Can we just appreciate the fact that how this show managed to turn the whole manic episode on its head right now in this very clip? Like sure we were all really down and depressed and the clip last Friday was hella all sorts of triggering. But now we have Magnus, talking about his mom being bipolar. All casual and at ease, even joking and laughing about it. NORMALISING IT. like “hey, it’s okay, I know what its like” but not in like a sympathetic way? CAN WE JUST ACKNOWLEDGE AND APPRECIATE THIS BEAUTIFUL BLONDE CLUELESS NORWEGIAN CHILD that just basically lifted isak’s spirit by approaching it with this awesome nonchalant attitude. 

Man Face Monday - Face Invasion Edition

Hello Gorgeous! 

I hope you are having a good Monday, or whatever day you happen to be reading this on. Because I want you to have a great week. And when you aren’t having a great one, I hope you will reminisce about some of these images and they will take away the harsh and replace it with pretty. Because, you. 

Some terrific face in last week’s episode, so I went to town capturing the gamut. I hope you enjoy.

First, how amazing is this guy? Oliver Queen relaxed and happy is a rare face, indeed. I know it was a dream and everything, but geez. ::sigh::

Man. What a face that is. Being all serious and whatnot. I could also just run my fingers through the hair above his ear for about three hours. I bet it’s nice. 

Perfect mountains of pillow. What else can be said, really?

But I like worried. Worried does things to me. Must fix the sad for him.

This is an older gif, but it’s delicious face. Thanks @the-oliverqueen for capturing this great gamut of face. 

Originally posted by the-oliverqueen

Because smiling Oliver Queen is always a precious cupcake. 

And that f#$@ing dimple. I would say we could write tomes about the dimple, but I suspect if one were to compile all of the fanfiction about Oliver Queen’s stupid face, we would learn it has already been done. 

Also, MVJ props to that leather jacket. It was nice. I like to think that Oliver’s subconscious has better taste than the wardrobe person that put him in that puffy grey trainwreck of a Michelin Man jacket last season. He looked delicious last week. 

Finally, a little black and white. For the art. 

Well, there we have it. I do hope you enjoy this collection of pretty and angsty and so rarely happy. I hope you have a great week ahead. 

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I just finished watching Jack’s LP of The Last Guardian, and I am so happy he likes it so much. He’s waited so long for it, and I’m happy he finally gets to play it. It’s a really cool game, and I’m excited to see where it takes the channel. This was something I put together while watching the first episode, and it BY FAR does not look as majestic as the real Trico. I, too, want to rub his soft belly. He’s so freaking cute. @therealjacksepticeye



I just got into SVTFOE and the first episode that I’ve watched was Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, aka the last one that came out xD Then I came across the episode where Tom and Marco sing and all that (basically how I started shipping Tomco). And I liked Tom so much that I procedeed to watch every episode that included him haha.

Seriously though, I really need to watch the episodes in the right order.

After watching the 1st and 2nd series, I missed the girls at the beginning of this series and I didn’t know if I was going to like Isaks friendship group as much, but after these latest episodes I know I’m going to miss the guys so much! They’re all awesome and really love each other just as much as the girls do!


9x01 ”I Think I’m Going To Like It Here”
Just One Word

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

I just really think the S9 premiere, much like the entire season, was just so beautfiully done, so well structured and I really loved how the “trip into someone’s head” that was introduced with Fred Jones in S8 was brought back this way and emphasized why this episode one season prior was so important. It did built the groundwork for all the times someone tried to break another person out of possession after all (such as Crowley clueing Sam in on expelling Gadreel or Crowley trying to get Castiel to expell Lucifer). What I like about the circularity of Jeremy Carver’s writing is that every single thing he set up in the season premiere was tied up and re-addressed in the finale. In this scene here the imo beautiful set up is Gadreel - an angel - telling Dean “to close his eyes” and get a glimpse into Sam’s internal life while his brother lays dieing in a hospital bed. In the season finale it would be Dean’s corpse laying in his bed Crowley - a demon - sitting at his side telling him “to open his eyes” and live a “new kind of life”.


When first watching the episode, I didn’t think much of Mina’s design.

Just that she looks really elegant. Really suave. It was fitting.

I had initially thought the designs on her arms and neck were like lace.

Except, when looking closer, they kind of look more like tattoos.

It could very much be the style of the models though.

Season 3, Episode 10 - Heroes on Both Sides

anonymous asked:

I loved when sc were on the phone and he says "you're gonna be my wife" even after She took the ring off, so confident 😊

I love this moment because it was Stefan saying “you’re my family and that means you’re family is my family” it’s a dysfunctional family but it’s still a family. I really just liked all of Stefan’s actions in this episode, he understood Carolines stance even if it hurt but he also wasn’t afraid to take charge and fix everything. He was very much a husband and a leader in this episode and it was amazing.

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What's your beef with Eyewitness?

i don’t really have beef with eyewitness. i think its a fine show, i really liked the first few episodes, and i think the cast are all amazing and sweet and funny.

i have beef with people comparing eyewitness and skam, and making “parallels” gifsets and all that. mostly because eyewitness and skam are such DIFFERENT shows; the dynamics of the relationships between the characters are completely different, as well as the tone, and plot, and message. just because they both have gay storylines doesn’t mean they’re similar or comparable, but people group them up as if they’re same.

eyewitness is very much about shock value. mostly bc its a crime show and that’s a given, but it is. and its made it very very difficult for philip and lukas to be happy and together without something gross immediately happening (ie, lukas punching philip, lukas having sex with rosa while philip had to take pictures, etc.) i get that it’s caused by PTSD and internalized homophobia, but it still isn’t the Best.

skam is about growth? and learning? mostly because the whole show is just a classic bildungsroman. so it makes sense that they wouldn’t kill anyone off, or have drama for the sake of drama. everything means something because everything is supposed to lead a character down a path where they become better people. 

i’m not saying its better than eyewitness, or that eyewitness is Problematic or anything, im just saying eyewitness and skam value different things and are, at their core, about different things.

and while i used to really like eyewitness i just?? got tired of everyone defending lukas’ shitty and often times manipulative behavior with his mental illness which, yes, fine, i can see why his situation would cause him to do that, but it gets stretched out so much and mental illness shouldn’t be an excuse, ever. as a mentally ill person, i know its not ok to be manipulative or shitty to someone else just bc ur mentally ill. 

so when they compare the relationship that philip and lukas have, which i don’t find too healthy, with isak and even, who also has mental illness but is handled in way that’s so different and i think more optimistically, i just get uncomfortable.

just because they’re gay doesn’t mean they’re similiar shows or pairings.

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can Jane just write a spinoff series for Captain Swan so that I'm not forced to tune in to this shit every week? I'm embarrassed for the other writers bc of how bad this season has been tbh

God I wish.

I like a lot of the writers I just don’t like A&E, they have some good moments in their episodes but I’ve been saying for awhile now that they are by far the weakest writers on the show, hands down.

To me it’s like they almost aren’t even involved in the process until the time comes to write their episodes, than they burst in with a “big twist” or plot they want to force in and they completely disregard the characterization and plot elements the rest of the writers have been working on and building towards.

Then they tell us what they really intended to do in interviews.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm feeling devastated. I've been working on my novel for a yr+ now, and I was feeling so original about my plot. I've never seen it done before, nor has anyone else who I have asked about it. Then today I am watching an episode of Black Mirror, and it's exactly the same thing as I'm writing. I know you can't copyright an idea, but I'm still worried about being accused of copying. It's also a discouraging feeling because now I feel like I have nothing original in my novel. What should I do?

You have a few options here:

  1. Abandon the project and start something new. Nothing wrong with that. Happens to us all.
  2. Take a break. Stick the novel in a drawer and come back to it later. You might have fresh ideas.
  3. Really compare your story to that episode. Is it actually exactly the same or is it just the general plot threads that are? What can you change to differentiate?
  4. Ignore it. Everything’s been done before, really. It’s not about the idea but what you can do with it that matters. No one can write what you write.

Hope that helps a bit.


Let me just say this. If Mattie invested more time emotionally and mentally with Odi, he wouldn’t be in the sad state he’s in. From a viewer’s perspective, she spent a lot of time on the code to wake him up, but not a lot of time helping him adjust to his consciousness. She had a real opportunity to bond with a synth, get to know more about how one thinks and feels that WASN’T one of Elster’s children. He was like her project and she just abandoned him pretty quickly to chase after Leo. Really? Think about it. How many episodes passed between the time she woke him up to the time she visited Leo? I think Odi is much more important than Leo. She has to see how vulnerable he is. Not only is he physically broken, but he’s newly conscious. If I was her, I would spend all my free time teaching him, helping him learn about the world and understand the emotions he’s feeling, traveling with him to different places and trying to fix him physically so he moves easier. He needs a real friend right now. Not someone who is just going to tell him to go out and see the world, and don’t let anyone know he’s awake. Really, Mattie? I’m sorry but if you’re going to awaken a synth like Odi, you need to take some responsibility.  And what happened to the knowledge she wanted about Elster from Odi? Did she ever ask him? Because I didn’t see her do it.

Just finished this week’s dubbed episode. For this line they actually use the phrase “stay close to me” in reference to Victor’s routine (and a closer translation to the original Japanese as I understand it). In doing a little bit of research, it actually seems like the dub might be adhering to more of the nuance than the Crunchyroll subs. It may just be the difference in reading it versus hearing it. Either way, as a fan who watches both, I really appreciate all the work that’s gone into making a simuldub with such a quick turnaround happen and be so awesome. Good job everyone at @funimation making this dub happen. 

ohcaptainmyswancaptain  asked:

Hi, I was reading your responses to the episode, mainly about Emma and just wanted to say what really bothered me. It wasn't so much her cowardice or naivety because of this Wish world, but what Emma said once she was out from under the spell. I don't know. How she says the pain is what makes her her. It seemed to me like she was thankful for Regina cursing everyone and destroying the EF and that felt wrong. (cont.)

(cont.) I’m not sure what I wanted from this episode since I tried so hard to stay away from spoilers and theories, but having Emma be thankful for the hurt Regina put her through just made me sad. What is your take on it? Maybe I’m seeing it through negative goggles because I don’t like Emma and Regina’s “friendship.” :/

The wish world created an unrealistic scenario in which Emma was never challenged. It was impossible for her to become the Savior because there was never anything to save in this reality. Which might seem perfect but it took away Emma’s ability to be brave because she had no opportunity to be brave.

I am in no way defending the writing. They did not do a great job delivering this message because the wording is really off. I’m sure it made sense in the writers room but they walked too fine a line of keeping Regina a “hero” by once again brushing aside that Regina was the one who caused much of her pain.

But Emma wasn’t thankful for the pain … she was accepting of it. Emma likes who she is now and she’s not running anymore. She doesn’t long for her dream world like she did in 3B … she wants to live in the present even if it means feeling the pain of the past and the uncertainty of her future.

But I do think the negative goggles play a part. I’m not a big fan of their friendship either because it feels very one sided. I think the message would have been much better if the person that went after her was Henry or David or Snow or Killian or even Leroy. Having her say that her pain makes her who she is to anyone else would be fine and there wouldn’t be any hint that she was “thankful.”

Solarkythera [Tbirds Drabble]

1,500 words isn’t really long enough to count as a fic, but then it’s been a long time since i’ve written one of those either I just loved the sea temple episode (uh, spoilers for that?); I was so happy Brains asked John to help him work it out (what NERDS). So I think that 1. John would be fascinated by the Solarkythera, and 2. I feel like our Alan can be a bit more like his TOS self sometimes…

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Star Trek Advent Calendar

yeah its pretty much impossible for me to do this everyday without internet where i live, but i’m going to put up the last five days i missed *runs off to trek the halls*


its really hard to decide but i’m going to go with A Taste of Armageddon, because i loved the plot in this episode. BAMF Jim and BAMF Spock, Scotty and Bones working together to figure whats going on, diplomacy vs. military, and the philosophical questions of what constitutes as ‘peace’ and what constitutes as ‘war’ are just great to see in a sci-fi context like this. also Jim and Spock giving each other heart eyes in between punching guards and blowing up disintegration chambers is always a win. 

I… hmm…

I don’t feel like it sold me.

I mean, it was enjoyable. I had fun watching it, and it had Pokémon, but… and I thought about this today at work but…

Well, the first episodes of a show are supposed to set the tone for the show and what it’s going to feel like, right? That’s what grabbed me about XY. It was high adventure with drama and stakes. Ash felt like he was in peril with Garchomp and he worked with the Pokémon to help out. It just felt bigger, like when Lumiose was under attack, there were scenes of evacuation and people watching it as Ash did his thing.

These episodes, I felt like something mysterious was happening, but it felt… smaller? Like everyone knew about Tapu Koko and what it does? I mean, this is like the games, but the scale of the episodes felt so much smaller. It really was just Ash getting introduced to the school and his first day of school. It wasn’t “Ash stops an attack on a city and saves a Pokémon”. He didn’t even catch a Pokémon. I mean… There’s still the question of why Tapu Koko gave Ash the Z-Ring but I feel like that’s not so much a question as something that’ll not really be explored beyond “Tapu Koko sure is mysterious~”. I guess it just wasn’t hype enough for me?

It’s weird. It’s weird and different. I don’t know if it’s for me, though. I mean, Ash is super cute but I don’t know if Ash’s cuteness is enough to pull me along for now…