I really want dean and cas cuddling underneath a soft down comforter, the bunker’s air conditioning making the sheets cool and ruffling their hair ever so slightly in the breeze

and cas just can’t stop trailing his fingers over dean’s skin and staring in wonder. because in his millennia of existence, he’s never felt closer to heaven than he does in this moment.

dean’s freckles stand out on his skin, still flushed from earlier… when he had thrown cas down on their bed and ridden him until they both came, panting and sweating and tangled together endlessly.

dean’s eyes are bleary and stunning and beautifully green when he blinks them open slowly to find cas gazing down at him. he doesn’t flinch and cas suppresses a chuckle at how far they’ve come.

“come on, cas, don’t go sappy on me now” dean is rubbing his eyes and smiling a secret smile that only cas gets to see.

“I didn’t say anything.” cas replies tracing a finger over dean’s cheekbone.

“you always get that look on your face when you’re about to say something sappy. last time you looked at me like that you said I had ‘galaxies on my skin’ and that you ‘could never hope to map them all,’ you great big sap.” dean is smirking and there’s contagious laughter in his voice. “what were you going to say this time, huh?”

“I was thinking about ice cream, actually.” cas lies, trying to keep a straight face. “I would like to eat ice cream in bed.”

“you liar.” dean is still smiling as he props himself up on his elbows. “you were just gonna stare at me until some appeared in front of you?”


dean looks away as a flush appears on his face. he bites his lip and smiles shyly to himself before turning back to cas and stroking his thumb along cas’ jawline.

“I’ll get you some ice cream, cas.”

cas grins as he watches dean pry himself from their bed.

“you should put on some pants.”

“shut up.” dean throws a rogue pillow at cas’ face before pulling on boxers.

as he puts his hand on the doorknob he turns back to cas.

“you know that I - uh… I you know um, lo-“

"I was going to tell you that your skin in the warm light of this room is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. out of all the supernovae and nebulae in the entire universe from the beginning of time. you are the most beautiful.”

dean stares at him in shock, mouth parted and eyes wide and sparkling.

“I also wanted ice cream though.”

dean throws another pillow at him (cas isn’t sure where all these pillows came from), but he’s glowing with happiness. dean’s entire being is shining with happiness as he leaves the room to fetch ice cream.

“I love you too.” cas murmurs after dean disappears into the hallway.


Hey guys!!! I made a post spazzing out about this a few days ago, but if you didn’t see it, basically I became one of 12 semi-finalists in Cinema Makeup School’s ‘The Next Level of Cosplay’ scholarship contest with the entry of my Corpse Bride costume (as modeled by Becky)!!

How this round works is that the rest of the month is open for a public vote until May 23, and you can vote once a day until then. The top five voted entries will be eligible for the scholarship prizes.

It would mean so, so much to me if any of you could just drop by the contest here and vote for me! Even if you don’t want to vote, just reblogging or sharing this post to help spread the word would help a lot as well!! ;v; Thanks so much for your time and support!!! <3<3<3

Kinds of Cosmetic Lenses

Contacts are a lot of fun, mostly because of how much variation there is in them. Do you want to go for an au-natural look, or creep out your friends by turning yourself into a demon? Cosmetic lenses can help you do it. Defined as any lens that does more than just help you see, they come in several different varieties.


Soft Contact Lenses –These are probably what you’ll use. Soft lenses feel more natural, are cheaper, and come in a wider range of designs that rigid lenses. They are, however, fragile and unable to correct some eye problems. Disposable lenses and most kinds of extended wear lenses are soft.

Rigid Contact Lenses – Also known as Gas Permeable (GP) lenses, these are made of a harder plastic than soft contact lenses. Because they’re more difficult to make, rigid lenses can be very expensive and don’t come in as many designs as soft lenses. They’re also far harder to get used to than soft contact lenses. On the upside, they’ll last a very long time (sometimes up to to a year for a pair), are extremely durable, and give you more accurate sight.


There are three different sizes:


This is the size that you’ll usually run into. It’s standard fare when you’re ordering brand name (Acuvue, Air Optix, etc.) contacts.


They generally have a thick rim to make the eyes look bigger. Used to give a doll-like effect, these contacts are often printed with different designs (a larger lens gives more area to work with).


These are the most dramatic but also the most dangerous of cosmetic contacts. Sclera lenses cover the entire front of your eyes, staying in place by going up and under the eyelid. Getting makeup or dust under the lens has a high chance of ending in infection. They should only be worn in three to six-hour blocks.

Colors and Tints for Lenses


They’re meant to make your existing eye color more vibrant. This is a good route for anyone who needs their light-colored eyes to stand out in photos.


These will transform your eye color completely. They work best on people with light colored eyes, but there are plenty of lenses designed specifically for dark eyes.


The most impressive of the three, these lenses are covered with impossible patterns. Lenses with designs can be used for any themed costume, making them great for cosplay, raves, sci-fi or fantasy outfits…whatever you can think of!

Safety First!

Remember–the darker the lens, the harder it will be to see through it. You shouldn’t be operating any kind of moving vehicle when you have on design or sclera lenses, and it is helpful to have a friend to guide you when wearing sclera lenses.

This guide was made under the wing of Costume Discounters (www.costumediscounters.com). Please go check out their site!! They sell wigs, shoes, shirts, essentials…all sorts of goodies. 

I’m beating a dead horse at this point but I keep coming back to this shit; 

people seem to think Steve does shit just because its the right thing to do. It’s always more complicated than that. Steve understands why right is right. He understands that you treat people with decency first and foremost because they deserve that from you–because he’s empathetic, and he wants to see and promote the good in people. He’s not polite just because its ‘right’, he’s polite because he thinks people deserve that of him, and if it turns out they don’t cuz they’re assholes, he lets them know that. And that politeness starts to fray once he gets to the present, cuz its not something that comes naturally. It’s something he has to work for. Cuz Steve isn't naturally a nice guy to everyone. There’s only certain people that bring that out of him, and they’re few and far between. Steve is naturally quiet and closed off, cuz that’s how he spent his life before the serum. 

And he doesn’t want into the army cuz its 'right’. If he gave a shit about what’s 'right’, he’d be okay with doing jobs he’s physically fit for. He’d settle for working in a factory, for collecting scrap metal in his little red wagon. If he only cared about what was 'right’, his pride wouldn’t be an issue, but Steve’s pride is always an issue. He wants to die doing something important. He doesn’t want to be stuck at home while the last person he has, the last person he loves, leaves him probably never to return. He wants to follow him and it pisses him off that he keeps being told that he can’t, he’s not allowed, he’s not good enough. Steve wants to go to war for selfish reasons as well as noble ones, and he’s not an honest guy, okay. Not when it comes to his emotions. So when asked, he pulls out the noble shit he KNOWS you can’t argue with. 

Bucky’s right, okay, Steve has a lot he wants to prove. Mostly he wants to prove his life is worth spending, that its worth the same amount as every other guy his age who got drafted. Like Bucky. He wants to follow Bucky to the end of the line, but Steve’s number never got called and when he goes in asking, begging to get taken anyways, he’s being told no. Bucky’s life is worth enough to waste. Steve’s isn’t. Why the fuck would he be okay sitting at home with those kinds of thoughts bouncing around his head? Why would a stubborn asshole like Steve Rogers be above lying if it meant maybe, maybe, someone would give him the chance to die the way he wants to die. 

And if Steve isn’t above repeatedly lying to the government to get what he wants, he probably wouldn’t be above lying about other shit, too. Just because Steve wants to be responsible doesn’t mean he chooses to be every time he bends or breaks the rules


Drew this forever ago and never posted it- one of those redraw meme things :) I am never totally satisfied with my art (who is), but it’s nice to look back and see how far I’ve come! This one of my OCs from my webcomic universe, elf Lord Tshaude ♥

In my years as a teacher, I’ve seen it over and over again. It’s the kids with the greatest facility who can run up against the bigger problems. You are the best in your class without even trying, which is the best way to learn nothing. There are no questions, nothing’s pressing you, you’re just operating off the top of your facility. The not-so-facile kid just plugs along, every step is a working step, and he comes to the twentieth step and it’s just another step. But facility is a funny thing: it takes you way up–you soar, and you look like you’re really doing something–but at a certain point you go as far as you can with facility, and then you hit the big questions. I’ve seen a lot of kids get completely waylaid at that point, totally confused, sometimes permanently.

Robert Irwin from “Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees”

This quote particularly resonated with me so I wanted to share it.