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He’s glad that Ravus is all-right.

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I just want to say

That when I was watching untucked from the first episode of season 9 I start crying when Gaga was giving them critiques. It hit me then that every LGBT+ person looks up to her, including me, because of how much she’s there for us. She knows the struggles we’ve been through and like she said, she’s not a gay woman herself, but she been brought up by gay men which let her see into the life of the LGBT+ community and she realized it wasn’t all rainbows, unicorns, and glitter. She decided “there needs to be someone there for them… I’ll do it”.

Lady Gaga is such an inspiration to all of us because she wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed in or who she believed in, for that matter. She didn’t care what she looked like as long as it made her happy.

I’m glad she is there for us and the community because if she wasn’t the biggest influence to ever happen, I honestly don’t know who would be.

Sure, there are others who say, “I’m here for the LGBT+ community,” or “I love the gays!” But they never really ‘did’ anything to help our community. BUT SHE DID. She gave us hope, music to dance to when we’re alone in our bedroom, SO many speeches saying we need to stand up for ourselves and fight back saying “we are what we are, we love ourselves and you can’t change us.” Hell, she just went on drag race; acted like a Lady Gaga impersonator; literally CRIED when she saw her outfits being displayed, which were remade by the queens, and then went into the untucked room and had a folder of what she loved about them and what they could do to make themselves better. Not degrading them saying, “I don’t like this,” she helped them by saying, “I really love this and add this/ change this to make you look better.”

Okay enough of that. I just really love Gaga and there’s a MILLION REASONS why she has helped the LGBT+ community and will keep helping us. She’s so inspiring and I love her so much. Okay, the end.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

i’m sure you can only grow these in the bae area though

Play it cool
  • Michele: *walks into kitchen* is something burning?
  • Emil: *leans seductively against counter* just my desire for you
  • Michele: Emil the toaster is on fire
Pick Up Lines
  • Draco: *reading witch weekly in the sofa* Hey Harry!
  • Harry: *sitting in front of Draco reading quidditch weakly what?
  • Draco: Are you a Snitch? Because you’re by far the greatest catch here...
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: You must play Quidditch, I know a Keeper when I see one.
  • Harry: *blushing* ha bloody Ha Draco
  • Draco: You must be my horcrux, because you complete me
  • Harry: *blushing intensified*
  • Draco: Did you say “Petrificus Totalus”? Because you’ve made me stiff.
  • Harry: draco don´t....
  • Draco: Call Ollivander, because I think my wand has found its master.
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: I don’t need accio to make you come.
  • Harry: oh god, just stop...
  • ron: *sighs*

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs