I just wanted to relax in the back yard, you goblins.

Currently awaiting J to come save me from boredom and take me out for the day. I have no idea what we’re going to do but it doesn’t matter because we always make the most of our time together. It’s valued.
I know you guys are probably getting sick of how much I talk about J but idc I need to let it out somewhere. He’s such a babe ugh nothing and no one will ever compare to him. I’m so in love it hurts. I don’t know what he did to make me completely change my mind about being with him and how I felt about him but he did something right. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.
I actually have goals and aspirations since being with him. I want to get sober. I want to move forward in my life. I want to get a place with him. I want to get a cat with him. I just want to live my life with him in it because he helps me see things in a different light. He helps me stay positive and not let my mental health and, mostly, my depression get the best of me.
I can’t imagine being with anyone but him tbh and I’m terrified that eventually he will see through me and find out I’m not as fantastic of a person and he may have thought I was or that I’m so broken and have so much baggage that it’s hard to deal with me. He may find that I’m too clingy, or that i hold on too tight, but I hold on to what I care about and I don’t let go.

I keep trying to think of an explanation behind fenghuang’s winged warcats and like, why do dragons need mounts. why do gijinkas need mounts even why don’t they just change back to dragon form. how hard is it to train warcats. how hard is it for dragons to learn how to ride anyway. can warcats even fly fast enough to make up for not flying on your own, aren’t cats/predators in general more ambush/sprint than long engagements that kind of thing

but no matter what I do I just keep coming to the same conclusion: who am I kidding I just want flying cats look at them they’re so fucking cute

Err just letting some of you know, if you see those videos using “MAPs” on youtube, that stands for “Multi Animator Project” and are mostly filled with minor animators. They aren’t pedophiles, they are ACTUAL children animating animals/anthros/humans.

Please don’t get this confused with the pedophilic users on tumblr!! Thank you!!

I did it

inspired by this fat cat


I’m just gonna sit in this corner of mine

axel-theflurryofdancingflames  asked:

Babe, seriously, what's with all the cats? Do you want one that bad?

They’re cute and are assholes, JUST LIKE ME! ;D
Because of that I feel as though my future cat and I would get along so well, and I already have his name picked out too.

In short, yes I want a cat, especially cause’ he’ll be someone to keep me company when Saix sends you on long missions.


a rare image of me conforming to gender roles and also my young children who i helped raise with my bare hands. he/they.

Guess what everyone! The paperback of The One You Feed is ready for purchase!

(kindle kicked it back because it didn’t like the way my headers were done; as soon as it’s been approved there I’ll post an official post with all the links, begging for reblogs like the sad sack I am =D)