Ok so I’ve seen the whole “but gifs anyone can do” “they take no effort” etc etc stuff floating around my dash the last couple of weeks in different fandoms and I was even asked what i thought of people using my gifs.

Simple thing? Uploading them as you own NOPE. Reaction gifs? Feel free.

So I figured I’d like post this. I’m an average Gif maker, I’m more comfortable with static photomanipulation, so it’s something to keep in mind that there are others who will spend even more time then me perfecting their gifsets.

So I made a clip, rendered it. I put it into an online gif maker to get the following:

I didn’t do anything other than upload the video, gave it the correct time length but it auto cut off part of the video anyway and auto made the gif 320px wide to make the above. Estimated time to do 1-2. (3-4 if you include making the video)

Then i imported the video into Photoshop.

No effects, just imported in with a few alterations with the frames and speed to get it to flow. Able to pick my size (495px) already sharper and no cut off parts. Estimated time 4-6 (7-8 with Vid) minutes (depending on how much frame timeline altering you do)

In photoshop again:

This time it has 8 adjustment layers of various levels/Brightness/Color Balance/Vibrance/Curves. It’s also sharpened. Still 495px. Estimated time 20-25 for me in this case (25-28 with video). It may be even more in some cases when you need to keep altering levels to get an awkward gif to pop.

Anyway doing several of the last in a whole gifset can mean it can take me  from 1 hour 30mins to 2 hours sometimes. Obviously these were all estimates for me. Others may be faster, others may take longer but I do know several people who spend way more effort and time on making gifsets for people then I do.

So yes. Gifs can take time and effort and uploading full gifposts as your own is a douchey thing to do.