Meeting the Family - Luke Hemmings

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I wrote this based on wishing Luke would come home with me for Christmas and meet my family….sorry not sorry

“I’m going to vomit,” Luke muttered as they pulled up to his girlfriend’s house, the blonde’s stomach queasy since they had gotten off the plane at Logan, Boston’s largest airport, an hour ago. He had stalled a bit by getting her to stop at Starbucks knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist, but even then, it was inevitable that they would’ve ended up here eventually.

“Luke Hemmings, you aren’t going to vomit,” she scolded, pulling the rental into the familiar drive she hadn’t seen in almost a year. “I promise, my family isn’t that bad.”

“What if they don’t like me?” She sighed rolling her eyes, hand reaching across to rub his thigh softly.

“Babe, they’ll love you. My mom’s so excited to meet you, my sister’s one of your biggest fans, my brother wants me to be happy…I’d just be worried about my dad and uncle,” she trailed off, fear shooting up his spine. “Baby…Luke…it’s okay.”

“I can’t do this babe.” She sighed turning the car off, climbing out to grab their bags from the trunk as he sat there trying to catch his breath. She left him there, walking up the front steps to the door knocking loudly. She watched Luke slowly get out of the car, making his way up the porch in his dark grey sweater, scarf wrapped around his neck with a beanie atop his head covering the little blonde curls she loved so much

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//hmm… you know, I’m curious about something.

Miles’ memory of ‘shooting’ his father; would that produce Red or Black psyche locks? 

For the Red argument, Miles gives up the information willingly when you eventually ask him about it, so rather than something he’s unable to tell, it’s something he’s usually unwilling to tell. It’s also accessible in the game only after you’ve gained Miles’ trust and presented an important piece of evidence, which is pretty much the process you go through to unlock Red locks.

But for the Black argument, Miles only remembers what he did in his dreams. His conscious memory stops after Yanni and Gregory start fighting. His unconscious reveals further events; him finding the gun, throwing it, and ‘shooting’ his father dead. Black psyche-locks denote a memory that the subject is hiding unintentionally. The memory of what he did is only revealed in his dreams, much like how Athena’s courtroom-trauma flashbacks work (I think? I haven’t played DD in a while. I’ve been avoiding it >w>;;)

So the distinction is kind of hazy… Edgeworth remembers what happened, and can freely talk about it if he choses to… But the ‘memory’ in question is only relieved in dreams, and he isn’t even sure if it actually happened or not.

Now… if this discounts both Red and Black, does that mean there are psyche-locks for memories that have been repressed by an outside source, such as brain-damage or third-party interference? Or are these too difficult for the magatama to sense and decode?

things the Signs should probably stop doing (#1)

Aries: stop doing everything so hastily like there’s no tomorrow, no time to waste. sometimes patience can help you win

Taurus: stop hoarding things just because they remind you of something important

Gemini: stop using your talent with words to mislead others, you can do better

Cancer: stop holding on. let go of the grudge, you can’t please everyone

Leo: stop trying to be an overachiever at all costs. you don’t really have to prove yourself

Virgo: stop being your worst enemy. perfection is impossible. enjoy your triumphs

Libra: stop lying to prevent someone from getting hurt. hiding the truth can be even more damaging

Scorpio: stop trying so hard to be in control, and instead realize not everyone wants to betray you

Sagittarius: stop running away. commitment doesn’t have to be boring

Capricorn: stop repressing your desires. you don’t have to look composed all the time, you’re not going to embarrass yourself

Aquarius: stop trying to clarify everything. some things don’t have a rational explanation (yes I’m talking about emotions!)

Pisces: stop being everything to everyone. you’ll lose yourself in the process of trying to save the whole world

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: How much should i pay cheritz for a route where you can save all of them and even if romantically you're only with one of them, you can help each and everyone as a good friend and make all of them eventually happy? because it's so sad that you can only help one of them,but in game u had to either be rude or neutral towards those whom you're not choosing and it just breaks my heart?? so MC leads only one of them to the 'light', while other stay in the 'darkness' of whatever they're going through?? i did not sign for thid?? i know it's just how the game works u only choose 1, but that doesn't stops me from thinking how it would be great to help all of them at the same time withoute reseting
I think you should stay. The doctors said there’s a gap between our hands that shouldn’t be there. They said that it would stop aching eventually but it would burn until then. They said you can’t be homesick for another person, I don’t believe them though. My legs don’t like walking into rooms that you’re not in. Last night I couldn’t sleep in the bedroom because my knees wouldn’t take me up the stairs. My thighs had told them they missed your hips. Nothing is agreeing with me. I’m going to a cardiologist tomorrow just to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Look, the thing is, I’m already on fire for you, I’m already leaving my doors unlocked and my windows open, I’m hoping you’ll crawl back into bed with me, I’m hoping I’ll wake up with your hands around my neck and your name in my mouth. The doctors will call, I’m sure. They’re going to say ‘there’s a blockage, and it’s leaking but it’s nothing we’ve ever seen before.’ And I’ll tell them 'yes, it’s my arteries, they’re tying themselves into knots, they miss him too.’
—  Azra.T “I Am Somehow Always in Mid-Search For You.”

I think the biggest obstacle in moving on after a relationship ends is thinking that you’ll eventually go ‘back to normal’. you think that there’s a way to go back to before you met them and that once you get there, all will be normal again. but really, any sort of relationship will change you. you are not ever gonna be the same as you were before and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. stop thinking you’re not moving on well enough. it’ll take a while for you to get to know yourself again and that’s okay. take all the time you need and stop pushing yourself too much

Remember this?

That’s right, it’s the rad as hell/heaven photo on the back of the first edition (and possibly some of the later ones?) of Good Omens. I don’t know about you, but I’ve loved it since the first time I came across it - and once I found out that it was taken in London, well… the spot was immediately on my to-find list.

Fast forward some time later, and cayra​, maltedmilkchocolate​, ahostofangels​ and myself decided to go on a Good Omens-themed walkabout. First stop, one Kensal Green Cemetery. It took a bit of wandering around, but sure enough, we eventually tracked it down!

The entrance is bricked up now, but otherwise, it still looks much like it did some 25-odd years ago (if anything, the walls are a bit cleaner). It all was slightly surreal, and also intensely satisfying. An afternoon well spent in my books :)

(Photo taken by cayra, featuring maltedmilkchocolate as my favourite Anathema cosplay to date, and yours truly as Crowley. We later moved on to St James’ Park, where we were mobbed by a flock of hungry pigeons. We survived unscathed, albeit with slightly diminished snack supplies.)

I get this awful feeling that you have stopped loving me.
I don’t know how it happened or what it felt like but I know that if I reached out to touch you, I wouldn’t be able to recognize you.
I would find the fingerprints of another. I would find the love of someone else beneath your fingernails, their being scattered all over you.
I know you don’t love me anymore and I don’t know in what moment we both realized it, but I’m going to let you go.
I’m going to stop holding onto you, I will stop calling you and I’ll eventually forget your voice. Then the color of your eyes will go too and I’ll never think of you again after that.
But before I forget this, thank you for loving me while you could. Thank you for allowing me to love you in return.
—  When You Lose Love // thewordsyouneverunderstood
  • <p> <b>Psychic:</b> *reads my mind*<p/><b>My mind:</b> *subliminal images of gay ships* yes you want him look at him you know you do<p/><b>Psychic:</b> what the fuck?<p/><b>Psychic:</b> .....<p/><b>Me:</b> ......<p/><b>Psychic:</b> ..... it's possible he wants you too there's one way to ask him<p/><b>Me:</b> It don't take a word not a single word<p/><b>Psychic:</b> go on and kiss the boy<p/><b>Together:</b> SHALALALALALA MY OH MY LOOKS LIKE THE GUYS TOO SHY-<p/></p>
1. Not everyone who kisses you will leave a good taste in your mouth. Not everyone will know what to say when the quiet thunder of your heartbeat settles down. Sometimes there will only be silence.
2. Hands will touch you like broken skies with empty galaxies waiting in their palms. You will bleed. You will forget how to sing.
3. The worst ones will turn you into clay. They will carve along your spine until you don’t know how to stand without them. This won’t end well.
4. It’s okay, I will still be here. I will still love you. You will still heal.
5. When the poetry sounds like sobbing, when you fall in love with the madness of it all, stop writing. The words will come again one day. They always do.
6. You are going to hurt people, and you will want to peel off your skin because of it and stomp on the ground until it swallows you whole. Your feet will get tired eventually. You will realize how boring it gets hating yourself, and you will learn to stop.
7. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a portraits painted across your skull, get up. Pick up your pencils, and start sketching. The faces we meet in dreams don’t always come back to us.
8. You might tell me one day that you want to be just like me when you grow up. And it is for this reason that I stopped clawing at my own skin. It is for this reason that I stopped writing love letters to my monsters.
9. I can’t promise the world won’t bare its teeth to you. But there will also be people who taste like forgiveness, and you will learn to let them love you.
10. There will be a happy ending. Maybe someone will be there with you, maybe it will be you learning to love yourself. Either way, it will be happy. And that’s all I ever wanted for you.
—  Y.Z, For my future daughter
I’ll stop thinking about kissing you, okay?
i’ll stop thinking of your hands on my body
my back against your car door
my mouth against yours
i’ll stop thinking about all of it
of meeting you outside my house at midnight or
of marathoning a ridiculous amount of movies together or
any number of summer bucket list items I’m sure you’ll complete without my help
and it’ll be okay once I get passed this point
i have a whole summer of learning how to unwant you and this is a test I can’t fail
i’m going to forget everything and it’ll stop hurting eventually
even if my hands still shake a bit when I hear your name
and I don’t quite know how to want anybody else.
—  I’m sure you’ve found someone prettier by now but I don’t know what to do when I see you and it still hurts– Lily Rain

2 years ago I made you ask me out because you were too shy to do it. We spent a year using up all our words and we finally made plans to see each other on Christmas. I remember driving 1,060 miles in heavy snow straight through the night, not knowing if I was going to make it on time or even make it at all the conditions were so bad. When we finally met i hugged you and you tried to pick me up, it was awkward but it also felt right. We got back to your place and when we finally exchanged gifts, we laughed because we had both bought each other stuffed puppies, the perfect gift since we talked about eventually getting one together. I left and eventually we stopped talking as much, a couple texts through out the day, a phone call every two weeks. We held on though because I already had a plane ticket for May and we thought maybe if we saw each other things would change. The night you picked me up and we sat in your car, silence listening to the rain until you finally told me you couldn’t see a future with me. There was no apartment in San Diego, or a puppy named Captain Nikko. It was gone, and though you still loved me, you didn’t have a future. Now I catch myself fidgeting and tugging at my hair, maybe I’m trying to pull out the memories of you or maybe it’s just a nervous tick i picked up along the way. 


Requested by anon. (sorry the ending is kind of crappy)

“Steve, I don’t know if this is such a good idea.” you mutter, rubbing your arms as you walk through the halls of Avengers Tower with him.

“(y/n), if you’re moving in with me, you’re gonna have to meet them eventually, so better now then never.” your fiancé, Steve, replies.

You sigh, “But what if they don’t like me?”

The super soldier stops walking and turns toward you before reaching out and easing your arms down to your sides. “They’re going to love you, (y/n). And even if they don’t, I love you, and that’s all that matters.”

You smile as he leans down to kiss you softly on the lips. After a couple seconds, you pull away and Steve leads you into a large room with a bar, a seating area, staircases, and a huge glass window overlooking New York City.

In the seating area is Tony Stark, who is holding hands with a woman with strawberry-blonde hair, Natasha Romanoff, whom you had met before, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Thor, and two more brunette women you don’t recognize. Earlier Steve had explained that more then just the Avengers lived at the tower, but you didn’t expect so many.

Immediately, you get nervous again. How are you supposed to impress the people who helped save the world against an alien race? You discreetly slide slightly behind Steve, half of your small frame easily becoming engulfed by his huge one. He notices your uncertainty and gives your hand a small squeeze before turning to the group of people.

“Avengers,” Steve starts, making everyone look at him, “I would like you to meet my fiancé, (y/n) (l/n).”

Immediately, eight smiles appear on their faces, and the next couple minutes are spent with introductions. Thor kisses your hand in greeting, and you learn that the other three women are Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, and Jane Foster. Tony and Clint ask you how you ended up with Cap, who you see rolls his eyes at the comment.

Bruce introduces himself politely, before going quiet and standing off to the side, watching. You hug Natasha, because the last time you saw her was the fall of SHIELD.

“It’s good to see you.” she says, pulling away from the embrace. “I can’t believe you and Steve are engaged.”

You laugh. “Me either.”

“I must know,” Tony interrupts, stealing your attention away from Natasha, “How did Capsicle get you to say yes to him?”

Blushing, you look down at the ring on your finger. Steve notices your sudden uncomfortableness. “I don’t even know the answer to that question, Stark.” he says, making you smile and look up at him.

“I said yes because I love him.” you say after gathering the courage Steve gave you.

The girls “Aw”, and Tony rolls his eyes saying, “Pep, get ready. They’re as bad as Goldilocks and Jane.”

This makes you laugh, and Steve places an arm around your waist as he kisses your cheek tenderly. It may take a little getting used to, but you can tell you’re going to love this home.


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Okay so anon. when I said I have come long way to this point I wasn’t kidding. I STILL HAVE trouble with canines and I am still improving but I just want to emphasize the fact that don’t be afraid to break your canines. It is good to know what is and where, but don’t let it stop you from trying poses and expressions. I won’t say “DON’T YOU GO MAKING THESE MISTAKES!”. More like - Make all the mistakes I and everybody else has done and you will learn. If you start to fear making mistakes you will eventually stop doing anything and you are not getting anywhere with that.  Anatomy knowledge will come and will happen in time. Believe in yourself and if you don’t, I will. 

As Tips. 
- Trace photos. Google is your friend, but your best friend is camera, if you have one ( go take some photos!). Trace them couple of times. Try different images with different poses. If it helps, don’t just draw the canine in that image but transform it to your own character. This way it is more interesting. REMEMBER! if you use just random images, don’t go uploading them in internet (at least without linking the actual images) if you don’t want shit ship to sail on your shoulders. Some photographers and artist are really exact on fact they don’t want their works used like this. So ask. Please ask first.

- To build up poses, make simple shapes. at least I do this if I find pose hard.

- For eyes simple shapes work!

Augh. not sure if this is helping AT ALL but please point out if there was something specific you wanted to have tips with! This is really varied thing to discuss about. 



“Did you know we were leaving for Idris? I was a little surprised you hadn’t called or texted to tell me you were going away.“
"You never answer my calls or texts." 
"That hasn’t stopped you before.”
“Everyone gives up eventually, besides, Jace broke my phone.”
“Oh, Alexander.”
"you’re just–You’re so–I really want to kiss you, see this is why I haven’t been willing to see you.”

So before I knew it I was already in the train, the train was going and I couldn’t stop it so I just kept going with it. And then eventually, there was signs along the way that my ideas, my views, my lyrics weren’t gonna fit the style that we were doing so then I just said you know,[…] I’m gonna just go do me, I think I’ve been doing this for enough.
—  (on what being in the band felt like,and knowing he’d had enough) Zayn’s interview with Charlie Sloth from BBC Radio 1Extra 

I wasn’t going to show this

it was going to be a magnificent surprise months from now when this was eventually finished

but I don’t know if I’m going to keep it

and the more I watch it the more I love it and I think you guys would love it too so here it is

scout’s not fucking paying attention and medic REALLY needs to pee and I love it all

scout was told to stand the fuck still and sing in to the mic like a normal person but he just couldn’t do it

and spy’s too much a perfectionist to stop rehearsal and let medic go to the lil boy’s room and sniper’s all ‘sorry m8 fresh outta jars, just pick a corner when he’s not looking’

also this is the same choreography being used on pauling and femscout from those recent gifs, but they’re DEFINITELY a surprise so yeah


After dying so many times to Underfell!Sans…
All the stuff Flowey has gone through on his adventure with Frisk…
He finally mustards up the courage to help out Frisk in this fight and eventually
Sans tires himself out and seeing how all this time you haven’t attempted to make a single hit at him, and that you’ve been constantly trying to spare him… trying to befriend him… He’s still just a small ball of fluff that wants to know why.

Why you would go through with all this dying, all this pain, all this resetting
Why you are so determined to befriend someone who has brought nothing but pain and suffering. Over and over and over again.

Eventually, Sans stops his assault as you Spare him, giving him a hug, comforting him. And letting him know that the sins crawling on his back, have been forgiven….

Thanks you guys for reading, thank you guys for enjoying~
I hope to continue creating more entertaining content in the upcoming future.

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Jon Stewart Told Wyatt Cenac to ‘F*ck Off’ When He Was Challenged About Race

[Stewart] got incredibly defensive. I remember he was like, What are you trying to say? There’s a tone in your voice. I was like, “There’s no tone. It bothered me. It sounded like Kingfish.” And then he got upset. And he stood up and he was just like, “Fuck off. I’m done with you.” And he just started screaming that to me. And he screamed it a few times. “Fuck off! I’m done with you.” And he stormed out. And I didn’t know if I had been fired.

The fight carried on at Stewart’s office and was only stopped when one of the office dogs began pawing at them. (Aww.) Eventually, the show had to go on, and Cenac remembers going outside to a baseball field and having a breakdown. “I was shaking, and I just sat there by myself on the bleachers and fucking cried. And it’s a sad thing. That’s how I feel. That’s how I feel in this job. I feel alone,” he said.

Not even surprised.

Riley's growth

I don’t know how anyone can discount Riley’s growth after ski lodge part 2.

“Our first boyfriends Maya. Who knows how long that’s going to last.”

This is real. She knows there’s a big chance that her and Lucas won’t last forever. Clearly she has grown out of the idea of Cory and Topanga.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like him/care about him a lot/ eventually love him. It means she understands that you don’t always end up with your first boyfriend.

So stop saying she hasn’t grown as a character. She is way over this perception of love/first love.