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Heard u like ink. Crush covers their ink for work & their Matsu comes over to visit, they've walkin around in shorts (sports bra if they wish) with their ink & piercing & just greets him like normal. His reaction to it? Bonus they let him touch them!

I LOVE IF I HAD A CRUSH OR S/O THAT WOULD LET ME. It’s not even like sexual? Like it’s mostly “wow it’s art on your skin”

Osomatsu: once the door opens he stares shocked at their body. He kind wants to touch it to see if it feels like soft skin. ‘Hey earth to Oso!’ They snap their fingers in front of his face; ‘you alright there buddy?’ He knows what he wants to do, “can I touch you?” He looks really serious. Crush looks a bit taken back till they get a sudden look of realization, 'yeah go ahead.’ After that he likes to trace your skin even after. It’s something he does for luck.

Karamatsu: he was embarrassed till he saw the tattoos, “I knew my karamatsu darling was a beautiful piece of art work, but I didn’t know you were a literal art work! It goes to show the perfect human has many surprises!” 'You wanna to touch it?’ He jumps a bit too fast into the idea. “Your really soft…” He wants to get some tattoos afterwards too.

Choromatsu: he’s only ever seen them in their work attire. Embarrassed from the tattoos and extra skin. Are you going down a bad path? No you’re not a NEET. He looks worried. 'You wanna touch?’ He hesitates but ends up doing it. He wonders what you look like naked… Not for perverted reasons or anything.

Ichimatsu: one look and he was scanning for any cats or something of significants to him. He silently begs them with his eyes if he could touch to have an excuse to look behind them. ’…you wanna touch?’ He nods and touches everywhere without clothing and is obviously marked.

Jyushimatsu: Wow! He’s amazed. “I knew your body was a home run, even without these pictures!” His crush chuckles, 'you wanna touch?’ “Yeah!” His hands feel slightly calloused, he’s being slightly rough but not too badly. He loves the pictures! They fit his crush to a T.

Todomatsu: he’s drooling slightly. Tattoos aren’t considered 'cute’ for whatever reason, but he loves seeing those cute hello kitty tattoos. But his crushes legs, and that belly. It’s extra eye catching with the tattoos. 'You wanna touch Totty?’ He nods excitedly, leaving lingering touches. “Wow, this is super cute!” Crush wonders why his hand stayed longer on their stomach.

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After the Son/in Bla/ck kni/ght episode. Arin calls Suzy but is still feeling low. Dan and Brian comfort and cuddle him.

Arin sighed, laying in one of the beanbags, his phone pressed to his ear as Suzy tried to soothe him. “It’s alright, sweetheart. Just rest.”

“I’m just so…frustrated. Drained. I don’t know. It’s stupid as hell. And I feel dumb for getting so worked up over this, but I am.”

“You aren’t dumb. It’d piss anyone off, really.”

“I guess…”

“Go and relax. I’ll see you tonight.”

Arin sighed. “Alright… Love you.”

“I love you too.”

He draped an arm over his face, haphazardly shoving his phone in his pocket. He’d wound down, the initial anger leaving behind exhaustion and irritation.

He scored over when someone nudged him, and Brian’s familiar gruff voice soothed his mind a little. “Hey Ar. Dan told me what happened.”

Arin grumbled, rolling onto his side, burying his face in Brian’s chest. He let out a long sigh, inhaling the familiar scent. “Is it… Is it fuckin possible to destroy three hours of your life?”

“I’d tell you if I knew.” Brian pressed a kiss to the top of Arin’s head, rubbing his back gently.

Arin pressed his face into Brian’s chest with a drawn out groan, making the older man chuckle softly.

Dan padded over quietly, smiling gently. “Hey…”

Arin lifted a hand, half waving. “Hi Dan,” Brian said softly.

Dan knelt next to the beanbag on Arin’s other side. “Hey big cat.”

Arin lifted his head, smiling weakly at Dan. “Hi…”

Dan inched into the beanbag, wrapping an arm around Arin’s stomach. “We’ve got you. No shitty game can take you from us.”

Arin just laughed softly, laying his head back down with Dan pressed against his back. He was right. Arin wouldn’t let some shitty game get the best of him.

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The first I love yous with Steve please

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

“They actually accepted you?!” You asked in mixed emotions as you watched your best friend Steve pack his suitcase.

“Yea.” He chuckles nervously.

“I cant believe it.” You say softly. Lets not get confused here, you were more worried than anything that your scrawny best friend had just got accepted into the army. After so many attempts and so many fails…why now?

“Yea I cant either.” Shaking his head, he stops packing and sits down on the bed facing you. He frowns when he sees the look on your face. “Are you alright?”

You turn away from him. “Yea just…trying to process all this.”

“Um, I thought you would be at least a little more enthusiastic about this. You know how long I’ve wanted this.” You sigh, turning back to him.

“What do you want me to say Steve? That I’m happy for you? Well I’d be lying if I said that because I’m not happy!” Deep, deep, DEEP inside you…you were happy. Ecstatic even. He was finally getting what he wanted. And even though it was truly selfish of you…how could you just be okay with him leaving you.” You’re leaving me! Just like Bucky did-”

“We arent leaving you to leave you.” He tries to explain. “Y/N you know I’ve wanted this. This is what I’ve always wanted. The only thing I have that will make me happy. And now Im getting it.” You grit your teeth,

“Is that really the only thing?” You scoff making your way to the door. “Well dont let me ruin your happiness.”

“Y/N- that’s not what i meant.”

“I hope everything works for you Steve. I really do.” Your voice cracks as you turn, making your way out the door and out of your best friends life.

It was the next morning and Steve was making his way to the station. Last night was a sleep ness night for him. What shouldve been the last moment he would have with you, his best friend, he spent them alone.

As people boarded the train, Steve took one last look out at the sea of famiies and loved ones saying their goodbyes before picking up his suitcase and walking forward.

“Steve!” He lets out a sigh of relief hearing your voice. Turning, he sees you running to him. You take a few deep breathes before trying your best to keep from crying. “Hi…I was hoping you wouldnt have left yet.”

He smiles softly. “I was hoping you would show up.” Awkward pause. Neither of you knew what to say or how to start.

“Look…I’m really happy that you finally get to live out everything you ever wanted. Even if that means leaving me…” Steve swallows loudly, his hands shaky and clammy. You took notice of it but you shook it to just nerves. “I would feel so terrible if you left and I never told you that-”

“I love you.” he cuts you off suddenly. Your eyes widen and you take a step back. Did he-did he just-

“You what?” You whisper softly.

“I know…I know! Its wrong of me to say that right when Im about to leave but I…I’ve loved you since we were kids. And Y/N i always thought that if i told you it would ruin our friendship and-”

“Well it did.” Steve looks down pathetically. “Because now I can say I havent looked as you as a friend for a long time too.” His blue steel eyes lift back up to you. “I love you too.” You smile, your eyes not fighting the tears anymore. “And thats why i want you to go.” You grab his hands in yours. “I want you to go and…fight the bullies like you always said you were going to do and just know that, that I’ll be right here waiting for you to get back.”

Steve’ smile couldnt be any bigger.

“So do I- i mean…what happens now. I mean I want to kiss you- but if you dont want to I under-”

“Just shut up and kiss me.” You cut off his rambling, lifting up slightly on your toes to meet his lips in a sweet kiss.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

That was what kept him going the most.

2 months later*

A few knocks on your front door makes you jump up. Turning the boiling water to a low. you walk the few feet to the front door and open it.

“Yes?” You ask confused at the tall, blonde man, whose back was towards you. “Can i help you sir?” You ask him again.

The man turns slowly. You first get a glimpse of his physique. He was just the perfection you would think a man should be. All american man. His blonde hair, parted like it always was but a bit fuller and livlier. His eyes, brighter than the last time you remember. His cheekbones more defined and full as was the rest of him.

Your eyes widen as your brains finally come to terms with this. This was Steve. This was your Steve.

But the Steve you saw leave was different now. At least physically of course.

“Please say something.” His voice, so deep and rich, sent shivers down your spine.

“Oh my god..” You sob into your hand.

Steve’s eyes shine as he smiles. “Is that a good ‘Oh my god’?” You didnt need to answer. You big bear hug answered for you.

“I dont know what happened or how but I am just so glad to see you again. To have you in my arms again. Well- actually its more like I’m in your arms now.” He chuckles deeply, closing his eyes as he takes in your scent again. The scent he missed. Your rosy shampoo you always used that he loved so much. He had it back. That familiar, comfortable, homey feeling again. And it was all because of you.

“What even happened to you?” You pull away to get an even greater look at this Steve. He was still the same Steven. Just healthier and happier now.

His answer was simple.  “I joined the army.” Laughing together you wasted no time in leaning up on your tippy toes, this time he had to lean down to meet you, and place a deep kiss on the lips you’ve been waiting to kiss for two months again.

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How about McCree, Junkrat, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Genji and Hanzo when their s/o who is usually quite reserved gets really affectionate when they're tired? Just mumbling about how much they love them and snugging right up to them at home? Please and thank you! Also welcome new blog it is good to see you. c:

(Oh no! I fell asleep last night before I posted them! But here you go anon! ;D )


“You’re lookin’ a little tired there, darlin’. You feelin’ alright?” McCree stroked your hair, sniffing the still slightly damp hair.

“I’m fine, Jesse,” you muttered back. You turned over on the bed and wrapped your arms and legs around him, your face nuzzling into the crook of his neck. You whispered softly, “Just hold me.”

He smiled at your sudden demanding tone. He kissed your head, wrapping his arms around your frame, “Long day?”



When you woke up, you were annoyed. Not awfully so, but still annoyed. So you stood up from your apparently empty bed and walked down to Jamison’s workshop, where he wrote chemical formulas down for his new contraption.

“You left me, you cruel bastard,” you rubbed your eyes and yawned.

“Had an epiphany!” Jamie grinned, looking back at you. He saw your sleepy expression and his face softened to a gentle smile. He stretched out his arms, giving you a look. You walked over to him and let him hug you, your arms hanging heavy at your sides.

And very quietly Jamison Fawkes heard, “I love you, big guy….”


Your curled up, your head resting against Mako’s large, squishy stomach. He reached down and began stroking your hair.

You were going on about your day and it’s trials: annoying people, things gone wrong, etc. Mako was good at listening, but he was even better at letting you talk.

You hugged his big, loveable belly and sighed, “And so this day has just been a nightmare.”

He laughed softly, “Come here….”

You crawled on top of him and stretched out on his stomach, you leaned down towards his face and pecked his lips. You smiled at him, and he smiled back.


His hands, though intimidatingly large, were absolute magic for working out knots, especially in the neck. You groaned, “A bit lower?”

Reinhardt laughed, working his hands to the center of your back, “Better?”

“Mmmhmmmm…..” You moaned. It was as if the tension was melting away under his fingers. Eventually, he slowed to an easy rub, and you leaned back onto him, smiling sleepily. Reinhardt closed his eyes and seemingly dozed off, while you turned into his chest.

He opened his eyes and grinned down at your still form before closing them again and taking a long, well deserved nap.

Genji(I assumed you meant cyborg Genji? I just now realize it could have been human Genji, sorry ;^^)-

Genji always said that meditation helps destress the body and mind. And you know, it did help to focus on your breathing.

But right now, all you wanted to do was bury yourself under the covers and watch TV or something. And it wasn’t that you didn’t love Genji with all your heart, but it was just that you wanted him to cuddle you, not lecture you about how important your spiritual well being is.

So he was quite surprised when you pressed your lips against his mask to shut him up. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and said gently, “Just hug me.”

And he did. For the whole night he laid beside you with his arms around you.


Hanzo buried his face into your chest, making you laugh. His hair was down and everywhere and it was really cute.

Once Hanzo saw you were exhausted, he brought it upon himself to bring you into a loving embrace and take you to the couch.

Honestly, with how affectionate Hanzo was, it left you unable to reciprocate. He dominated the cuddling game, and was exceedingly good at whispering sweet nothings into your ears until you both passed out.

Lana Del Rey on Bob Dylan

“Bob Dylan. He was someone who just did what no one had ever done by telling his life stories through song. He had this feeling of freedom to write whatever he wanted without conscience. He sent out a strong message to a generation without meaning to. His tone and quality of voice was just unlike anyone else. He was full of passion. His personal drive changed the face of music even though it was not his intention to. He was just one cool cat.”

Lana “loved Bob Dylan as a person before I heard his music. I liked that he was political and I liked that he was kind of a bum. It made me feel better about the way I was living at the time, really day to day… the way you do live when you’re young and in New York.”

“Hearing Bob Dylan’s “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” for the first time was a revelation. I watched Don’t Look Back a lot and read the biography by Anthony Scaduto. Like everyone else, Bob floors me.”

“I went back to listening to Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, whose life path really influenced my life path 10 years ago when I was 18. I listen to everything Bob Dylan did.” 

“Um, I go back and forth sometimes, I’m like Maria Callas, and sometimes I’m like Bob Dylan. Dylan is a 3 take man. I can usually do exactly what I wanna in 3 takes. But sometimes I like to take a long time and piece a lot of different takes together like Maria, especially if I’m working in some kind of operatic bridge.” 

“Bob wanted to tour the world! He was like … he really fucking wanted that. He started in the West Village, but he had visions of extreme stardom. He complains about it now, but he really wanted it!”

“I still didn’t find that community of people I was looking for, like the way Bob Dylan found his friends, or the respect of being a writer.”

“Nothing really started for me until I was 17, and I haven’t grown out of that taste. The first would be Bob Dylan. He’s the person I always look to. He’d probably hate hearing that, but its true. I love how effortlessly his music came to him and I liked hearing him talk about when that stopped. He kept writing anyway, with different styles, from folk to electric.”

Now You Know

*A Kian Lawley Imagine*

~What You Wore~

!!!NOT MY GIF!!!

Request: Can you write an imagine where y/n and Kian are dating but the fans don’t know. Kian and JC are filming a video and Kian keeps looking off camera at you and smiling, and once they post the video everyone in the comments are asking who he is looking at because he has a ‘I’m so in love with you’ look on his face so y/n and Kian decide to go public and making a video for his channel and it’s really really cute and fluffy. Thank you 😘

“Alright we are all set. Go ahead and begin.” Vitaly, who was one of Kian and JC’s friends said after setting up the camera. They did their intro and started what they were doing. Today was just them talking to the camera about what turns them on. Kian smiled at you a few times because you couldn’t stop laughing at the stupid shit they were saying. You couldn’t breathe at one point and had to be somewhat quite. Their fans didn’t know that Kian and you were together. So you guys kept it kind of low key and still very happy. 

Finishing up their video, they stood up and JC went and started editing it with Kian. 

“Steak or burgers?” You asked before they went in the room. 

“STEAK!” They both yelled and Kian kissed you cheek and ran off.

“Hey Vitaly can you start the grill please?” You asked him. 

“Yeah of course.” He said and walked outside. You got the steaks and the seasoning, a big plate, and a spatula to flip the steaks. You walked outside onto the porch and started cooking. 

“So how is everything you you?” Vitaly asked. 

“Amazing actually. How about you?” You asked him. 

“Fantastic.” He said with a smile. 

“So still on the down low about Kian & you?” He asked. 

“Yeah. You know, I know that I want to tell people and put it out there, but I know he doesn’t want the drama, like with Andrea, & I will respect him because I love him.” You told him and just thinking about Kian and how it would be if you were to be public.  

*The Next Day* 

“Guys, wake up!” You heard JC yell and then jump into the bed with Kian and you. You woke up in Kian’s arms still. 

“What time is it?” Kian asked turning over. 

“11 A.M. But every is asking on the new videos ‘who is Kian looking at?’ ‘Kian was smiling at someone behind the camera the whole time.’ ‘ WHO IS IT!?’ “ JC read out loud. 

“You guys kn what this means.” He said. 

“What does it mean?” You asked looking at Kian & JC.

“Means they know. We might as well just tell them.” Kian said with not to happy of a tone. 

“Well how? A video?” You asked. 

“Sounds good.” He said sitting up with his feet on the floor, and hands holding his head up.  

“Well I’m going to take a shower.” You said standing up and walking to his bathroom, got undressed and started the shower, then stepped in. Washing your body and hair, and then hearing Kian walk into the bathroom. 

“Leave the shower on please.” He said. He handed you a towel and your wrapped yourself in it and got out. Still with a sad look on his face he looked at you with a small smirk. But, you could see the sadness in his eyes. He kissed you sweetly, cupping your face. 


“I love you.” He said and got into the shower. Confused, you walked out and put your clothes on then went back into the bathroom. He was still in the shower, and you got onto the counter in front of the mirror and blow dried your hair and did it, then started doing your make up. The shower shutting off adn Kian opening the curtain, and wrapping a towel around his waist. Still seeing him hold his head down. You turned around, grabbed his hand, and pulled him to you, all in one swift move. He placed his hands on either side of you on the counter, looking down at your legs. You placed you finger under his chin and pushed his head up to look at you. 

“Whats wrong?” You asked. 

“Nothing babe. I’m fine.” He said and tried to walk a way, but your grabbed his face again. 

“Kian.” You said.He laid his hand on your thighs and looked into your eyes. 

“I’m just scared. This is the same shit that happened with my last relationship. It got out, rumors came out, and it broke us up. I love you so much though, like more then anyone. I don’t think I’d be able to handle loosing you.” He said looking down and tracing circles on your thigh. You took a breathe and smiled at him and he looked at you. 

“Why are you smiling? This isn’t a smiling matter.” You got off the counter and wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“That’s something you will never have to worry about. A rumor will never tear us apart. Because of the trust, and love, and respect we have for each other. I love you so much Kian, you have no idea, I could never leave you, or believe you would do something cruel to me. Your my everything.” You said looking at him, as he looked into your eyes. 

“God, what did I do to deserve you. You so fucking amazing.” He said cupping your face and softly laying his forehead on yours, a kissing your lips sweetly. You got back onto the counter and finished up your make-up while Kian went and got ready. You finished up and left the bathroom and went into the front room. Kian, JC and Vitaly were setting up Kian camera. 

“You ready?” You asked Kian coming up behind him and wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“I’m nervous as fuck. But I’m okay.” He said still fixing his camera. 

“Alright all set.” He said and climbed on to the pool table. 

“Alright guys, JC and I have noticed your comments on the Kian and JC channel. You comments on the last video about me staring off of camera, and smiling, and all that. Well I have something for you guys, and to tell you guys. I’m so honest with your guys, but with this I’m sorry that I haven’t told you yet. But the reason why I was looking off camera a lot was because there was beautiful, amazing, fantastic person off camera, and I’d like to introduce you to her. Y/N.” He said. You blushed and jumped onto the table next to him. 

“Hi guys.” You said smiling at the camera, and waving. Kian smiled at you and looked abcka t the camera. 

“Well, now you guys know. I love you guys so much, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasnt for you. But also I love this girl to the moon and back. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her either. She’s been with me threw some of the hardest things in my life, and I thank you so much for it. Shes amazing,adn everything, and my friends love her, JC loves her like a little sister, and I really hope you guys will love her as much, as I do.” and with that, and a few fuck ups here and there. It was out, everyone knew, the love Kian adn you have for each other.

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Hi I'm fairly new to your tumblr so I hope this is okay(since I see a lot of these on your blog😁) but could you imagine Kurt's s/o having a panic attack and him just putting his hands on their face gently and begin to whisper soothing things like..."shh my love everything is going to be alright just focus on me, etc." and then him just holding his s/o until they completely calm down. ☺️ sorry I just have a lot of Kurt Wagner feelings lately and needed a place to share them. 🙈


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enjoltaire + meeting each other's parents n siblings dun dun dunnnn


Meeting the Parents:

“Yes, Mom,” Enjolras sighed into the phone pinching the bridge of his nose, “We’ll be there at eleven, just like you said. Alright. Love you, too. Bye.”

Enjolras walked into the bedroom, where Grantaire was lying in bed frowning at his tablet.

“I thought I’d hear back from that art gallery by now,” R said when he noticed Enj staring at him; “They probably just aren’t going to contact me.”

Enj climbed into bed and took the tablet from his hand. He put it down on the nightstand and pecked R’s cheek, “Of course they will. They’d be fools not to display your work.”

Grantaire turned on his side to face Enjolras, “You were talking to your mom?” he asked to (effectively) change the subject.

“Yes,” Enj frowned, “We’re going to brunch on Thanksgiving.”

“Sounds pretentious…I’m in,” Grantaire joked, earning him a glare from his boyfriend. “Oh I’m sure it won’t be that bad, Mon Ange,” he smiled as he pulled Enjolras into a hug, “Besides I’ve never met your family.”

“There’s a reason for that, R,” Enj said. He smiled, “But I’m excited to meet your family. What time did your mom say to be there for dinner?”

“She said three, but we can show up earlier if we want, my sisters have really missed me apparently,” R said.

“Perfect, my mom wants us there at eleven for brunch, and your parents live an hour away from mine, that means we can easily be out of my parents’ house by one,” Enjolras’ grin grew wider as he did the math in his head.

“You’re adorable when you’re excited,” R laughed.

Enjolras leaned in to kiss him, “You’re adorable all the time.”

Grantaire’s phone started buzzing. He sighed and got up to answer it, “I’ll be right back, mon Ange.”

Enj’s eyes followed Grantaire out into the hallway, curiously.

Grantaire answered the phone, “Hello? Yes, speaking. Oh. Really? OK. Thank you very much. I’ll see you then. Bye.” He ran back into the bedroom, almost slipping due to his socks on the wood floor, “Holy shit, Enj.”

“What? Is everything OK?” Enj asked.

“That was the art gallery…”


“They decided to feature my work starting in January,” Grantaire almost shouted.

“That’s wonderful, R,” Enjolras smiled getting up and running into his arms, “I’m so proud of you.”

“Get dressed, we’re going out to celebrate,” Grantaire said, quickly pecking Enj’s lips.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” Enj pouted.

“We’re going somewhere fancy,” R announced, “Now that I’m almost a famous artist, we’ll be doing this very often.”

After they got back from dinner, Grantaire went to the fridge and took out a bottle of Champagne.

“We just had Champagne, dear,” Enjolras said.

“Well, guess what,” Grantaire replied.

“We’re having more Champagne?” Enj asked.

“Correct,” R smiled.

The next morning they woke up hungover, but at least they had the day to recover before meeting each other’s families on Thanksgiving.

“I’m guessing we have to get dressed up for brunch?” Grantaire asked Enjolras as he stood in their bedroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

“I’m afraid so, Mon Coeur,” Enj sighed.

“Pick out an outfit for me?” Grantaire asked with puppy eyes.

“Oh, fine,” Enj laughed before picking out his boyfriend’s clothes.

Grantaire drove to Enj’s parents’ house. Enjolras was wringing his hands the whole way.

Grantaire put his hand on Enj’s knee, “It’ll be fine, Enjolras.”

Enj nodded, “God, do I hope you’re right, R.”

R pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. Enjolras took a deep breath before following him.

Enj rang the doorbell, No turning back now he thought to himself.

“Alexander!” his mother said as she opened the door, “Come on in, honey.”

“Hi, mom,” Enj said kissing her hello before he followed her in, Grantaire close behind.

His father and older brother and sister-in-law were waiting inside.

“Everyone, this is my boyfriend, Rene,” Enj said. He turned to Grantaire, “These are my parents, my brother, Aaron, and his wife, Laura.”

“Nice to meet all of you,” Grantaire smiled politely.

Enjolras’s dad and brother both stepped forward to shake Grantaire’s hand.

“Pleasure to meet you as well, Rene,” Enj’s dad smiled.

Grantaire could tell Enj was still a nervous wreck.

“So how did the two of you meet,” his brother asked.

“Rene came to a meeting of my political society,” Enj said.

“Oh yes,” Aaron said, “I almost forgot about your little group. You enjoy politics, too, Rene?”

Enjolras bit the inside of his mouth to keep from arguing.

“Well, not as much as Alexander, a friend of mine dragged me to a meeting with hopes of setting the two of us up,” R explained, “It worked, as you can see,” he smiled squeezing Enj’s hand.

“Which friend was this?” his mom asked.

“Jehan,” Enj replied.

“That’s the one with the pink hair that’s really red, right?” his mom asked.

“Yes, mom, that’s Jehan,” Enj said.

After a few more minutes, they all sat down for brunch. Grantaire was sitting next to Enjolras. He managed a few reassuring touches whenever Enjolras clenched his teeth during a political conversation.

Grantaire learned a lot about Enj’s family. His father is a lawyer; his mother is a social worker. His brother is an accountant. His sister-in-law is a teacher, and they’ve been married for two years. She’s actually pregnant now, though you’d never think it looking at her.

“Well that’s at least one grandchild,” his mother sighed, glancing over at Enjolras.

“Actually, Mrs. Enjolras,” Grantaire said, “Alexander and I were thinking of adopting a child someday. Not for a few years, of course, but we’ve discussed the matter.”

“Oh…well that’s nice,” his mom smiled.

They were almost there, just a few more minutes before they could leave. Enj could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“So, Rene,” Enj’s dad asked, “What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m an artist,” Grantaire replied.

Aaron gave a slight laugh, “An artist?”

“Is there a problem with that, Aaron?” Enj asked.

His dad interrupted, “Oh, Alexander, your brother didn’t mean any harm. It’s just the starving artist stereotype is all.”

“Exactly,” Aaron agreed, “There are so few artists that actually make a name for themselves.”

“Well, I’ll have you all know that Rene’s artwork was selected to be featured at the art gallery in our city. He is actually quite talented,” Enj shot back.

“Now there’s no need to shout, Alexander,” his mother said, “Aaron had a legitimate concern. Just calm down.”

Enj stole a glance at the clock, Perfect, he thought, “No, I won’t have you all mock my boyfriend’s profession to his face.” He stood up, “We’re leaving. We have to be at Rene’s parents’ house in an hour, and it’s a long drive.”

Grantaire stood up and followed Enjolras out to the car, “You didn’t have to do that, Enj.”

“Yes, I did,” Enj said as he got into the passenger’s seat. He buried his face in his hands and screamed.

“Enj,” Grantaire said, “It’s alright.”

“I know,” Enj said taking a deep breath, “They just infuriate me.”

Grantaire started the car, “I know they do, but we’re not in there anymore.”

“I’m sorry they said that to you, about being an artist.”

“Don’t worry about it, mon Ange.”

“Let’s hope your family is more fun, yeah?”

“They are, trust me,” R smiled.

Grantaire was completely right; his family was way more relaxed than Enj’s.

“Watch this,” Grantaire grinned as they pulled into the driveway. He honked the horn a bunch of times.

Enj jumped the first time, but laughed as four girls came running out of the house.

“Mom!” one of them shouted, “Rene’s home!”

Grantaire got out of the car and immediately picked up the smallest girl, “Hello, ladies,” he smiled.

He was surrounded in seconds.

“Enj, these are my little sisters,” He pointed to each one, “Anna, Clara, Isabelle, and this little one is Maggie.”

“Nice to meet you,” Enj said.

“Girls, this is Enjolras,” R said.

“That’s a funny name,” Clara observed.

“Clara,” R groaned.

“It’s alright, R,” Enj laughed, “My first name is Alexander, but I prefer my last name.”

R began to speak again, “Anna is seventeen—.”

“Almost eighteen,” she interrupted him.

“Right,” he continued, “Clara and Belle are twins; they’re fourteen. And Maggie here is thirty, right?”

Maggie giggled, “No, Rene! I’m six!”

“Oh, that’s right, she’s six…wait a minute…that can’t be right…you were five the last time I saw you.”

“Rene! It’s my birthday!” Maggie said.

“Is it?” R asked her, “Because if it was your birthday, I’d have a present for you.”

“Do you?” Maggie asked.

R pulled a tiny wrapped box from his pocket and put it in Maggie’s hand.

“Can I open it?” she asked.

“Well, you can’t see what it is if you don’t,” R laughed, “Go ahead.”

She tore the paper off the box and opened it, “It’s a locket!” she gasped.

“And look,” R said, “M for Maggie.”

She threw her arms around his neck, “You’re the best big brother ever!”

“Why don’t you go inside, it’s getting cold,” R said putting her down.

The girls went back inside. “Ready to go in, Enj?”

“Yeah,” Enjolras said taking his hand, “You didn’t say it was your sister’s birthday.”

R shrugged, “I figured she’d mention it the second she got the chance.”

Grantaire’s mom was waiting at the door, “There you two are,” she smiled, “I thought you’d run away.”

“Run away from you, Mom?” R asked, “Never.”

“So this must be the famous Enjolras?” his mom said.

R’s eyes went wide as his face turned pink, “Mom…uh yeah, this is Enj.”

“It’s so nice to finally meet you,” she said hugging Enjolras.

“Nice to meet you too,” Enj smiled.

“Well, come on in, Rene, your father can’t wait to try and scare Enjolras.”

Grantaire rolled his eyes, “He realizes that he isn’t in the least bit intimidating, doesn’t he?”

“You know that won’t stop him from trying,” his mom said.

Grantaire and Enjolras followed his mom into the living room, where they found his dad.

“Hey, Pops,” R said.

“Rene!” his father grinned, “nice to see you. Your sisters have been bouncing off the walls all day waiting for you.”

“Dad, this is Enjolras,” Grantaire said, “Enj, this is my dad.”

“Ah, so this is the boyfriend,” his dad said, standing up and looking Enj up and down. “And what is it you do?”

“I’m hoping to run for office one day,” Enj replied.

“I see,” R’s dad nodded. He looked him over once more, “OK, I approve.”

“Dad!” Grantaire said, giving him the ‘you’re-embarrassing-me’ look.

R’s sisters came back into the room and they all sat down while dinner was cooking.

After a little bit, Isabelle spoke up, “So this is going to sound weird, but would you mind if I braided your hair?”

“Belle,” Grantaire said, “I don’t think—.”

“Of course you can,” Enj interrupted, “I’ve never worn it in a braid before.”

“Great!” Belle smiled, “I’ll be right back.” She darted to her room for a brush and a hair tie.

“Oh great,” Clara rolled her eyes; “She’s been doing nothing but watching hair tutorials on YouTube for the past week.”

Belle returned, brush in hand, hair tie on her wrist, “Let’s do this.”

Five minutes later Enj had the most beautiful braid in his hair.

“Wow,” he said, “This is awesome!”

“Why thank you,” Belle said bowing slightly.

“Alright dinner’s ready!” R’s mom yelled from the dining room.

After dinner, R’s dad said, “And I believe it’s someone’s birthday.”

So there was cake, and Maggie was so happy.

“So,” Grantaire asked once they got into the car, “What did you think?”

“Um, I love your family,” Enj smiled, “Your sister’s are adorable and your parents are like the nicest people ever.”

“I’m glad you liked them,” R said, “They really liked you, too.”

“Really?” Enj asked as they pulled into their driveway.

“Yeah, my mother asked me when the wedding was,” he said getting out of the car.

Enjolras laughed following him to the door.

“Enj?” R asked.

“What is it, R?”

“When’s the wedding?”

“Wait, are you asking—.”

“Yes, Enjolras,” R smiled getting down on one knee, “Will you marry me?” he asked taking Enj’s hands.

“Yes,” Enj said through teary eyes, “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

Twist | An EgoBang FanFic | Chapter I

A request from @it-wasnt-an-accident! I actually really enjoyed writing this out, so I thought I’d release it in parts! I hope that’s alright; I just got a little carried away, haha. 

Summary: Danny is an abusive partner with twisted views of love, but there’s something about him that Arin will never be able to resist.

    Every morning, Arin would wake up - frightened, tired and sore. Some days his wrists were redder and his neck more purple and his head pounding harder and his memory hazier. But every part of his body and mind that hurt even a little bit ceased to exist the moment he rolled over and remembered everything. 

    He remembered Danny. 

    He remembered Danny’s face and his smile and his hair and his precious laugh and his smoulder and how deep his voice got when he really wanted something. 

    He remembered how silky his hair was just after he washed it and how prickly his stubble was when he got real close and how veiny his arms were and how his nails felt when they dug into his skin. 

    He always remembered Danny because Danny would always be right beside Arin when he woke up. Sometimes his Jew ‘fro completely shrouded his features and buried his shallow breaths and sometimes it splayed out every which way and took up 90% of his pillow. Arin liked those sometimes more because he got to properly look at his face. 

    Good god, did he have the greatest face. His jawline was sculpted by years of perfect genetics and his cheekbones each a smooth curve that blended perfectly into the messy shadow of his beard, which artfully draw itself to a stop by his lips. 

    Arin tried not to play favourites, but he couldn’t deny Danny’s mouth was probably his best feature. One minute it was the biggest goofiest smile on the planet and the next it was a sly smirk that could lead any saint to sinful temptation. 

    But it wasn’t just a outlet of emotion. Danny was experienced - his wild life stories grew more elaborate and interesting every time he told them over video games, but whether or not they were completely accurate didn’t take away from the fact that he knew exactly how to drive Arin crazy in bed. 

    Arin shifted position sheepishly as his lower half involuntarily grew warmer and stiffer and harder as the memories of last night flashed back into his mind as if they’d never been forgotten. His attention briefly redirected back to his stinging wrists and he winced as he traced the faded rope imprints with a single finger. Damn, Danny knew how to tie a tight knot. 

    Gripping controllers without grimacing was going to be somewhat tricky over the next few days. Arin sighed. Nothing some cream and several inconspicuous hoodies couldn’t hide. 

    Arin woke up every morning frightened, tired and sore. Sore from a good night’s fucking, that made sense. Tired from the scratches and the bruises keeping him awake at 3am, that also made sense. Those feelings would go away in their own time, until they were next required of him. 

    But Arin was always frightened. He was never not on edge. Every day at around 7am, he woke up facing the same white walls and squinting at the same sunlight that peeked through his blinds and rested carefully on his face.

    For a moment, in spite of all these familiar presences, he’d forget where he was and fear that he’d roll over to find himself in an empty bed. That the sheets opposite him wouldn’t even be rumpled in a way that implied someone had been sleeping there once. That the pillows would remain pristine and unsullied, with no head-shaped dents or stray wiry 'fro hairs. That there would never be any evidence of anyone else - just Arin, his disjointed dreams and his aching solitude. 

    Arin never quite understood where this fear had come from, but what he did know was that his heart began to race and his stomach began to feel sick and his hands began to tremble whenever he contemplated the notion of a life without Danny. 

    A life without Danny was not a life. It was a miserable and meaningless 80 years or so of solemn survival, wishing every day that you possessed the power to break free of this agonizing existence. 

    Arin swallowed in an attempt to push the fears way down into his stomach, where they couldn’t sink their claws into his mind. Danny was right there. He could always be sure of that. He smiled, relieved, and slowly reached forward to gently run his fingers along his cheek. 

    Real hair, real skin, real warmth. Arin’s worries always melted into oblivion the moment him and Danny made any form of physical contact. It was the most potent reassurance he could ever need that Danny existed and that this was real and that he could never be more happy. 

    And more afraid. 

    You see, Arin had more than one reason to be frightened. But the reason that almost overwhelmed his crippling fear of losing his true love was a reason he wished with all of his heart he had the power to swallow down. But no number of forced gulps and muffled sobs in the dead of night could wipe the slate clean. 

    Arin would always wake up next to Danny and remember the events of yesterday and his heart would soar and then freeze in his chest and tumble into his stomach as if it were suddenly made of lead. Danny would wake up soon, and that was not one of the many sometimes the two shared that Arin always enjoyed. His voice was soft and angelic and smooth and his laugh was the strongest antidepressant on Earth. Arin admittedly couldn’t enjoy those precious commodities while he slept, which certainly tinged the peaceful nights with regret. 

    But he much preferred Danny when he was sleepy and his voice was lower and sexier and when he was dead to the world and one hundred percent at total peace. Time seemed to almost grind to a halt when Danny’s exuberant charisma no longer filled the air. It was like a separate reality, one where he could be admired like a treasured museum exhibit. Where the air felt softer and calmer and safer. Where you could sink into your blankets and fade into a million stars. 

    And he finally couldn’t hurt Arin anymore.

Chapter II coming sooooooon!

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alright but boombox poly Junkrat LOVES lucios hair and i mean, who wouldn't. But one day as a surprise s/o gets box braids with metal bands around them and lucio is like !!!!! so hype oh my god hes instantly running his hands through them like " theyre so beautiful i love it!" they share hair tips, junkrat is just staring at them all red faced before putting his face in his hands and screaming because tHERE IS TOO MUCH BEAUTY WHAT DOES HE DO AHHHH

Yes yes yes a million times y e s I live for this

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Hi, Void ^-^ How are you? I’m AFAB and my face is quite feminine. I really want to achieve an androgynous look through makeup. Could you give me some advice, please? Thank you so much! Love your work<3 And I hope you don't feel under pressure, stressed or nervous with your Q&A video :( You have our support! *sorry for my bad english*

Hello! I’m doing alright, how are you?

My main androgyny tip is probably just to play around with stereotypical things. The biggest ones are probably things like short hair, baggy clothes, etc.. If you wear makeup, a good tip is to contour the face masculinely. It creates a nice base to put any style of makeup on top of to make it look more androgynous. But also remember that a common misconception is that androgyny is very masculine. You can wear and do as many feminine things as you please and still be androgynous.

Also it’s okay, the only stress I feel about it is what I put on myself. I appreciate that though, thank you. And your English is perfect ❤️


mark/jinyoung. one shot. G. 2.923 w. au, romance, slice of life (?). unbeta-ed. i love markjin and i need more fic of them, thank you

Extras weren’t supposed to have their own story. They weren’t supposed to have a line, an impact; just nameless faces with no backgrounds because they were the backgrounds.

Their story would be beautiful and it began with two extras chatting away in a restaurant, somewhere in the city.

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Can we have a scenario of how Tanizaki and/or atsushi would comfort/calm down his s/o after a rough day at work please? (Had a really bad day so this would help alot)

I only make Atsushi if this is okay.. My inbox is full of Tanizaki xD *glares deadly at tanizaki anon*

Atsushi Nakajima

You rubbed your temples, while you entered your shared apartment. An exhausted groan left your lips and you dropped yourself to the nearest thing you could sit on. Atsushi noticed that you are home and greeted you with a smile.

His smile dropped, when he saw your beaten face, as if you had the shittiest day in your life. “Everything alright?” he asked and sat beside you. You sighed and leaned your head against his shoulder. “Yes, just had a very rough day, love. I am so tired and.. down for some reason.” you admitted. Suddenly you felt his arms around your hips, pulling you closer. “Let me be your pillow then. And let everything out.” Atsushi whispered, kissing your cheeks lovingly like the cute cinnamon roll he is.

“Atsushi..” you mumbled and closed your eyes, feeling his warmth around you like a blanket. Atsushi smiled and hugged you gently, humming a soft tune to calm down your strained nerves. “Feeling better now?” he asked. “If I say yes, you’ll let go of me right?” you asked. Atsushi chuckled and buried his head in your hair. “Not if you don’t want me to let you go. I’ll stay with you and if you need something, just tell me.” he smiled. “I want my sweet boyfriend to kiss me!” you said, making Atsushi blink and blush. “If that’s what you want..” he said a bit nervous and leaned in, kissing your lips softly. You felt the taste of green tea and rice on his lips and licked his bottom lip, before your head dropped back at his shoulder. You were too tired. “Rest a bit. When you wake up, dinner is ready.” he reassured you before sleep took you over.

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HI!!!!!!! I JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOUR PROMPTS A LOTTTTT IT GOT ME SCREAMING AND SQUEALING HEHEHE I hope you continue doing prompts, alright!!! The prompts are really good, I bet the stories written would be great too!! ^^ Keep up the good work!!! :D

Thank you so much, you’re too kind!
You’ve put a huge smile on my face (^_−)−☆

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Ah i hear you like monster reaper and just yes its some good shit tbh 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. Is it alright if I ask for monster reaper finally showing his s/o his face for the first time expecting some shocked reaction but all he hears it "Oh shit boi thats hot." Im such trash oh my gosh I just really love monster reaper and his face just rekt me up

-rubs sinful hands together- yessssss


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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHPTfqkWqsE)

Give us your love-making face, Hugh.

I love how candid and honest Taron is about his fitness level. Like sure he got fucking fit for the role, but that’s it, that’s just a role. He’s alright being himself, cuddly as Jonathan put it, and I love that. I appreciate that in a young man of this generation. You don’t see that demeanor, perhaps level of self-confidence, very commonly nowadays.

Beautiful Touches

“Do you mind if I try something?” He asked, smiling over at me. 

I gave him a sideways look, judging and a little teasing. “You know I don’t like surprises.” He smiled at me with a very convincing and cute smile. 

“C’mon, you’ll like this one. I just wanna try something.” He held his hands out to me, in a come here gesture. 

“Alright, fine.” I said, crossing my arms with a small pout on my face. He laughed at me, before unbuckling my seat belt. He gently lifted me out of the drivers seat, and carefully brought me into his lap. Where he then positioned me so I was straddling his waist in the passenger seat of the car. 

The look on his face made me tighten my knees, digging them into his hip and the seat. It was a look of lust, and relaxation. A look I’d never seen before on his face. He kept his hands at my sides, letting me adjust. Still, he looked at me with that small smirk. 

“Alright,” I felt myself heating up, knowing red was creeping up my ears, “I kinda liked this surprise.” I whispered, leaning forward to rest my forehead against his. His smirk grew a little bit wider. 

“I knew you would.” He said. I leaned the inches forward and kissed his nose, smiling at him. 

He chuckled at me and whispered lovingly “Gay.” 

I laughed back. “I knew you’d say that.”  

We sat just looking at each other, touching each other, for god knows how long. In our own little space, with beautiful touches.