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Dear YF - what is your favorite book-to-screen adaptation in Outlander?

Hi Gotham! Great question. Quick background, a coworker gave me Outlander and said I should read it. Walked back to my desk and another coworker noticed the book, tells me about the show and that I need to watch it. I watched the first episode and was hooked, but stopped and read the first book before bingeing the rest of the season. Since everything happened so quickly, I didn’t really have any expectations or lines that must be included in the screen adaptation.

However by the time season two premiered, I had read Dragonfly in Amber twice and had those scenes and lines that I couldn’t wait to see.

I remember reading and envisioning Master Raymond with his frog-like appearance. When he heals Claire after the loss of Faith was just so spiritual and super natural that I couldn’t imagine how it would translate to the screen, but it was everything I hoped for.

“Now,” he said softly. “Call him. Call the red man. Call him.”

His healing of her was described beautifully from the cupping of her breast where her child would have fed, to the reaching into her womb and cleansing her internally. It had the possibility to go so wrong or be too graphic, but it was perfectly done.

For those who would like to or have not read the passage, I’ll put it under the cut.

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It's kinda weird

It used to be that some episodes of samurai jack seemed to be like… An hour long. Now they go by so quick you’re like,“how much time just passed? Is that it? Was it really that short? There’s no way that was thirty minutes! ”

I think part of it has to do with pacing. And how much if it is action scenes. I mean, Jack literally had assassins hunting him for the longest time but the DoA were actively looking for him from the start. And by that I mean


That’s probably why the season 5 eps seem so short. That and the sudden cliffhangers.

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After the last episode of Arrow, I really want to see more interaction between Oliver and Mick. Oliver seemed very respectful and kind to him in their few scenes together, and it looks like they might have a lot in common.

I haven’t watched Arrow since season 2 but my Tumblr dash informs me Oliver’s PTSD is being triggered all over the place and he needs hugs. So yes? Please? I would love the hell out of Mick and Oliver just kindly talking to one another.

Arrowwave is a very strange ship that I got on board with after their initial interaction and the Invasion crossover but haven’t really thought on writing about.

eta: fixed bugs to hugs. Wtf autocorrect, I need you to make my life easier not harder.

On Samurai Jack S5 so far

Anyways, these past three Samurai Jack episodes have been incredible. This is not only faithful to the original show, but a vast improvement and easily one of the best Western animated series there’s ever been.

It keeps that same simplicity, with only dialogue existing when necessary or when it fits the characters and otherwise being quiet and letting the visuals tell the story. It plays with colors just like the original show did, making it very pretty to look at and making interesting combat events. The snow in this latest episode allowing Jack to hide in the wilderness was great, and I think that that part with the deer, while humorous, was also important in showing how the antagonists don’t really know anything about the outside world. I think the only reason Jack was able to best them was because of this, as their lack of knowledge of how to hide themselves in the snow was ultimately their downfall.

I don’t think they’re all dead yet though.

Regardless, this season is intense. Jack’s inner struggles when it comes to the idea of killing (before ultimately accepting himself and his actions) as well as his pain in how long he’s been running is realistic and depressing, but appropriate considering how long he’s watched people suffer and failed at defeating Aku. The combat is really well animated and the fights, particularly in episode 2, made Jack, our hero, look like he might not be able to win. That he’s met his match against these powerful servants of Aku. The fact that Jack, a character who seems incredibly skilled as a samurai and is our main protagonist, has been made to look as if he might die due to these warriors takes incredible skill. I’m happy with these writers and super excited for the future episodes of this season.

Legends of Tomorrow 1x15: Leonard & Sara #4 (Leonard: ... me, and you, and me and you)
Any hate comments against one of the character of the video title will be deleted. Please don't express your anger and/or hate... if you don't like one of th...

So, I was rewatching this scene, and the reappearance of Leonard in the past few episodes of season 2 just make me wonder if there really, truly was some elaborate plan. I mean, when Captain Cold says he’s been “thinking,” you know it’s not just casual speculation. He’s coming up with plans. Like, plan plans. Maybe I’m reaching, but I would like to hope that for someone like Leonard Snart to include another person in his future, and actually talk about it, he probably has come up with a million plans. 

I dunno, I really just want more Captain Canary 

But seriously, I don’t know how to feel about this ep. I mean, it was 100% Silverflint and half of it was heartbreaking and the other looked like a fanfiction (AGAIN).
I… liked the episode? I did! I just genuinely don’t know how to feel when all they proved with those flashbacks was how much Flint loves Silver? And I really don’t see how this could end.
I don’t know! I don’t know what to think or do or duspfjlajdladjsl JUST END THIS SUFFERING PLEASE

[ I do still think that Silver’s backstory ties in some way to Thomas and that’s partly why he doesn’t want to reveal it to Flint but idk ]

i’m in a really weird mood right now and i’m just picturing a situation where the team swaps bodies for a day (I saw a post about it earlier)

But like, can you imagine?

Sara, in Rip’s body: omg who knew Rip has an ass

Rip, in Ray’s body: please, nobody talk about this

Ray, in Mick’s body: wow I’m the brawn now, weird

Mick, in Nate’s body: get me OUT

Nate, in Amaya’s body: oh so THAT’S what it looks like from this angle

Amaya, in Jax’s body: nATHANIEL

Jax, in Martin’s body: oh my god Gray you are so old how do you move

Martin, in Sara’s body: I’VE NEVER BEEN SO FREE

draftydogfacehat replied to your post “I’ve just read about the final episode of Shouwa…

I know exactly how you feel. I really liked this show, but this one revelation is making me question everything. It’s just handled so poorly, I mean, if the mangaka explored it in the story itself as the uncomfortable thing it is maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. But, it’s just like, “lmao btw kiku is the father” as if its some simple thing. It sucks               

I agree with you so much. Yes, it seems to be handled so poorly. Supposedly all these little hints are given and I’ve read some people say that this is the reason why Kiku is suicidal. But we already have good reasons for Kiku’s desire to die. We have a deep story with Kiku’ s, Sukeroku’ s and Miyokichi’s tragic past and his negligence of Konatsu despite basically being her adoptive dad. That is what the mangaka wrote about and explored. Everything besides this ridicoulous reveal made the story what it was and gave the story emotional weight. The reveal is, in the scheme of things, completely useless and lacks any literary value. Despite all these supposed hints, she didn’t write about Kiku being the father of Konatsu’s child with even a semblance of depth. Whether because of laziness or timidness it doesn’t really matter. If you want to write something like that than you have to be willing to actually spend some time on it and put some effort into it. Bland and ultimately empty little hints and teases don’t make a compelling, thematically rich subplot. As you said, she didn’t even bother exploring it. I’m not going to give credit to the author for something she didn’t actually write.

Furthermore, the whole thing just doesn’t mesh with any of the story’s characterization or themes at all. And it sure doesn’t add any of its own themes because it’s never explored. All it really amounts to is basically the mangaka saying “look at this f***ed up sh*t that I came up with. Isn’t it sooo naughty? Teehee!” What I’ve I heard about the extra manga chapter is even worse too, like the whole thing seems so randomly sexualized & romanticized. But of course it’s an extra chapter which makes it clear that the whole thing is just a poorly constructed afterthought. I’m nearly convinced she did it because she couldn’t resist fetishizing Kiku by having Konatsu want to sleep with him thus living out the Mangaka’s own self-insert dreams. Like I get being in love with Kiku, he’s best boy as they say, but don’t sh*t over all your hard work and all over your characters just for incoherent, cheap, fetishistic wish fufillment.

And really, was this whole paternity mystery even compelling to begin with? From what I’ve seen It doesn’t seem to be a strong part of the story… so why expand on it? Why write an entire extra chapter that goes out of its way to show characters acting and thinking in ways so unlike the way they were in the rest of the story just so you can expand on a subplot that was weak to begin with?? (And are we really supposed to buy what amounts to a “oh yeah I forgot to tell you but this is actually what happened in this part of the story” chapter.) And if there is supposed to be emotional fall out from these events why weren’t they actually explored? What’s the value of pussyfooting around this subject matter (as opposed to how other subjects were treated) when it’s supposedly this major thing that truly does inform all the chatacters??? Like, yeah I’m not buying it. And if this development is some ridicoulous indirect way to have a Kiku/Sukeroku and/or a Kiku/Miyokichi love child than I really can’t take it seriously. It is so OOC and out of place.

It is so obvious that this “huge revelation” doesn’t amount to anything but throwaway hogwash. There is no development or deep exploration of it, no actual storytelling invested in it. You could throw it away and the whole show and all its characters would stay the same because the rest of the story is basically seperate from it. It literally has nothing to do with the rest of the story and how it was written. Nothing of value would be loss. That is a sign of bad writing, pure and simple.

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I really wish the musical had been done differently. Originally i thought music meister would be toying with everyone, in the real world. Like team flash comes to national city for help because MM's been antagonizing them & he uses his powers to make everyone burst into song randomly. It would have allowed karamel more time to work through their problems, a chance for chris & chyler to sing, and would have worked better than a 40 minute build up resulting in an irrelevant 5 minute resolution

I don’t know. I liked it just the way it was. I think it was more creative and like nothing I’ve ever seen. And the music meister turning out to be sort of an anti-hero was awesome. I feel like the main objective of the episode was to really focus on Kara and Barry’s feelings, not Iris and Mon-El’s. They needed to work things out alone while distancing themselves from the people they love so they could see things more clearly. But I do hope that they explore Kara and Mon-El’s feelings a little more in the following episodes because I do think they really need to have a conversation and sort things out like mature adults.

getting my friends to watch its always sunny is honestly my favorite lmao bc when theyre describing an episode and theyre like “-and that one girl, whats her name?” and then i ask them who and they say “that waitress girl that charlie really likes”, i get to respond with “waitress. her name is waitress.” and then they make a confused face and theyre like “so wait she just doesnt have a name” and i get to say “no she doesnt literally the entire show they just dont remember her name so its always Waitress”.

I’m on my third listen of the adventure zone and with all of the plot details that have been revealed in the last few episodes, there are SO MANY things that have new meaning?? LIKE little unexplained things that happen /VERY/ early on that show how griffin has been setting this up since pretty much the beginning

Arrow 5x17 Icons

It wasn’t an ordinary episode. So I couldn’t make icons as always. I couldn’t make icons of Oliver being tortured, sorry. And knowing how flashbacks are really hard to color, I just made 7 icons. Ofc if someone wants a specific icon I can make it. My icons are here. Feel free to ask me more or specific ones.

  • 100x100 px
  • Please like/reblog if taking & don’t repost.
  • Credit isn’t necessary, just don’t claim it as yours.
  • Feel free to use

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I already had some of my expectations lowered when the concept art for Yusaku and Vrains was released. I don't know if it has to do with me not really liking technological approaches in fiction but I just did not find it as grabbing as the last two protagonists. They made me decide to give at least the first episode a try but Yusaku seems to be heading in the direction of becoming Yusei 2.0 and I don't know if I would stay long considering what happened with Yusei in 5d's with his personality.

I get what you say, I mean I like Yusei but I like dynamic protags and he changed almost nothing in the entirety of the series, but they made it work for part of the series, with good writing, but then by the second half he was nothing Neo Domino’s hero and savior and the one thing it cold have made him interesting was scrapped into the void so I understand your worries.

I’ve made an habit of myself to not overhype any shows before actually watching them, like ok I reblogged art and made the name analysis stuff because I like to do that shit, but yeah IMO lowered expectations is the way to go on any show.

But in this case, if  I already tried the “dishes” of the two head cookers, several times, and liked none of them then why bother going to another restaurant run by them?

am i the only one who didn’t really love the rebels season finale?

i thought it was extremely predictable, the stakes were too low and nothing game changing really happened. i would love for rebels to start taking more risks and maybe drawing out their storylines a bit more. the show really suffers from lack of three-episode-arcs, i’ve been saying it for years.

however, i did like bendu, kanan and hera and also kallus finally joining the rebels. also the scene where sato collides with the interdictor and the one where the destroyers are all firing on the base were both very cool. 

i’m looking forward to season four, this just didn’t feel like the closing of a chapter to me, like the other finales did. it felt more like a midway point.