Little things about BTS

- jungkook and rapmon doing a very gaY tROYE SIvAN SONG
- jimin constantly asking jungkook for kisses
- how bts actually makes real ass music about real ass things unlike most other idols
- how bts is so fucking different from other idols in general and started at the very very bottom and now they’re on top yas bitch YAS
- kookie was scouted by 7 different agencies but chose bighit because he heard namjoon rap ;-;
- how namjoonie made a dope ass song about change and progressive POLITICS instead of a typical song
- Jin is the mom and rap monie is the dad even tho he’s not oldest but is a great leader
- the namjin kiss 🙊
- kookie being the youngest but not acting like the maknae and Jin being the oldest but most immature
- how monie has said many times he supports LGBT
- how unorthodox and liberal BTS is and how they might just be the first group to really change the homophobia of South Korea plEASE
- they produce their own music and keep ART ALIVE AND ARENT JUST A GROUP OF PRETTY BOYS
- kookie is so tsundere omg
- jimin’s godly thighs
- how tae is so comfortable with things like acne and imperfections on his body god he’s so pure
- sharing food
- how jimin always puts his feet in first position when he dances
- jungkooks English and how he mAKES ENGLISH COVERS AH
- how sope make each other SO FLUSTERED AHH
- sugas JHOOOOOOOOOPE like yes queen yaaaas
- jimin’s fucking praise kink
- suga’s tongue technology and “whether it’s a guy or girl my tongue will make you cum 😏
- how kinky tae is
- bts doing human things like playing overwatch and watching anime and being immature
- Jin’s window laugh and his love for food - sope having the fucking gay ass 👨‍❤️‍👨 emoji in their vlive title?????
- bts genuinely loves each other so much and they’re so humble

and you know, isak is at a point in his life where he couldn’t care less about drama that involves people who don’t matter to him, he doesn’t care about what they’re up to and what they think, he doesn’t want to waste his thoughts and time on them. isak is too busy enjoying life with his friends and the love of his life. so you know that when isak walks up to sana and talks to her and asks her if she’s ready for the exam, it’s really because she’s one of these people he actually cares about. sana matters to isak, she truly does 

experimentalbeing  asked:

Yo I saw your post on your love of skunk cabbages, and I see a ton of them by the creek back home. I've never paid them much attention so I was curious as to why do you like them so much? I'm SO ready to fall in love with yet another plant

why i love the skunk children

-in my opinion the eastern skunk cabbage is one of the smartest and coolest plants ever

-i originally fell into them because of my research interest regarding thermogenic plants! these plants produce heat when they bloom. in the Eastern Skunk Cabbage’s case, the first week- where the female blooms are presented- the plant keeps its internal flower temperature at an exact, consistant temperature, which they do by measuring the exact outer temperature and adjusting their flower’s temperature accordingly. we dont know how they measure the outer temperature, only the part of the plant that does. the second week- when the male flowers are presented- the plant continues to heat up, but the heating patterns are much more erratic and have higher and lower variability. 

-eastern skunk cabbages are deep rooted plants with contractile roots. contractile roots are roots in a ring structure that fill with water, then squeeze them out, draging them deep into the mud. the reason the ESC in both its vegetative and flowering stages is so close to the ground is that the plant grows downward, dragging itself deeper into the mud each year it blooms. 

-the life span of these plants are unknown, but we know that these plants plan their blooms literal years ahead. like if you were to uproot one and cut it down the middle, you would see this years’ bloom, then the next years bloom nestled down in the tuber waiting to come up. and another one under that. and another one under that. it goes on until you hit the tiniest blooming structure being developed at the bottom of the tuber, which apparently is about the size of a tip of a ballpoint pen and can be the planned fruiting structure for up to ten years in the future. 

-they are stinky babs when crushed bc their pollinators are newly-emerging flies and beetles. 

-theyre literally like the most comically disgusting plants ever like they love living in bogs and having cold, wet mud over their roots at all times of the year and smell like rotting flesh 

-did i mention that they’re the first to bloom in the early spring by blooming first, using the heat they produce during bloom to burn through the snow??? bc they do that

-also btw they aren’t actual cabbages, idk y theyre called that

-if you eat them uncooked they’ll secrete acid that will burn ur mouth and throat. that being said, these plants were used by indigenous peoples as a common food/medicine when cooked, especially the root!

some cool pics from iowaplants.com (go to that link to learn more about their really weird flowering structure and physiology, which is the same throughout the ultra-weird aroid family but is a really good example):

the seeding structure (the weird yellow ball in the middle of pic 1, dried and floating down a nearby stream, where the flowering structures break open and drop seeds downstream from the parent):

the yellow ball is called the “spadix”. this is the part that heats up, and is actually many flowers, as demonstrated in this close up:

the babs in their non-flowering phase in spring, summer, and fall:

Jonerys shippers watching episode 4

*Jon approaches* Dany:

When Dany & Jon enter the cave.

When they’re looking at each other.

When he touched her.

When Dany leans toward Jon.

Dany: “I will fight for you”.

When Jon advises her. Dany:

Davos: “you keep staring at her heart”.

Dany leading her army


When Dany almost falls from Drogon.

After the episode, all Jonerys shippers:


“I know it wasn’t goodbye forever. I wasn’t that sad—I did have a bit of a cry, but I knew because we’ve grown up together and we’re such good friends, that’s a bond that you can’t break as easily as just saying goodbye to someone. I think we’ll be friends for a long time, all of us.” - Georgie Henley (2008).

Another thing about the Green Day concert in Oakland

While I was sitting outside the stadium in line, I could hear the band starting to rehearse inside. It was totally normal at first, I heard a few guitar riffs, then heard Billie screaming some un-articulated words. They played Youngblood and Longview and Too Young to Die, but then there was a really long silence, and after a few minutes, I thought they had stopped. But then, I hear this faint little “Waste another year flies by, waste a night or two…” and holy hell did my heart drop. It was barely audible in the beginning, but I looked to the other fans in line, and one or two of them had heard it too, so all of our heads were perked and ready to listen. Then the drums come in. And Billie’s voice again.

Long story short: Green Day played the song Homecoming for their homecoming concert before they opened the stadium doors. They didn’t play that song in concert that night (in fact, I’m not aware of anytime they’ve played Homecoming in concert). So yeah, I heard Green Day play Homecoming in our home town and I’m still fucking emotional about it because I am so fucking proud of being a Bay Area native.

Non-partner JNPR headcanons ~

- Pyrrha and Ren are the literal best study partners. They’ll quiz each other on stuff way into the night, and it drives the other two crazy.

- Jaune and Nora really like to watch terrible reality TV together. Jaune because it used to be a family thing and now it’s just a habit, Nora because she gets REALLY INVESTED and YELLS at the contestants.

- Nora is really good at persuading Pyrrha to do things, which has resulted in: one broken lock to their dorm (magnets don’t actually fix things), several gouges in the wall from where she used her semblance to hurl things at the light switch so none of them would have to get out of bed at night, and one detention, since professor peach knew Pyrrha wouldn’t just sneak desserts from the kitchen at night of her own accord, and “if you three won’t own up to who it was, then your whole team will just have to be punished”.

-Nora felt kind of guilty about that one, and, since their punishment was to copy out textbook pages by hand, Nora spent a lot of time just finding the coolest pages for Pyrrha to work with, stuff about bloody battles and Grimm attacks and everything.

- When Ren makes pancakes, he always adds extra stuff to Pyrrha’s and his own to make them healthy, like protein powder and vitamin-rich fruits. Nora thinks it’s a disgrace, but Pyrrha appreciates it and gives him feedback until he perfects them.

- Jaune’s mom writes him actual letters every two weeks, even though they just talk on the phone usually anyways. When Jaune mentioned to her that Ren and Nora had no parents, letters for them started arriving immediately. It’s just silly things, telling them about cool birds who visit her bird feeder, sharing nice recipes, reporting on her youngest children, that sort of thing. Jaune insists it’s embarassing, but Ren and Nora love it.

-Alternately, Pyrrha’s mom sends them cash.

- Nora bought a box of pumpkin Pete’s marshmallow flakes cereal, just to bother Pyrrha with it, but actually ended up liking it so much that now Pyrrha has to order in for her lifetime supply.

- Pyrrha and Ren both love succulents, and raise a small family of tiny plants in the dorm. After several incidents, Nora and Jaune are officially banned from touching them.

- Jaune gets really, really stressed out about schoolwork, to the point where he can barely sleep or eat or anything. Somehow, though, Ren cam always calm him down enough to let him clear his head.

- Jaune actually spent a lot of time designing combo attacks for every possibly partnership in jnpr. There were diagrams involved, one of which included a really poorly drawn Nora jumping on a really poorly drawn Jaune. Jaune insists they’re both jumping, but it really is an incredibly terrible drawing. Nora got it framed.

-Pyrrha and Nora know all of each others’ secrets. They have hugely in-depth conversations when they’re alone together.

-Ren is unfairly good at video games. Usually on his second try he’s able to beat Jaune at something he’s been practicing for years. It drives Jaune crazy.

-Nora once roped Pyrrha into building a blanket fort out of Jaune’s pillows and blankets and mattress. It was so well-constructed that Jaune didn’t want to wreck it, and slept in it for three nights until Ren tripped over it one morning and accidentally took it out. On top of Jaune.

‘It is as I knew,’ he said. 'When I saw you upon the stairs of the Institute, and I saw the fire in your eyes, I knew you were the bravest woman ever to set foot on this earth. I regret only that such a fearless soul was ever hurt by the ignorance and fear of others.’
—  Gwyn ap Nudd (Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare)