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Omg why do I always feel the need to message you about how good your latest video is 😭😂 LOL I just love all of your vids so much and they make my day; I was wondering how long they usually take to make? 😮

aww thank you anon! i wish i knew who you are 😳 also im glad my videos make your day, it’s my wish to lighten up the spirits of all the loves!!

and to answer your question:

depending on how long i want my video to be and how long the original video is, a short 1-2 minute video can take about 2-3 hours and a long 4 minute video can take about 5 hours 

ok i know that sounds like a lot of time however it’s because i procrastinate too much and while i edit i actually watch the original video 

so if the original video is 40 minutes i would watch all of it as i edit and i like to make sure that my video flows properly so i pretty much rewind like a hundred times (im exaggerating but that’s what it feels like 😂) 

due to that, all of my videos are usually uploaded at night, i think once i uploaded very late at like two a.m in the morning oops 

so typically i upload from 8pm to 2am (pst) i guess haha  

but yeah that’s pretty much how the process goes lol 

vernon, who is way too happy (and a little too obsessed…) with the new wand he received from a fan~ (▰˘◡˘▰)
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I love making videos so much. I love the filming, the coming up with ideas, the editing, the making it even better, and the uploading, the final showcase of all that work. I love how I can take a stupid little joke mentioned off the cuff left in as a blooper and then spend extra time making it into the video. Idk I just love making vids, y’all. People always ask why I don’t get others to edit my videos for me, but I just couldn’t. It wouldn’t be mine anymore. It feels so much more of mine when I do it! Couldn’t imagine it any other way. 


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