Shut up and Fight With me~!....A shitty cdf song parody.

Darren’s perspective story-wise((to the tune of ‘Shut up and Dance With me by Walk The Moon.));

“Oh don’t you dare Do that,
Just keep your sanity.”
I said, “Please, listen to the facts,”
He said, “Shut up and you’ll rue doing this to me!”
On no, this friend is practically my family.
He said, “Ooh-ooh-hoo,
Shut up and flee with Crepsley!”

We were victims of the night,
The emotional, physical, sights,

Helpless to the pull of wrong and right
Oh, we were bound to get together,
Bound to get together.

He took my arm,
I don’t know how it happened.
We took the alley and he said,

“Oh, don’t you dare look at me like that,
I’m not your enemy.”
I said, “You can come back, back to friendship please, ”
He said, “Shut up and follow me!”
I have a good feeling this friend is my destiny
He said, “Ooh-ooh-hoo,
Shut up and follow me.”

A leather jacket and a beat up scene,
My old friend, almost like a dream.
I felt it in my chest as he looked at me.
I knew we were bound to be together,
Bound to be together.

He took up arms,
I don’t know how it happened.
We took the sewer and he said,

“Oh, don’t you dare look back.
I’ll keep an eye out for the enemy.”
I said, “You’re holding back, ”
He said, “Shut up if you love Debbie!”
A sudden sadness, this friend is my destiny.
He said, “Ooh-ooh-hoo,
Shut up and fight with me.”

Oh, come on Steve!

Deep in his eyes,
I think I see the future.
I realize this might be my last chance.

He was in league with the vampaneze,
I don’t know how it happened.
They took the stage and he said,

“Oh, don’t you dare look back.
Just keep your eyes on me.”
I said, “Larten, don’t hold back, ”
He said, “Shut up and fight with me!”
This sick friend is my destiny
He said, “Ooh-ooh-hoo,
Shut up and FIGHT!”

The sickening thud of my teacher Mr. Crepsley,
I said, “Stop-It should’ve been me,”
Then the terrible secret Steve muttered to me,
This cruel stranger is my destiny
He said, “Ooh-ooh-hoo,
Shut up and fight with me.”

Ooh-ooh-hoo, shut up and fight with me [x2]

((Made this because the song popped on the radio earlier and my mind went straight to Darren and Steve…Y’know, like any normal person… O.O))


I am tremendously proud of what I’ve accomplished this far with my training, my school, and closing on a house this Thursday.
But watching my muscles grow has been the best part. Pushing and proving myself I can do this has been the most rewarding.
I’ve been doubted and told I couldn’t do it, but I did and I am doing better each day. And yes, I still have some tummy lumps, but I’m still working on that. 😊 Don’t give up in whatever it is that you do.
And always,
Love yourself. 💖

“I love you,” Taron whispers into the crook of Colin’s neck as they sway back and forth to a soft medley playing in the background. He could never get over those 3 words as he smiles while tugging closer to his love.

“I love you too,” he hears as he feels a warmth bowling in his stomach. It’s been a while since he felt such love from someone. Knowing there is always someone there that’ll love him for who he is, flaws and all.

Taron looks up to Colin, gazing into those beautiful brown eyes, basking in how beautiful the man was. He lays a palm onto his face as he leans into a kiss. It’s a soft but intimate kiss that assures him that he’s the only one in the mans life that’ll bring him the most joy.


“No one knows me better than Cory. No one knows what it’s been like to go through this more than he does. Feeling like you have that net underneath you allows you to jump higher and go farther. He makes me feel like I can do anything. For the first time in my life I feel really, really settled and happy. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”  

You know what?

The sooner this giraffe shirt appears the better.

I need it to appear so I can move on, because EVERY SINGLE TIME a new episode airs my body turns into a huge nervous system and I’m just here like

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Just waiting for the shirt to make an appearance. I know I sound like I’m insane but I really need “the scene” to happen so I can rest in peace