On diversity in Dishonored 2

Delilah: You have no idea what (Breanna) meant to me
Stilton: I miss Theodanis so much
Mindy: I’m a Howler now and I can get literally any guy or a girl I want
*one overseer asks another to kill him to end his sufferings*
*if both killed simultaneously, you get the achievement literally called “The Lovers”
*and more spoilerish stuff*

me: wait wow okay i might be reading too much into it bc i’m a trash
arcane studios: did we fucking stutter

for people who dont know or care i came out as a lesbian in junior high about 7 years ago. up until, six months ago, i was only into girls and i dont mean ‘gold star lesbians’ who are transphobic i mean all girls, if you were a girl I’d date you if we got along and stuff.
i dont know what changed. maybe i changed. maybe ive always been bisexual but boys (any boys, all boys) starting catching my attention the way all girls do. i spent three months wanting to kill myself because for 7 years i was a lesbian. my friends knew and would joke about it, i had lost friends who thought i would hit on them even tho i knew they were straight (and i wouldn’t, ever.) when i re-came out to my family i was hit with backlash. im still hit with it. nothings changed yet. hopefully soon.

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Currently in the library 'studying' for my exam tomorrow but I'm continuously refreshing your page checking for new prompts and going through the supercorp tag PLUS the girl at the table across from me is Irish and has the exact same accent as Katie and I'm SHOOK am gonna fail this exam hahahahaha kill me I'm so gay I can't even study

GIRL THAT’S SO GAY. i’m going to be posting a whole bunch of small fics pretty soon, so hang tight!!

there’s a dead girl inside me.

i can feel her rattling around,
her lungs choked with loss,
heart pounding like wardrums.

she had a laugh like summer rain
until the world tore it away.

(little girls who wish on stars
don’t last long on the ground.)

there’s a dead girl inside me
and i’m the one who killed her.


aka. the moment Rory wants to say something and Logan’s waiting for her to say it and she just doesn’t


You clean up nice.