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Any tips on making Minimalist designs and stuff ? thinking of starting something too but i wanna have my own style.

Of course! Let’s see. 

Minimalist designs come in many designs. There are the silhouette styles that I do that have a specific object or article of clothing in the same color as the background

Then there’s the color block minimalists

Then there’s a style that minimalizes a poster or something like that


This is a bit different from the color block posters in the sense that the color blocks are usually just one person like this


The minimalized movie/tv show/game posters are the entire posters reincarnated in solid colors.

A technique I would recommend is that once you find your base image you blow it up, I usually go to 24 inches, because it’s a lot easier to go down a size than up because it’ll get pixelated if you try to stretch it. Also I use the lasso tool to capture the image. If you zoom in and use the polygonal lasso tool then when you close off the lassoing the dotted, flickering line will adhere to the pixels instead of just being straight lines so you can preserve the detail.

Basically there’s a lot that you can do with it.

I would recommend finding something that inspires you for instance my minimalist posters were inspired by a Teen Wolf minimalist series. And I’ve done so many silhouette designs by now that I’ve developed mine own style. I have my own color palette now and I use ‘paper absorbs ink vector’ or ‘paint splatter vector’ as the bottom of the images. That way the transition between the silhouette and the quote is smoother and the image looks like graffiti almost. For me at least I like to pay attention to those sort of details. For instance the Skyrim poster has a rough old-paper texture to it that really adds to it.

That’s a little more about the details though and not the overall idea. In the end I would recommend practicing with different styles to figure out what you like to do best. At the end of the day you should have a lot of fun with it because it’s super time consuming if you do a whole series!

If you scroll through this you’ll find a lot of examples and you could get inspired from one of them! 

I hope this helps you and I’d love to see what you come up with!

i’ve been having hella dreams about super dope tv show or movie premises lately but every time one of them comes on my dream tv, it’s so good that i just wanna watch the show instead of waking up to write down the premise. i had a dream that i binge watched four episodes of a show i invented in my brain like i’d never seen it before. even though my brain was making it up as the dream progressed.

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HHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I KNOW I FREAKING FIRED UP MY XBOX TO WATCH YOUTUBE ON MY TV AND THAT WAS THE FIRST THING TO POP UP MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT I AM SO HAPPY! I don’t wanna boast but I am just so incredibly honored! That’s the second time he used my art for a thumbnail and I am just so honored. Like damn. It means so much to me. I can’t even word i’m so happy!!!

Look. I know a lot of you in the comments are gonna be like “oh great, another youtuber wrote another book. Why are they writing so many books?” Motha Fucker who cares? There’s not a gun to your head. You don’t have to buy the book. I’m sorry that people such as myself are creating more things for you to enjoy if you want to enjoy them. Side note bitch, I have multiple years experience writing hours and hours of shows that were on stage at comedy theaters in New York City. Plus I wrote a movie about about a year ago, not to mention a lot of TV stuff, so mother fucker if I wanna write a book I’ll write a book. You just be bitters.
—  Mamrie Hart laying down the law (and making a fucking beautiful pun)
  • ARIES:Take a ride on the WILD SIDE!
  • TAURUS:Went to the gym for 7 and a half minutes today
  • GEMINI:why would I risk my life to cross the road it's called common sense motherfucker I'm out
  • CANCER:If you could love me again, I could let go of everything
  • LEO:I'm sorry I called you bitchachos... I don't know what came over me
  • VIRGO:I wanna little bit of California, with a little bit of London sky
  • LIBRA:I don't get American football
  • SAGITTARIUS:Luke was killed in my dream last night. I killed the guy who killed him
  • CAPRICORN:'I got an erection' luke hemmings
  • AQUARIUS:I have more emotional attachment to tv show characters than to real people
  • PISCES:Just ate a pizza all by myself hehehehehe
Look, I know a lot of you in the comment are gonna be like, ‘oh great, another Youtuber wrote another book, why are they writing so many books?’ Motherfucker, who cares? There is not a gun to your head, you don’t have to buy the books. I’m sorry that people, such as myself, are creating more things for you to enjoy if you want to enjoy them. Side note, bitch: I have multiple years experience writing hours and hours of shows that were on stage at comedy theaters in New York City, plus I wrote a movie about a year ago, not to mention a lot of tv stuff. So motherfucker, if I wanna write a book, I’ll write a book, you just be bitters [this was, naturally, a pun].
—  Mamrie Hart just speaking such motherfucking truth about Youtuber books in her new video.
#2: "Can I kiss you?”

Author’s Note: Just because I can.

Michael: “Babe, come on, this is fucking ridiculous. No..” he shakes his head. “Just no. I don’t get it. You get all pissy about me spending so much time with my friends while I’m at home and then when I plan something for us you wanna go out with yours? Fuck no,” he curses again, flinging himself down onto the leather sofa behind him. In his oversized t-shirt and backwards snapback, he didn’t seem at all threatening, actually more cuddly than anything else. His arms cross over his chest, the ends of his long sleeves covering his hands. You cross the cold hardwood, pressing yourself into the cushions just next to him. “Mikey, look at me. Michael,” you say, poking his shoulder. He stares blankly ahead, hardly even blinking as he watches the pictures flowing from the television screen. “Baaabe,” you press against his arm, tucking your own around it. “I’ll stay here, the girls can wait.” Green eyes flicker to the side once, then back at the screen. “Can I kiss you?” you ask, and he turns, a confused expression written on his face. “What the hell?” he laughs, your lips then covering his open mouth. Once, and then repeatedly, tongues grazing over another as hands tangle in hair, his snapback falling to the floor. His eyes flutter open as he pulls away. “Still mad at me?” you mumble, pouting. Laughter flows from his lips before his teeth tug at your jutted lip, wandering hands tugging up the bottom of your shirt.

Luke:  “I can’t stand to see you this way,” he chokes on his words, forcing down his own tears as thumbs trace gently over your cheekbones, catching pesky tears as they slide down your face. While he can’t stand to see you this way, and while he can feel his own tears trying to appear, he swallows down the feeling; him crying as well won’t make this go away, won’t make you listen. “Can I kiss you?” he mumbles questionably, so soft that it’s almost inaudible. With a sniffle, tear-brimmed eyes, and what surely had to be a completely red face, he catches your attention with those words, forcing your eyes upwards to meet his own glassy ones. A slight nod from you is all it takes for one careful hand to tuck itself beneath your chin, bringing your face to his as lips meet, clearing your mind and easing the pain, even if only for a moment.

Ashton: Hips sway to the music, blaring inside the walls of your tiny living room; rain pours down outside the windows and into the dark streets down below. A chorus of high pitch laughter floods the place, meeting your ears with a sound that’s grown to be comforting. It’s Ashton. It’s every essence of his being just poured into the most heartwarming sound, so utterly contagious and full of life. It’s full of memories; memories of years before he ever joined the band, and before he knew the boys. It takes you back to the very same Ashton you knew so long ago that now holds your tiny hands in his, the biggest smile on his face as he twirls around the couch. He stops, a pant of breath coming out heavily. “Your dancing is horrible!” he chides, leaning back into a bout of laughter pouring from his stomach. “Like yours is any better, Irwin!” you defend yourself, hands on your hips. Without warning, his hand grasps your wrist, pulling you flush against his broad chest as he stares down. “Your right, my dancing’s horrible. Your cheeks heat up, his eyes on you; your stomach floods with butterflies as his free hand lands on your cheek. “Can I kiss you?” His lips are covering yours before a slight nod is even evident to him.

Calum: Drunken laughter eludes him, the scent of alcohol lingering in the air and hanging on every hot breath filling the room. Stories of times before, memories shared just between him and you flood your ears. “And then I fell for her,” he laughs as the story ends, bring his bottle to his lips once more. “She must really be a lucky girl then, Cal,” you smile, your own words beginning to slur ever so slightly. “Oh, I don’t know,” he stands, hands pressing into the front pockets of his ridiculously tight jeans. “Haven’t really told her yet.” A hiccup falls from his lips, making you laugh. “Haven’t had the time.” You shrug. “Why not? Go tell her right now, I mean, there can’t be any harm in it.” For a moment, Calum turns into a giggly, giddy little boy in front of you, chuckling at some unknown thought. “Well, it’s you. You’re her.” He reaches down, taking a hand to draw you in. “You’re drunk,” you shake your head, refusal to believe that he, your best friend, could possibly be in love with you. He shakes his head in response. “I’m an honest drunk though, you know that.. Can I kiss you?” A tiny breath hitches in the back of your throat, jaw hanging slack as his deep brown eyes remain unwavering. Without a bit of hesitation, his full lips close over yours, his hands struggling to pull you closer.

Advice: Combining Magic and Real World

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Hello! I love your blog! I’ve literally just spent hours reading several of your incredibly helpful tips! I’m currently making a story (divided in multiple volumes, so basically a written TV Show) about a few college students capable of using magic in another dimension, but they have to keep it a secret from laymen. I also wanna put in a real world aspect in my story. So my question is: “How do I properly combine a real world aspect and the magic life aspect in my story”?

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. :)

Combining the real world and magical aspects of your story isn’t as hard as it might seem, so try not to over think it. Put yourself into the shoes of your characters: if you had magical skills, how would you hide them? What sorts of buffers between the two worlds would be most helpful? Many real world stories with magical elements have areas that are only known to magical people, such as Hogsmeade in the Harry Potter novels or London Below in Neverwhere. You’ll also want to think about how your characters will have one foot in each world at the same time. If you think about urban fantasies like Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf, there are characters who go to high school and are off fighting evil supernatural creatures before the buses even make it home. Imagine yourself in that scenario, and the different ways you might compartmentalize the aspects of your magical life from your “regular” life. There’s a good chance you’ll try to keep the two from crossing as much as possible. Or, you might go the route of stories like the Southern Vampire Mysteries or the House of Night series, where supernatural beings are just part of everyday life and everyone knows about them. This eliminates the need to keep up a buffer zone between the two worlds, but also presents a different set of complications, so you’ll have to think about which will work best for your story. :)

Fic a Day in May - Day 2

Based on a prompt: The Gallagher’s and/or Ball’s walk in on Mickey trying to propose to Ian.

Mickey was acting weird, weirder than normal, and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Ian.

He watched him get flustered by every little thing and flit about the place like he couldn’t remember where he was going or what he was doing. If Ian didn’t find it completely adorable he might have pulled him over sooner, but Mickey’s red cheeks and his hair hanging down over his brow was a wonderful sight.

Ian sat on the couch, flicking through channels just trying to find anything half decent to watch when Mickey came and sat down next to him. He looked up and smiled before turning back to the TV and Mickey cleared his throat a little.

“I uh, I got somethin’ I wanna talk to you about,” he said awkwardly.

“So go on, I’m listening,” Ian said, eyes still on the screen.

“Can you turn that thing off for a sec?” he said.

“I can listen to you and watch this it’s not big ― hey!” he shouted as Mickey snatched the remote from his hands and turned the TV off, throwing the remote over to the armchair. “Was that really necessary?”

“Can you shut the fuck up for a minute?” Mickey said and Ian rolled his eyes a little.

“Okay, you have my full attention, what is it?” he asked.

Mickey exhaled heavily, and Ian knew he had a stupid smile on his face because Mickey just looked so nervous.

“I wanna… I mean I know this kinda crap is important to you, so I want―” he started, getting cut off by Debbie as she walked down the stairs.

“Hey have either of you seen my sneakers? I swear I left them in my room but I can’t find them,” she said. “I need them for training.”

Mickey grumbled and gave her a glare but Ian just shrugged.

“Haven’t seen ‘em Debs,” he said. “You tried the back yard?”

“Yeah I’ll do that now, thanks,” she said, wandering out through the kitchen.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” Ian asked.

“I was just trying to say that I don’t… I mean you give a shit about a lot of things that never fuckin’ meant anything to me, and I don’t fucking get it, well I didn’t get it, not really… not until―” he was cut off again when the door burst open and Liam came running in, calling out Ian’s name over and over and climbing over the side of the couch to get to him.

“Ian! Ian! Ian!” he squealed and Ian just laughed as he lifted him up and gave him a squeeze.

“Hey little guy!” he grinned and this time Mickey’s grumbling and groaning was audible and Ian gave him a look.

“Hey!” Fiona said from the doorway. “Don’t mind him he’s had way too much sugar. Come on, let your brother get back to… not watching TV? Jesus, take it upstairs maybe…”

“We weren’t…” Ian shook his head a little. “We’re just talking.”

“Fucking trying to…” Mickey mumbled as Fiona made her way into the kitchen, tapping Liam on the shoulder as she did.

Ian kissed him on the head before letting him go and he ran off after Fiona.

“Alright go on,” he said.

“I’m trying to fucking say that you and me… we’ve been through some shit and―” he stopped when Liam ran in and threw himself over Mickey’s knees, giggling like mad.

Mickey raised an eyebrow and Ian just laughed.

“What’s he doing?” Mickey asked.

“Being a kid, I don’t know,” he replied.

“Liam!” Fiona called and he let out a giant sigh.

Okay,” he said, following her voice to the kitchen and dragging his arms behind him.

“Kids are fucking weird,” Mickey said. “Can we go outside or something, it’s like a fucking clown car in this place.”

Ian nodded and the two got up to head out to the backyard, passing Debbie who was holding up her shoes with a smile.

There were still a couple of lawn chairs set up on the grass that they sat down in and Ian just gave him a warm smile, kicking Mickey’s foot lightly.

“Is that better now?” he asked.

“You think it’s funny?” Mickey asked.

“Oh come on, wait what’s going on?” Ian said with worry lacing his voice.

“Am I allowed to wanna say something to you and not the whole fucking Brady Bunch?”

“Alright, so what do you want to say?”

“That I fucking love you and I don’t wanna fucking lose you!” he said and Ian was a little taken aback.

“I love you too,” he said quietly. “What does that have to do with―”

“I don’t wanna lose you,” he repeated. “And I don’t get why you had to make a big fucking deal when I got hitched but I don’t know, maybe I know what you were talkin’ about now.”

“Are you saying what I think you are?”

“I’m sayin’ I don’t wanna lose you but I ain’t good at this,” he said, looking up and into Ian’s eyes. “I don’t do big fucking gestures―”

“Oh yeah, doesn’t do big gestures,” Kev said as he came through the back with a duffel bag over his shoulder. “Coming from the dude who came out to a whole bunch of drunk assholes and trashed my bar.”

Mickey looked like he was about to snap as he turned slowly to Kev.

“Do you fucking mind?” he snapped.

“Well excuse me, am I interrupting a tea party or something?” he said.

“Actually I think you were interrupting a proposal,” Ian said quietly just as Fiona and Debbie came to the door to meet Kev.

“You what?” Fiona said and Debbie was just looking from one to another with wide eyes.

“Jesus, can’t anyone get a little privacy around here?” Mickey yelled, standing up and throwing his hands in the air.

The three of them on the porch seemed to look a little sheepish and Fiona waved Kev inside, shooting Ian a little smile before dragging Debbie along with them.

“That was what you were doing, right?” Ian asked, looking back at Mickey. “I mean I don’t want to assume anything but, that is what you were doing?”

He sighed.


Ian’s lips pulled even tighter as the smile spread over his face.

“All of that, ‘I don’t wanna lose you’, ‘I didn’t understand it’, ‘I love you’,” he said, the cockiness creeping onto his features. “That was all your way of asking me to marry you?”

Mickey narrowed his eyes at him. “Well I don’t have a fucking ring.”

“Why not?”

“Because I ain’t getting’ down on one knee.”

“Well what kind of proposal is this?”

“It’s the fucking good and bad, sickness and health kind of bullshit that you always fucking wanted! Is that okay? That enough for you or you want a ring on your fat fucking―”

Ian silenced Mickey’s nervous ranting with his lips, lunging in and catching them with his own, hands cupping the sides of his face.

His lips parted and Mickey’s along in time, a pattern that they’d long since perfected. Mickey closed his eyes and reached around to pull Ian’s hips into him. His fingers slid gently across the thin material on his back and dipped under it until they were caressing his skin and Ian’s fingers were moving into his hair.

He tightened his grip a little, pulling Mickey back and making him let out an annoyed grunt.

“That was a yes, in case you were wondering,” he said. “And my fingers aren’t fat so you can quit being lazy and go steal us a set of rings.”

Mickey huffed out noisily but smiled. “Oh that was your yes, huh?”

“What, not good enough for you?” Ian asked.

“Wanna go to my place? Probably less people to invade our fucking privacy,” Mickey grinned.

“Let’s go,” he said and they disentangled themselves from one another, at least until they made it to the Milkovich house.

Dongho’s videos~

Not too long ago Dongho had a live streaming on Afreeca TV. In the first video he mentions Kevin.Kiseop,and Jun. (I was super happy by the way he addressed Jun! Im just assuming that he’s met/hung out with Jun or he just knows of him.) He mentioned though that he keeps in touch with Kevin and Kiseop. 

The second video @6:26 is where the MMHN remix starts. He also plays a bit of “Binguel Binguel”. ^^

If you wanna listen to the whole thing feel free to do so. I was so turnt listening to Dongho’s music and cant wait for more live streams to listen to it!!!!~ Sorry! I would have posted these sooner if i knew tumblr changed the video thingy. 

i know how some people are not very impressed by the scene in Tron: Legacy where Tron is “killed” by Clu, saying its not “convincing”. 

but i’m gonna remind you, we do get that scene expanded upon in Tron: Uprising, even adding dialogue between Clu, Dyson and Tron; not just a scream, and then…..silence. 

so while yeah, they could have done more for that scene in the movie, they made up for it in an awesome remake of it in the amazing tv series.

ok so that’s my eleven 20 p.m rant. just though i would put it out there. 

have some cute Tron for your dash

Which One?

Requested by vagina-teeth:

Can you Pleaaase write a malum imagine, love triangle thing

Idk why this took me so long, I just got really distracted but it’s finished now, I’m sorry I took such a long time!

“Hey love.”  Calum greets me as he plops down on the couch beside me.  “Hi Cal.”  I chirp as I continue watching whatever useless program was on tv.  “So um I was thinking…”  Calum begins as he thinks.  “Do you maybe wanna go out tonight?”  he asks in a hopeful tone.  Flustered, I immediately agree.  “Sure, I’d love to!”  I smile as he lets out a sigh of relief.  “Great so I’ll just-”  “Hey y/n!”  Michael interrupts as he walks in the room.  “Hi Mikey.”  I grin, looking to Calum, seeing him give Michael a death glare.  There’s a sudden negativity filling the room as the two boys stare each other down.  “What’s going on with you too, did something happen that I missed?”  I ask confused.  “No, everything’s just fine.”  Michael starts smiling before sitting next to me on the opposite side of Calum so I’m sandwiched in between them.  “Yeah, everything’s alright.”  Calum smiles smugly, pressing a kiss to my cheek.  

Michael and Calum has always been super flirty with me.  It was kind of like a joking thing we did that was never taken seriously.  Obviously, things get affectionate sometimes but it’s just in a friendship kind of way.  

“Yeah okay.”  Michael mumbles, looking down at his lap with anger in his eyes.  “Are you sure everyth-”  “Yes everything’s fucking fine okay y/n!”  Michael spits, the fire in his eyes growing in seconds.  “Oh.”  I whisper, confused by his sudden outburst.  “I can assure you that things are fine okay love?”  Calum says, wrapping an arm around me while Michael glares at him.  Calum smirks while he runs his hand up and down my arm soothingly.  “So then, tonight I’ll pick you up at 7 and we’ll go to dinner?”  Calum asks, looking at me but still making sure that Michael’s attention is turned on us.  “Yeah, sounds good.”  I smile uncomfortably as the tension in the room builds.  A few minutes pass as we sit in awkward silence before I decide to break it.  “Michael how about we play some playstation?”  I ask glancing over to his tense self.  “No.”  he responds, standing up to leave.  “Wait where are you going?”  I ask sitting up a little, causing Calum to shift around, pulling me closer to him.  “I don’t know.”  he mumbles heading for the door.  “Wait Mikey, why don’t you stay a little longer?”  Calum says in a teasing tone as Michael turns back around, his glare burning into Calum.  “Fuck off.”  he shakes his head.  “Michael!”  I gasp at his impolite response.  “C’mon Mike, have a seat, we’ve got all the time in the world.  At least we do until 7…”  Calum winks, sending Michael over the edge.  “You know what Calum, leave me the fuck alone!  You clearly got what you wanted, you got what I can’t have so just fucking leave it there!  God you’re such a fucking prick!”  he yells, storming out of the room and slamming the door.  “What the hell just happened?”  I ask turning to Calum who’s only smirking.  “I don’t know, must be a mood swing.” he laughs.  “Calum, you’re not telling me something and I want to know what it is.  Now.”  I demand, pulling away from his arms.  “It’s nothing, I promise.”  he tilts his head.  “Then why was he so upset huh!?  Tell me why he got so upset that he stormed out and just about hit a breaking point!”  I raise my voice.  “Okay, alright.”  he says softly.  “We’ve been kind of at each other’s throats because we both want something that only one of us can have.”  he says concentrating on the words leaving his mouth.  “And what is it?”  I ask.  “You.”  he hesitates.  “Me?”  my eyes widen.  “Yeah, I guess we both ended up liking you and this whole fight started.”  he explains.  “How long has this been going on for?”  I question.  “About 2 months.  Although he ‘claims’ he’s liked you since you were both 14.”  he puts emphasis on his words, rolling his eyes.  “What?”  I search through my scrambled mind, figuring out what to do next.  “You don’t actually believe that do you?”  he says looking surprised.  “You can be a real ass sometimes.”  I say before standing up to go find Michael.  “Wait, wait babe.”  he calls after me, stopping me at the door.  “Don’t ‘babe’ me.”  I say through gritted teeth before pushing past him and running through the house.  

All this time Michael has liked me?  How could I have not noticed?  But Calum likes me too which makes things hard although he’s not proving anything to me with his attitude right now.  

“Michael?”  I call through the house when I end up in front his room, the door close.  I knock on it softly, hoping he’ll answer me.  “Michael please talk to me.”  I plead.  “Just go away.”  I hear him sadly say.  “I’m not going away, just let me in.” I say calmly.  Suddenly I hear the door click and it opens slightly before I hear him plop back down on his bed.  I slowly walk in and close the door behind me, seeing him lay face first on the mattress and his legs dangling off the bed.  “We need to talk.”  I quietly say, sitting myself next to him.  “Didn’t Calum do enough of it?”  he mumbles into the sheets.  “Calum is behaving like an ass right now.  And this isn’t about him, I want to talk about something else.”  I tell him, causing him to actually sit up beside me but not making any eye contact.  “Calum’s always an ass.”  he says under his breath while staring at the floor.  “Okay well what I wanted to talk about was something more personal.”  I begin.  “So um, please don’t kill Cal after this cause he told me something.”  I wince as I mention his name again.  “I swear to fucking god what did he tell you this time?”  he says growing more upset.  “Calm down, alright, you’ll probably be glad when I’m finished telling you.”  i reassure him.  He sighs and I start talking again.  “He was saying how you both liked me and it became this whole competition-”  “Fuck.”  he blurts out.  “Let me finish.  He was saying how this has been going on for like 2 months and then he got offended when he started telling me that you liked me since we were 14 cause he said that I shouldn’t believe it.”  I say and his cheeks go red.  “And why should I be glad you’re telling me this?”  he asks annoyed.  “Because…I kinda like you back.”  I admit, making him shift his gaze to me.  “What?”  he asks quietly out of disbelief.  I smile in response and move closer to him.  “Are you serious?”  he questions, looking me right in the eye.  “Yes.”  I whisper inches away from his face.  He leans in further before our lips collide and his hands find my waist while mine tangle in his hair.  “I love you.”  I say against his lips out of no where.  I pull away for a second, my eyes widening as he stares at me smiling adoringly.  “I love you too.”  he says pressing another soft kiss to my lips.  “I guess I should thank Calum for pissing me off then…” we both laugh.  “I can’t believe it.”  he says in fascination.  “What?”  I ask, intertwining our fingers.  “I’ve been in love with you for a fairly long time and now, you’re actually here feeling the same way.”  he grins, pressing his forehead against mine and twirling a strand of my hair around his finger.  In that moment I look into his emerald eyes admiring everything about him as he looks right back.  “Whoa whoa what’s going on!”  I turn around to see Calum at the door with his hands over his eyes.  My face drops as I realize I still had to tell him my decision.  “Are you guys about to get it on!?”  he says still not removing his hands.  “Cal no-”  “All is good, all is forgiven just please don’t fucking have sex while I’m in the next room over!”  he yells leaving the room.  “Well… I guess he’s over it.”  I giggle.  “We should’ve known this would happen, he likes a different girl every other day.”  Michael says laughing.  We lay back on the bed as he pulls me close to him and presses a gentle kiss to my cheek.  “I’m so in love with you.”  I can practically hear the smile in his voice.  “You’re alright.”  I giggle, earning a whie from him.  “I’m kidding, I love you too.”  I say, turning to face him and pressing a kiss to his lips.