She walked up to Nico, who was standing to one side in the shadows, as usual. She grabbed his hand and pulled him gently into the firelight. “We had one home,” she said. “Now we have two.” She gave Nico a big hug and the crowd roared with approval. For once, Nico didn’t feel like pulling away. He buried his face in Reyna’s shoulder and blinked the tears out of his eyes.

Don't you just love...

When Delirious and Vanoss encourage each other like in the recent For Honor vids. If Del died, he’d say “Come on Vanoss, I believe in you!” And Evan would be like “Delirious you got this!” I just love how supportive they were of each other, even when Evan was still new to the game. And this applies to any other game they play together :)


And I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense, then you’ll lose your mind
And I’ll use you as focal point
So I don’t lose sight of what I want

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Can I ask for some platonic headcanons for Lance and Pidge? I just really love their friendship man. They're the gaming buddies who will drag each other (both into situations, and playfully insulting each other).

heck yeah you can!! i love lance + pidge interactions so much tbh (a bit of bonus keith and shiro in here for effect)

  • they both know that sibling feel so they kinda fell into each other like that
    • act like bickering siblings
    • are also as close as siblings and will fite anyone who hurts the other in any way
    • lance: let me have the next turn on the game console or your alien sock collection gets it / pidge: YOU WOULDN’T DARE
    • *something happens that is obviously pidge’s fault* lance: i ain’t no snitch 
  • lance: pidge do u love me / pidge: id sell u to satan for one cornchip / lance: wow binch im worth at least two
  • lance: pidge do u love me / pidge: who hurt u who made u doubt my love for u who do i have to fite tell them to turn on their location
  • lance will literally sit on pidge to win a spar and shiro is just…so done…
    • shiro: lance…that won’t work against a galra soldier… / lance: it will if they’re tiny B^) / pidge: yOU’RE LUCKY I’M OUT OF BREATH, LANCE
    • keith is also a trans buddy and anyone who says they all can’t be trans buddies is cordially invited to meet me in the pit
    • if either one of them references being trans in any way shape or form, the others just
  • pidge can and will enlist lance to give her rides on his shoulders so she can reach things
  • meme teme
    • constantly making references
    • pidge: eat a healthy snack, rebecca / lance, staring longingly into space: i want chipotle / pidge: THATS NOT A HEALTHY SNACK REBECCA
    • an asteroid starts crumbling for some reason / lance and pidge in perfect sync: tag yourself im the asteroid
  • pidge steals everyone’s jackets/vests, and keith’s WOULD be her fav, but it’s a hacket (half jacket) so lance’s wins cause it’s a full jacket AND also is the only one with a warm hood. which she hides in.
  • if lance is wondering where his jacket went, he just has to look for pidge, or rather, his jacket in the shape of pidge since it covers like 90% of her
  • pidge absolutely kicks lance’s ass at 90% of video games
    • exceptions are FPS and minigames (like in mario party) he kicks ass at those get rekt pidge
    • mario kart is neutral ground its race or die in mario kart who knows who’ll get the next blue shell
    • spoiler: it’s pidge. it’s always pidge. she hacked the game.

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Can I just say I love the friendship you and Thomas have

Sure you can. In fact, I’ll reiterate it: I love the friendship that I have with Thomas, and I hope that bean is doing well in this moment.

silly little post-Winter headcannons

• Iko takes selfies with Cinder in every reunion. Even if Cinder doesn’t really want to be in the picture.

• One time, Kai was also included in the picture (It was a smiling Kai, a very serious Cinder and Iko doing a duckface. It got viral)

• Iko and Thorne started a dubmash battle and soon the whole crew was participating.

• Cress’s taste for 2nd era music got her to find “Hotline bling” and send it to the whole crew. Everyone ended up learning the lyrics (Even Jacin, though he reaaaaally hates it)

• They make plans to take Cress to the beach for the first time. No one is entirely sure if Cinder can swim, but Thorne brings a bag of rice anyway.

• In the beach, they start to play some kind of drinking game and everyone gets drunk except for Scarlet and Thorne.

• Cinder falls during an important celebration. Kai picks her up and soon, their fanbase goes wild and they’re most shipped couple of the century.

• Everytime someone has a birthday, Scarlet bakes the cakes. Also, they make a tradition of not bringing cutlery.

• The crew has a private d-comm link where they talk throughout the day and it was made by Iko and Cress.

• Also, Iko takes lots of photos, especially of Cinder (when she obviously isn’t paying attention) and most of them are hideous. She also has photos of Jacin and has been trying to take a photo of him smiling

• Iko hasn’t been able to take a photo where Winter looks bad.



Bones » 2016 2017 rewatch - 5x01 “Harbingers in a Fountain”

So what do you want? Just wanna share a drink, you know, with one of my closest and dearest friends who, you know, I can trust um with certain things. Oh god. There’s lasting brain damage isn’t there? Something you haven’t told anyone. What?

Yusuke Urameshi: Ready to fuck you up when you beat the shit out of his friends.
Maybe I love Yusuke and YYH so much because they are all spicy stuffed peppers that love their friends??? I just love?? Stories of friendship and love?? And also beating the shit out of people??