okay but on the last episode of fighting man, a jacky gave jackson $200 – that she earned herself by selling toothbrushes for 3 months – and he got so fluttered and speechless that he went to the crowd to look for her and when he found her, he just hugged her really tight and told her to not waste her money on him but she was like "its okay!!!! dont worry!!” so he held her hand one last time and when he left, she realized that he gave her money back while they were holding hands

can i just talk about the last shot from the episode for the second

the one where they take a picture, the one that mirrors the promotional poster

i think it’s so great how it ended with that, it really hit me personally

i remember the first time i saw that poster waaay back and thought “who are these? i don’t like them. they can’t just replace muse, they will never be as good as them”

i admit i was like that. but i wasn’t the only one, so many people thought that initially. and now look at them. they’ve already gone so far in just a year and won so many people who were skeptical over

they’ve come so far and established who they are. they are aqours. they aren’t here to replace muse, they are their own group with their own path ahead. they’ve come so far and still have a lot to go through

now i can look at the ending scene and see them pose the same way they did in the poster. except now they’re not some group of strangers who i am skeptical about, they are aqours. a group that i’ve grown so fond of and love so much. i can look at them and think how much i love them and how proud i am. of course this applies to the seiyuus, as well

it was a good ending for the season, thank you aqours and i’ll continue to be with you every step of the way and look forward to season 2 and all the other projects

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okay but whAT IF FOR FRIENEMIES Marco is with Tom and towards the end of the episode they're having some kind of convo and Tom just says "you know you and Star do go really well together" and Marco's like "how many times do we have to say WE'RE JUST FRIENDS plus I like Jackie" and Marco just goes on and on "well I guess it would kinda make sense if I liked her NO IT CAN'T..." and Tom just kinda puts his hand on Marco's shoulder and is like "buddy...good luck treat her well"

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I feel like the Dan blanket burrito method is something that Arin notices wayyy too much, and one day he finally asks Dan why he does it, and instead of answering, Dan just rolls Arin into the blanket and gives him little smooches

“Why do you always do that with the blanket?” Arin asks between episodes. “Quote unquote normal people just… Y'know… Fuckin’ cover up with it.” Before he can really process what is happening, Danny has scooted as close as he can get and has wrapped the blanket around him, too.

He kisses Arin on the nose and grins. “Burrito kisses!”

It’s an answer Arin will accept.

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We saw Starlight's room!

We did! And I’m glad you sent this ask because I went to grab a screenshot or two and there’s a ton of cool stuff and continuity nods in there!

First off, you might be wondering why the blocks. It’s not like she’s practicing levitating things, she’s so much more talented than that.

I think they might actually be something called fidget toys, which psychologists use to help both kids and adults with anxiety to keep their hands busy while they talk. It’s to help calm them, essentially, and promote tactile awareness in the hands and fingers.

I think that’s why they’re three different shapes and she’s kinda just swirling them around absent-mindedly. She’s not even really looking at them.

It’s to calm herself down, and seeing how this episode deals entirely with her leaning to heavily on her magical abilities, this small little moment adds a little visual to it– Starlight literally comforting herself with her magical talents.

Then there’s her stationary, which wasn’t as cute until I noticed the pictures above it. She has this adorable picture of Trixie above her desk, and it’s hard to see from this angle but in other shots that picture on the bottom clearly shows two houses parallel to each other– just like the strip of buildings in Our Town.

There’s also a pony I can’t entirely identify that theoretically could be Trixie again? Who knows?

But if you’re wondering why no Sunburst, I’m willing to bet the picture we can’t see by her bedside has some kind of photo with him in it.

There’s also a picture where Starlight crossed out an equal sign, and she keeps that above her desk, right next to her picture of Trixie.

That. That just crushes me a little.

In one or two other shots you can see crystals in the window, which undoubtedly came from the Crystal Empire.

Oh, and the orb with an inter-dimensional in it from Gravity Falls. I’m sure it’s something else in canon, but until I get an actual explanation, that’s what I’m going to assume.

Speechless : Watch it

So, i don’t know if you have seen the tv show “Speechless”, but the first episode was amazing. It’s about a teenager, J.J, who has cerebral palsy, and his family and their day-to-day life and oh god, this show is awesome. It tackles ableism, inspiration porn, hypocrisy towards inclusivity and it’s also funny !

I really like J.J’s character and i just want to give a big “Thumbs up” to ABC for casting a disabled actor (seriously, it should be obvious and natural for any production involving a disabled character, it should not be something to celebrate). 

At the same time, while i relate to some stuff that J.J is experiencing (i’m not in a wheelchair, but i already experienced the “you’re inspirational” type of situation and it’s so cringy), i find myself relating a lot to Ray Dimeo, his little brother, a nerd who loves astronomy and is not so good about social stuff.

I tend to headcanon him as autistic and i wonder if it could become canon… It wouldn’t surprise me at all, coming from this show, and i would love it. But, regardless, Speechless is an amazing tv show and you should really watch it.

It’s so important for this show to be popular, to be watched. Can you imagine if the fact of casting an actually disabled actor for playing an actually disabled character became something ordinary ? Representation matters so much !

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Sorry Jess, I know I shouldn't say that but I think that the only people who were really delighted with zetsubou-hen was Junko hard fan like you. After all that, DR 3 cast that received all the spotlight are now reduced to two people, SDR 2 kids stats are unknow and DR 1 kids aren't much better. I know that I should say that after see the last end but what can change those 22 episodes? Right now I'm not felling despair, just empty. It was cool but perhaps I think I was best without that anime.

Here’s the secret, anon: keep your expectations low.

Personally, I’d have preferred a 24 episode Mirai-hen with flashbacks in the appropriate places and perhaps a special or short OVA about the student council killing or something. Nothing confirms this but the sense I get is that Kodaka wanted to do that too.

He kept talking about how he wanted to focus on something new and original, but since the pressure was so great to show the SDR2 cast animated and everyone knew that those fans wouldn’t sign on board to watch Mirai-hen until they showed up in the story (as evidenced by an interview I read once where Kodaka says that he “knows people will probably just want to watch Zetsubou-hen but he hopes that they give Mirai-hen a chance too”).

Look at all the attention that was put on the DR3 characters, who were new and untapped and clearly what Kodaka really wanted to be talking about. Look at how much more tight the writing was for Mirai-hen than Zetsubou-hen–not perfect, of course, but still. I just don’t think Kodaka had much more to say really about the casts of the first two games and the plot points that happened within.

I’m hardly “delighted” with the anime as a whole–I still have a lot of issues with how various things were handled. I’m mostly just enjoying getting to see my favorite characters doing things, and trying to appreciate that the staff was attempting to do something unique and interesting (i.e., airing two series simultaneously twice a week and interweaving the stories). There are some things I think Zetsubou-hen did pretty well, and some things I think that were not great (e.g., over-reliance on brainwashing to the exclusion of everything else, presenting the SDR2 cast in a light that makes it seem like they’d have been precious little flowers if only Big Bad Junko hadn’t completely altered their personalities, the overall pacing, etc.). I pretty much just enjoyed it for what it was.

A lot of people want to pretend it didn’t happen or whatever, but the thing is, I kind of feel like this is a good lesson for fandom. This is what happens when you clamor for fanservice and then it gets delivered to you–no one is entirely happy. Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you want out of a piece of media, and learning how to say “I don’t like this” or “I have issues with this” without resorting to insulting the creators and acting like they owed you exactly what you wanted is part of growing up. If we get the sugary, happy “everyone lives” ending in Kibou-hen, then I will be unhappy and disappointed, but it won’t ruin the parts that I did like.

In an ideal world, the DR3 anime airs twice a week for a full year and somehow inexplicably makes every single fan completely happy. But unfortunately, we live in a world where the anime industry has to churn things out at a rapid pace and series that don’t fit a certain predefined demographic struggle to get even 12 or 13 episodes.

So I guess for me, Zetsubou-hen was hardly the worst thing ever. I enjoy what it did well, and I dislike what I think didn’t work. That’s about it.

I know I complained that I hate police procedurals, but I actually really. like. Rosewood. 

I mean, yes, I am still absolutely sick of procedurals, but Rosewood is such a charming show with such likable characters that it cuts right through my procedural fatigue. 

Like, you know how the standard trope is “genius white guy is so brilliant at his job that everyone around him has to put up with his bullshit”, well, Rosewood turns this trope on its head with “genius black guy is brilliant at his job and also a genuine slice of sunshine pie who loves people and is nice and kind to everyone”. 

Like that’s it, that’s all it really takes for a police procedural to seem fresh. Just don’t make the title character an asshole. 

I’m only on episode 4, but it’s about Rosewood coming up against this asshole white doctor who holds his patients in contempt, and the contrast really drives home why Rosie is so charming as a protagonist.

…..i was really liking the show “Atlanta” until they put a trans woman character in a men’s prison just to have her be called a man, and like nobody even bothers to defend her at all. the whole point of that scene seems to be for us to watch how the black men around her react to her presence, esp the one guy who might have thought she was cis until everyone started calling him gay for being with a “man”. but i mean this directly parallels (in a really harmful, exploitative way) a previous scene in the same episode where they bring in a mentally ill character into the prison just to have him be dehumanized and beaten in front of the audience. but i guess it makes sense (under the logic of the show) bc the perspective is stuck on donald glover’s nondisabled cishetero male point of view and so every black character with experiences that deviate from that (like cis women, trans women, disabled people) is going to be used so he can show himself learning a lesson or something.

I really like Riley normally but she annoyed me so much in “she don’t like me.” I feel like she was way too overly dramatic about a small thing. I can understand being bothered that someone doesn’t like you especially when you’re as insecure as Riley is, but she just involved all of her friends in what wasn’t even a big deal and made all of their conversations about how she doesn’t deserve to be disliked by anyone and I just wanted to tell her to be quiet and think about something besides herself.

Is it bad in times of insanity like this, or even during depressive episodes I wish people would reach out to me.instead of me having to reach out to them?

Is that selfish?

Is there a way to broadcast “I need help and really need support and someone to talk to” in a way that people will listen to? Not just making an embarrassing public statement like this?

Is there a way to reintegration into certain social settings without having it be awkward?

Is it at all possible to feel self sufficient without having social reinforcement and support from your peers?

Why were these questions screaming to be asked at this hour?

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helloo :) do you happen to know the song playing in the bg as jk makes fire in bon voyage ep 6? It's around 22 minutes~~

it’s “look here”/여기 봐!

hello! i do not mean to be that annoying person who asks abt your sidebar but i am. can i pls have a link to wherever your sidebar gif is from? where jimin is kissing tae’s cheek very gentle?

don’t worry, it’s fine! it’s from the gayo track ep 7! but it’s from the first run, they edited the episode to cut out the close up and put music over it so you can’t really find it in the actual episode now sobs but i did upload a video of it once lmao

Hello! Can I just ask how do u make gif? Like I really have no clue how and I want to learn it so badly. :’(

I do File -> Import -> Video frames to layers and then crop, re-size, color, sharpen and save for web and devices! but here are more elaborate tutorials

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honest opinion on the Reagan situation: something that REALLY pisses me off in shows/films is when there's a viable love interest for a character but then they just figure out a way to quickly get rid of that character in favor of the Main Pairing that's endgame. I want Nick to be with Jess but it shouldn't be that easy. He should have a relationship with Reagan, it's realistic, he has FEELINGS for her, and even though he'll always pick Jess, I feel like the writers should play this out.

I agree, I think it’s annoying when a show gets rid of someone just for the sake of getting another pairing back together. (I miss Sam) and I liked Reagan but to be honest, I never really felt she and Nick could have a real relationship. But that’s just my opinion.

I’m excited to see where it’s going (since Reagan will be in quite a few episodes this season) but I really can’t wait to see Nick and Jess get back together. I think they’ve been separated long enough, for no good reason. As much as I like that it gave them a chance to grow, it’s painfully obvious to me that they belong together.

- F

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Your jewellery series is amazing. I'm so glad you started to post that now, since I just posted some pwp that's all about Magnus jewellery and I'm all hearteyed every time you post a new set because UNF, it proves me right how hot all his jewellery is.

ah thank you!! I’m just pleased there are so many people who feel the same way. I really love that he reuses the same pieces. I know it’s also a budget thing but I like the idea of Magnus being attached to certain items and wearing it all the time. also his rings with his initials like….magnus pls. I hope we find out he monograms his towels too. in gold.

Speaking of PWP I yearn for the episode where Alec and Magnus are in bed and Magnus is undressed but he’s still got all his jewelry on……and maybe Alec pulls him in by his necklaces. like….please. I deserve this.

is anyone else…kind of worried for the next update…..I dunno I’m just suddenly nervous…. bitty calls Jack and it’s a two parter and then an episode we don’t know the title of (I mean I think the patreon supporters do but I’m not one) and like idk we’ve seen Jack and bitty interact so much and it’s pretty much all been positive so far so them calling each other…..is she really gonna show them doin the same stuff bein cute over and over……is there gonna be drama…..I don’t want it..I mean I do but I’m weak I can’t handle it I don’t even know what might happen I’m just suddenly very nervous when I want it to be ok

boobwindowkirk replied to your post “star trek wasn’t feminist y'all”

there were some feminist elements like.. they tried.. but yeah.. sadly

THERE REALLY WEREN’T this is so frustrating like it’s a symptom of the tumblr culture of “unless something is ideologically pure it is a deep sin to enjoy it” like… it wasn’t feminist! it simply wasn’t… if we’re going to talk about feminism at all in relation to star trek then you can’t just ignore the fact that it’s deeply sexist in every episode! they DIDN’T try

i DON’T think we should bother talking about it because it was the 1960s but like, come on…

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I don't know f it's the quality of episodes lately or just me watching other shows with good writing over the last month, but I kind of feel like I'm out growing gmw. I still watch new episodes and love the rucas scenes but I dn't know. I'm just not really excited or invested in the show that much right now. Who knows though. It could just be a temporary state of mind for me. Girl Meets Goodbye sounds really good.

I hear you Anon. I know I feel the same and I can think of a number of people who also feel that way. I think there are a lot of things that can contribute to that feeling. I know for me it’s a combination of feeling like the show is regressing, the toxic nature of the fandom and my niece has completely lost interest. She has watched 3 episodes since NYE. I think I expected a bit of a letdown after Ski2…everyone was keyed up waiting for the the “triangle that wasn’t” to end.
I think some of the issue is after everything that has happened? There is a lack of Rucas. I had hoped we would see more of their transition from friends to more than… it frustrates me that their friendship is largely ignored (TBH most of them are)
I’m tired of the portrayal of the friendship between Riley and Maya. It’s unhealthy and unrealistic at best. I still have some hope for the remaining episodes in this season… I still think there will be a season 4. I just hope we are all still interested in watching it 😕

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From the latest episode of DR3 future what do you think of Juzo now?Cuz I feel bad talking shit about him and don't get me wrong he was being a prick but he was being tsundere for Munakata.Crap now I'm pretty sad of his death like it in hit the feels