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how would you describe chloe bennet's eyes? i'm trying to write a static quake drabble and i'm finding it hard to describe daisy's eyes.

omg this is a hundred years late but literally chloe bennet has the most beautiful eyes in the entire world like what is this

are you kidding me what is this

you probably came to the wrong person because I’m terrible with words I don’t even know what you’d be looking for here but full on like the emotion that goes on in her eyes???? incredible. when she smiles they LIGHT UP and when she’s sad she’s such a subtle actor but you see it in her eyes okay like it’s incredible you know every emotion she’s feeling even when she has a straight face because her EYES, MAN

none of this is helpful for describing them probably but her eyes are like my favorite feature on her perfect face

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OMG,I love your art,but I wish I could ask you a little something ;v; For some time I've been wanting a female version of Felix and well .... I'd love to see it on your dash.If this happens,you will make a person very,VERY,happy :v Sorry,my English terrible,i'm Brazilian ;v; and I think I wrote too :v

I know it super late but…thanks a lot for loving my art  。゜゜(´O`)°゜。thank you! I’m so happy !! 。゜゜(´O`)°゜。


Oswald Cobblepot felt safe with Edward Nygma, but sometimes – he didn’t want to. Only In Dreams, @okimi79

He’s kind of a terrible person, but Rick somehow seems like he’d be really good with kids; I dunno

Phone rings
  • Me:-Greeting-
  • Guest:hi, I've never stayed there before but I need to have testing done at the hospital tomorrow morning and I live 4 hours away in a rural area. I have 2 dogs, 3 horses, a lovely herb garden and a tractor. I was born on a Tuesday, it was raining. My favorite food is cabbage and my daughter is 14, her favorite color is green. Beth. Her name is Beth. Anyway, the hospital recommended I call you, do you have any rooms available tonight?
  • Me:....... No, we're fully committed tonight. [omfg don't tell me your entire life story, just ask the question!!!! Let's save everyone some time here.]
  • no, that didn't actually happen but close enough.