Straight people literally have a show where they get married to a stranger and have to ‘make it work for 90 days then decide if they wanna stay married”, and a show where they make out with someone they just met and then decide if they have a shot.

I literally never wanna hear any of you say again about how queer chemistry on a tv show is happening too fast or them getting together or kissing too soon and it not feeling legit to you.

Just... K.I.T.T

Ok y'know what? You wanna know what? K.I.T.T is the sweetest cinnamon roll you’ll ever see. He’s just so fucking loyal to Michael. He really loves Michael. With his little:

“Michael! It’s so good to see you!"s and his

"Michael, what do you think?"s or his

"Michael! Are you alright?!"s. Let’s also not forget how fucking funny he is with all his goddamned sass.

Michael: "Y'know you’re about as much fun as a divorce, which isn’t a bad idea.”

K.I.T.T: “I want custody of me.”

Like wtf I want a car like K.I.T.T to judge my music choices and my video game skills. I want a car that can’t resist sharing his opinion or making terrible puns. Come on 2K16, if K.I.T.T was around in the 80s, why don’t I have him yet?!!!

keith headcanons just ‘cause i’ve been staring at his goofy mullet for so long in photoshop lately:

  • dog person, but is a cat at heart
  • really sensitive movie/tv watcher, if he cares about the movie/show he doesn’t want to miss anything. he’ll get frustrated with others when he can’t hear a joke or he’s distracted during an important plot point
  • prefers to watch with closed captions on
  • smiles to himself every time he reads [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING]
  • has gotten into multiple altercations at more than one fast food restaurant
  • (usually the local 24-hour mcdonalds)
  • when he chews gum he pops it, loudly, without remorse, doesn’t even realize he’s doing it
  • has never paid more than $15 for any article of clothing, ever
  • maybe it’s maybelline, maybe it’s that he only can be bothered to wash his hair once a week
  • he doesn’t give even half a shit about what people think of his hair but just for his own sanity + to keep it out of the way when he hasn’t had the time to get to it, he has a bunch of hats… baseball caps and beanies mostly. he throws it up in a low pony/bun, slaps on the hat and he outtie. but that’s only when he gets so grody even he can’t handle it
  • always has at least (1) one hair tie on him at any given time. just in case. all the girls at school knew they could hit up keith if they needed one
  • goes to a family-owned corner store for all his lowkey shopping needs because major corporations (+ capitalism in general) give him hives
  • does his laundry at the laundromat. he’s the dude who waits until he has nothing but the clothes on his back and sits on the washer in his grimy black undershirt and boxer briefs while the little old ladies tut at him and offer him butterscotch candies
  • doesn’t drink any soda except for fanta
  • hardcore netflix binger. keith, it’s been 72+ hours. house of cards can wait. please go to bed
  • gets that Warm Fuzzy Feeling® whenever someone shows him casual verbal or physical affection because he is love-starved okay he needs that Platonic Good Good™ pat his shoulder call him pal he needs it to survive
  • vending machine junkie, he’ll eat anything out of those things
  • (also they’re easy to get quick food from for cheap… a Must on his budget)
  • can and will get an attitude if u interrupt him when he’s in the middle of something. u should have known better
  • zero to savage in .3 seconds
  • watched teletubbies as a kid

i don’t really give two flying fucks about this but i just wanna say something before shower thoughts does. why do we say “on” when we’re talking about somebody who was from a tv show and “in” when we’re referring to people from movies

Impulse (part 1)

There will be a smutty part two. Tomorrow. I just wanted to get this one out today. Ignore the typos and all that, I didn’t really have time to edit. Also, this was born last night during a sleep induced and frustrated conversation with @permanentcross. Hope you enjoy xx


“So… what d'yeh wanna watch?!” Harry asks you, eyebrow popping up as he poses the question.

You’re both at his place, sprawled out on the big couch while facing the TV, the coffee table filled with sweets and popcorn while the both of you flicked through Netflix searching for something worth watching. 

“Whatever you want…” You mumble, distracted. There was too much in your head that prevented you from caring about the film you were supposed to be watching.

Harry had a bit of downtime between one work commitment and the other and, while he was still in London, he’d wanted to spend time with you. It was a harmless, intention lacking evening - two friends getting together for a pint and a movie. At least that’s what it was supposed to be.

What started as an innocent get together quickly turned into a torturous evening for you, filled with tension and lack of control. 

It started long ago, these feelings. Warm and cozy, swirling in your belly before going up your chest and squeezing your heart with fondness that turned into want very quickly. You had been successfully fighting it for months, putting up some distance between the both of you and taking advantage of the fact that Harry was busy - sometimes so busy he could only send you a quick “How was your day? xx” text and that was it, for at least a while, before he had time to talk again.

It worked perfectly for you. What the eyes can’t see, the heart can’t feel it, right?! But that was not how it worked.

The minute he’d texted you saying he wanted to catch up, everything you had been pressing down and hiding knocked you out like lightening. It was a mixture of pent up emotion that had you breathless and shaking - tummy filled with uncontrollable butterflies, a yearning in your chest so strong it was painful, your nerves too heightened to ignore. But you had no escape, you had agreed to see him and he was expecting you - three whole days of expectation, excitement and nerves that had you shaking to your bone while you drove to his place. 

Once he’d opened the door and wrapped you up in a tight embrace, it felt like every knot in your body snapped, emotion flooding into you like tsunami tides that forced you to hold on to him for dear life. You both stood in his foyer, arms wound tight around each other, your ear pressed to his chest where his heart was beating B steadily, his scent swarming your senses while the soft fabric of his sweater rubbed against your cheek and you felt safe. You felt safe and home. 

“Missed you, pet.” Harry mumbled, temple pressed against yours. You could hear his voice rumbling through his chest, vibrating against your cheek and you sigh, feeling your chest swelling with fondness as you untangle your arms from around him and look up to his face, a shy smile playing on your lips. “Don’t go MIA on me like that!”

“Says the one who sends a text every three months.” You gripe and he laughs, just because he knows you’re right, his green eyes alight as he looks at you. “Missed you too.”

From that moment on, you were screwed. You try and keep to yourself, sitting on the corner of the couch and observing him go back and forth around the living room, offering you various things to eat while he told you about everything he’d been doing for the past few months. 

He looks different - better, if possible. You can see his shoulders are wider, arms stronger under the big amount of fabric of his sweater, lose around his sides and covering his hands, giving him sweater paws and softening his appearance, even though he looks more like a man now than ever before, no traces of the soft boy he once was. His hair is covered by a Green Bay Packers beanie, contrasting against his all black outfit and he looks sleepy, telling you that he was probably having a nap before you ringed the bell. 

“That’s enough ‘bout me.” He sighs, finally plopping down beside you, much closer than you’d like him to. His legs are spread open, tattooed hand gripping your thigh as he rests back against the couch and smiles at you. “How have you been, love?”

“I’ve been good.” You shrug. “Nothing as exciting as your life but still, been having a nice time.” You smile at him, head resting on your hand as you turn to look at him.

He looks breathtakingly good, his legs spread, looking so nice and strong it was almost an invitation for you to settle yourself on his lap. His lips, pink and full, are slick and glistening with spit from how many times he had ran his tongue over them while he talked to you and he has his bottom one pinched between his thumb and forefinger as he listens patiently while you speak.

Your eyes, as much as you tried to control them, couldn’t look away from him and you can feel your chest tightening and your hands and lips tingling with want. So much time apart, so many repressed and shoved down feelings that were now making themselves known again and it was like a flood – unbound and uncontrolled, running over barriers and defenses you had put up and destroying them just as if they were a toothpick - effortlessly. There was no wall hiding them from your eyes and your heart, your feelings were right there, in broad daylight for you to see, staring you in the face and telling you that no, you weren’t escaping this time.

Harry’s hand, the one that gripped your thigh, is warm but it feels like a burning fire on your skin, even through your clothes and you could swear that if he kept it there a second longer, you’d both see smoke coming out of it. You’re overheating with his closeness, sparks igniting your bones and making your blood rush through your veins so fast it makes you dizzy. His eyes, eyes you love so much, are looking at you like you are his whole world and you don’t know if it was because you missed him or because you wanted it so badly, for so long, but before you could stop yourself, you are lunging forward, one leg straddling his thigh, leaning in eagerly, hands firmly pressed against his cheeks, your lips molding to his as you shut your eyes tightly and melt into a kiss. 

Your tongue runs over his bottom lip before your thumb presses to his chin as you beg, with a desperate and whiny sound, for him to open up to you and you didn’t know what possessed him to allow this, but he does, lips parting and welcoming your greedy tongue into his mouth. You can taste the beer he’d been drinking on his tongue and it makes you sigh, because right under it is the taste of him, the one you’ve always wanted to know and it makes you shake with a burning, overwhelming desire. You had wondered, for so long, how it would be… how he would feel, how he would taste and now you knew.

The swirls of pleasure fluttering inside of you settle into a tight pressure low on your tummy, a knot wound so tight it makes you ache for him. You suckle on his bottom lip as you hold him still, as still as a rock. He’s not even touching you but when you bite on his bottom lip, his chest expands as he takes a sharp breath and his hands reach for your arms as his neck stretches up to reach for you - to get closer, to kiss deeper. 

It’s then, when he moans your name and pulls you closer, that it dawns on you – you are kissing him. Harry. You’re not supposed to kiss him. You pull away with a gasp, nail scraping the skin of his neck, lips making a filthy sound as you push away from him, your eyes wide and your hands shaking.

“I’m-“ You start, breathless, fingers reaching for your lips as you feel the tingling still there, the knot still pressing on your tummy, the shivers still running down your spine.

Harry is on the couch, hands dropped to his sides, red bitten lips parted in shock and a frown on his forehead as his green eyes lock with yours.

“I’m sorry.” You breath out, hand pressing to your forehead as you feel your eyes swell with tears. What have you done? “I fucked up, I’m- I’m s-so sorry.”

“Love, don’t-“ He starts but it’s too late for a reaction. You’re already out the door.


“Hi, I can’t answer you right now, please leave a message.”

He already knows the words by heart now, engraved in his brain because of the amount of times he had to listen to them over the past few weeks.

How long had it been now? A week? Two? Maybe a month, Harry doesn’t know. All he knows is that you don’t answer it. And you if he were to make a bet, he’d say you won’t answer him any time soon. At least not now - probably not ever, if he knows you well enough.

The kiss, that desperate, erratic, lust filled kiss had been playing over and over again in his head, just as much as the message on your voicemail. He already went over it a thousand times, looking for that one thing – the thing that made you run away from him and disappear as if you’ve never existed in the first place.

He’d tried to get in touch with you in every way he knew how – calls, voicemail, texts that went unread, Twitter, Facebook, the lot. Every time, he came up emptyhanded and it was like a shock to his system.

He has questions, questions only you can answer and they are driving him mad, haunting his dreams every time his head hits the pillow. Where are you? Why won’t you answer him? Why did you run? What was that kiss… what did it mean?

“What have I done?” Is the question he asks you the most, with no answer. Ever.

Confused is the perfect word to describe him. Confused… and hurt. Not even after your worst fights, which weren’t many but that happened anyway, had you ever shut him out like this. It’s a constant silence, a never ending stream of unanswered pleads that lead him nowhere and it’s driving him mental.

It’s like the clock beside his bed is mocking him - 11:59 to 00:00. Another day you didn’t talk to him, another day he lost a little more of you. Another rejection. Another 24 hours of complete and utter silence, the only change being the digits beside your phone number, that kept going higher and higher. What was it now? A hundred? He didn’t know. But he was done with it.

wow i still can’t believe 1000+ people could keep up with my weirdness and bullshit, i dun biliv it. thank you so much everyone! i never thought i’d reach that number this fast. just wanna say its been great talking and sharing about my favorite sports (especially), movies, tv shows with everyone here! ily guys so much!

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White Simmers.....

I have a question for you……several in fact (And while this doesn’t apply to all of you, this applies to a lot of you.)

Why do you want so badly to Roleplay Black sims, but then you know nothing about us and don’t bother to research us?

Why when you do make Black sims that you love to make them in the same 2 light bright shades of the EA “rainbow” and then call them Black?

Why when you write their stories, everything is a trope you’ve seen on some TV show?

I just wanna tell you…..


its so weird cause like when lucaya has a moment i get like really excited and my heart starts jumping but whenever theres a rucas moment my heart just kinda drops and i wanna throw out the tv....i guess the heart wants what it wants.

I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT’S BEEN ANOTHER TWO YEARS???   I’ve come a long way from my early days back on my old blog… Or if you wanna go earlier, to when I first started RP’ing this burger queen in 2012. A lot’s happened since then, and now I’m here, August of 2016, celebrating the second year back around with you all. Whether you’ve known me from when I was still using gifs in my threads, or when my admiration for Emily expanded infinitely when she landed a role on the best tv show ever ( ie Revenge !!! ) - and then the role of my fave blonde daughter, or even just now, I’d like to thank every single one of you that’s been around. Not just to those I talk regularly to, but my entire follower count. You’re all the real MVP’s here, and I’m so, so lucky to have you all. So here’s to another year with my smol !!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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ok so like i have 0 time to write this so imma just bang my johnlock dating game headcannon out here

- there’s this chinese dating show called If You Are The One that’s on tv all the time and what if it’s an all male dating show?

- there’s a panel of single men and they basically all make a decision whether they wanna have the lucky contestant who stands before them and talk about himself. 

- but recently someone has been killing the men on the show, so the producer hires Sherlock to solve the case

- Sherlock agrees because this is his best chance at studying the frankly bizarre lengths people will go to find a mate. he signs up as a single man, to be added to the panel

- Sherlock is a horrible contestant.

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How Bleach Should Have Ended

I will not pretend like I can imagine the perfect end for Bleach, just wanna share a couple thoughts.

1. So, first of all, I expected that the last chapter begins with the reference to this famous frame


Ichigo/20-something years old

Hair color/orange

Eye color/brown

Occupation/Gotei 13 captain 

(or something BUT NOT MAN IN FRONT OF TV!)

It would be just perfect (in my opinion), right in the feels + It gives us quick exposure (while the last chapter was pure exposition and nothing else :/ )

2. I already can hear your “Oh”, but I (hardcore IchiRuki shipper) never thought that Ichigo and Rukia will end up together - it would be too easy and too happy for the cruel world of the manga. 

Plus one of them would have died for sure the next second they confessed to each other. 

So they should say goodbye. Because it’s kinda their thing, you know. 

They meet, fight and then force themselves to say goodbye (summary of any chapter).

The last chapter should be an epic farewell, but I think Kubo just was not able to draw more love and sadness in their eyes than at this gorgeous frame (real end of manga for me now and forever). 

3. There should be few frames of minor characters’ peaceful life.  And especially Urahara and Yoruichi.

As I said, I doubt that Ichigo and Rukia can be together but if they ever will be - they would become Urahara/Yoruichi type of couple.

Ichigo would never fit into any system (even Gotei 13) and will for sure end up minding his own (shady?) business (ahah, look, just like most of Shiba). Rukia will never leave his side. And they will adopt bunch of kids (from Rukongai probably) because of their Big Brother Instinct (for god sake there is even Ichigo’s quote). While nobody will be sure what kind of relationship they have.

Oh I digress from the topic.

I would like to know more about children -  Karin and Yuzu (not only about the size of the breast), Ururu and Jinta - I feel like they can be the future of this manga, not suddenly appeared protagonists’ children (just my opinion). 

Shiba reunion had to happen, it would be epic.

Also the idea that the characters can marry someone not from their inner circle and have not their parents’ job seems really intriguing.

4. The last arc was about quincy and still we got nothing for them in the end. Mainly I mean of course Uryu and Masaki. 

It was a long damn journey for Uryu, and after all this nazi quincy army I don’t think that he really like to wear white lab coat. Of course, he has the power to help people, but to be a doctor is not the only way (just any other future would not fit on a single frame, so).

Masaki is another thing. I firmly believe that the last chapter should take place on June 17. This is a very important date for manga, the day when everything went wrong, the day that became the trigger of the Ichigo’s personality. 

I can see Ichigo standing at his mother’s grave and tells her about the end of the story. It shows that he is the central character (because it is his story after all), he is not just someone watching TV with family. And it actually gives him an opportunity to tell us something at the end, after all the manga was all about pretentious speeches, wasn’t it?

5. The last one. You know it is the good decision to end the story with what you started it. It is rotating. The world will change. But in the end everything comes full circle. 

The last chapter of Bleach in some way reflects the first chapter - boy meets girl again. But this reflection is so empty that it looks more like a mockery. 

Protagonists’ children do not have the basis for a good story. Original boy and girl have so much pain behind them that it is not wiped even in the end of the manga (at least I can not believe in their absolute happiness, like where it came from so suddenly?). 

So long story short, just remind us where we started and what we went through. Let us remember all those we have lost. Let characters let go their pain and say goodbye to each other. Let them look back and continue their journey.  This is A Perfect End.

Do not bury them in happiness (you know the rule, if you want to destroy the character - make him happy). 

P.S. sorry for long post and my english, just had to speak out.


so im having a rlly shitty night mental health wise and i need something to get my mind off of it and i KNOW IM HORRIBLE AT BLOGRATES BUT I REALLY JUST WANT TO DO THEM TONIGHT SO I’M GOING TO so here !!! :D 


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  • thats all! :D

format (under cut):

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Hey guys, wanna hear an anecdote?

Here it goes, my mom just told me that on a morning show in greek tv today, they had a video with the top ten of celebrity/tv stars’ friendships that turn into hate. And in no1 they had Mulder and Scully (DD&GA). 

I stared at her for 2-3 minutes and then started laughing so hard I almost fell from the couch. After I collected myself I said ‘’ omg these people have no idea’’, and my mom goes ‘’that’s what they said, that they don’t have a good relationship, not talking much etc’’, I was like ‘’mom please stop. You don’t know how far from the truth this shit is. *started laughing again* oh I am so going to share this with my tumblr friends, they gonna have a good laugh’’

Can you believe it there are so ignorant reporters? in the year 2016, with internet and google and gillovny all over the place, people still can’t do their job right!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU IDIOTS.