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it’s adorable that the oldest hyung here looks like the younger one 💓💓💓


“Oh, he says ‘Spill the T’ […] It was super fun there. I mean, the girls are super cool. Raven Symone is a fucking cunt […] Anyway, let’s do the song that she didn’t like on the show.”


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


I love the what-Ignis-was-like-as-a-kid banter that happens when you accept and then when you complete this sidequest. Noctis’s deliberately vague reply is second only to the look Ignis gives him at the end. I also found it interesting that apparently Gladio and Ignis didn’t know each other as kids - which really makes wonder if Gladio was maybe in a boarding school type military academy until he took up the post as Noctis’s shield when he was a teenager. 

Also, please pardon my poor video editing skills. :)


papa bear and moma kiki