toomuchdamage  asked:

please for the love of god explain LIKE FROM THE BEGINNING babygate to me, i need to know PLEASE

It’s hard for me to explain but I’ll do the best I can.

So Louis supposedly got Briana pregnant, but Larries investigated
and the timelines didn’t match up.. I think that somehow that got changed? Or maybe we were wrong or maybe everyone ignores the dates.

Anyways, we here about Louis’ one night stand getting pregnant with his child…Mmm, okay? Show us the proof. Why didn’t Louis get a pat test? It makes no sense. Even if you were in a relationship, any good legal team would advise him to make sure that the kid is his and get a pat test done…But alas, this never happened.

Briana’s entire pregnancy didn’t add up to what a pregnancy should be. I know that everyone is different and goes through pregnancy differently, but it’s more than that. The bump wasn’t a “pregnant” bump…It looked off. We also never saw her face (which can be argued that she was insecure during that time period).

Or…She got surgery to change her appearance, to make her “prettier”. The girl in the pap photo of her with Louis, then the girl we saw in the coming months after, looked different. Yes, I know lighting can be a factor but it doesn’t change your entire appearance. There were many other shady things involved as well, but its like 3am and I suck at explaining things anyways, so bear with me.

Okay, so post pregnancy…And while not everyone (but most) still have that big belly from being pregnant which she didn’t have, which we found odd. There’s also the fact that a few days or maybe a week after giving birth, she was in leggings? Like tight pants? Really? Cause you wear a diaper for a while after since you bleed for a while after pregnant, like a messy long period (that’s how I see it at least). She had no signs of that and besides that, you’d be sore for quite a while.

Then she got so skinny so fast…Like? Your body doesn’t re-adjust that fast unless you get surgery for it.

Oh and there’s the custody thing. Really? Louis Tomlinson, man of millions, can afford the best of everything…Can only have a couple hours alone with his newborn/infant son because babymama won’t allow it. It doesn’t make any sense for her to have all the power over him when he could have power over her or have a private shared custody agreement thing going on. Not to mention that every time Louis walked the kid, paps showed up…And he kept going to the place where paps would show up?

Then finally you have Louis asking for privacy for him and his son…And what happens today? Girlfriend, and Louis and Freddie…BEACH DAY but they legit stood there, posed and smiled for the photo…Yeah, that’s not weird at all.


Pics of Louis and Freddie together…Like posted on social media, proven to be photoshopped.

Danielle is just a fake PR girlfriend.

Louis never genuinely looks happy while being around the kid

Why didn’t Daniel the bodyguard do his job and keep the paps away from Louis?

Why did Louis have to exchange his kid in a starbucks parking lot bc babymama said so? What kind of high power expensive legal team would allow that?

Why would they allow it to be papped so much?


It’s so easy to be a celeb and keep a birth under wraps. Look at Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Its so easy to have kids as a celeb and not be papped…

Why did it take so long for the privacy statement to come about?

It’s because its fake and shady asf.

Louis did not father that kid.

….I feel like I didn’t really make sense here but to anyone else who may read this, add/clarify/whatever…to make this post more accurate and making more sense.