I know this scene was cut from the movie for a reason and Eddie Redmayne himself said the acting was probably terrible but…it would be really interesting to see Newt’s scars.

It would show us how hard he’s worked to get all these creatures. It would show us how compassionate he really is, to love all of them even after they hurt him.

He does have one scar on his hand that’s noticeable. But with such a kind character like Newt, to physically see some of the pain he’s been through would be a huge deal.

And no, I’m not just saying this because Eddie Redmayne worked out for that scene specifically and had to be shirtless for it, that is just absurd! I would never think that! How dare you accuse me of such a thing!


I want it for all those character development reasons I stated above…! (The shirtless thing is just a bonus.)

Lee Jinki,  born December 14, 1989, leader of popular boy band SHINee, is really just such a pivotal person. He’s gentle, mild-tempered, caring, attentive, and one of the most talented individuals out there. As a trainee he’d go out on the roof and sing to the sky in the hopes that one day his voice might reach the stars. Despite being in a competitive environment with the other trainees, before even knowing who he’d debut with or if he’d debut at all, when Lee Taemin finds him on the roof he helps him practice singing. He’s selfless, and always putting the needs and well being of his members above his own. When the pressure of having to lead a group got to be too much, he stepped back and decided to work with the members instead of try to lead them from a position of authority. All of them have spoken about how they can go to him with their worries, and how he’ll listen and offer them several solutions for them to choose from themselves. (ex here and here)

You can tell how hard he works, in the moments of silence after his solo stages, when he bows his head and his feet hesitate to move. You can tell in his voice every time he opens his mouth to sing, as if each note carries a piece of himself in its melody. You can tell in the moment they won Artist of the Year, and how he stands there in disbelief, silent tears on his face. 

SHINee wouldn’t exist without Jinki. Jinki, who’s representative color is green like the color of SHINee itself. Not only is he a pivotal member, he’s an inspiring, talented person in his own right and he’s the spine that keeps SHINee standing tall. 


happy birthday to my baby boy, Yoda, whos always there for emotional support when im stressing about deadlines and trying to write cool shit

I’m sobbing over how much trust and faith Eve has in Ezekiel. Way more than he has in himself.

he is the most beautiful person ever i am just in awe all the time!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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helloo, I was wondering if you could give me any tips with self-love, I have never been really good with liking myself let alone loving myself and I'm not doing too well lately

One of the biggest secrets in the world is that you don’t have to like something to love it? Because love is an active thing, and something that you do and show, and sometimes a habit that you have; love is a practice. And therefore, I believe that loving yourself - even in just the smallest ways - comes before liking yourself. “To Like” is built on “To Love”… and although it may seem strange, as love is usually perceived as simply a stronger kind of like, I believe that they are quite different emotions?

I think that loving yourself starts in the little things, in taking care of yourself in the smallest of ways. Brushing your teeth each day, washing your face, having a shower, cleaning your room … all the little things that help you better function as a human in your day to day life, the things you do for yourself (and often without thinking), those are acts of love! And even more … drinking enough water, taking yourself for walks, it is the small things that make you feel more positive and better, those are acts of love! 
And then there is the active form of self love, and that takes work, but in some ways it begins as a mindset (and perhaps eventually you grow into it!). You look in the mirror and you say good things to yourself. You squint REAL hard until you can see yourself as if in a movie, and you think about how wonderful that would look. You look in the mirror and you pick out something about yourself that you usually hate the most, and instead of allowing yourself to scrutinize it, you think of anything nice you could say about it, you compliment yourself!

And it is the act of being kind to yourself, and the effort to raise self confidence that causes a shift in mindset: and that, in turn, leads to the result of you liking yourself. And BECAUSE of this, ‘liking yourself’ is not a continual thing, but an outcome that happens over time, and the result of self positivity, and love?

And self love is the effort you make … and sometimes (often) it is HARD, and sometimes it feels fake, but if you remember to stick to it, and to continue and to simply be GOOD to yourself, I think eventually you will find you both like yourself and love yourself … at least SOME of the time!