What I love about Wilson Fisk is that when Vanessa initially rejects him, and then later says she doesn’t know if she wants to see him again, he respects that and is like alright if you’re not interested I’ll just get on with my business and he doesn’t push her into anything so I guess the takeaway is if a man who bashes peoples heads off with car doors treats a woman better that you do, you need to rethink some things in your life

Let me say something about Greg Universe.

Greg raised Steven.

We don’t know for how long, but he did say he wanted to live with his son AGAIN, so we can safely assume Steven lived with him at some point.

And Steven is - like, seriously, a young child, but he’s already more emotionally healthy than half the adults I know. He has AMAZING communication skills, he’s GREAT at dealing with feelings (others AND his own), his self-esteem is honestly like freakishly good - this is the kid that, when asked to guess what his mom had been doing all day, spun a long tale all about how much she loved him and how he’s the most important thing in the world to her.

And like - Steven’s got a LOT of emotional maturity even the GEMS don’t have? When Pearl and Amethyst end up in a physical fight, Steven is the one to get between them and make them solve it. He’s the one that empathizes with Lapis, against Garnet’s direct command. He’s the one who solaces Pearl.

So, my point is - where do you think all of that emotional health and maturity is coming from when obviously a nice chunk of it isn’t coming from the Gems?






Stefan + trying to bring Caroline back

Tom Mison stans so hard for Nicole Beharie that he genuinely didn’t know/understand that there are people who trash-talk her/Abbie just because of her race. Bless Tom Mison’s Beharie-loving self. I asked him about #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter and he thought it was great. He was also pleased when I told him that within the realm of the hashtag people would talk about Jenny/Lyndie too. Adorable bearded string bean. I also reiterated that he should do more theatre (he really wants to). I even told him he should do something with Nicole and that their chemistry is so good that they could play a phone book and a telephone post and it would still be great and he said he’d love to do theatre with her. SOMEONE WHO RUNS A MAJOR THEATRE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN YESTERDAY.


Ok so I have a theory: What if “But It’s Better If You Do”, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, “Miss Jackson”, and “This Is Gospel” are all one story?
Like Brendon has a boring life with his wife and he goes to illegal strip clubs where he falls in love with this one stripper who, as you know, ends up being his wife. They drive away in a car to the police office together and that’s “the end” BUT afterwards they separate because she cheats on him. Then, in I Write Sins Not Tragedies, she’s engaged to this other guy and Brendon goes to the wedding to warn him that “the groom’s bride is a whore”. The guy who’s getting married sees her cheating on him and becomes like Brendon, forever hating her. Then we go to Miss Jackson, where Brendon has tracked down where his former wife lives. She has company over, explaining her clothes, and as soon as they leave he kills her because of how angry he is. He then goes crazy because he can’t deal with the guilt of killing her and hallucinates, explaining the “zombies” and the other woman he beheads. We now go to This Is Gospel, where Brendon has been forced into a mental hospital. He fights against the nurses and doctors. Now this is where you have to use your imagination. He dies and ends up in a sort of limbo-ish type of place. This is where Hallelujah comes in. He wants to reach heaven but is weighed down by the guilt of murder. He eventually accepts it and hopes for forgiveness when he says “all you sinners, stand up, sing hallelujah”.
The End

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who is your lover, summer or preston?

fathoming my feelings in to coherent thoughts is a difficult task, especially when those feelings are of the loving nature.
summer is my kryptonite; her luscious blonde locks and feather soft cheeks perfectly compliment her eccentric personality.
and as for preston? preston is my favourite what if, and my best i’ll never know. he’s untouchable, unobtainable, but will always hold a special place in my heart.

REQUEST EXO REACTION when you sing high notes


“Wait ..but .. where do you take that from? There is not enough space in your body for such volume!”


Not knowing that you practice, he comes running into your room, because he thought you got hurt. As he sees that you’re perfectly fine:”YAH are you trying to worry me?”


To his stylist: “Why was I stupid enough to challenge her? Now she owns my whole comic collection. Aish..”


He loves your high tones and everytime you sing them, he does this thing with his hands. Like climbing the tones. Nowadays it became such a habit that most of the time he doesn’t even realizes it.


Totally astonished he couldn’t believe what came out of your mouth.


As you tell him that your classmates constantly told you that you sound like a dying cat:”You know what I would have done? Punch them in their lying mouths!”


Freaks out as you start singing Ariana Grande’s song ‘problem’. “THIS IS MY JAM!”


After 2 hours of trying to sing as high as you:


As you ask him if he thinks your high tones alright:”Who asks that kind of question? Of cours! You are amazing, love! I could make money out of you.”


Overly pround Suho is showing you off:”See what she is capable of? I found a true treasure here and she is all mine.”


“Alright, you got the look and the talent to become a diva. The only thing that is missing is to act like one and i think you came to the right place.”


“We know each other for what .. 10 years? Wasn’t there at least one opportunity to show me your talent? I think you have to make up for that.”

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Don't know if you're taking prompt but if you are : established olicity Oliver thinks something is wrong with felicity she doesn't want to talk she discovered her father has a wife and kid she doesn't understand why he didn't love her enough to stay

AN: When I was thinking about the next part of the Sleep Over universe I had one idea, about Felicity and Oliver being in an established relationship and how they would work together if Felicity’s father every did come back into the picture. How fortuitous that I had this prompt waiting in my inbox ;-) So thank you nonnie!

This is a slightly more angsty installment to the Sleep Over-verse

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Back in the Picture

Two weeks.

It had been two blissful weeks since Felicity and Oliver consummated their new relationship in every room of Felicity’s home. It had been two weeks since Thea had barged in and formed demanded ‘shared custody’ of Felicity now that he was in a relationship with her. 

It had been two weeks since they had the relationship talk, which to their credit, was brief once they actually began talking. Their two main focal points had been Oliver’s identity crisis and, in some ways, Felicity’s abandonment concerns. After talking about them, though, neither played as large a role as they had in the past, but were still relevant enough to put on the table. Oliver felt better for it.

It had been ten days since he had called Felicity his ‘girlfriend’ in front of Diggle. Nine since Diggle threatened to disembowel Oliver should he ever hurt Felicity.

It had been one week since Felicity caught Oliver picking the lock to her apartment instead of knocking. His defense had been his want to surprise her with dinner. 

It had been six days since Felicity covertly placed a key to her apartment on his key ring, giving him a subtle wink when he finally noticed the new key two hours later.

It had been twenty four hours since Felicity excused herself from the lair before sending Oliver a text message stating she was ‘tired’ and was hoping for the night to herself to ‘relax.’

While he was unsettled by her rushed departure and short text message, he wanted to respect her need for space. After a quick phone call, she assured him she was fine. He offered his support, before she told him to finish suiting up. 

He only asked Diggle every ten minutes if he had heard from Felicity, which was better than how often he thought about her leaving him a message, which rounded out to an even two minutes.

Something had unsettled her and sent her seeking the refuge of her quiet apartment, alone. She hadn’t said as much but he knew deep in his gut that something was wrong.

He had been spending the majority of his nights, and days, with her making him a consistent fixture of her home. If he was going to be leaving the lair after her, she would always tell him she would leave the light on for him. She also almost always promised to have a very special surprise waiting for him as well.

Thea joked that they were on their way to becoming an old married couple quicker than either thought. They were already finishing each other’s sentences and practically living together.

He had wanted to push, wanted to go to her apartment and check on her. He wanted to show her that he could be there for her when something was bothering her. They were partners in every sense of the word.

But he waited. 

He waited twenty three hours and ten minutes for her to call, her voice laden with tears. She hadn’t even gotten the words out before he was pulling on his jacket and moving out the door. He waited for her to be ready, and now she was. Now she was ready to admit she needed him.

He stayed on the line with her the entire drive, switching the to bluetooth head set affixed in his helmet. Felicity’s words were mumbled together, her tears volleying back and forth between quiet murmurs and heart aching crescendos. The cause of her current state, still a mystery. 

So when Oliver arrived at her door he still wasn’t sure what he was walking into. Placing the curved, brass key in the lock, he wasted no time before unlocking the door and stepping over the threshold. The feeling of anxiety weighted heavily in his stomach, but it now was accompanied by relief.

She was right there, crumpled up tissues in one hand while the other gripped the doorway to the kitchen. Felicity did not seem to have any physical injuries and did not appear sick, aside from the red rims beneath her eyes, and around her nose, while tear track marked her cheeks.

He had never seen her look so fragile before. So small.

When he pictured Felicity he saw a woman full of energy and life and wisdom. Someone who had strength as tough as iron, unbreakable like a diamond. Her goodness only emphasized by her fair and just nature.  

He had seen Felicity cry before, waver in her strength, but this was a complete absence from the woman who stood toe to toe with villains, who hacked into numerous federal, state, and local databases, and who had Starling (and Central) City’s multiple heroes wrapped around her little finger.

“Hey,” her voice broke on the singular word.

Taking two, large strides he found himself pulling her into his arms and letting her collapse against his chest. Her delicate hands wrapped around the lapels of his jacket, pulling him tight against her. It was as if she were trying to crawl inside of him, get as close to him as possible before she had to let him go.

“What happened?” Oliver murmured, his lips against her hair. He felt her shake her head beneath his lips and his heart clenched.

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I am so sad right now, that episode was so heart wrenching for so many reasons. 

Outlaw Queen - we knew that bitch was up to something and we all suspected meatloaf was a code word for bun in the oven but I didn’t want it to be true. sobbing for OQers right now and Regina. Damn it they made me cry for Regina when I didn’t want to. 

Emma found a really sweet family who was going to take her on vacation and she was going to camp for the first time in her life. They were sweet people. she wanted the chore wheel. Damn Lily and her lies, armed robbery, and mischief. 

The Apprentice - Why couldn’t he have gone to Emma? Why did Lily get the the real information and knowledge but Emma nothing? Why was she left to fend for herself and then fall into ways with the wrong people?

Emma protecting her parents was lovely and we know she loves them. She is not going to let anyone hurt them, especially Lily. 

Belle - I was sure Regina got her permission and Will’s face when he learned her heart was missing. He knew what that was like and there was no way he wouldn’t help Rumple. I didn’t want to see Rumple team up with him though, Belle has been through too much deceit already. 

Rumple admitting that he lied to her during the whole marriage.. poor Belle. 

Captain Swan’s goodbye and Killian standing up for her. I love that he said she was his reason for living on the path of light and that hers was her parents, Henry and him. 

K: As someone who started on the side of good and went dark take my advice vengeance is tempting the darkness always is. Resist it. 

E:Why couldn’t you?

K: I didn’t have anything to live for. You have your parents, Henry

E. you.

K: Aye, me. And I you. It’s kept me on my path now. Use whatever it takes to stay on yours. 

soooo robin waited a mere few days before jumping into bed with marian? i mean, i know he’s married to her, but if he was so fucked up over having to leave the love of his life, you’d think he’d wait more than like 8 days before getting someone else pregnant. shit. 


I realized that I met one of my absolute favorite Anna face characters yesterday! She’s the one who did the moose ears, I believe. She’s such a doll I love that actress!!


And she spotted my Kristoff pin and she immediately went up to it and poked his face and goes, “Look! Oh gosh! Coochie coo! You know, we’re gonna get married one day!”

My friend asks her, “How was Valentines day?”

And Elsa gets this smirk on her face like she knew exactly what was up and I started giggling as Anna sighs and goes, “He forgot.” -cue Elsa snorting a bit- “Well, I gave him a box. It originally had chocolate in it but I ate it all beforehand.”

And the Kristoff during the sing-a-long was getting gifts for the anniversary of when they met!


His signature is literally a childish drawing of himself. He had to check that his nose was there and that he still had his tooth as he drew.

And he gave warm hugs :3

Gosh, I love these stupid dorks so much!

             Oliver says I love you in a million different ways.

AO3 | FF

Inspired by this tumblr post

this is by far the fluffiest, most tooth rotting thing i have ever written. i blame taylor swift and stephen amell equally.


Oliver says I love you in a million different ways every single day. He says it without words, and with words that were designed to hold an entirely different meaning. He says I love you with every breath he takes and every beat of his heart.


He says I love you with the Epi pen he keeps in his jacket pocket. They’ve never had to use it, and she rolls her eyes at him for being overprotective, overcautious. But he never stops carrying it. And three years down the line, when she feels her heart still for a second because her throat is swelling up and oh God she knows that feeling, she’s never been more grateful for his caution.


He says I love you with his new rule of never ending a day without kissing her at least once. Ever practical, she says it’s not going to be possible; eventually one of them will have to be out of town or otherwise indisposed, and their little tradition will be put to bed. But that hasn’t happened yet.

There was one close call, when he almost didn’t make it home in time and he woke her up at 11:50, tiredness evident in his eyes, and a little out of breath from trying to get to her before midnight. He’d kissed her sweetly, and even in her half asleep state, she’d automatically responded, before cracking some joke about her being Cinderella and will you still want to kiss me if I turn into a pumpkin, Oliver? (He’d assured her that he’d still want to kiss her if she turned into an ogre.)

Of course, most days they kiss a lot more than once. Most days they do a lot more than kiss. But sometimes life gets in the way and interrupts those precious moments, when nothing matters but each other. And in those times, it’s a nice promise to hold onto, that however bad her day is going, she’ll get to kiss Oliver before it ends.

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So.. I did this thing…

I hope I’m not the only Juugo x Karin fan our there.

;o; I like Suigestu x Karin too, but I like this more.

Not only is it more unique, but I made up this story plot.

Suigetsu goes his own way with his sword,

Juugo stays with Karin because she can control him.

But as she’s controlling his anger, he’s changing her view on life.

Opening up her world with his loving side.

Eventually they fall in love and BAM. She’s pregnant with Orenji.

Juugo leaves in fear of hurting the child and Karin, and that’s all I have.

For now. Let me know what you think. =]

Obviously credit goes to Masashi Kishimoto!

I just edited it.

Rumbelle Alchemy

Note: I have tagged this with OUAT spoilers because it references things hinted at in spoiler pictures. Much of this is actually conjecture, but it’s based on a few things we do know that Emma, in particular, will be facing in the finale. 

Take one story.

Show us a grotesque little imp who will use magic to save lives - for a price. His price: he wants a child to love. 

The queen was horror-struck, and offered the manikin all the riches of the kingdom if he would leave her the child. But the manikin said, “No, something alive is dearer to me than all the treasures in the world.”

Her price to save her child: she must learn his true name. 

The world calls him the Dark One. 

Add another story. 

The princess comes to a dark and cursed castle. Her task for her Happy Ending: she must learn his true nature. The world sees only the Dark One. 

Through her great capacity to love, a kind and beautiful maid releases a handsome prince from the spell which has made him an ugly beast.

(SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!) Rumple will be wearing David’s clothes in the alternative universe. I am sorry I can’t find the picture right now.)

Stir with a Dagger. 

The world calls him the Dark One. The world calls him Mr. Gold. 

His name is Rumplestiltskin. 

He needs love to preserve his humanity. 

In many versions of the original fairy tale, when the Miller’s Daughter calls out the true name of Rumplestiltskin, he splits in half. 

Prediction: In this version of the blended fairy tales, when the Beauty confesses her love for the Beast, he will split in half. 

The obstacle?:

Add one more element. An Evil Queen. 

She is the child of the Miller’s Daughter, the child promised and then taken back in a broken deal. She encourages or facilitates both kisses - and has an ulterior motive each time. 

Does she know what will happen when Rumplestilskin splits in half? Did Cora know? When did Regina learn?

The Chernabog came out of the hat of the Sorcerer. 

Mr. Gold wanted to put the Savior in the Hat. 

I am quite sure, now, that the human infested with the Dark One is carrying the darkness of the Sorcerer, just as Lily carries Emma’s. Magic does not disappear. It is transformed. 

I am beginning to think this may be the most brilliant idea this show has ever had. I do question the execution. 

i don’t think you guys get how proud i am of john for reading the flash drive and going to mycroft and going back to mary to spy on her

this is not a john thing (well, reading the flash drive is 100% a captain trust issues things, in fact it’s an anyone with any sense thing) but things are so fucking bad he’s working with mycroft and god that’s got to be like pretty much straight up admitting to mycroft that he’s in love with sherlock like “you told me once to pick a side - if you don’t think that i have by now-”

and lying to mary for months and months and having to pretend like he doesn’t hate her like he doesn’t want to puke just seeing her, the person you know who hates mary the most has nothing on john, god he can’t fucking stand her, you remember that look he gave her in the empty house, god he wants to kill her, he’s willing to send her to jail but he wants to kill her and he has to touch her and kiss her and raise a kid with her and laugh and keep quiet every single time she slights sherlock

thinking that sherlock is in love with her and trying to protect sherlock from her anyway, he lives with and lies to a woman he despises to her core for the love of a man who derides sentiment in any form and would mock him if he ever found out the truth

this sort of long-term deception doesn’t come easy to john, not at all, he’s got to be thinking this has made me the least honorable man i know and “i’m a failure doomed to only love psychopaths but it doesn’t matter; i’ll still do anything to protect him” he’s gonna march on down this road with sherlock till the bitter end and it’s probably gonna kill him but it’ll never, never kill sherlock

thinking that even if he does manage to pull off this bit with mary, there’s still the kid, and sherlock won’t want a kid at baker street, he and baby will be in the way, he’ll never be able to move back in, he’ll never get it back, even the friendship like it was before reichenbach, even if sherlock did love him (which he doesn’t because he doesn’t feel things like that) it’s too late but it doesn’t matter because she hurt sherlock-

this will be the worst/hardest thing john will ever do <3 <3 <3 i’m in too deep

and he’s doing the worst/hardest thing he’ll ever do for sherlock while still thinking sherlock can’t love him, nothing expected in return <3 i’m in too deep

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(I just really enjoyed your reactions to thinking about Harry’s future, I just couldn’t resist. ) Harry’s Girl. They haven’t even met yet, but they will. A chance encounter, friend of a friend, you know how it goes. It’s a slow burn kind of love: he’s used to girls falling all over him, but she’s not the type to play putty in someone’s hand. He doesn’t know he’s fallen for her until he realizes the best part of his day is telling her what’s happened. (1/5)

(adding the rest of the story here)

She hasn’t got a drop of blue blood, but he calls her Lady. William knows there’s something up when the usually boorish Harry becomes demur talking about his girl. She’s as serious as he is silly, but he knows all the right ways to make her laugh until she snorts. Then he laughs all the louder as she blushes and covers her face. (2/5)

The tabloid magazines make line ups of Harry’s exes, reducing all the women in his life to check lists and pitting them against one another. They don’t realize that the fact that she fits neatly under his chin when they dance in the living room can’t be quantified. The sight of her curled beneath his blankets on a sleepy Sunday morning can’t compare. (3/5)

It’s with trembling hands that he slides a ring onto her finger, but on the day in Westminster Abbey he can’t fight the smile that breaks through his face when he sees her all dressed in white. And then one day, there’s a baby boy, toddling about wearing Harry’ shoes, clomping across the kitchen floor. A giggling girl, her ginger curls pulled into pigtails, wearing a dress made from his old blue-and-white checkered button up shirt. (4/5)

And it’s something he’s never really had before. Not since the day his parents splintered when he was eight. She’s given him more than love. With her, he has a family. (5/5)



I woke up to this story in my inbox and I got emotional and then sooo happy because your ability to get those emotions out of people (or at least myself) is incredible. You are so talented and thank you so much for sending this :)

Making out in the cinema

tinybirdlover wanted me to do barduil making out in the cinema because my last one was cruel, and I can’t refuse her anything

Making out in the cinema

Bard honestly did not know why they bothered to go to the cinema, it wasn’t like it was free.

And he knew that Thranduil had the money to burn, but seriously, it seemed like a bit of a waste of it, that money could’ve bought a pizza or two.

And of course he loved spending time with Thranduil, whatever they were doing, even if they were just lounging around together not really doing anything at all.

And it’s not that he didn’t love the cinema, he did, he really did.

But it would be nice to be able to actually watch the film.

It’s not like he was complaining about Thranduil’s tendency to distract him throughout the entire film, it’s not like he would ever complain about Thranduil’s kissing him and slowly migrating into his lap as the film went on unseen.

But really, it’s not like they needed to spend almost ten quid each just to make out in the back row.

Which was, incidentally, exactly what they were doing right now.

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