagine but I didn’t know what to do… So I coming up with a little story)
Warnings: None, mostly just Fluff
Paring(eventually): Newt x Reader

Y/N was sitting in the corner of the box. She was screaming and crying for help. All she wanted was to get out of the box and know what’s going on. She barely remembered her name. All you remembered was being handed a note then the pushed into this box.

All of the sudden the box stopped moving and there was light shining in. Y/N stood up from the corner as more light came in. The first thing she saw was this boy with brown, almost hazel eyes, skinny, tall dirty blonde hair. He’s almost kind of cute, Y/N thought.

“Its’s a girl,” the boy says as he jumps down into the box. You backed up into the corner, startled by the boy. “It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you. Do you know your name?”

“Y/N,” You said as you nodded your head. “I was given this note.” You open your hand and gave the boy the note.

“She is Thomas’s sister, treat her well,” The boy mumbled. “I’m Newt by the way.”

“Move!” You hear. A boy with some crazy eyebrows shoved his way through the boys that were crowed at the top of the box. “Who is she Newt?”

“That’s Gally,” You hear Newt say. “This is Y/N. She came with a note saying she is Thomas’s sister.” Newt helps you climb out of the box. Right away Gally came up in your face, with a older man behind him.

“Gally, leave her alone. We will wait till Thomas and Minho get back, for now through her in the Slammer,” says the older name. “I’m Alby by the way.”

“I’ll take her to the Slammer,” Gally says. He grabs your arm and begins pulling you towards the Slammer. You didn’t fight against for you were to scared to hardly say anything.

You watch as Gally closes the Slammar and locks it. Now you just have to wait for your brother, who doesn’t know you exist yet.

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the boy I dedicated 3 years of my life to told me he doesn't love me anymore and he hasn't for months and all the while he was fucking me and telling me he loved me and feeding me sweet nothings. everything hurts and I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm in a bad dream and any minute now I'm gonna wake up and he'll love me again and everything will be the way it's supposed to be. what should I do?

It will hurt for a long time and I know that you acknowledge that! You have been together for a long time and it means that you are so used to being with him like it’s a cycle for you! But you also have to remember that you can’t stop people from growing, if the relationship is not working or if it’s really toxic for the both of you, no matter how hard it is to let go, you will eventually learn how to x 

I have no rights to tell you what YOU should do! You always have the last say, remember that.

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I love you so much but i just know its impossible for this to work out. I fear the day im going to have to stop speaking to you. Until then ill just love you as hard as i can even though its going to break my heart eventually.

go on/off anon and pretend we’re the person you want to talk to and get everything off your chest.

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1/2 (Different anon) Actually, It's quite the opposite. Someone filmed a video of when they were meeting him, while he was in Hong Kong this week. She asked if He could give a shoutout to all of her L*c@ya shipper friends and he was a little hesitant because (apparently) lately he's been getting a lot of flack from those shippers bc of what's going on the show.

“2/2 Peyton, being the sweetie he is, eventually gave in and said a little message for them. Someone on Twitter twisted the words so that just because he hadn’t been asked to give a shoutout to Rucas shippers, it meant that he would give it to LM-ers but not Rucas. Completely ridiculous.”

Oh. Well, thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by and clarify that, anon, I truly appreciate it!! I knew something sounded weird about the story and it’s good to know how the whole thing now! I hope the first anon sees this, because though I don’t think my answer was of much help, your message is probably going to be! :D

Day 4

It took me over an hour to find the McDonald’s I’m sitting at right now, because I made the mistake of stopping in Auburn, AL—a mcfreakin’ college town. Not my smartest move, but whatever. 

Yesterday was wild. I started off the day trying to find Hot Coffee, Mississippi, like I mentioned in the day 3 post, and it was much easier to track down than I thought it would be. It’s this tiny little down that you can drive completely through in about twenty minutes—not much to see—but the name was intriguing enough that I stopped and took a picture of the sign before moving on. 

Without any real direction, I just kept driving north, and eventually I ended up in the Bienville National Forest. I tried stopping a few places along the way to take a walk, but if you’ve ever visited a national forest you know that you have to pay to get into most places. But with my budget? Not going to happen. Bummed as all hell, I stopped for gas in Forest, Mississippi, and asked the lovely lady behind the counter if she knew of anything cool (and free) to do, and she pointed me to exit 77 off I-20W. 

Keep reading

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(The anorexic girl) Actually I don't really follow the advices of the therapist, he thinks I'm not ready to recover but the hospital doesn't let me the choice : If I stop the therapy I'm hospitalized. So I go but I don't want to listen, the only avice I listen is to note everything I eat in a notebook day by day.

I know you’ve probably been told this, but eventually your body won’t be able to handle the lack of nutrients and being underweight, and your organs will begin to shut down.  If that happens, it’s an even harder hospitalization and can be fatal if it goes too far.  My only advice to you would be to reconsider your therapist and find one who can really help you.  You may not want help right now, but having the right person to talk to might help you to change your mind.  

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I'm 15 about to turn 16 but I pass for 20 or possibly older easily, I work but I still need extra money, are there sugar daddies that would send me money just for an online relationship like video chatting and nudes, I'd send videos of anything they would want because I'm scared someone might find out if I was going to meet with someone every week and eventually it would come out that I'm not 18. If it's not this imma have to start selling drugs tbh

No please stop trying to do this shit. You’re underage. You can’t send nudes to older men. You are putting yourself and these men in big danger. I know it sounds like “easy money” but it’s not. There’s a legal age for a reason, girl!

One commission down, another almost all inked… gonna eat dinner and finish some sketches and… idk. I need to figure out how I’m going to do a shit load of my commissions because I have so much going on with moving and job hunting.

I’m so sorry it’s taking forever, I know majority of you are like “it’s whatever Kat, you do you” but I still feel SEVERE guilt over it and I want you to know I care even if it doesn’t seem like I do x__x

I just had to stop streaming because a severe mood drop from some stuff and I’m just mm. I mean it’s my fault and I can’t do anything. So. I’ll be fine eventually <3

Thanks for popping in~


Hello everybody,

Today I received an email from tumblr for copyright issues in 2 of my posts that eventually got deleted unfortunately.

I want to let everyone know that I’m NOT posting photos, gifs, etc. as mine, but I want to use my blog as a website to SHARE volleyball news and events that are going on in the olympics, in other games etc.

Please, whoever reported me for “copyright” issues, stop. If I posted something yours, because it was volleyball related and you didn’t want me to share on my blog, just because YOU made it, ask it politely and I’m going to delete it. I don’t want tumblr to delete this blog, because I’ve had it since 2014 and I’ve done so much for your entertainment reasons and to help some of you by giving some piece of advice.

Thanks for understanding.