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Sometimes I like to think that Jack knew the whole time what will was planning bcus either way Jack knows this will be the end right? Maybe deep down Will is his guy after all and will do the right thing which if so, great, but also Jack aint no fool, he just has shitty ethics and methods so he knows that he can trust Will to bring this to an end regardless if Will comes back to him, dies or not

Jack certainly isn’t naive, but I think when it comes to Will he truly believes in the best of him, even when he maybe shouldn’t. He believes that when it comes down to it, Will is always going to do the right thing (even after that one time he called the Chesapeake Ripper and warned him to run before the FBI could catch him… Oh Jack…) This is why he knew Will would help him when he came knocking after all those years. Even at the expense of his own psyche, he knew Will would say yes.

Jack understands that Will and Hannibal have a bond, no doubt about that, and I think to a certain extent he even understands how deep that bond runs. I just don’t think he realizes how unbreakable said bond is. Will can’t simply “cut that part out” as Jack advised him to do in Dolce. But in a way he wasn’t wrong to believe Will was his man in the end, he did take Hannibal over that cliff after all, it’s what comes after that is really going to push Will firmly into one corner or the other.

In terms of what Will’s plan was though, I don’t think he actually even had much of one to begin with. He certainly set things in motion with Dolarhyde, and with planning the fake escape, and with very pointedly not telling Jack about his encounter, but everything that came after was borne mostly out of circumstance. That doesn’t really matter at this stage though, Jack’s biggest mistake was not insisting on being there himself, at Will’s side, because allowing the two of them to have that moment was basically guaranteeing that wherever they end up after, they will certainly end up there together. 

So I guess where Jack and Will differed in the end was Jack’s ideal plan was: Will lures dragon in via Hannibal, Will kills dragon, Will kills Hannibal, Will walks away unscathed and goes back to his family, Will and Jack are totally awesome heroes taking out two bad guys for the price of one. Whereas Will’s plan was essentially: Set the thing in motion with Dolarhyde, only let Jack know as much as he needs to because lol fuck that guy, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, hope for the best??????, smack talk Bedelia for a bit because that’s the most fun an empath can have with his clothes on, totally convince himself that he can watch Hannibal die (because that’s gone so well for him in the past), probably subconsciously hope that he and Hannibal get to do the killing thing together, ???????????????, profit.

One of my biggest hopes for season 4 right now is for Jack to track Will and Hannibal down, because that is one post-fall encounter I need more than air at this point. 

You done nothing but make me miserable, you made me feel unwanted, like I was nothing. I already knew that all too well, I didn’t need someone to remind me every waking day. Especially not the person I loved. You were the most toxic person in my life, and I was a fool for you. Now I’ve gotten rid of you, I’ve managed to get rid of every other toxic person in my life and I’ve actually met some good people. I know I’m a terrible person, I know I can’t be loved properly, but you shouldn’t have fucking pretended. That alone makes you worse of a person than I’ll ever be. You’re not my problem, you’re not my concern. There’s nothing left in me to care about you anymore. I’m glad you don’t care, and I’m glad you don’t miss me, because I don’t either. You went from being the most important person in my life, to nothing.

–    "This is a pathetic excuse of a paper.“

                            Pitch tossed the essay across the desk, with an exasperated sigh.

              "Did you do any reading for it? I told you all that this was not an assignment you could write the night before.”

Things I would like to see more of in fantasy: 

  • interesting royalty
    I understand that by wanting focus on royalty at all in fantasy I am Part of the Problem. I understand this very hard. And yet. I love royalty very much. I don’t, though, love secret royalty or any outsider royalty unless they kind of suck at being royal. I don’t love Kings Who Are Good People And Therefore Good Kings. I have mixed feelings on Prince/esses who are shirking their responsibilities as Heir: on the one hand, yes, it is annoying to hear “isn’t it terrible that I’m rich and powerful;” on the other, it is possible to do interesting things with not wanting the responsibility because you don’t feel you’re good enough or for other actually psychologically likely reasons. If you’re going to write about kings, think it through: what happens when you give the baker’s youngest son the throne because he performed the task? 
  • good characters who like ceremony
    This is a very specific pet peeve but a deeply seated one. I realize, I really do, that it’s harder to make Lord or Lady A– who loves the forms of address due to them and will call people out on it likable than it is to do the same for Lord or Lady B– who treats servants like a 21st century person who didn’t grow up being waited on and who lets people omit their title. I just don’t really care. Additionally, I am very tired of characters we’re supposed to sympathize with who complain about makeup or hair or dresses at length. To be fair, “dresses” is probably because some authors decide to have 19th century corsets in 12th century settings, but I also don’t care about that. 
  • complicated politics
    Okay, creating complicated politics is very hard. But I feel like the effort should be made. It goes with “outsider royalty should probably be bad at it.” But there are so many instances of someone coming in and charming all the different factions so that the deep-seated hatreds don’t matter, and that’s kind of frustrating. Even people who do well at the other two have mucked up this third point. 

In short, I love court politics, and it’s not something that’s done well in a lot of fantasy, and that makes me sad, because there’s so much potential. 

Phone rings
  • Me:-Greeting-
  • Guest:hi, I've never stayed there before but I need to have testing done at the hospital tomorrow morning and I live 4 hours away in a rural area. I have 2 dogs, 3 horses, a lovely herb garden and a tractor. I was born on a Tuesday, it was raining. My favorite food is cabbage and my daughter is 14, her favorite color is green. Beth. Her name is Beth. Anyway, the hospital recommended I call you, do you have any rooms available tonight?
  • Me:....... No, we're fully committed tonight. [omfg don't tell me your entire life story, just ask the question!!!! Let's save everyone some time here.]
  • no, that didn't actually happen but close enough.