Take me to the movies and we can go to the back and share popcorn and soda and sit close to each other and make other people around us angry because we’re talking too loud

Run around with me in the rain like we’re kids and when one of us slips and falls, we pull the other down with us and get covered with mud

Let’s build blanket forts together and then we can cuddle and watch a movie in a dimly lit area and candles around us

Let’s make breakfast together and then feed each other the result, no matter how bad the food may or may not end up

Grab me by the collar of my shirt and kiss me in front of everyone, or drag me somewhere where we’re alone and then kiss me there

Swing our hands back and forth like we’re kids and we can walk around the city with no real intention

Bake things with me and then we can smash it all over each other’s faces

Lay your head in my lap and I’ll play with it and we can look at into each other’s eyes and be happy

Tell me the cheesiest damn pickup lines even though I’m already yours

Go on a roadtrip with me and we can sing songs loudly with each other or sit in comfortable silence

Call me cute things like babe or sweetheart

Kiss my hair, forehead, nose, cheeks and make me blush uncontrollably

Lace our fingers together and give my hand a gentle squeeze every one in a while

So I have been seeing that pic of the forever 21 take on a salwar kameez shirt and it bothers me to look at it so much because the south asian fashion industry is sooooo underappreciated yet all their ideas are stolen and westernized for example the croptop which is like a saree/lengha blouse and skinny jeans which are so similar to churidar pants. Not only does it bother me that our fashion is now considered their new trend but it pisses me of even more when i see south asian fashion bloggers saying they can now wear salwar kameezs outside finally, as if it wasnt allowed to be worn before.


One value I cherish more than almost any other is honesty.  I mean being vulnerable. We can put on a good front out there but this slowly strangles us inside, and it’s probably why the world is the way that it is: because we’ve bottled up everything about us inside tiny cubicles of courtesy, a tightly coiled parade of modified bravado.

I heard a theory once that conspiracy theories couldn’t exist, because the people hiding those elaborate lies would just blow up.  No one’s good at keeping secrets too long, most especially our own.  We need a safe place to deposit them somewhere, to not be judged for them, to know our tears and scars are not wasted in the silent echo of hiding, to say, “I’m not okay right now.”

I think we need that one friend who’s an open-and-shut vault, where we can vent and just go nuts.  You know, the one friend where we can be our slobbery, screwed up, frustrated, upside-down selves.  And they still hang around in the morning because that’s what love does: it says good morning.  It sticks around.

A culture of honesty could only come from a culture of grace, where we have the undeserved hope of being known but still loved.  We crave grace.  We crave honesty.  You have a friend like that: don’t ever let that go.  They see you at your darkest and limp with you to the light.

— J.S.

So apparently the award ceremony at my old school was tonight. I won the Moving Images award for having the highest grade in my year, but I chose not to go because after seven years of being bullied by students AND staff, I’d rather never set foot in that school again.

Apparently, when they called out my name, they had a photo of me on the projector with a stupid smile on my face. A close friend of mine said that nobody laughed, but I just know people probably were laughing at me and making fun of me behind my back. I didn’t ask for an award. I didn’t ask for them to use a photo of my face for the whole year group to see. I didn’t want them to spotlight me like that. And I know they probably called out my name and were like, “Wow, what is he too good to be here?” when I just don’t want to go back there and see everyone who made my life miserable and put me through four years of therapy.

But people were like, “But there was food and the mayor of the city was there.” I don’t care if Stan fucking Lee was there. I just didn’t want to go, especially so close to Christmas. Here’s hoping they send the medal out in the post or something because yeah, it would be nice to have some tangible representation of the hard work and dedication I put into my writing, but if it doesn’t come, there’s no way I’m going up to the school to get it. It can sit in a cardboard box in the office for all I care, I still wouldn’t be motivated to set foot there ever again.


Emma jumped from where she was stirring eggs in the pan on the stove, nearly splattering it over herself in the process.

“Killian, what’s the matter?” she sighed, turning to where he was sat on one of the stools at the breakfast bar, furiously pressing buttons on the screen of his phone. 

“My bloody tumblr is all screwed up. How am I supposed to use this godforsaken thing now?”

Emma bit back a laugh as she watched his adorably scrunched up face surveying the phone in his hand. She turned the heat off the stove and wandered to where he was sat, craning her neck over his shoulder. 

“It’s just an update, Killian. A new layout,” she said with a roll of her eyes. 

“‘Just an update’ my arse,” he muttered, frowning at the screen. “Who in their right mind would do something like this?”

“Who in their right mind would do what?” Henry entered the kitchen in his pajamas, hair mussed up as he stifled a yawn.

“Ignore him,” Emma told him, plating up the eggs. “He’s just freaking out because they changed the tumblr layout”. 

Henry’s eyes immediately widened, his mouth falling open.


Emma watched as Henry ran back into his room, fumbling around for his phone. She felt Killian’s gaze on her face and turned to him.

“See, love. Your lad gets it”. 

Life As A Cashier

- we don’t care why your coupon is expired. It’s expired, you can’t use it. Stop acting like the fact that you were out of town means anything to us.
- “I swear, I have a coupon in here somewhere”, you say, as a line forms behind you and you just slowly scroll through your phone and purse for that $5 off that I can’t give you without proof.
- when we say “do you want the hangers?”, we’re really saying “please say no because these things are a bitch to bag, and you have 58283738 items of clothing.”
- no, we can’t give you items for free because they don’t scan. If you’re in a rush, sorry, but we need to scan the item in so our bosses don’t get mad at us when the merchandise doesn’t add up later.
- *customer hands $100 bill* *we do our authorizing stuff* “just printed that off this morning!” Haha. You’re not funny. Please shut up.
- “I can bag if you want!” Says the customer. We know you can. We’re not always allowed to let you because you might slip something into it. We know it’s stupid, and we know we could save time if we let you, but some of us aren’t allowed.
- when your child screams, it ruins our day. Please control your child.
- when your child messes up a shit ton of stuff and you just laugh it off, we automatically hate you. The LEAST you can do is apologize. Seriously.
- don’t let your child cause a scene. If they can’t be around people without problems, you need to be a better parent. Unless it’s a medical thing. In which case, we’re sorry for judging, but we deal with way too many badly behaved children to know any more.
- we don’t know what the other prices are. As in: we scan items, they ring up. You telling us “oh well, the sign said this” doesn’t mean a thing. We have no fucking clue whether you’re telling the truth or not. Because for all we know, you’re lying to con our store out of money.
- if you come up to the register while you’re on the phone, don’t get mad when we don’t ask you if you have any coupons. We don’t want to be rude and interrupt your conversation, so we won’t. We will flat out just ring up your stuff and point when we need you to do something. It’s not our fault you couldn’t hang up to give us coupons we didn’t know you had.
- we are so tired. Most of us are working another job, and/or going to school full time, so if we seem a little irritable, it’s probably because we are. We’re only sorry if you were nice to us.
- be nice to us, and we’ll give you whatever coupons we can. Be a dick, and we’ll only help you out if you ask us about them. Just be nice to us, okay?
- finally, go ahead, ask to see a manager. They can do shit we can’t. But if you piss them off? They’ll remember. And trust us, you don’t want to piss off the wrong manager.

So my friend Josh is a drag queen and I borrowed his wig and tried to fool my facebook friends into thinking I’d dyed my hair until I remembered, my hair isn’t this long any more:

it’s this long:

and it has been for almost two years now.

I genuinely thought they’d believe I had purple hair.

Does that make me the fool? (yes. yes it does. I’m an absolute dipshit)

More Than Words

here we go, unspoken-and-wild, there’s your prompt:  Meet cute: “I heard you talking/singing to yourself through the air vent and I want to keep listening but I need to pull myself away so I can find you somewhere in this building”

(well, and I’ve added a little music…)

This turned out a little different than I planned, and I’m really curious to know your thoughts… (also on ff.net and ao3)

Emma Swan was done with men. Like, really done. After yet another break-up with yet another asshole, followed by yet another move, she asked herself when she would finally learn. When she’d finally understand that she just wasn’t relationship material.

The new apartment she’d hastily picked and moved into with her few miserable belongings was okay. Nothing more, nothing less. So, she was alone again, and that was fine. She got up in the morning, she went to work, she came home, she ate, drank a glass of wine and went to sleep. A nice routine. Soothing. Numb. She didn’t miss anything, or anyone. She never had.

Everything was fine, except for the heating that didn’t work all too well in the old apartment building; which wasn’t so great during a winter in New York, but as she knew this was only another temporary stay in her restless life, Emma didn’t let herself to get bothered by it. She simply dealt with it by taking her wine and her emptiness to the old bathtub where she spent most evenings.

The first time she heard the voice was about two weeks after she’d moved in. She’d just immersed with a sigh into the hot bubble bath, when she heard a strange, ghostly sound that made her sit bolt upright, because at first she thought someone was trying to break into her apartment. But then she recognized what it was: guitar strings were being plucked, and weird echo effect came from the building’s ancient air vent system. Obviously, in one of the apartments above hers – or maybe below – someone’s radio was playing loud enough to disturb her miserable evening entertainment.

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oatmeal for breakfast again 🙌🏼
Topped with basically all the fruit I could find at home 😋
strawberry, tangerine,plum, frozen raspberry bits, coconut flakes and chocolate sauce 🍫🍓🍊🍫
So I was watching recipe videos on YouTube, non-vegan ones cause I still appreciate there ideas and energy. But just reading the comment section made me so angry and frustrated. There were so many people making fun of vegans and calling them crazy and out of there minds, and “respect that everyone’s different and eats different” (the vegans commenting very very nice and non confronting). It makes me feel so frustrated because I used to think/feel that way, but there was that voice inside my head telling me to give the vegans a chance and hear what they have to say. Also the “I love animals, but all animals eat other animal, that’s the circle of life” is just bullsh!t!
Sorry for the rant, I just needed to vent somewhere 😌, anyways have an awesome day!❤️

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Hello fellow KamiAso fans! Have you rewatched the anime over and over? Can you sing along to the character songs by heart? Just getting started in the fandom and need somewhere to vent the feels? Or vent the frustration from lack of updates on Infinite?

Congratulations! This challenge is for you!

Do a little, do a lot, do 1 day or do all 30! It’s up to you and it’s all about sharing the KamiAso love.

Have fun!

Day 1: How did you discover Kamigami no Asobi?
Day 2: Who’s your favorite character?
Day 3: Who’s your favorite secondary character?
Day 4: Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian – What’s your favorite mythology group?
Day 5: Talk fashion to me, out of all the outfits the characters wear, do you have a favorite?
Day 6: How about a favorite god form outfit?
Day 7: Would you want to be on the Student Council? Or in one of the clubs?
Day 8: Do you ship anyone? What’s your OTP?
Day 9: …OT3?
Day 10: What’s your favorite scene?
Day 11: What is the funniest scene?
Day 12: Did you prefer the Fate Ends? Or Romance Ends? Or both?
Day 13: What was your favorite Romance End?
Day 14: What was your favorite Fate End?
Day 15: What was the saddest scene?
Day 16: Do you have a favorite character song?
Day 17: What’s your favorite BGM?
Day 18: Favorite quote?
Day 19: Favorite Hades pun?
Day 20: Favorite Thoth kabe-don?
Day 21: Favorite “where’s Anubis” scene?
Day 22: Who needs a good slap?
Day 23: Who’s the most badass?
Day 24: What about our resident human? What’s your favorite Yui scene?
Day 25: What would you do if you were Humanity’s Representative? Would we be saved? Doomed?
Day 26: What would you like to see happen in Kamigami no Asobi Infinite?
Day 27: What other gods/mythologies would you like to see in the Miniature Garden?
Day 28: Are you active in the fandom at all? Strut your stuff! Fanart/fanfic/etc.
Day 29: Seen other people being active? Give us your fandom recs!
Day 30: “Love is ______” ?

i’m so sick of all this bullshit i’m seeing lately about roleplayers who are selective and people saying “well maybe you should explain why”. i’ve explained on numerous accounts as to why i’m selective and i’ve gotten hate for it. but here’s my thing. i shouldn’t have to explain my reasons for being selective, it should just be known that people have preferences or reasons they hold valid to themselves. it’s honestly nobodies business but my own as to why i’m selective. if i find you need to know why, i will let you know why. until then, respect my decision to be as selective as i want and stop trying to guilt me and other selective roleplayers into roleplaying with the mass.

  • i do not have to roleplay with everyone
  • i have a right to turn people down
  • i have a right to do what makes me comfortable
  • i have a right to keep my reasons private
  • i have a right to be selective
I'm not going to lie... I'm not sorry.

Couldn’t stay clean if I wanted to… made it a few days and I just can’t do it. I’m not going to apologise or feel sorry for myself. I like getting high. I like the way it feels smells tastes and I love the way it makes everything feel easier to get through. Being clean and sober just doesn’t work when you don’t know how to deal with your problems in the first place…. we all have our outlets. Some people exercise some people write or.go on walks. I do drugs.
Don’t look down on me for the way I choose to survive. Meth doesn’t make me less of a person. I’ll still give you the shirt off my back. Need to vent? I’ll listen, need food? I’ll feed you. Need somewhere to stay because you don’t want to be alone? I don’t care if we barely know each other, ill take you in. My habit does not lessen my value or put me above or below anyone else. In my mind everyone is equal.