there’s a hole in my soul
i can’t fill it, i can’t fill it

In case, for whatever reason, you’re contemplating suicide, please just look at this. A boy I was friends with in Middle School took his own life a few months ago. This is something another friend posted on his wall just now. He’s been gone nearly a year and people still hurt over it every day. If you don’t think you are loved, if you don’t think you will be missed, please just look at this. Because you are and you will be. Each and every one of you who may be thinking otherwise. Someone loves you. Someone will hurt when you’re gone. Which means you have someone who can and will be there for you now, when you need them. If you need help, if you need someone to talk to, please find them and do so. If you don’t think anyone in your own life will talk to you, my askbox is open. But please don’t just leave this world. It will be a darker place without you. 

Okay so, I was at GameStop today minding my own business looking at some games. This guy walks up next to me, looks over at me, and then back over to his friend. He then tells his friend that I can’t be a gamer b/c of the way I dress, and that all I want to do is impress some guy for his dick. What did I do in response to this? I spoiled the ending to the game he was considering buying, which was Red Dead Redemption. 

can someone maybe please write me an au where stiles is a bartender at some really swanky bar in nyc and is like a fucking cocktail connoisseur and derek comes in one night and then just keeps coming back and he’s pretty much always the last to leave at night because it’s weird but stiles is the only person he can really talk to and open up to and derek loves watching him with other patrons too, how animated and open he is (and he’s really attractive too)

and stiles is amazed the someone like derek keeps coming back in just to talk to him like, derek is some gorgeous hotshot businessman and maybe he’s kind of lonely but he could get amazing company anywhere and for a while maybe stiles thinks he just really likes the cocktails he makes because derek is just…derek is ethereal and he’s just some stupid kid from california

but one night all the manhattans derek’s had loosen his tongue a little and he tells stiles that he’s all he’s got, all he’s got is a random bartender he happened across in a city of millions and christ that sounds so pathetic but it’s true and he feels so goddamn lucky because maybe stiles is everything he’s always been looking for

and stiles is speechless for a long moment, but the bar is empty anyway, they closed almost half an hour ago and something inside him is swelling and it feels so warm and he tells derek he’s a fucking dream come true because he’s been in the city for a year and he felt so alone until derek walked into his bar and derek is gobsmacked because why would stiles feel alone he’s so warm and open and everything derek isn’t

but the truth is it’s always been a front for stiles, and as the realization kicks in just how alike they are, how incredible it is they met each other, stiles is yanking him across the bar by his tie to kiss him and derek is pretty sure that he’s finally going to be happy again, happy for a long, long time